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Prepac WEHW-0200-1 Floating Desk : Great Space Saver!

Did a lot of researching before finally deciding on buying this desk. After reading all the comments i was afraid of getting the wrong color or have missing parts but all my worries disappeared when i opened up the box. Everything was there and even had extra parts left over. My small desk i had in my bedroom took up too much room. Years ago i had purchased a floating shelf and loved it. I finally found the desk to match. Looks like they were made for each other. Put the desk high enough so the arms of my chair fits underneath and if i wanted to stand it wouldn’t be too awkward. Now my whole area is compact but yet have plenty of room for “stuff”. I put the desk together by myself and it was kind of hard for me but after several attempts i got it together.

If you are looking for a desk and have no much space in your area this is a very smart way to go about it. Everything about this product is good. The quality the color and the price just made it a perfect match for me.

It is actually a pretty decent unit, but the unit shipped to me had nothing in the form of a metal hanging bracket nor is it mentioned in the “one” page of instructions that came with it. I cant imagine how they even expect someone to assemble this unit without instructions. I have been in the construction trades for 25+ yrs, so i was able to figure it out. Good luck to you if you do not have some real knowledge about how things should be built. I also had to make my own hanging device. Overall, it worked out fine and my daughter is happy with the unit. I’ll attach the one page instruction sheet in case you want to study it before you buy one. I just assembled a 24 dollar tv cart from walmart that had 4 pages of instructions and 1/10 of the pieces. Like i said, overall it is a decent unit. Just be prepared for a nightmare assembly process.

It opens up the floor underneath my desk and makes it looks so clean. The cords are kept hidden away and tidy. I put mine in a corner where a normal desk makes it seem so dark but this desk brightens it up and is very functional. There is a short horizontal piece behind where you keep the monitor (you can see it in the pictures) and this covers part of the hanging system but i have found it very useful by purchasing peel and stick dry erase board and attaching it so that now it’s a mini dry erase area great for little notes and inspirational quotes.

  • Brillant Idea – Great Desk!
  • much space in your area this is a very smart way to go about it
  • Great Space Saver!

Prepac WEHW-0200-1 Floating Desk with Storage, White

  • Mount at any Height with Prepac metal hanging rail system
  • Cable and wire management features keep your desk organized
  • Side compartments with two removable shelves each are ideal for speakers, electronic devices, books, photographs and other personal items
  • Store books, photographs and other items on the Top shelf
  • Proudly manufactured in North America

I bought this desk about 2 years ago ams wanted to wait to post my review because often times when you buy furniture that are priced at a steal, a year later they tend to warp, chip, and eventually look like what you paid for. I have inatalled her, took her down, moved with her, installed again and my baby is still as beautiful as the day i first got her. There is plenty of space, however, i do wish that the little shelves were able to be secured to the unit because i wouldn’t have lost them in the move if they were still attached but eh. Lol people compliment me on this desk all the time (especially living in brooklyn where space is limited in apartments) and i doubt that i could’ve made a smarter buy. I highly recommend this desk to anyone and oh. I saw a review of someone who gave it one star because they claim to keep bumping their knees on the bottom of the desk but, easy fix. . Make sure you install the desk high enough on the wall.Only takes a second to measure properly ;).

This unit has made a huge difference in our home-office. Did not realize just how crowded we were until we installed the desk. One side of our office now looks great, so much so, that i just ordered a second unit to clear up the other side. Assembly can be a bit taxing but they tell you up front that this is a two person job. Pay very close attention to the different types of bolts used throughout the assembly. The parts description is very detailed and if you put everything together as instructed, you will have no parts left over. Assembly time for two fairly intelligent folks is about 90 minutes. If you have questions, there are videos and tech support to take you through it, very well supported product. Photo attached is moments after install, still organizing.

If you are think about getting this i recommend getting it i turned it in to a vanity in my room. It really doesn’t take up that much space.

Lil space for the missus to use as vanity.

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Prepac WEHW-0200-1 Floating Desk with Storage, White
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