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Whitmor Supreme 5 Tier Cart – Rolling Utility Organizer – Chrome – The price is right and it is a Great Product

I love these shelving units and have two in my apartment. I use one for my ‘garage’ stuff i. Tool box, cans of paints, sports equip, paint supplies, a basket with gloves/hats/umbrellas, etc. The other one i have is used as my pantry so it is loaded down with big cans, case of beer, wine, canned goods, bottled waterthey are tough, they roll, the wheels lock, and very sturdy.

Only problem is there is no ledge to stop things from sliding off and i have loaded it with jars of home canned food. Other than that it is just what i needed.

Wheels bent/broke far too easily.

  • Once You Get It Together, Great Product
  • The shelves are turned the wrong way
  • Good kitchen unit as long as your careful.

My husband had trouble assembling the feet. Three work but one is stationery. We have it in a pantry where we do not have to roll in and out so we are keeping it.

It’s currently holding a ninja full kitchen machine and accessories and a microwave, and that’s just on the top two shelves. Have put multiple 12pks as well as various other things on bottom two shelves at different points in time.

Features of Whitmor Supreme 5 Tier Cart – Rolling Utility Organizer – Chrome

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • All-purpose adjustable shelving unit great for kitchen, office, laundry room, garage and basement
  • Shelves adjustable in 1 inch increments to accommodate different size items
  • Durable chromed steel with 300 pound shelf capacity
  • Assembled Dimensions: 14.25 x 30.125 x 60.375 inches
  • Easy assembly, no tools required
  • Wheels allow the cart to be moved around easily from room to room; 2 wheels lock for added stability
  • Multipurpose utility cart is great for pantries in place of permanent shelving
  • Whitmor’s Service Guarantee – we stand by our products, if you have any problems, contact us for help
  • SERVICE AND GUARANTEE: Whitmor stands by our products. If you have any problems, contact us for help
  • MORE STORAGE OPTIONS: To view more of our storage products visit our brand page

I wish it were a little sturdier. I’m not sure if it’s going to be able to hold a third cpu and ups but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

I have it in the kitchen, where it’s great for items that were cluttering up my counters, and also decorative items. Really love that it’s on wheels.

Little tricky putting together but, totally worth it.

Works great for our pantry cart.

Easy to assemble and sturdy. We move it on a hard tile floor and it rolls easily. Do keep the heavy objects lower on the shelf set if you’re going to move it. There are industrial grade units very similar to this – know what you need. This is great for easy storage within the weight specifications.

I used this to organize a bunch of outdoor gear for fishing and hunting i was tired of pulling out and stacking. This shelf is a relatively easy way to organize things for ease of access and better use of your limited time. I can also simply pull the entire thing out of the way when cleaning or permanently moving things around. The frame is relatively stable and solid, but i would not put hundreds of pounds of stuff on here. Putting it together by myself took around 40 minutes and the most time intensive part was removing all the stupid tape wrapped onto this thing. For the cost i doubt you will find a better solution.

I had massive trouble putting it together because i assumed the lip on the shelves went upright to hold items from sliding off. I wanted one with rollers so i can still access things behind it in my storeroom, but now i have to figure out how to attach some kind of backing so stuff doesn’t fly off the back. Otherwise it’s sturdy and looks nice. The never ending saga of me trying to organize things.

Customer service excellent to answer a question, have casters if needed. I even decided to use this as 2 separate shelf units as my new needs arose. One as microwave table, the other for my sewing machine. Versatile and strong, a great purchase.

Wished the shelves could hold more weigth.

Small gauge wire on the shelves themselves and ‘just enough’ engineering on the whole unit. More dolllar store than i expected.

This five-tier rolling rack holds sweaters and tops. The five shelves allows me the flexibility to segregate the contents by weight, kind and color. The wheels allow me to move the shelf at will. A great improvement from the previous stationary smaller rack i had. The quality and design of this rack is is similar to the whitmor double rack for clothes ordered at the same time. These racks serve different purposes, and are the perfect solution to my needs. I am very satisfied with them both.

Good enough product but read and follow directions exactly. Also, be prepared to purchase the the plastic pieces to place on the metal surfaces. Unfortunately, i think the price on those is ridiculous.

I thought it was going to be a little more heavy-duty and it’s a bit challenging to get the shelves exactly parallel but it will function fine for our need.

Worked great, but be careful of moving it when it is heavily laden. The wheels cannot handle too much weight.

The price was good and rolls well.

This unit works just fine in the kitchen as long as you treat it right. It’s not industrial grade so you have to be careful what you load on it and how you move it. Carefully is the first term that comes to mind. However, for the price it’s a great kitchen storage device. Made out of chrome plated steel so clean up is easy. If you need a more robust unit you’ll have to consider an industrial one. And, of course the price goes way up. $400 or $500 dollars is a good round industrial figure.

A little flex on this and instability when assembled, but overall, works well as a stationary metal rack. Wouldn’t recommend moving it around a lot though, doesn’t work nearly as well as a nice industrial grade rack with heavy-duty wheels.

Very well made, easy to assemble. This is a quality product that should last for many years. Looks good and with the casters, it is easily moved to clean behind it.

2×4 Basics Hopkins 90164 2x4basics Workbench and Shelving Storage System : New bike shop work bench, A++++

Made a nice little reloading bench out of mine. It’s 48′ x 27′ and built this size since the short side 2×4’s were cut at 24′. Only problem with a bench this small is there’s no room for the top shelves to mount without taking away most of the bench top. Sturdy and strong and the shelf spacing allows you to place your feet on the bottom shelf when loading. Mine isn’t bolted to the wall either but is still very rigid and secure. Truth be told i could have probably bought a nice pre-made bench for what this one cost as built but i wouldn’t have the satisfaction of building my own except for the legs. If i ever move i don’t think i’ll go this route again.

A big advantage of this design is it makes it relatively easy to produce a straight & level bench on the first try, since the pre-fab legs do much of the work for you. It’s also extremely flexible and customizable. For my workbench project i needed something sturdy, affordable, and flexible enough to fit the space in my garage workshop. After searching in vain for a ready-made bench in local stores, i ordered the 2x4basics #90164 kit through amazon. The kit came quickly and was complete (all screws, instructions, etc). I bought a good grade of framing 2x4s and some half-inch plywood. But before starting assembly, i looked for ideas in amazon’s customer photos and made a few design modifications. For example: a cutout in the center shelf for legroom; omitting the first shelf above the bench; adding backstops to the bench top and overhead shelf; and making the overhead shelf from half-inch plywood vice 2x4s. I also opted not to run the overhead shelf the full length, to allow more uncluttered vise workspace on the right end. The included #8×2” deck screws seem a little delicate, so i substituted #9×2.

