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Ollieroo Faux Leather Folding Storage Ottoman Bench Seat Foot Rest Stool Coffee Table – Nice-looking, Sturdy and Stores a Lot!

So, we are retired and now live in a 45’ motorhome with storage space at a premium. I bought these bcz our kids were coming to visit and we don’t have foot rests for the couch. I also wanted to use the footrests for storage, but be able to store them easily if we decided we only needed them periodically. They collapse, but they’re super sturdy and will hold an adult’s weight if you wanted to actually sit on them. We also have an upscale motor home, so i didn’t want them to be too cheesy (cheap-looking). We ordered the chocolate brown. They look great and hold way more than i expected.You won’t be disappointed. I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how nice they look, how sturdy they are and how much they store for the money.

Just received my ottoman today. Needed a footstool for my husband’s long legs in our motorcoach, so it was great that i could store things inside as well. It seems exceptionally well built, sturdy, looks like real leather.

I moved into a new house that had a built-in vanity. I bought this to be my ‘chair’ for that area. Even though it says the weight rating is high enough for me to sit on it, i was very worried it wouldn’t actually hold my weight (150 lbs. I’ve only been using it for a few weeks so it may eventually break down from me sitting on it, but it seems extremely sturdy. There’s plenty of storage room inside. It did smell slightly funny when it first arrived, especially the inside. But it wasn’t a very noticeable smell in the first place and it wore off quickly after being put together.

  • Great little ottoman
  • Yes Virginia, some nice products can actually be cheap! Strange! LOL
  • Just what he needed!

My father-in-law really likes to have his throw blanket within reach but it isn’t always the most tidy look to have it strewn on the chair, so this was the perfect solution. My mother-in-law was skeptical about it being fold-able and able to be used as an extra seat but it passed the test. It’s a very sturdy ottoman and the faux leather looks classy and sophisticated.

It gives us extra storage for guide books and maps in our rv. It can be sat on without any problems with ‘giving’ even if it’s an adult. It’s a little too high for use with the rv furniture as a footstool which was disappointing but it’s exactly the height the description said it would be so it’s certainly not the fault of the seller or the product. We use it for storage and an extra seat and it works fine for that.

Features of Ollieroo Faux Leather Folding Storage Ottoman Bench Seat Foot Rest Stool Coffee Table (15”X15”X15” Beige)

  • Brand:Ollieroo
  • CLASSIC DESIGN – High Quality PU leather is not only wear resistant, waterproof and easy to clean but also as fashion as artworks; Spacious hidden storage room for sundries including shoes, toys, blankets, de-cluttering your entryway & bedroom
  • STABLE & GREAT BEARING CAPACITY – Test is carried up to 440LB (Thickened E1 Standard MDF construction )
  • SOFT & RESILIENT – The top part is filled with high rebound sofa sponge,providing soft and comfortable feelings, and the soft corner is safe for kids
  • FOLDABLE – Makes it space-saving when not in use; It can be used as sandries organizers, stools, scoop chairs, dressing stools and coffee table stools ; Product Dimension(LxWxH): 15”X15”X15”, comfortable height for sitting & resting your feet or legs. ; Material: Medium density fiber board , Cover PU leather

This item is a very good buy and provides hidden storage for two pair of leather boots in my small condo – where storage and organization ideas are necessary to keep my home looking neat (yes, i am a bit ocd). Must admit that i measured the height of my boots that were not 15′ tall but they cannot be sitting straight up in this ottoman – they need to lean a bit for this to work. However, the way they are leaning will not crease the leather – so i am pleased that this item is working for the purpose intended – it also could store mittens, books, magazines, dvds, living room throws – maybe i need another one :-). It also looks more expensive than what i paid – who doesn’t like to get excellent value for their money??.

This is a perfect little item. I needed a small ottoman in my home office for the occasional use, but i didn’t want something that would always be sitting out. It folds up neatly into the size of the top cushion which makes for easy storage when not in use. The quality is great for the price. It’s very sturdy when assembled. And for those who don’t need it to fold up to store away, the entire interior can be used for storage itself. I’d highly recommend this produck.

I was hesitant that the concept wouldn’t be satisfactory at the price point this ottoman/footrest/storage cubby was offered. I really expected something flimsy or ‘cheap’ feeling. The sides are solid and the stool feels sturdy to sit on (i’m 6’1, 210) and fits well in my apartment. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend it to others.

A nice, lightweight, comfortable little stool for the open space under our his/hers sink area in the bathroom. It’s great to pull out and sit on whenever we want to or need to. I was surprised the collapsible frame is so strong, but it says it supports over 400lbs and it surely feels sturdy enough when one of us is sitting on it. Plus, there’s plenty of space inside to store towels, toilet paper, whatever. I think it’s great for the price i paid, around $23. I would buy again if i needed another one.

