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SagsAway Sagging Cushion Support – – Early review So far so good

As soon as i received these i inserted them into/under my cushions & wow, just wow.A small investment to extend the life of your cushions. Don’t hesitate to purchase these, they work.

We just got the board and it is fantastic as of right now. The most used spot on the couch was sagging and hard to get up from, even with pillows under you. My hubby and i are both tall and big so we were you have to call it first. We are very happy with the purchase and the product so far. It was easy to put in the cushion and i am very happy with the ‘new couch’ feel.

Not enough good things to say about these. We have a loveseat that is only a couple years old and i never have been happy with the firmness of the cushions. Got a set of these and finally the loveseat has the comfort i wanted. Here are the specifications for the SagsAway Sagging Cushion Support –:

  • Follow 3 Easy Steps and Watch Video (before you order) to enjoy restored COMFORT and SUPPORT when inserted INSIDE your zippered cushion cover. 3 steps indicate if this can help your situation. Package = one insert to restore one cushion. Made in USA.
  • Cushion Height (-) Sag Depth = Remaining Foam Thickness. Less than 2” of remaining thickness indicates either the cushion foam or the spring deck is too weak. Your measurements determine your results to restore seat cushions, not weak or broken springs.
  • No Sags is DIFFERENT. A military grade foam inserted INSIDE the cushion cover to compress the remaining seat foam to increase firmness. Laying it the under the cushion is a mistake and results won’t last as the foam product settles into the spring deck
  • STEP (1) Measure for size (Regular) 20″ x 18″ or (Large) 20″ x 27″. STEP (2) Measure cushion height with no one sitting. STEP (3) Measure cushion sag depth while sitting. With 6” cushion: less than 3” use 1” Severe (or) sags 3” to 4″ use 1.5” Extreme
  • Try One – TEST RESULTS. Then if needed, cut and trim to fit or customize for any size cushion by purchasing an extra insert for additional filler. Instructions and phone help are included. Amazon handles all returns within 30 days – less return shipping

I have three of these – two ‘extreme,’ one ‘severe. ‘ there are two seats on my couch that get used more than the third so i got these to fix the broken down feel and even things out. For about $100 my couch feels like it has more comfort and support then the day i bought it. My back doesn’t hurt anymore while i watch a movie.

These work impressively well, either inside or under sofa cushions. We have had bad luck with several sofas and solutions like planks, and these seem to work the best. Worth the cost for 5 of them.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great price and work great!!
  • Excellent product.
  • YES. Amazing. Back to order more!

The cushions on my couch were slightly sagging on a flex steel frame after 10 year. I was having trouble with my back and was using pillows underneath and blankets and things to boist and support the cushions but nothing worked. I bought medium support and it was not enough. So i purchased two of the severe inserts and i think they work really well. The couch looks better and my back is not hurting anymore. I cut down the smaller support and used it in a chair and that also helped with support. The product is a little expensive but it works well and much better than the cost of new replacement cushions which i don’t think would hold up.

I wasn’t really expecting much with this. I purchase one to start then ended up ordering two more. My couch was getting a little low and pretty uncomfortable. These supports bought me some time. I’m not sure how long they will hold up but my cushion support is like brand new.

Best solution to a sagging sofa. I ran around to several upholstery stores and they wanted hundreds of dollars to fix my cushions. I wasn’t satisfied with their solutions to my problem. So when i went to amazon the no sag popped up. I read the instructions, ordered 1 as they recommended and it came in 2 days with prime. I ordered the second (as i have 2 large cushions) and bingo problem solved. I highly recommend this product. I can sit comfortably on my sofa once more.

Oh the difference the supports have made. The cushions are no longer saggy. This is notably felt between the two cushions. Since the support has to fit snugly, my only concern is that the fabric will rub against the support when standing up and sitting down. Over time, this may cause the fabric on the cushion to thin where the support is touching it. As preventative measure, i am going to put a thin layer of material between the support and the cushion. Overall i am really happy with this product and would recommend it.

I bought one to test on the center cushion of my office sofa. It made a difference although i’m still debating if it is enough to warrant buying two more for the end cushions. It should be noted that i requested firm cushions when i ordered the sofa and they are well-stuffed, but for some reason still mushy. I can’t say if the product would work better on thin, worn cushions.

Bought one to try in my couch. I agree with the other poster about price. It is kind of expensive for what you get but it will be worth it to save my couch, which is in excellent condition otherwise. They are hard to get inside the cushions. You have to go very slow and it takes awhile but it will be worth it. I recommend trying one out if you’re not sure.

I guess it would work but after i providentially removed the fabric on the bottom of my sofa i found the real problem. One of the support cables snapped. Possibly the result of my kids jumping on it at some time. Anyway, you may want to look. Here i fixed it with a garage door cable and some cable clamps from a local home center for around 15 bucks. Now what to do with the cushion support.

I don’t typically write reviews, but these are so awesome i had to share. They rejuvenated both of my sofas and improved the look, feel and longevity of them both. Super easy to install (less than 10 minutes) and worth every penny.

Then my wife was happy enough to buy 2 more. It’s no miracle but the extreme version is much better. I may buy the less extremes to give it even more boost. But they are so damn expensive. It’s hard to say if the $100 i’ve spent so far is better than putting plywood underneath. This seems to be the best and least damaging solution to boosting a $1000 couch.

What a differencei like the look of my couch, but i don’t like sitting in it anymore. I hate feeling like i’m sinking into the cushions, which is what happens with most foam cushions after a few months of use. So after reading all the positive reviews, i thought i would give this a try. I put it in the cushion closest to the armrest, since that’s the one that gets the most use. As you can see in the pictures, it made a visible difference. I measured the sag with me sitting on the seat. And sitting on the cushion was much more comfortable. The seat felt firm, but still comfy since it’s my couch cushion, but i was no longer sinking down. Installation couldn’t have been easier, unzip cushion, insert no sag between foam and fabric, zip cushion back up.

I ordered one of these, per the companies suggestion, to see if it would work. This is great, & beats buying a new couch & love seat. I will be ordering more to cover my whole sectional in the next few weeks. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

This is just what we needed. My hubby had hip replacement 2 months ago and the sagging seat in our sofa made it difficult for him to be comfortable. This firmed the seat perfectly and an added bonus is ‘the sofa looks great’. We’ll buy more in the future.

I’m using them for a 10yr old down sectional that has lost all support and seemingly some coiling. (that will not be replaced until the kids move on. They work better inside the cushions but i feel they can work outside of the cushions like a board across the supports as well.

I got a hand me down couch, which while i am grateful for, can be a bit saggy in the cushions. Because of how the cushions were manufactured, i wasn’t able to put the cushion support in the cushion itself. So i put the cushion under my couch cushions and i believe it worked quite nicely. Of course, this isn’t a complete fix, but i could tell a great difference as to which side had this cushion and which one didn’t.

I am so happy with how these cushion supports worked. My couch is about 8 years old, but it is the perfect size for the room it’s in. It is in pretty good shape, other than the sagging cushions. They were to the point that you sunk in when you sat down. The quotes i got to have them re-stuffed were not even worth it. These made our couch cushions look and feel brand new. I attached a picture showing one cushion without the support and one with. They filled out the cushion cover and boosted up the seats, which are comfortable again.These are the most affordable fix you will find for sagging cushions, and they work great.

These are not really properly sized to support the entire cushion of a couch. I can’t deny they lift, one also found that one was always falling off the edges, one would have to order extra to completely cover the springs in order for this to work.

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