Hopkins 90164 2x4basics Workbench and Shelving Storage System with 2x4basics ShelfLinks Custom Storage System,

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Custom workbench of any length (up to 8-feet), width (up to 4-feet), and configuration, 36-inches high
  • Only 90 degree cuts are required, all hardware is included
  • Workbench and ShelfLinks support spans up to 8-feet (2.4 m) and 1000 pounds (400 kg) per shelf
  • Functional and custom shelving of any length, height and configuration
  • Assembly with only a screwdriver; all hardware is included
  • ShelfLinks support spans up to 8 feet (2.4m) and 1000 pounds (400kg) per shelf

I was able to buy the lumber, cut and build this in about 3-4 hours. I spent the rest of the weekend staining and wiring in lights. I am very impressed with the results, very easy and simple build. This is my new workbench for my bike shop, now i am ready to replace the old benches in my garage with this system. Super sturdy, just a great product in my opinion.

I ordered two of these systems and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to assemble. I built two separate bench types, one mainly as a storage rack and the other as a workbench. I made both benches out of 3/4′ mdf and standard 2x4x8s. I sent the tops of the benches and shelves to a local truck/van conversion place and had them linex the wood. It really turned out looking awesome. I took the time and bought bins and numbered each bin. I created a chart that identifies what each bin contains (batteries, light bulbs, etc. The bench system is much nicer than the shelving system. It certainly serves its purpose but not as perfectly as the bench system.

I’m always looking to add storage/work area to garage, and a workbench had long been on my todo list. After measurements, at first i decided to built a 7ft x 3ft surface. I had to reduce width to 32′ for easier reach (and more efficient use of materials). I really like the end result, but overall cost is was ~$250. Not that you can get a workbench of this size and sturdiness for less, but do not expect spending less than $150 (which was my initial plan). Here’s bill of materials and sizes i’ve used (all bought at the big orange store):1. 2×4 basics legs and shelving $702. Melamine 3/4′ (top surface) cut to size at the store 84’x32′ ~ $40melamine was cheaper than sanded 3/4′ plywood and has a nice surface. I would not use less that 3/4′ for top3. Sanded 1/2′ plywood (mid surface) 84’x32′ ~$40i used remaining of the board cut in 84’x4′ pieces to make an endboard for shelves, so small parts do not fall over4.

Hopkins 90164 2x4basics Workbench and Shelving Storage System with 2x4basics ShelfLinks Custom Storage System, : Really easy to build with a design that self tightens the frame as you go. I had lowe’s cut the plywood for me because i wanted a really straight edge. They cut it out of square and i used a 2 x 4 that had a 10 degree twist in it and the table compensated for these screw ups as i assembled it. I prepainted the wood before assembly and it really dresses it up nicely. The shelving can be added at any time, if needed as well as a 3rd table top. I am impressed with the ease of assembly and how an amateur can look like a pro with this table. Another great feature is how light it is and how easy it is to move. The strength and tightness really impresses me. I think i did a pretty good job for the little time i put in this project.

As a female i was a little worried about building my own gunsmithing bench, but this kit made it a breeze. Took me a few days, but i’m extremely happy with the results. I bought an extra set of shelf links to make the side shelves. Final product is super strong and solid. So glad i bought this, and so is my kitchen table.

Wow, where do you begin to review?. I researched this product, before i purchased and i have not been let down. There are so many great configuration for this bench, so i though i would add my own. I needed the work top to be 4 feet by 2 feet, to fit the space i needed. I pre cut and painted all the pieces before i assembled, per suggestion of a previous reviewer, which made the painting process less of a hassle later. I attached 4′ wheel casters, which clears the bench to roll. I should have purchases at least one locking pair. Oh well, works great for now. I wanted leg and foot space underneath the bench to place a chair, so if you need wood dimensions for the angled cuts, feel free to contact me. I attached a photo of all the screw, washers and such i used on top of the included hardware.

I was encouraged by the large number of positive reviews as well as the customizing options this kit allowed for. I had an idea of what i wanted going in and this kit provided for that. I cheated a bit by having the folks at the big orange box store cut all my wood for me (big shout out to them for cutting nearly perfect cuts). I used upgraded 2x4s and also used a sheet of 3/4 ply overlaid with another piece of 3/4 sanded birch ply. I wanted a cleaner top look so opted for the two layers. This also allowed for a better grab on my bench vise once i installed that. I also added a rounded piece of 1 1/2”moulding on the front of the bench to cover the front edge as well as the two different layers of ply visible from the front. More for aesthetics than anything else, but it’s a nice look. I had to cut away small areas on each side to allow for the plastic legs braces as the ply sets in behind them slightly. I chose to go with one long top shelf for storing power tools etc.

Roundhill Furniture 3-Piece Counter Height Glossy Print Marble Breakfast Table : Perfect match to new wine fridges

Dont have much space at my apartment and this worked well. Im thinking to buy an additional two stools. The cushions on the stools are soft and the legs are sturdy. Didnt take me too long to assemble everything plus with proper use of a power drill with an allen wrench attachment you should do just fine.

Cheaply made and the stools don’t line up. I use it for looks and keep my printer on it. Wouldn’t recommend if you were using as everyday use.

Roundhill Furniture 3-Piece Counter Height Glossy Print Marble Breakfast Table with Stools

  • Faux marble table top, dimension: 38″L X 22″W x 37″H
  • Some assembly needed. hardware and instruction in the box.
  • Photo May Slightly Different From Actual Item in Terms of Color Due to the Lighting During Photo Shooting or the Monitor’s Display
  • 3 in 1 package includes the Table and 2 Stools
  • Table: 38″L X 22″W x 37″H
  • Dark Brown Blended-Leather Chair with espresso finish solid wood frame 18.5″W X 13.5″D X 26″H cushion 17.5″W x 11″D
  • Some assembly needed. hardware and instruction in the box. Color may vary slightly vary from the pictures.

Lots of pieces but as a 27yr old intellectual female, i figured everything out okay. I’ve had this product for a year-and-a half now. I love the chicness of ‘granite-top’ added to my small space of a dining area. Unfortunately, i have to agree with some other reviews. The screws loosen up over time and the legs of both table and stools can get wiggly so you definitely want to give them a test-out at least every month before company comes over or just for your own safety. One of the short rungs at the bottom of the stool has broken off. I guess it couldn’t handle my 95-97lbs of pressure on it for a quick second. Other than that, i’m still pleased with my purchase.

