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Safavieh Courtyard Collection CY6918-246 Anthracite and Beige Indoor/ Outdoor Area Rug : Great for the patio

Color is fairly true: it’s bluish steel gray (more blueish than i thought). I love the fact that it’s square.

For the price, it’s a good option. It fits well in my gazebo space, and colors are pretty accurate as pictured. It is really pretty thin, so you should expect to need to have something like a table sitting on it otherwise it definitely would blow away with some good wind. It came more ‘folded’ than ‘rolled,’ so it still has some distinct creases in it that i’m having a hard time getting out. I soaked the entire rug with water to help and it did soften the creases some, but they’re definitely still there. I’m hoping with some more time they will continue to relax.

I bought this rug but after reading reviews i tried to cancel it. I have three dogs and i wanted something that i wouldn’t mind if they made a mess. I could wash it or even replace it. This is an outdoor rug but it is beautiful. Yes it is stiff and yes it took about two weeks to finally settle. But i love it and my guest can’t believe it’s an outside rug. I bought a smaller one for the entrance.

Bought 2 of these many years ago for an outdoor balcony and it was time to replace them. I had paid nearly twice as much, not including $70+ s/h. Anyhow, these were delivered, they look amazing and i installed them on the balcony. I wondered if they were the same quality as the more expensive ones. When discarding the old rugs, i noticed a sticker on the underside.

I needed a runner for a long, high-traffic hallway but also needed something inexpensive as our large dogs have a habit of tracking mud into the house and i didn’t want something i would need to worry about if it got destroyed (rip every other rug in the house. This is why we can’t have nice things). This fit the bill perfectly. It looks nice, matches our mid century decor and it doesn’t have that cheap ‘plastic’ feel that so many indoor/outdoor rugs have (you know, the ones that feel like they were woven out of plastic grocery bags). For the price this is a great deal, and i am considering buying another smaller one for the kitchen. I also purchased the matching non-slip rug pad and it fit underneath perfectly. Without it the rug would be slippery on hardwood floors, so get the pad.

Safavieh Courtyard Collection CY6918-246 Anthracite and Beige Indoor/ Outdoor Area Rug (9′ x 12′) : I got this rug for under my round kitchen table and it is perfect. It is indoor outdoor so it is great to easy clean up. Great quality for the price.

We purchased the 8×10 rug for our living room. There is absolutely no padding what so ever. Also, after reading some of the reviews stating they received the rug with part of it shredding or pulling, i hoped i wouldn’t be one to fall for this also and i was.Part of the corner is unraveling. However, after receiving it and having to carry it into my house, it weighing probably 40 or more pounds, i opted to keep it and deal with the shredding. One pro on this rug: my dog had an accident and it was very easy to clean. With kids and pets it’s a definite plus.

Not soft or cotton material. I wanted it for my dining area and will just keep it bc it was packaged very largely and i dont want the hassle of returning it. Very disappointed and it is very crinkled once unrolled.

I was leary about ordering this specific carpet runner and color since it had received a lot of bad reviews. Many customers complained of poor quality (e. Glue stuck on rug, runs in the stitching, or missing loops in the stitching. I’ve now purchased 6 runners and none of them had these defects, so either i got really lucky, or safavieh has improved the quality. I was actually impressed with how durable the carpet seems, especially for the price range. The color was definitely darker than the online images, but i was expecting that from the reviews of other customers. I actually love the dark grey color and it matches the paint we chose for our stairs. We painted the woodwork around the stairs white, as well as the risers and painted the steps dark grey. The beige color matches our walls, so this was the perfect carpet.

I am impressed with these rugs. I ordered two of the large ones and they look really good with my ‘west elm’ inspired front room. I knew from reading the reviews that they would be darker than the picture. I don’t think that mine have any sort of greenish undertone to them, but that could be the lighting. The room mine went in is white tile, white walls, with loads of natural lighting. I did not have any glue residue on either of them. One was really folded and hard to get to lay flat but i believe that was because of the shipping company not the seller. I resolved the creases by mixing up 1 part downy to 5 parts water in a spray bottle and sprayed down the rug every couple hours and laid furniture on either end to hold it flat. 4 stars instead of 5 because the material is a bit on the thin side, honestly though, for the price i didn’t expect anything lush.

We needed an outdoor carpet for our screened lanai, mostly because our elderly dog had a hard time walking on the slippery stone floor. Once we put this area rug down, it actually improved the ambiance way more than we expected. It looks very nice and is a great size – our two adirondack rockers fit nicely with plenty of room for the pooch to walk around so it met our primary need, too. I would have given five stars if it were a little bit thicker. It’s certainly not plush or even cushioned, but it looks like it will dry quickly, which is a plus. Will have to see if it wears well and stands up to semi-outdoor use but at this point we are quite pleased.

I got this rug for under my dining room table. I have two messy eaters and wanted something that would be easy to clean. I was hesitant because it is an indoor/outdoor rug. I am so happy i ordered this rug. Colors and size were true to the picture and as described. I’m thinking about getting another one for the kitchen.

