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Poundex Corner Shelf : more like black walnut

Real wood and feels solid, nice, rich reddish brown color. I put it together with my boyfriend and i think doing it alone would be quite a bit harder (need someone to hold/brace). I followed advice and counted parts before i started building. Also make sure you take the stickers off before you build b/c i didn’t take one of them off and then it was tough to get it out of a corner after it was already built.

These look very nice in my daughters small bedroom. I have no concerns with the way it arrived, there were no scratches or unfinished sides. The biggest drawback on this set of shelves is the assembly. Took two very capable adults two hours to put them together with the help of an electric screwdriver and a few other tools. When ordering something like this, the assembly is expected, but be ready to spend some time on it.

I liked it so much i ordered a 2nd one. 4 stars because the top and bottom piece don’t line up exactly.

Don’t let the discounted price fool ya (at least, it was discounted when i purchased it to $68). It was worth the discounted price, but had i seen this in a store for $68, i would have passed on it. The edges don’t quite line up, it is rather flimsy and i’m not sure i trust putting anything “of weight” on any of the shelves – both because i feel like the shelf may collapse and/or the whole thing may come toppling over. It comes with some straps and two drywall mounts, but i don’t want to drill two holes in my wall to make a shelf stand up. If ya just need something to stick in a corner and put some decorative pieces on, this will do the trick. Not quite what i had in mind for it, but it’s what i’m doing with it now.

  • Okay once you figure it out
  • UGH love hate relationship
  • Nice heavy shelving unit, but did not arrive in perfect condition

Poundex Corner Shelf, Walnut

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  • Attractive corner shelf from Poundex to maximize storage space; great for displaying keepsakes, framed photos, and houseplants
  • Constructed in densely pressed wood with deep chocolate finish; with 5 wedge-shaped shelves
  • Increasing shelf sizes from top to bottom from 20 inches wide by 8 inches deep to 30 inches wide by 14 inches deep
  • Easy home assembly with hardware and accessories included; available also in oak and cherry finishes
  • Assembled, measures 29 inches wide by 21 inches deep by 63 inches high, product is darker than the given image.

I’m used to being disappointed with the “cheaper” stuff you can find in the local brick and mortar stores. The spray nozzle that comes with this hose is pretty nice. It’s someone light weight, has a modern design and grip and the spray adjustment works with pretty good precision. Meaning if you turn it one way or the other, you get a consistent circle of spray and not intermittent like you get with the cheapies. The only thing with the nozzle is that i would recommend some plumber’s tap on the connector. Out of the box, it was a bit loose and when i tightened it, it seemed to leak a slight bit. So i grabbed some regular plumbers tape, gave it a few wraps and works perfect. I really like the color and quality of the outside cover on the hose, it definitely makes it look and feel like it’s better quality. The true test is to see how long it lasts.

Not sure where the 29″ dimension comes from, but the base has a 21″ radius. Anyway, the unit is actually decent, but you should know the following before buying/assembling:1) the t nuts are a bit too small for the holes in which they sit, so, if there’s a hitch when threading the philip head screws through, the nuts will start spinning in their holes instead of sitting (and you can’t really stop them by having another screwdriver holding them). Before you put the nuts into the holes, you need to thread the screw through a few times to make sure that all the hitches are gone, then it will work without issue. (learned this the very hard and frustrating way. )2) the stickers are not the good kind that peel off, so either don’t take them off or be prepared to scrub. 3) the wood is pretty cheap. I actually gouged out some wood with my fingernails while trying to get off the first sticker.

I bought this to go in a small corner of my house. It looks so nice and goes very well with my rustic theme while giving it a very nice look. It has a slight lean back (very slight), which helps it from topping over. My young 3 grandchildren are over often (ages 5,3,2) and there has not been any chance of them trying to climb on it. It came with straps to secure it to the wall, but i did not add them because the shelf seemed to do just fine without it.

This shelf unit is fairly sturdy and easy to assemble. The finish is slightly fragile and easily scratched. There were parts missing; but after contacting the seller the parts were ordered and sent to me. I would recommend this corner shelf if you are looking for good value for your money.

I was pretty impressed with this product. My plants look lovely on it and overall it is quite sturdy and heavy. It says you need three people to assemble it. I was able to do it alone, but you may need a second person to hold up the top while lining it up to the bottom. Pretty easy to put together overalli would buy another one if i had the room.

Not quite cappuccino, a touch more walnut is you ask me. . But i put it together quite easily myself and it is solid wood and sturdy. I did not feel i had to anchor it to the wall, even though it came with all the right parts to do so. It had a couple of small dings-i bought it from the warehouse used at a deeper discount. Once my books were on it, not even visible, since both small scratches/dings were on the back. I’m happy with the size, even though it could be taller for optimum storage.

This shelving unit is the closest thing i could find to match one that i bought at least 10 years ago at ikea. Unlike the ikea unit, this one is veneers rather than solid wood. And also unlike he ikea unit, each long leg is actually two shorter pieces. On the plus side, this unit is stained and finished. I had to stain the ikea unit myself. Hubby helped me to assemble this unit, which would have been awkward to assemble for one person. My review is short a couple of stars for two reasons. The unit arrived with some small veneer chips, which i was able to disguise with a bit of furniture stain. And one leg did not have all of the predrilled holes. Hubby got out the drill and rectified that situation.

