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Sauder Carson Forge Sofa Table : Awesome product! Highly recommend!

Arrived quickly and securely packaged. Total assembly time was three hours including checking for all parts and damage. Directions were clear and easy to follow. Easy enough for one person to assemble but as this piece is heavy once assembled, it wouldn’t hurt to have help available. A philips screwdriver and hammer are all that’s needed for assembly. Sliding shelf, adjustable shelf and door round out this solid, affordable piece of furniture. Wiped down with furniture polish after assembly and it looks great. Would definitely recommend this product.

Review of:sauder carson forge side table, washington cherry finishskip to point “4 – finish” for the only real complaint if you dont need all the other details. Pros:great price, easy assembly for intermediate builders, strong structural construction, great appearance (see cons for finish issues)cons:paper thin surfacing is easily scratched and not so easy to cover up or mend. Door hinges are good quality but very hard to “tweak” for the perfect alignment. Top shelf drawer did not sit straight in either unit. I have broken the full review into 4 sections, packaging, assembly, fit and finish. At the header of each section i have a rating on a 1 – 5 scale with 1 being the best grade and 5 being the worst. I assembled two of these in under 2 hours. For the record i’m very handy with tools and furniture builds having apprenticed for several years as a cabinet maker. I have scratch built numerous furniture pieces over the years as well as having assembled countless prefab pieces like these. 51 each for these with free shipping and feel this is a fair price. Much more than $100 total cost and i would think twice before buying. 1) packaging (grade 1)to some extent the packaging is as sturdy as the side table. The thick cardboard box is packed tightly with solid styrofoam filling in any empty spaces in the flat pack. The box was then reinforced along all edges with very heavy cardboard “v” tracks.

Purchase two one for me and one for my husband. I was tired of seeing a pile of cords every where. Now all the cords stay in the inside. I have a lap top iphone and ipad and ipad minnie and they all fit inside the table with room to spare. It did come in a lot of pieces and took some time to put together it was easy and the instructions was well written. I will post a picture of the inside so you can have an idea of all the space on the inside.

This desk is great for the price. Forget those reviews that are whining about putting the desk together and the quality being subpar. It takes one screwdriver, 3 hours and some good music to assemble.

  • After reading all the reviews both good and bad I decided to just order it
  • Sauder Carson Forge Side Table – Good at Under $100
  • Another reviewer quips “Pretty nice, once put together”

Sauder Carson Forge Sofa Table, Washington Cherry Finish

  • Easy-glide drawers
  • Wrought iron style hardware
  • Finished on all sides

I was looking for an inexpensive desk for my office. After reading all the reviews both good and bad i decided to just order it. It was delivered as expected and very heavy. I first made sure all the pieces were there and in good condition. Everything was in the box with no blemishes. I proceeded to put it together. I am a woman in my 60’s and have not tackled a project like this before. It did take me a few hours to complete. The instructions were very explicit, only needing a phillips screwdriver and a hammer.

My husband just finished assembling this desk for my sewing room. It is beautiful and you really just can’t tell that it is particle board unless you seriously study it. He said that the instructions were very clear and the diagrams were excellent. Including unpacking the box and sorting/organizing parts and pieces, it took him about six hours to construct. It is also very heavy, so he recommends assembling it in the room it will be kept in. I was excited that i could buy it as an amazon prime item, but when i went to put it in my cart, it was not available through amazon prime after all, so i bought it from another vendor and it cost me thirty five dollars more than the amazon price. Today, i see it is available through amazon prime again for the same great price. If you are on the fence about buying this desk, you should grab it while you can get it on prime.

This unit has some of the best, friendliest instructions i’ve yet encountered for ready-to-assemble furniture. It appears to be the first piece of furniture ever where the directions are written in native english instead of translated. (the directions even have some actually-quite-funny jokes, so have fun with that. ) the one caveat is that as with so much furniture, i wish they would have you attach drawer rails and door hinges to the interior cramped spaces **before** you assemble the outer frame. I would recommend reading the full directions first and modifying as needed. Also, be very careful to place the interior shelf the correct direction, with the holes for the door stop in front. I didn’t until it was too late (i. The cardboard back was already attached), and i had to drill my own hole for the door stop. It’s particle-board furniture of acceptable quality.

It looks very nice and sturdy. It wasn’t missing any pieces and came very quickly. The only thing i don’t like about it is that there is a small gap between the door and the side. I can deal with it, bc the rest of it is great.

This is my fourth piece from this collection and i am thrilled with all four of them. I normally do not write reviews. I decided to write this review after reading some of the other posted whiny reviews. In my opinion sauder does not get a fair shake in some of the posted reviews. One reviewer complains that sauder is misleading customers on the number of drawers that the product has. The customer thought the product had 7 drawers. This would have been obvious had someone read the question and answer section before making their purchase. Another reviewer quips “pretty nice, once put together”. Did he plan on not putting it together?another writes “don’t be fooled by the description, it’s made entirely out of particle board with a cherry veneer.

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Sauder Carson Forge Sofa Table, Washington Cherry Finish
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