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Roundhill Furniture 3-Piece Counter Height Glossy Print Marble Breakfast Table : Perfect match to new wine fridges

Dont have much space at my apartment and this worked well. Im thinking to buy an additional two stools. The cushions on the stools are soft and the legs are sturdy. Didnt take me too long to assemble everything plus with proper use of a power drill with an allen wrench attachment you should do just fine.

Cheaply made and the stools don’t line up. I use it for looks and keep my printer on it. Wouldn’t recommend if you were using as everyday use.

Roundhill Furniture 3-Piece Counter Height Glossy Print Marble Breakfast Table with Stools

  • Faux marble table top, dimension: 38″L X 22″W x 37″H
  • Some assembly needed. hardware and instruction in the box.
  • Photo May Slightly Different From Actual Item in Terms of Color Due to the Lighting During Photo Shooting or the Monitor’s Display
  • 3 in 1 package includes the Table and 2 Stools
  • Table: 38″L X 22″W x 37″H
  • Dark Brown Blended-Leather Chair with espresso finish solid wood frame 18.5″W X 13.5″D X 26″H cushion 17.5″W x 11″D
  • Some assembly needed. hardware and instruction in the box. Color may vary slightly vary from the pictures.

Lots of pieces but as a 27yr old intellectual female, i figured everything out okay. I’ve had this product for a year-and-a half now. I love the chicness of ‘granite-top’ added to my small space of a dining area. Unfortunately, i have to agree with some other reviews. The screws loosen up over time and the legs of both table and stools can get wiggly so you definitely want to give them a test-out at least every month before company comes over or just for your own safety. One of the short rungs at the bottom of the stool has broken off. I guess it couldn’t handle my 95-97lbs of pressure on it for a quick second. Other than that, i’m still pleased with my purchase.

This table is perfect for a small kitchen.

The table looks very nice, but the stools are a different story. The assembly took about 2 hours, but it was not too difficult as i had someone help me. The support bars for one of the stools was not cut right, they are slanted and do not connect properly to the legs and the holes for the screws are not in the correct position so they just wont connect no matter what you try. Disappointed and hoping they will not fall apart or worse have someone fall down if they loosen. I will contact the company and see how they can help as i do not want to return it because of those slanted bars, but this is a huge mistake that takes away from the entire set.

Roundhill Furniture 3-Piece Counter Height Glossy Print Marble Breakfast Table with Stools : The table assembled easily and looks great. The stools are another story. My son and i spent hours trying to assemble them by following the directions and nothing seemed to line up. We then tried different variations of assembly and nothing lined up as well. You would think that other than screwing in a few cross bars to the legs that this would be easy. Well, the holes were not lined up properly and the directions are not clear and what we ended up with were 2 stools with angled crossbars that are not flush to the legs. Needless to say it looks terrible and is probably not secure to sit on. I contacted the seller and so far there response to me was sending me a picture from the website of the table and stools. I was told that they needed to be reassembled to look like the picture. Do yourself a favor and purchase stools that are already assembled.

Inwas so excited but when i opened the package the top of the table was broken. I am going to have to buy more screws to hold it in place. I love the table but i wish it woukd have not been broken when it arrived.

This table was absolutely perfect, i live in an apartment where space is extremely limited and this fit perfectly and looks so nice and way more than what the cost was. Shipping was fast also, which i loved. And assembly was quick and easy, sturdy table and stools, i am extremely satisfied with this purchase.

Received this purchase on time, i love how it fits in my small kitchen. It was very easy to assemble, approximately an hour to put together. I’m not noticing any trouble with the stools they are sturdy and hold a lot of weight thus far. I am very happy with this purchase and the marble top is excellent. No nicks, scratches, or any other damages to this product. It arrived very quick and glad i bought this item. Doesn’t look cheap as other reviewers stated. Must know how to assemble correctly to get the right sturdiness.

We needed a small table with stools to place in our eating area. This was a great price so we decided to give it a try. It was simple to put together and works perfectly in our space. We are using it as a place for our laptops and also an extra seating space when we have guests.

The table and stools are pretty much as expected, i guess. The finish on the wood looks as though it will scratch easily. I would have vastly preferred a solid wood top, or something lighter in color, but there wasn’t one available. Still, that isn’t the fault of the vendor. The reason i marked down 1 star is because the instructions for how to assemble were very faded and not legible, but it was easy enough to figure out, and seems sturdy.