This product is only receiving 3 stars (and not 2), because after everything it’s still a nice rug and works well (for us). Issue #1 — colorthis rug is dark green not ‘gray. ‘ if you are ok with this, go for it. If you are looking for a lighter gray color (as shown in the product image), do not order this rug. Attached photo shows this rug (yes, ‘gray’) against a light brown wood floor, light gray/tan ottoman, and green blanket. Issue #2 — glue spotsreading through some of the other reviews, i’ve seen complaints of glue patches. I had a small glue patch myself, however it was limited to the corner of the rug tucked against the wall, so it wasn’t a big deal. I’m fairly laid back, but i can see where others would have big problems with this. Bottom line — you get what you pay forif you’re looking for a high end area rug that needs to be perfect (or gray for that matter), this isn’t it. It is however a nice inexpensive/middle-of-the-road (dark green) area rug for those on a budget.

As others have said it’s way darker than the picture. So that brought it to 3 stars but i only wanted it for a basement rug so it’s fine. It was rolled up really tight but it’s toattally flat now. The color is consistent and it’s easy to clean. That’s what i wanted it for. It’s not soft but not as hard as i expected with others reviews but as an indoor/outdoor i didn’t expect it to be really soft. It’s not plastic feeling though. So i was happy with the feel of it.

For the price i paid, it’s a good rug. When it first arrived, i thought they sent me the wrong rug. However, it was the correct item, it was just a bit darker than the photo showed. But it works in my space so i’m pleased. I attached some photos so you can see what the rug actually looks like because the picture that is being used for this brown/bone color on the product page photo, quite frankly, is lacking in quality. I gave this item 5 stars because the quality seems good for the cheap price i paid for it ($61. 00 for a 5’3” x 7’7”) so i really can’t complain. I took the photos right after i unrolled it, so it’s not completely flat yet. I’ll adjust my review if the rug doesn’t flatten out after a week or so (i know some people are picky about that kind of thing). I’m using this as an indoor rug, so i won’t be able to comment on how well it weathers outdoors over time.

This came in quickly, great condition. It is light to pick up but is sturdy once you place it. I use it outdoors, wind, rain and leaves, it has held up well. The black has not altered or faded in the sun so thats a good thing. It has really brightened up the somewhat dull cement patio floor we have. I am wrapping it up in a tarp for the winter however because i dont want the snow and ice to ruin it. Rather not chance it even if it would hold up. I highly recommend this product and brand.

Ridiculously happy with this rug. I decided to finally give an outdoor rug a try since my puppy has ruined multiple indoor rugs and i’m sick of wasting money. I could not believe how pretty this one was and how inexpensive it was as well. I have honestly received more compliments on it than any indoor rug i’ve ever had. When the dog pees on it now (which is inevitable), it’s so much easier to clean and doesn’t stain nearly as easy as my previous indoor rugs. It’s obviously not as cushy soft but i’ll gladly give up that comfort for the value and look of this one any dayi definitely recommend this to anyone that’s one the fence about it. You’ll be really happy with it.

I got this in the red (more like a terra cotta-y red. ) i was very pleased with it initially, but it faded like crazy. Over one summer (actually in about 2 months), it is markedly faded. It only gets half day sun as my patio faces west. It is my fourth outdoor rug, and i haven’t had this problem with others. I have never gotten red, so maybe tred dyes aren’t as color fast as others. I usually stick with tans and blacks. I will be going back to that. At least if that fades, brown still looks nice as tan. Light red isn’t quite as nice.

I should’ve listened to the reviews- the color of this is much darker than the photos show. I needed something for my balcony so that my chairs didn’t always leave rust stains on the concrete floor whenever getting slightly wet. However/ i was hoping for it to blend in nicely so it didn’t look too ‘busy’ and cluttered. When walking into my apartment, it’s the first thing you see and it would’ve been great if the color was lighter. Other then that- it’s a nice outdoor rug that looks like it could hold up pretty well. So if you don’t mind the darker color then i would recommend you still buy. I will be returning this item.

This rug is awesome for the price. I’ve had it a few months now, no fading or damage. It looks great on my back porch. We have a very windy backyard, and without furniture the rug isn’t heavy enough and i come home to it being jumbled up. The edges aren’t perfectly flat, i think because it’s not heavy enough. But i’m very happy with the look and price of the rug.

This rug does what i wanted it to do, nice size, great color and print and pattern. It’s a little ‘rough’, not soft. One of the edge pieces is starting to fray so i have to keep a close eye on it and trim when necessary. I can’t fault the carpet though. We have cats (complete with claws of course) who like to sharpen their claws on this carpet. If you were a cat-free home, this rug would be perfection, for it’s looks. I am guessing the cats are digging it (literally) because the roughness reminds them of their scratching posts?. Anyhoo great color and looks very nice, i created a little sitting area in our dining room using a chair and table, with this to ‘pull it together’.

Decent quality, sized as promised. No complains, i just should have gotten something a little softer for the area i wanted it, but it does look really nice and we have had it down for around 5 months and it still looks just like it did 5 months ago. So i would say well made, cute, and decent quality – not better or worse than others of this size, shape, and price. Convenient having it delivered after searching, shopping, clicking and just waiting for it to arrive. If i needed to, i would re-order.

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