This table is perfect for a small kitchen.

The table looks very nice, but the stools are a different story. The assembly took about 2 hours, but it was not too difficult as i had someone help me. The support bars for one of the stools was not cut right, they are slanted and do not connect properly to the legs and the holes for the screws are not in the correct position so they just wont connect no matter what you try. Disappointed and hoping they will not fall apart or worse have someone fall down if they loosen. I will contact the company and see how they can help as i do not want to return it because of those slanted bars, but this is a huge mistake that takes away from the entire set.

Roundhill Furniture 3-Piece Counter Height Glossy Print Marble Breakfast Table with Stools : The table assembled easily and looks great. The stools are another story. My son and i spent hours trying to assemble them by following the directions and nothing seemed to line up. We then tried different variations of assembly and nothing lined up as well. You would think that other than screwing in a few cross bars to the legs that this would be easy. Well, the holes were not lined up properly and the directions are not clear and what we ended up with were 2 stools with angled crossbars that are not flush to the legs. Needless to say it looks terrible and is probably not secure to sit on. I contacted the seller and so far there response to me was sending me a picture from the website of the table and stools. I was told that they needed to be reassembled to look like the picture. Do yourself a favor and purchase stools that are already assembled.

Inwas so excited but when i opened the package the top of the table was broken. I am going to have to buy more screws to hold it in place. I love the table but i wish it woukd have not been broken when it arrived.

This table was absolutely perfect, i live in an apartment where space is extremely limited and this fit perfectly and looks so nice and way more than what the cost was. Shipping was fast also, which i loved. And assembly was quick and easy, sturdy table and stools, i am extremely satisfied with this purchase.

Received this purchase on time, i love how it fits in my small kitchen. It was very easy to assemble, approximately an hour to put together. I’m not noticing any trouble with the stools they are sturdy and hold a lot of weight thus far. I am very happy with this purchase and the marble top is excellent. No nicks, scratches, or any other damages to this product. It arrived very quick and glad i bought this item. Doesn’t look cheap as other reviewers stated. Must know how to assemble correctly to get the right sturdiness.

We needed a small table with stools to place in our eating area. This was a great price so we decided to give it a try. It was simple to put together and works perfectly in our space. We are using it as a place for our laptops and also an extra seating space when we have guests.

The table and stools are pretty much as expected, i guess. The finish on the wood looks as though it will scratch easily. I would have vastly preferred a solid wood top, or something lighter in color, but there wasn’t one available. Still, that isn’t the fault of the vendor. The reason i marked down 1 star is because the instructions for how to assemble were very faded and not legible, but it was easy enough to figure out, and seems sturdy.

I was looking for something small but stylish for my large open kitchen. It’s not the type of room suited for a table right in the middle of it. This gorgeous table was exactly what i was looking for, it sits right up against my wall and gives my kitchen a café feel. I specifically wanted saddle style stools as well which was hard to find in conjunction with a nice table but this set delivers. The stools fit perfectly under the table so it leaves a sleek footprint. I know this will look great in smaller spaces as well, i wanted this style because i know i will be moving every few years. I’m not the most technically inclined person and i had no problems putting everything together as well.

Nice addition if you have a small space.

Can’t beat this set for the money. It’s perfect for use as a small kitchen table for two and the chairs are surprisingly comfortable. It is an extremely classy set, and seems to be as well made as any furniture is anymore. The only thing not quite right was one of the bars connecting the chair legs didn’t match up perfectly but i was still able to tighten it, it just has a very small gap. The only thing i can think of to make this order better would be the option to add another chair or two. It could fit four people for games and such. Super fast shipping made this a really great experience and i’m very happy with the table and chairs.

I am so glad that i did not let the many negative reviews deter me from ordering this amazing product. I could not be happier with this purchase. I received this earlier that expected, undamaged with all pieces included.The faux marble does not look it, it has the look & feel of real marble. I am happily amazed that for such an amazingly inexpensive price, i have a new piece of that i absolutely love with a look that is at least three times what i actually paid. Thank you for providing such a stable, quality product such as this.

I’m always skeptical about buying such large pieces of furniture from amazon, but i’m glad i did. This is a perfect size for my apartment. I live alone and don’t need much table space, but definitely needed a table. It looks so much more expensive and than it is. The table top is faux marble and is shiny. Personally, i’d rather have the faux than real. The assembly was ridiculously easy and did it myself in under an hour. Just a warning, the box it comes in is very heavy and i struggled moving it alone; i had to drag it across the room. Overall, i’m very happy and would definitely recommend it. I plan on getting different chairs to go with it, although the stools are quite nice looking and comfortable.

I’m kind of torn with this one. I’d give the table 5/5 and the stools like 2/5. It’s almost worth the price for the table itself if that’s what you are looking for. The table is quite nice looking, pretty sturdy, and of decent heft. The top cleans off quickly, but at the same time doesn’t show dust/spills too easily. Not only do they feel like they could collapse at any moment, when i placed my foot on the footrest, it immediately broke. Honestly, i did not even press down on it. I would say 5 pound of pressure was all that was needed to destroy that piece. However, overall i am pretty satisfied with the purchase because i mainly use the table to hold various things (snacks on game night, for example) and don’t need the use the stools all that much.

This is a wonderful addition to our kitchen. The quality is what i would expect for the price. The appearance exceeds my expectation (for the price) – meaning i might expect to pay more for an item that looks this good. It seems sturdy enough that it will last us a good while with considerate use. We had no trouble with assembly. The only thing missing was a flat base on one of the legs for the table (making that leg about 1-2mm shorter than the other legs) but it has not made the table wobbly so i have not done anything to fix it. It is a beautiful piece of furniture, mostly used by the children in the household (under 100 pounds), but is also occasionally used by the adults and it feels like it will hold up fine. Overall, we are very pleased with this purchase.

It is small and clean looking for my little apartment. Was a little disappointed in the quality of the top it is almost like contact paper and on the corners a little torn but i loved it so much i didn’t want to send it back, a few little nicks here and there but i diffinetly got my money worth.

First of all, the stools are a horror to assenble. Wooden dowls in slates are croked. It took me over half an hour for each stool and i’m very handy about putting boxed furniture together. You have to hard drill the screws in without any predrilled holes for the bottom slats. Table took about 10 minutes to assemble. Now for the good part, the table is beautiful. I would expect to pay the entire price for the table alone. The stools and table really look nice and expensive together. I don’t expect the stools to hold together long and will buy better stools down the road. Overall i’m pleased with the set.