I was looking for something small but stylish for my large open kitchen. It’s not the type of room suited for a table right in the middle of it. This gorgeous table was exactly what i was looking for, it sits right up against my wall and gives my kitchen a café feel. I specifically wanted saddle style stools as well which was hard to find in conjunction with a nice table but this set delivers. The stools fit perfectly under the table so it leaves a sleek footprint. I know this will look great in smaller spaces as well, i wanted this style because i know i will be moving every few years. I’m not the most technically inclined person and i had no problems putting everything together as well.

Nice addition if you have a small space.

Can’t beat this set for the money. It’s perfect for use as a small kitchen table for two and the chairs are surprisingly comfortable. It is an extremely classy set, and seems to be as well made as any furniture is anymore. The only thing not quite right was one of the bars connecting the chair legs didn’t match up perfectly but i was still able to tighten it, it just has a very small gap. The only thing i can think of to make this order better would be the option to add another chair or two. It could fit four people for games and such. Super fast shipping made this a really great experience and i’m very happy with the table and chairs.

I am so glad that i did not let the many negative reviews deter me from ordering this amazing product. I could not be happier with this purchase. I received this earlier that expected, undamaged with all pieces included.The faux marble does not look it, it has the look & feel of real marble. I am happily amazed that for such an amazingly inexpensive price, i have a new piece of that i absolutely love with a look that is at least three times what i actually paid. Thank you for providing such a stable, quality product such as this.

I’m always skeptical about buying such large pieces of furniture from amazon, but i’m glad i did. This is a perfect size for my apartment. I live alone and don’t need much table space, but definitely needed a table. It looks so much more expensive and than it is. The table top is faux marble and is shiny. Personally, i’d rather have the faux than real. The assembly was ridiculously easy and did it myself in under an hour. Just a warning, the box it comes in is very heavy and i struggled moving it alone; i had to drag it across the room. Overall, i’m very happy and would definitely recommend it. I plan on getting different chairs to go with it, although the stools are quite nice looking and comfortable.

I’m kind of torn with this one. I’d give the table 5/5 and the stools like 2/5. It’s almost worth the price for the table itself if that’s what you are looking for. The table is quite nice looking, pretty sturdy, and of decent heft. The top cleans off quickly, but at the same time doesn’t show dust/spills too easily. Not only do they feel like they could collapse at any moment, when i placed my foot on the footrest, it immediately broke. Honestly, i did not even press down on it. I would say 5 pound of pressure was all that was needed to destroy that piece. However, overall i am pretty satisfied with the purchase because i mainly use the table to hold various things (snacks on game night, for example) and don’t need the use the stools all that much.

This is a wonderful addition to our kitchen. The quality is what i would expect for the price. The appearance exceeds my expectation (for the price) – meaning i might expect to pay more for an item that looks this good. It seems sturdy enough that it will last us a good while with considerate use. We had no trouble with assembly. The only thing missing was a flat base on one of the legs for the table (making that leg about 1-2mm shorter than the other legs) but it has not made the table wobbly so i have not done anything to fix it. It is a beautiful piece of furniture, mostly used by the children in the household (under 100 pounds), but is also occasionally used by the adults and it feels like it will hold up fine. Overall, we are very pleased with this purchase.

It is small and clean looking for my little apartment. Was a little disappointed in the quality of the top it is almost like contact paper and on the corners a little torn but i loved it so much i didn’t want to send it back, a few little nicks here and there but i diffinetly got my money worth.

First of all, the stools are a horror to assenble. Wooden dowls in slates are croked. It took me over half an hour for each stool and i’m very handy about putting boxed furniture together. You have to hard drill the screws in without any predrilled holes for the bottom slats. Table took about 10 minutes to assemble. Now for the good part, the table is beautiful. I would expect to pay the entire price for the table alone. The stools and table really look nice and expensive together. I don’t expect the stools to hold together long and will buy better stools down the road. Overall i’m pleased with the set.

This is a beautiful addition to our kitchen area. And thanks for the great low price compared to local furniture stores. Plus it was a ‘prime’ product as well.

Easy to assemble, the chairs are comfortable and it looks amazing in my kitchen.

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Roundhill Furniture 3-Piece Counter Height Glossy Print Marble Breakfast Table with Stools
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