I have a semi-furnished rental. There’s a very comfy, cushy, low-slung leather chair and i wanted an ottoman or foot rest where i could elevate my legs. This is the perfect height and such a close match to the color of the chair. Really, i couldn’t have done better if i had spent ten times the price.I was pleased to discover that my two hanging file boxes store neatly in the bottom of this ottoman, too.

Super convenient little ottoman. I live in a very small space, so its hard to get comfy sometimes. I use this as a foot rest when i’m watching tv shows on my computer and to sit on when i’m playing my guitar and then when i’m done this thing folds up and goes under my desk. The only downside is that it had a rather strong chemical smell when i first got it, its since dissipated, but it was quite unpleasant for the first couple of days.

I purchased this for a changing seat for my elderly mother weight 130-135. Has had for a couple months. She really likes the niceness of this storage box / seat. Easy to fold out of box to erect from ready to assemble shipping folded. Very innovative and should save space when moving.

This is a nice storage cube. Dimensions were true and it is the same height as another of another make i had purchased. There is plenty of room inside for video games, cd’s, etc. And they are now hidden away and i can put my feet up too. A great solution for something that looks like a piece of furniture but is really a box. It is faux leather and that pleases me and i am sure it is also a relief for the real animals.

I wanted to love this ottoman. I bought two and the price was terrific. But and it is a big but to me is it produces a horrible odor. I may be sensitive to scents so take my review as it is. I have had them for 72 hours. So simple to put together and pleasant to look at. I have tried lysol and now they are just sitting outside. I am in a hot dry climate so i hope after a few days the smell will go away. I’m sure it is the product process used to pressed the wood pieces together. I will update review if the airing out corrects the problem.

I’m 195 lbs and i can stand on it without breaking it. Another nice aspect is that it’s not cloth. A cloth ottoman i had once would absorb dust which would lead to an ordor.

I bought three of these in white and brown: two for my dog to scurry up to the windowsills where she likes to hang out and one for under my feet at my desk. They assemble in a jiffy, hold a ton of stuff, and even my dog’s nails haven’t scratched them. The one at my desk is the perfect height to put my feet up. There is a bit of an odor when they’re new, and they’re very clearly not real leather, but overall i’m very pleased.

This ottoman has completely surprised me. It took less than 5 minutes to un-package and unfold it. It looks nice, especially for the money and i cannot believe how sturdy it is. I am not small any more, and this really held my weight without issue and never made me feel that i needed to be careful. My daughter and son-in-law both like it as well with the only wish of my daughter being that it’s an inch higher. Personally, i love the height as i’m not very tall (just heavy) and this floor to seat height is perfect for me and both feet can be firmly and comfortably on the floor. My daughter is about 5 inches taller than me and she prefers her lap to be more horizontal. However, my son-in-law feels the height is perfectly fine and he’s even taller than my daughter – so i guess it’s up to personal preference. I am definitely buying a couple more of these.

This was a nervous purchase for me, as i’ve tried similar items that have been low quality, but it’s really been great. No sign of wear after me using it as a foot rest for months, very sturdy, plenty of room for storage inside. I can’t think of any negatives, very pleased.

I didn’t think they would be as nice as the picture, but what a nice surprise. They match my leather couch exactly. This is exactly what i wanted and i won approval from my very picky boyfriend. He didn’t think i could find a collapsible ottoman but i showed him.He was also very impressed with the quality. We will only use these as foot rests, not seats because we don’t want to take a chance. They are exactly what i was hoping for, but better. And the price was excellent.

I’m impressed with this purchase. For the money, this is a great ottoman. I’ve filled it with all kinds of stuff and use it as a foot rest at my desk. Feels pretty sturdy when you’re standing on it. I let my dog sit up on it to look out the window and it appears to be holding up well. My only complaint is that when you go to move it, it feels like the sides without reinforcements are going to buckle. I have to move it very carefully because it seems like it’s going to shear the sidewalls. So as far as weight from sitting or standing directly on it, it does great. But any force from the side could do damage. I still gave it four stars because for the price, i think it’s worth it.

Quality is good and i like that i can fold it down since i use it in my rv. While we are camping i keep my kids toys inside and use it as my footstool and it works great.

I actually expected that i wouldn’t like it but was desperate and needed to get it anyway. I have problems with my knees and must often elevate them while working at the computer. This ottoman turned out to be more comfortable than i expected, the perfect height, and the storage area worked better than i thought also. I was concerned about the fake leather surface (those often stick to the skin), but this hasn’t been a problem so far. I had an ikea ottoman that this replaced and it was a much better choice. It fits well inside the leg space of my computer and still leaves room for ice packs.

Super easy to set up and works great for our spare bedroom. Doesn’t take up too much room and can be used for storage. Our cats seem to think i put it in there for them to use. I could have gotten this at one of the big box stores, but there wasn’t a color choice. This is the color i really wanted, so i was pleased to find it on amazon.

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