This is a beautiful addition to our kitchen area. And thanks for the great low price compared to local furniture stores. Plus it was a ‘prime’ product as well.

Easy to assemble, the chairs are comfortable and it looks amazing in my kitchen.

Gold Medal Bean Bags Leather Look Vinyl Ottoman – Ottoman – not as firm as expected

This was a gift and it was greatly appreciated.

I wouldn’t use them in my home, but for traveling around they are great.

This is the exact perfect size that we needed. My only little concern is that it is slippy. Because it is a bean bag, the shape changes, and my significant other’s feet slide off it. I put a towel on it to hold his feet a little more steady. Otherwise, it is exactly the right size, not too tall, and not too small. Would be perfect in a microfiber or suede fabric.

  • Great Little Ottoman
  • Almost exactly what I wanted
  • Very nice foot rest – it doesn’t take up a lot

Was smaller then i thought and it is like a bean bag chair so it doesnt hold its shape.

Was exactly like the description. Has held up well and was perfect for an under the desk ottoman, which is what i was looking for.

Features of Gold Medal Bean Bags Leather Look Vinyl Ottoman, Small, Cobblestone

  • Vinyl
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Supports 250 lbs.
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Coordinates with Gold Medal Leather Look Bean Bags

I am very pleased with this purchase. This small ottoman is perfect for my bedroom and i love that it is lightweight.

This item was just what i was looking for. And the size of this item is what i wanted. I would use this seller again.

As described, i’m using it as a stool to sit on for massages. Not the highest quality product, but can’t beat the price. I can see it would work great as a footstool or chair for small children also.

This ottoman is perfect for our family room that is mostly blue & white and needed a dash of color. It matches a throw that we have on the couch. It’s a very reasonably priced ottoman.

Bean bag and you can kick it where you want it. We have it on our back lanai in florida and i love it to the screen door and my cat thinks it is for her.

Perfect as a foot rest under our desks. Just the right height and great amount of stuffing to give support while working at the computer or gaming.

5 star ottoman, but the stuffing compresses into a stiff rather than comfortable mass. The size and weight make it fit nicely under my desk and just nice enough for nap time. I have had my gold medal leather look vinyl ottoman, small, ebony for about two months. It is a rare day when it is not in use. Using it right side up it fits nicely under my desk. When stretch out my legs for reading or napping it is a tad too short, so i use it sideways. It is a tad wider than tall and this works out well enough. So far it is sturdy enough and no stuffing has leaked. I am not sure what the stuffing is – some kind of compressible plastic beads, but they compress into a somewhat stiff feeling mass.

This ottoman is not as firm as i expected and the color is not pretty. I have made a cloth cover for it and that is working but still disappointed in the lack of firmness. It will serve the purpose for now be will be looking for something a little better.

Great for my 9 year old who has a black bean bag. Now he has a great spot to read.

Very nice foot rest – it doesn’t take up a lot of space, the choice of colors goes well with any home decor and style.

I ordered these for my kids craft table instead of chairs that would scratch my recently refinished hardwood floors. They work great and are the perfect height to fit under their table and i’m sure we’ll find another use for them down the road once the craft table is no longer needed.

Footstool that won’t break a tie if kicked accidentally.

I wanted a ‘bean bag’ ottoman after seeing one in an upscale outlet store and thought this might fit the bill. I was unclear whether the color was ‘cobblestone (now realize that is the style da) or gold. It is much more cobblestone color than gold.Quite sturdy, and goes will with any casual decor – i use it with my big joe products, but my dog is pretty sure it is his. Very good quality and if the other reviewer had read the description, the dimensions are there, so there is no reason to call it small. It is made to be small, compact and very flexible. Never mind the old ‘bean bags’ – there is no comparison by the way. This fabric is quite nice – sturdy – i put a plastic tray on it when i choose to use them as lol side tables.

Wanted something cheap to rest my legs on under the desk. Above 20 (currently selling for 28) it is a rip off.

Ordered 2 for our covered outside patio and they’re great. They’re comfy and look good. Wish they were a bit taller for extra comfort, but at the price point, they’re perfect.

I bought two and like the size and color. Could have had just a little more filling. Overall though i am pleased with them and just the right size for the den.

This ottoman is small and light weight. It is very comfortable on the feet. It is the perfect size to elevate my foot under my desk after foot surgery. The colors are terrible though – the cobblestone is actually a mushroom. Glad it is going to be under my desk.

#1 All Systems Super ning Gel- 8 Oz [Misc : Works a little. But stain is still there.

Lid was partway opened and leaked all over the inside of the shipping package. I see many negative reviews with people saying they even left it overnight and it didn’t work. The instructional videos specifically state you have to use it multiple days in a row before washing it out.

I have been using this daily on both of my maltese and im still hoping to see more improvement. After the first 3 applications i noticed a slight lightening of their stains which i was very happy about but i haven’t noticed anything since. I’m going to keep using it and hope for the best.

#1 All Systems Super Whitening Gel- 8 Oz [Misc.]

  • Apply to clean
  • dry coat with clean fingers or a small cosmetic brush. Keep out of eyes. Reapply as necessary to a clean
  • dry coat. Wash
  • rinse
  • condition and dry thoroughly no less than every third application.

This product has worked better than any i have tried for whitening my maltese tear stains. It takes repeated applications and continued use, but not as frequently once the stains lighten.

Great for getting rid of staining on white coated dogs.

I have a white/cream long haired chihuahua and i have applied this less than half a dozen times thus far and i can honestly say that you see a difference after just 1 or 2 applications. I do use tear wipes in between but this stuff really works. I recommend it to anyone, it’s worth trying because if anything is going to work it’s this product. Please be careful not to get it into your dogs eye though. Our dogs health should come before our own aesthetic desires and if you cannot carefully apply it, do not use it.

#1 All Systems Super Whitening Gel- 8 Oz [Misc.] : Even asked the vet on what to do. She said that no products sold in the us actually work, as most are dangerous. I saw some youtube videos on this one. Used it diligently for 2 weeks. I think how it works is you put the gel on the dog hair 3 times, and the tear stains seems to wash out after you use tearless shampoo and massage the gel out.

This product does work but it takes more than three applications to see an improvement more like daily. Twice and i wash my doggies faces nightly but after about a week of daily applications and using spa lavish tear stain shampoo to wash it’s made a huge difference.

