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LINENSPA Non-Slip Area Rug Pad – great price, very grippy, can take a beating from my two big dogs running over them

But took a chance and glad i did. Wasn’t sure what to expect reading other reviews, but took a chance and glad i did. These work better than the expensive pads you find in big box stores for sure. There is no padding with these non slip rug pads, but that’s what i wanted since it was going under a thin jute rug. I also replaced the pad under the small carpet in my kitchen and it hasn’t moved at all. Very happy with my purchase.

Thin rug pad with just the right amount of grip. I researched quite a few rug pads before purchasing this one, and it turned out to be a great choice. But remember, different carpet pads serve different purposes; for example, some are designed to provide extra cushioning while others are not. I would suggest this pad if:- you plan to use it beneath a rug on a hardwood floor. – you want something to give your rug a little more ‘grip’ so it is less likely to slide around. – you don’t need or want extra padding beneath your rug. This is not an extra-spongy carpet pad and is not designed to provide much shock absorption. (the third photo should give you an idea of the pad’s thickness)i would not suggest this pad if:- you want to use it beneath a rug that is on a carpet, as this pad does not effectively prevent a rug from sliding on a carpet. – you want to add extra padding beneath your rug (this is a fairly thin pad)what i like most about this pad is that it adheres ‘just enough’ to a hardwood floor to prevent a rug from slipping. If it were any less tacky it wouldn’t prevent slippage, and if it were any more adhesive it would be difficult to peel off the floor (as you can see in the second photo, this pad does not leave any residue on the floor if you need to move it).

Works great, rug does not slip. The best part was the packaging. It said something like — because not all carpet rides are magical. Here are the specifications for the LINENSPA Non-Slip Area Rug Pad:

  • Rubberized PVC material keeps your area rug in place
  • Unfold and place underneath rug on any flooring type to prevent slipping
  • Open weave prevents buildup of dust, mold and odors
  • Reduces wrinkles and extends the life of your rug
  • Designed for use with an 8′ x 10′ rug; can be trimmed to match rug sizes

Works just like it should and my throw rug stays in place.

Used to keep mattress topper from slipping from mattress.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • but took a chance and glad I did
  • Works just as you’d think. I ordered the same
  • Thin rug pad with just the right amount of grip

Excellent for use under wood/tile floor area rugs. Very good price for a lot of paddingi cut and have used this for one 5×7, 2×3, 4×3 6×2 4×4 and still have some left overships on time comes packed good no damageeasy to work with and cut,much bigger than i expected which is great. As i decided to use it all over on wood floor under all my rugs. Now my dogs can’t move them as muchrug won’t move with this under’if you like my reviews please say so. I take care to include as much information as possible on my reviews, they are honest and almost always include pics, i receive no discount or free item to review producti rely on others reviews to purchase online.

Did just what it was supposed to. Did just what it was supposed to do.

Great product at a great price. Used in a high traffic area.

Perfect size, this isn’t thick like some other rug grips. It’s thin, but there is a ton of material.

Hasn’t adhered to my wood floors like all those waffle shaped ones from other companies. 5 stars from me as it does exactly what i needed it to do.

Hasn’t adhered to my wood floors like all those waffle shaped ones from other companies. 5 stars from me as it does exactly what i needed it to do.

I looked for an 8×10 rug pad all over but didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for it. We have hardwood floors and a puppy that runs all over and would slide the rug around constantly. This pad has solved all the problems. It was a little larger than our rug and i just trimmed it down. Would very highly recommend.

Great product at a great price. Used in a high traffic area.

Worked pretty much as advertised. Worked pretty much as advertised. I cut it into strips to use it under one large and one small area rug, and it’s fine with both of them.

A very thin, light-weight pad. Works fine to keep rugs from moving, but is very thin and light-weight, so tended to wrinkle under my heavy area rug while trying to lay it. It was hard to move the rug to straighten it without bunching up the pad underneath, and couldn’t keep it centered. I bought a 4 x 6′ pad for a 5 x 7′ rug, and still had to trim the pad on one side after i couldn’t maneuver it under the rug and center it without it wrinkling.

Perfect and worth the little extra. Spent way too long researching. Fit the rug perfectly and has provided a non-slip foundation.

I ordered a really big piece of this and i was really happy with the product. It is very low profile so if you are looking for something thicker to cushion, you should look elsewhere. However this has very good grip and functions perfectly if all you’re looking for is no slippage particularly in bathroom and kitchen areas.

I ordered the same size as the rug i needed it for, and i would suggest ordering a slightly small rug pad than the rug you’re using it for. It’s a little difficult to get it to lie down correctly if they’re the exact same size. I ended up cutting a little off the end.

Good to keep laptops from sliding around on lap desks. We have lap desks that are too slippery, and the laptop has come close to slipping off the lap desk a few times. I bought this small non-slip rug pad to cut out the shape of each laptop so it would stop slipping around the lap desk and stay put. Good product, arrived as promised in good packaging.

They do exactly what they promise to do – hold your rugs in place. . I have wall-to-wall laminate flooring all throughout the first floor of my home. I love it, but it’s extremely slippery, so i have several area rugs. I needed something to hold my rugs in place. My husband wanted to use two-sided tape – no way. I tried that once in another home, it left marks on my floor. So i went looking and finally settled on these rug pads. They hold my rugs in place and they aren’t too thick, so they don’t make the rugs look bulky or cause the corners to turn up, and you can’t see them peeking out from underneath the rug (problems i’ve had with other pads).