As others have noted not very easy to assemble. Instructions could be improved. They say two people are required. I did it alone but did have to undo and redo because the instructions didn’t clearly specify that one side needed to be fully assembled before attaching the other. (this is an issue when assembling the bottom half of the shelf. ) in terms of appearance, i am slightly disappointed that the top and bottom parts don’t fit together after assembly as flush as i’d prefer, but it is minor and given the fairly low cost for a real wood piece not a huge complaint. Nice cherry wood and finish.

It’s a really nice corner shelf; quite large and sturdy. Some of the hardware was missing, or manufactured improperly. ) a couple of the wooden pegs were broken. Neither of these were a big deal. I just had to use a couple of regular screws in a couple of areas, none of this is visible. It’s real wood, it looks great, stands well without wobbling. Would definitely recommend it, so long as you can accomodate a couple of curve balls in the assembly process. When you open the glue bottle for the pegs, there is an internal cap jammed inside, or perhaps the glue was just dried in the tip of the glue bottle. But yeah, don’t just squeeze it harder to try and get the glue flowing. You will end up with a stream of glue clear across your room.

I put the shelf together by myself in about an hour, no problem. The instructions were clear and i didn’t miss having a helper at all. The shelf is heavy and sturdy, i have no worries about it tipping over, and it looks like something i would have paid a lot more for locally. The packaging was very good. There is a slight ding on one edge but it must have happened before it was packaged because the box showed no sign of damage. I received it in about a week with free shipping.

The box that arrived said walnut (and had me scared i ordered the wrong color) but the finish was cappuccino and matched the picture. What i love about this shelf, is it’s a perfect fit for the space. We’ve been looking at ladder bookshelves for a while, even bought two of them, to put in the corner of our family room. None of them quite fit right. Finally found this corner shelf, and are very happy with it. It was easy enough to assemble. I appreciated that the piece labels were mostly in locations that were covered by another piece. I only had to remove a few from the bottoms of the higher shelves. The bolt covers ranged in size, which meant some stuck out more than others. However, all the bolts wind up against a wall, so you don’t even see them.

This is a very nice and sturdy piece. It came packaged carefully, it was all clearly labeled, and had no missing or damaged pieces. Of course help is always better but i’m a petite female and was able to put it together by myself in a little over an hr just fine. I recommend laying everything out first-i did so in the styrofoam and cardboard it came with to not scratch the wood. Do not use your nail to scrape off stickers. Be gentle or you’ll mar the wood. I rubbed them off with my thumb. The legs are of a lower quality material than the actual shelves so they seem to get scratched more easily but it’s not so noticeable. It is not a delicate piece as it is sturdy and very decorative. The cappuccino is medium brown with a reddish undertone-not too red but it’s there.

I really expected a cheap piece of junk for the low price point. After assembling this shelf, i would buy ten more if i had places to put them. Assembles easily in my opinion with dowels and screw/barrel hardware system that i’ve never encountered before. Much better than particle board junk that these things are usually made of. I highly recommend this item and i tend to be rather critical when leaving reviews.

Great deal and quality – fairly easy to put together. Solid wood that goes together with dowels and screws – you don’t need to use the glue since you are screwing the pieces together – the glue just gets messy. You put the top tier together first – then the bottom. I would recommend having it near the location you want it when you attach the top to the bottom because it is a solid wood item and is a bit heavy once connected. I have been looking for a corner shelf unit for a couple of months and have been very disappointed with the qualities seen (very flimsy-water damaged-tape & stickers on the shelves that pulled off the varnish finish) – i ended up returning two previously purchased corner shelves because of packaging damage/poor quality that i got from a local furniture store and were more expensive. So, i took a chance on ordering this one based on what i’ve seen in furniture stores since this was very reasonably priced compared to those. – i was shocked and very pleased with what i got and how great it looks.

It says on the instructions that you need two people to assembly it, but i was able to do it by myself and it was my first time to assemble a furniture. The only reason i gave it 4 stars because for some reason, they lost the first product that i ordered. I had to cancel it and they instantly gave me my money back and ordered another one for $4 less. Other than that i’m happy with this product.

I think the shelf itself is of decent quality for the price but it doesn’t match anything else i’ve purchased for my living room/dining room that is labeled as being ‘cappuccino’ in color. This unit is lighter and has a very red tint which is not what i expected and not what i wanted, so i’m very disappointed with that. I’ve ordered 3 other cappuccino items that are a much deeper, dark brown. If you’re just looking for a fairly solid, simple corner ladder shelf then this unit is nice, but be careful of the color if you want something specific because its definitly not cappuccino.

Looks great, but a hanful of holes i had to rengineer, some of the holes here way off. But overall looks very nice color looks more expensive than it is.

Seems the color varies greatly on this shelf, even in the reviews. I wanted a lighter one, and got a dark stain. It should be consistant, it isn’t walnet, more like black walnut.

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