My video review & instructions here in youtube just lookup the user cloud9malteseyoutube. Com/users/cloud9malteseamazing. I can’t believe i didn’t know about this product before. I don’t know why more people aren’t raving about it, like the ‘pros’ that use this should be telling everyone about it.But maybe they want to keep it a secret?. I have a maltese, and she does not come with the best genes since she’s a byb dog, so she has had tear stains that just make it look like her face is dirty, when it’s not. People that don’t know about dogs tear stains really do think i don’t clean her well enough. But i would never dare give my baby ‘angel eyes’, that’s just horrible for her. So i was glad when i found out about this product and thought i would give it a try. It’s actually quite gentle but powerful.

The only reason why i’m giving this item 4 stars is because i feel like if it’s not used properly it might be harsh on the hair. . My dog hasn’t experienced any skins issues etc. But keep in mind i opted to wash it out daily and then reapply just to be safe. Ok i purchased this item in anticipation that eye envy would not work (and it didn’t after 15 days of use). At any rate, this product actually does what it says. So be very careful it is a bleaching agent. But i will say this it did not bother my bentley one bit. Although, i did use the gel slightly differently. First off, i washed bentleys face with just some regular oatmeal dog shampoo i have.

I gave this product 5 stars because despite the fact that it doesn’t simply immediately take away the stain, (it takes several days, several times), it’s the best thing i’ve found. Most of the products for tear stains do nothing at al. It was nice to find something that did lighten them over time at least.

If you have dogs with white on their faces shazam is a must have. I keep one up stairs and one down at all times this is the only product i have found that actually works and it doesn’t irritate your dogs skin.

Does really works if u use it few times a month.

This does but follow instructions. It does smell a bit so i do 2 days on, then wash off. Then do not use for a time then 2 days on again.

Nothing works overnight, but this works the best. I have tried chews and rinses but this gel works the best for my dog’s tear stains. When the gel dries, it gets kind of cakey and stiff, which seems uncomfortable so i don’t leave it on between baths as it says you can. I start seeing results after the first application but it’s not super noticeable until a few days or applications. There is also a lot of gel and it will last a long time before i need to repurchase.

You have to apply is 3 times. I put some on his stains on monday evening, tuesday evening, and wednesday evening, and washed it all off thursdy evening, and it definietly lightened them alot. After 3 applications of the same process, the stains were gone.

I have a white havanese with horrible eye stains. I liked the idea of the gel because my dog tends to get sick from the other product that i have tried (tearplex). I have used the product 5 times so far and there is definitely a difference. It’s still not perfect but the stains are much lighter. I’m hopeful that more applications will help. The jar is big and will last a long time.

I really don’t see a difference when using this. Truth be told i feel all these products are a gimmick and its just a matter of your dogs genetic disposition. We simply need to learn to love our dogs as they are. If its that big of a deal for you maybe see a vet.

Professional seller, excellent product.

It took a few weeks as i used it as described, applying once every 3 days and much to my surprise, it really did work. The stains i have been trying to remove for months was gone.

Ive tried everything on the market for urine stain removal on my paralyzed dog that doesn’t have bladder control. Used as directed (well sorta, i used a lot more of it for pretty heavy saturation) after three times the stains were not gone but much much lighter; and no skin irritation at all; didn’t make hair feel gucky after applying three days in a row and then bathing.

Our westie gets brown tear stains and brown fur around his mouth in the summer and fall months. We think this is partially from allergies and possibly the mineral content of our water. We were hoping that this whitening gel would help eliminate the problem. The gel does work, and if applied regularly will whiten the area it is regularly put on. However, the gel doesn’t really eliminate the color. I wish it worked a little better, although i imagine a stronger product might be irritating for a dog. Still, this is the best thing available now that the fda has banned no more tears and similar products. This gel doesn’t eliminate the source of the tears or fur browning (which those products did do) but can help deal with the stained fur itself.

I have been trying for years to find a whitening product for under my maltese eyes. I cannot believe how well this works and almost immediately. The first time i started it i used it 3 consecutive days since he was badly discolored. Then washed it off and did 3 more days. Now i only have to use it only occasionally when the area starts to darken and only need it once. This is the most fantastic product i have ever used. Also the price is very reasonable and the jar will last a very long time.

SONGMICS 2-tier Shoe Bench Boot Organizing Rack Entryway Storage Shelf w’ High and Low Levels – Just what we needed

Once i finally got it together it is pretty nice. The first three shelves fit just fine but the bottom shelf was slightly warped and the screw holes did not match up well. However, after much more struggle than necessary and dropping the stupid wrench a hundred times, i got it together and put it in my closet. It is sturdy and looks nice. I am fairly adept at assembling things like this, so i’m not just whining. At least i had all the parts and even a couple of extra screws.

I liked this beautiful bench so much i ordered two of them. and have also ordered another songmics furniture item. These pieces are nicely made and look really good. They are easy to assemble and, since they are a little less bulky than other items like this, can and do fit into ‘problem spaces’ efficiently to increase storage / reduce clutter. i am very pleased with all of my songmics purchases.

I almost didn’t buy this after reading the reviews, but it was the only thing i found that met the following criteria:1. Under 20 inches tall so that it would fit beneath my windowsill. Water-resistant material (not laminate or wood) suitable for holding potted plants. Varied shelf/surface space heights. I’d read reviews that warned of splinters, but i gambled that this would come as it looks in the photograph and it did. The surfaces are very smooth, with a waxy sort of finish that is pleasing to touch. The description says that the boards will creek a little when weight is applied. Supposedly this is not bamboo breaking, but just bamboo shifting. Since i’m using mine for potted plants, i don’t need mine to hold a lot of weight, and i’m unconcerned about this issue. I worried a little that the color wouldn’t match the woodwork in my home at all, but to my pleasure, it matches the floors very, very well. Assembly:i think i read somewhere that the screws and the holes don’t match perfectly. This seems to just be an artifact of bamboo: it warps. You just make it match up if it doesn’t seem to match at first. Here are the specifications for the SONGMICS 2-tier Shoe Bench Boot Organizing Rack Entryway Storage Shelf w’ High and Low Levels:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL BAMBOO SHOE BENCH: 100% natural bamboo, environment friendly and sturdy; 2 tiers bamboo rack & storage bench for shoes, boots, bags, plants, toiletries, baskets in entryway, bedroom, bathroom, closet, etc.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Two-tier shelves for short shoes, one tier larger section for boots and heels. 2 seat heights make it a great shoe shelf and shoe bench for you and your child
  • THOUGHTFUL WORKMANSHIP: Natural and smooth finish, rounded corners, protect your family from being scratched, especially the children
  • EASY ASSEMBLY AND DISASSEMBLY: Antirust and durable screws can be installed and disassembled repeatedly, tools provided
  • SPACE-SAVING STORAGE SHOE BENCH: Product size: 44.1″L x 11.1″W x 17.7″H (112cm x 28.3cm x 45cm), slim figure to put in your cubby closet, wardrobe, cabinet, garage, entrance, foyer and other storage area

It took an hour to put it together, but it was well worth it. We use it as a bench and a step stool when needed.

Easy to assemble, attractive, sturdy, met all my expectations and was exactly as described in the product description. I use it at the end of my bed to help my aging jack russell get on the bed. The lower tier is perfect to give her a boost. I also use it to sit on and put my shoes on. I had a minor problem with one screw set that was defective but i contacted songmics via email and they responded quickly (on the weekend) and took care of my problem immediately. Their customer service is exceptional, so if you have a problem with your purchase i urge you to contact customer service and not just leave an ugly review.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice Bench & Great Customer Service
  • Don’t let the other reviews fool you!
  • Great product for a great price!

Armed with a screw driver, wood glue and sheer will, my husband put this together in about 40 minutes. The wood cracked in a spot during shipping but my husband fixed it and it looks great. It’s sturdy, and it looks like quality bamboo. Looks great and we both sat on it and ate a snack after he finished it.

This bench is a little fussy to put together. Not all the pieces i got were exactly the correct size, so a little fiddling and a lot of patience was needed. However, it fits perfectly where i needed it and feels plenty secure to sit on and tie shoes, even for the men in the house.

Pros: i purchased this table specifically to fit in a small space between a chair and stairway (mainly for my boyfriend’s use). A you will see in the photos, it holds a variety of items such as a small tv, phones. Remotes, a modem and plenty of additional space for magazines, tissue box, newspaper and accessory items. I like the tiered multiple shelves and the overall appearance of it. It fits perfect in the space i intended it for. Cons: i was disappointed that one of the drilled holes was too small for the hardware to fit and another drilled hole was too big. So i have 2 areas without screws in them. Also, there was one screw missing and a couple of areas have splinted wood which may have occurred during shipping. Despite the cons, i am still pleased with this table as it serves it’s purpose and my boyfriends is pretty happy with it.

Very simple assembly, squeaks when you sit on it, but does not break.

I was looking for a two tier (in german tier means animal lol story for another time:o) shoe bench. I had googled for one and this one came up on amazon. I am an amazon prime customer, so why not?.I got it took it out of the box and first thing i notice is that there are too pieces of bamboo surface slats that are completely off and then i noticed there is a support piece on the long bottom piece that came off also. I break out the wood glue and we’ll see if that holds it together. To gather my tools, my glue and put it together. I don’t know if i will have to clamp the glued parts together (i probably should have, but my clamps are out in my shed and it is midnight), but i will if it comes apart again. It looks nice and though it did need a little more assembly than it should have required, i will say the table top parts (or surfaces) were for the most part put together.

The instructions weren’t too clear as i had to look at the picture on the instruction sheet several times but after putting a few screws on i got the concept down and it was fairly easy. This comes with all the tools you need to assemble it so you don’t have to go scrambling around the house to look for your tool box. The bamboo is gorgeous, the color is just how it looks and it looks a lot more expensive than what was paid. The small stool area is perfect for my 5 year old daughter and 3 year old son to sit down & put their shoes on. I would definitely recommend this item ?.

There’s nothing wrong with this bench, but it’s kind of meh. I would say it does the job, but it doesn’t have enough space for my family’s shoes so shoes are shoved in on top of each other which looks bad and proves logistically difficult when removing shoes you want to wear. The kids end up spilling shoes all over the floor in the process of getting out their shoes. Looking back this also wasn’t the best design choice for us. It was hard to find a practical place for it, and it’s out of place. I’m hoping to put some kind of finish on it and make it a plant bench (for outside). One final note for inquiring minds, a full-size human can sit on this, just expect it may wobble a bit.

Easy to assemble (though have patience because it will take a while) as well as a beautiful and renewable resource product. A little spend for the quality but i use these (i got two slightly different ones to use as a ‘system’) in my closet and love them. Sturdy and purdy- can’t beat that.

The snow boots don’t fit in there but it’s great for me and my kid during winter. Also, when i got it when i was 9 mos pregnant and i’m a good sized gal. It holds quite a bit of weight ;).

I took my time i opened the box i separated all the pieces i counted everything i made sure i physically touched everything and knew what parts were what. Went together like a breeze and it looks beautiful and i weigh about 280 lb and i sat on it perfect.

Received the bench quickly, my husband put it together while i was at work however, it was missing 24 of the essential bolts. I emailed them this morning, saturday, not expecting to hear from them until the following week. Low and behold, when i got home i had an email from them, the bolts were shipped same day. We bought this for our bichon so he could look out the window, it’ should be perfect for him. I think for the price it’s everything we could want or expect. He can try it out as soon as we get our bolts. . Hubby had absolutely no problem putting this together.

Easy to assemble and perfect for tight space. We used it for shoe rack and station for purses,hats and keys in our narrow dinning area toward the corridor. The lower bench is very small, can only be for a child or skinny adult with flexible to sit and put on shoes. Over all this bamboo shoe bench is not made for tall or overweight individual. It is cute, compact and functional for us.

I used the rack as a gardening organizer and it’s really sturdy. It took a while to install it (about 1 & 1/2 hours, since i was a newbie) but it was easy to follow the step by step instructions. All the necessary tools (wrench, allen wrench, nuts and screws) were included. I was able to put potting soil, rocks, and fetilizer all on top of this rack.

I love this this except that it was a pain to put together and came with no instructions. It is sturdy enough for my uses- it sits under one of my windows and i put shoes on the bottom and house plants on the top shelf so they can get some sun. After i finally got it together i sat on it just to test it out, it does creak like some other reviewers noted. Some of the slats on top seem to be loose and not totally adhered. I don’t know that i’d trust it as a bench to sit on day after day. It keeps things organized & off the floor, and elevates my plants- exactly what i wanted it for. I might buy another for another room of the house, it looks just as pictured and is absolutely beautiful.

Easy to build but the instructions are slightly off. The errors in the instructions are easy to overcome as the instruction pictures and build is pretty simple to figure out. One of my screws did not have the allen hole in it, the drilled holes in the wood aren’t great, but manageable for the build.

Needed something to go at the foot of my couch, which is quite close to my door in my tiny nyc apartment. The length works well against the arm of the couch. Hides the shoe clutter, and then i keep books and a potted plant atop. Not fancy, but as described and works well. It only took me about 20mins to put it together (late at night because i was eager), and i am not terribly handy. I haven’t decided if i will paint it yet, but for now i’m happy as is.

King’s Brand Modern Design Chrome Finish With Glass Top Cocktail Coffee Table – Fantastic USA Made Glass Top Coffee Table!!

Its very attractive, it was easy to put together, and it looks more expensive than it was.

Great addition to the living room or any room you wish.

This is a very small coffee table that looks great and is an even better buy. I was afraid something this inexpensive wouldn’t look that great but it absolutely does. It’s easy to put up and only took about 5 minutes. I’ve seen some complaints about its reliability over a long period but i wll update if i have any issues. So far it looks great and was a great purchase.

  • Contemporary Coffee Table
  • Just what I wanted!
  • Simple look and simple assembly!

I have a hardwood floor and was worried it would have a bit of ‘wiggle’ or the legs wouldn’t be even. The glass is fairly heavy so it has weight on the legs. It’s much better than i thought it would be for 80 bucks. Glass has no chips – looks beautiful. I wish it were a tad bit longer (length).

Love this coffee table very very easy to put together and is very great for the price.

Features of King’s Brand Modern Design Chrome Finish With Glass Top Cocktail Coffee Table

  • Kings Brand Modern Design Chrome Finish With Glass Top Cocktail Coffee Table.
  • Add a modern touch to your living space with this glass top with chrome-finished cocktail table.
  • Dimensions: 39.37″ x 19.7″ x 15.75″H
  • Simple assembly required.

Just as what the picture shows. Great quality and didn’t take us long to put them together. Serves the purpose for our small living room.

I loved this table when it arrived- great looking – great size – but after a year of regular use – the leg separated from the glass at the joint. When the table is moved now, you have to realign the leg joint with the glass to keep the table leg from falling off.

Very durable and light, but sturdy. The only thing is, it’s a little tall for a coffee table. Sort of my fault for not checking the height dimensions and only the width, but otherwise it looks as pictured.

The item looks great and was very easy to assemble. The whole transaction was fast and easy. This table fits well with the rest of my modern style.

This coffee table is perfect in my living room. The glass and chrome give the room an airy and open feel. I purchased the matching side table, and i will probably go back and get a second one of those. The glass on the coffee table is thick and heavy – excellent quality. You won’t be disappointed with this one.

Just super for nyc cozy condo. Keeps a airy contemporary flow in the room.

This is just perfect for what i had in mind. It came and was well packaged, everything was fine. I put it together all by myself in about 15 minutes max (and i’m a 60 yr. I expected the hub to be less than thrilled since he’s kind of a wood lover – but i didn’t say a thing and a couple days lady he said ‘i really like your coffee table you bought. ‘ i was shocked — that’s how nice it is.

Bought this table and very pleased. I like the fact it is made in the usa. Table was very easy to put together. I wanted a small glass top table for our great room area. . Not too bulky and looks classy.

You really can’t beat this table for the price. It fits in perfectly in our small apartment and looks great. I did notice that white glue is starting to show on some of the connecting pieces, so that is something to think about. However, if you are looking for apartment furniture that looks really nice at a cheap price, then i still consider this a bargain. Overall build quality is good and sturdiness is great.

I love how this glass table is designed with modern simplicity. Clean lines and contemporary chrome legs. The installation was a piece of cake. You simply have to screw the 2 legs on. The table is also lightweight for being glass (which is a good thing in my book). I did read some of the reviews and some customer said that their tables developed white circles where the steel circles meet the glass due to too much pressure. In attempts to prevent this, i did not overtighten any of the screws. I tightened it just right so that the table is stable. All-in-all very nice product.

Great addition for our office sitting area. It’s easy to assemble – took 5 minutes – and looks outstanding.

Solid piece of furniture easy to put together, well worth the money.

South Shore 5-Shelf Storage Bookcase – Sturdy, easy to assemble, and looks great!

I purchased two of these shelves to hold my girlfriend’s rather extensive book collection. First of all, i like how large these shelves are. They are relatively easy to construct and i love the brown color. The backing has some noticeable creases, but i was able to cover those by strategic placement of items on the selves. However, for something that is meant to hold books, the shelves start to bend underneath the weight of those books. The shelves are made of that composite wood material that is compressed together to form a board, which makes them less sturdy than a chunk of actual plywood. If you are looking for shelves to display some fun odds and ends, this would be prefect (assuming you can hide the creases in the back); however, if you are looking for a bookshelf, keep looking. This is not the product you are looking for. I’ve attached some pictures to try to capture the bending. While you can tell there is some bending in the pictures, i didn’t have a long enough straight edge to show the full extent of the issue.

I’m a stay home mom so it’s much easy to order it through amazon. My husband questioned it but i found lots of good reviews so i gave a try. It only took 2 hours to assemble it by myself, and i also bought the wall stickers from amazon to make more fun. My son just loves his new reading corner.

Great for the pricewas looking for an inexpensive way to add bookcases to my daughters playroom. These served its purpose just fine. They were easy to put together and all pieces were intact. I think for the price, they are definetly worth it. At this price point, i was pleased with what i got.

  • Nice looking shelves that should not hold books.
  • What I was Expecting! Great Price!
  • Sturdy, easy to assemble, and looks great!

This bookshelf is a great purchase. I was able to assemble it in about a half hour, and it’s very sturdy, especially for its height. It even came with extra pieces of hardware (nails and such). It’s a great color and looks more expensive than it is. Overall, one of the best furniture purchases i’ve ever made.

I didn’t look too carefully at the dimensions or weight, but the 5-shelf bookcase is taller than me and was a hassle to lug up to my condo for installation. One of the panels arrived chipped (the lower front-facing panel) even though the box was intact. If you are picking this item up at a different shipping location, make sure your car has fold-down rear seats with a front seat that can be pushed forward – because it is a very long and heavy box. If you are bringing it up stairs or just moving it, it’s a 2-person lift package. I was able to move it myself and i’m by no means a strong person, but for safety reasons i recommend having at least another person to help. So overall, had i known or paid closer attention to the dimensions, i would have opted for the 4 shelf bookcase. Overall: 5/5 starswell-made, not too hard to install, just unwieldy to move around.

Features of South Shore 5-Shelf Storage Bookcase, Royal Cherry

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • VERSATILE STORAGE: Instantly organize and display books, papers, toys or decorative items in 5 open and easily accessible adjustable storage spaces.
  • MODERN SIMPLICITY: With sleek contemporary styling, the bookcase features clean lines which will make it an elegant addition to any existing living room, office or bedroom decor.
  • GENEROUS CAPACITY: The practical bookcase features a combination of 3 adjustable shelves supporting 25 lbs each, and a single fixed shelf supporting up to 35 lbs in weight.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Made in North America with non-toxic laminated particleboard, this piece of furniture meets or exceeds all North American safety standards.
  • 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: Shop with confidence knowing that we proudly stand behind this piece of furniture with a full 5-year limited warranty. Assembly is required.

Ikea 700.832.52 Bevara Sealing clip, assorted colors, assorted sizes, 2 SETS OF 30 – 60 TOTAL : Great little tool for the kitchen

Ultra useful while packing and to seal the covers of milk and food packets.

Love, love, love these clips for just about any package closure in my kitchen. I’ve even been known to buy them as gifts because they are so much better than other styles of clips.

Ikea 700.832.52 Bevara Sealing clip, assorted colors, assorted sizes, 2 SETS OF 30 – 60 TOTAL

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 2 SETS OF 30 – 60 TOTAL
  • Sizes: 40 pcs 2″ long and 20 pcs 4″ long
  • Freezer-safe
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Perfect to seal food/snack bags, keep food fresh

Love these clips, they seal everything from bread to frozen stuff in bags. Got some for christmas stocking stuffers for daughter.

Great buy, just what i needed to seal most chips bag and many more.

Just what i was looking for.

Ikea 700.832.52 Bevara Sealing clip, assorted colors, assorted sizes, 2 SETS OF 30 – 60 TOTAL : No longer near an ikea so this was perfect.

Love the small ones for closing the end of icing bags and the larger ones are perfect for chips.

Halter Wall Shelves – Set of 3 U Shaped Floating Shelves – LOVE them! I too

Very nicely made, looks great.

Easy to install and they look great.

This allows me to display my stuff as room devour and looks so cute. Sure, it’s basic, but i knew that when i bought it, and i can always put trim or something on it to make it prettier.

  • Quality and stylish
  • LOVE them! I too
  • These are definitely fine. As has been noted

They were easy for me to put up and are aesthetically pleasing.

Wanted some shelves in our kitchen for both decorative and functional purposes. I love the versatility of where you can place them. Do note, they are very narrow, so if you’re wanting them for books or anything large they will not work for you.

Features of Halter Wall Shelves – Set of 3 U Shaped Floating Shelves

  • U shaped shelves are decorative & functional in every room, .
  • Great as ledge shelves, display shelves, decorative shelves, hanging shelves, or a trophy shelf
  • Easy to mount – all necessary hardware are included – No hardware is visible after mounting
  • Made of MDF, finished with Brown laminate – will match any decor
  • Comes in 3 sizes – 15.75″ – 13″ – 10.4″ with 4″ depth

Cool design and easy to mount.

I too, was a little skeptical after reading reviews of scratches upon receiving shipment etc. But all of my shelves were in great condition and i ordered 4 sets. I plan to order more in the future as they were incredibly affordable and look fantastic and expensive when mounted. Very happy with this purchase overall.

Note, these are smaller than you might think. Refer to measurements for exact size. Not super quality, but affordable and look great. Used for psp games and they fit perfectly. (not deep enough for my anime figures or gundam models fyi). They are pretty shallow, so they won’t hold anything to deep. Also, wouldn’t test with a lot of weight since the screws are connected to the shelves just by particle board on back of shelves. Definitely will rip away with more than a couple of lbs. Good for display or light weight items.

I love my halter wall shelves they look so cute on my wall and can be placed in many differentpositions to fit your personal style these are perfect for any room or small space.

Great shelves and they look great once up on the wall.

They are sturdy and can hold quite a bit. I can’t say much to the hanging of them because i enlisted my father and uncle to do so. But i will say that for 2 pretty handy men, it took them a little while. The directions didn’t give too much away, but they eventually figured it out.

Purchased these from warehouse deals and had no problems as the shelves are nestled well in lots of foam board. The installation screws and anchors are average quality. Installation is not difficult, but getting the spacing for the keyhole slots just right and level at the same time was moderately challenging. Yes, i had to reposition a screw to make it work–luckily i wasn’t anchoring in drywall nor in an area where extreme visual scrutiny will detect the issue. I failed to closely read the depth dimension, so i wish they were deeper, but that’s on me. The provided photo is totally out of scale, so get out your ruler/tape measure and think carefully. I would also not trust the pressed wood material to hold anything with much weight and/or significant personal value. Not sure i would purchase again.

Holds just enough storage for the capacity there ment for.

These shelves were everything and went very well in my bathroom. I needed more space and organization and these did the trick. The price and quality was amazing. They were easy to install just use the anchors that comes with them.

These were the easiest shelves to hang up, and for the price, you can’t find better-looking shelves. They come with the screws and anchors, which fit in the holes on the back of the shelves. They fit perfectly on the wall behind the toilet in my half bath downstairs. Now all i need to worry about is how to decorate them.

Exactly what i was looking for to house my funko pop and small collectables. Super easy to install and are plenty sturdy. These are not meant for bookshelves or anything heavy but if you want to display something on the lighter side they are ideal. Will recommend to others and buy another set soon.

I am very happy with these shelves, they are holding my art supplies. I love the dark color of the wood.

Very nice on wall to display daughter art and hold other items.

Smaller than the picture would lead you to believe, but the measurements in the description are good. Construction is solid, and they’re relatively easy to hang. The veneer is obviously a veneer, in similar material and texture to other furniture of this price range, so moderately high quality plastics. All in all, you get what you pay for with this, its not overpriced, or a great bargain, but the build is good and its handy for knick knacks.

Serve their purpose really well. I know the measurements are listed, but the picture makes the shelves look a lot bigger than they actually are.

Great price on nice looking shelves. I purchased these shelves for my future bathroom that’s being built. Going with a nautical theme. I wanted white shelves to help give my ships a little more pop.

I ordered the white shelves and they sent me brown, which was a bummer. Then i contacted the company and they sent me the white ones with no charge and let me keep the browns ones. Saved me the hassle of sending them back. And shelves are very good quality, worked for exactly what i needed.

These work great in my bathroom for organizing my girly things.