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Sauder Shoal Creek 4-Drawer Chest : Very nice looking dresser

The box is very heavy but came packaged very well. It took me over three hours to put it together but the instructions were clear. Just make a pot of coffee and take your time. You will not be disappointed in the end result.

I can’t believe (for this price, $145), how well made and solid this item is. It came pretty beat up and one end ripped open but surprisingly, everything was there and nothing was damaged. It took my husband about 2 hours to put it together but he’s pretty methodical so maybe it will take others a shorter amount of time. Even though it’s not real wood, it’s very heavy. And i love the fact that you can’t open another drawer until you close the previous one. This prevents children from leaving all of the drawers hanging open at once.

I love the look of it, no problems with functionality. I am a fairly out-of-shape woman in my late 20s and it was a work out putting it together but i did it on my own and it’s almost perfect. I do think it would be almost impossible without an electric drill and hammer though. I used the blunt end of a screwdriver because the hammer was missing. Which i don’t recommend but it worked. Lol very sturdy and the instructions were pretty easy to read. Took me about 4 hours total to put together- but worth it.

Don’t let the bad reviews sway your decision. Yes, the box is very heavy when delivered (over 100 lbs. ), but as long as it was taken care of by the shipping company (fedex, ups, etc. ), you should be in good hands. My box contained all the correct pieces and the manual was very detailed with pictures, labels and written instructions. It did overall take me about 3-4 hours to put this together, but believe me, it’s sooooo worth it. Extremely sturdy and i love the locking drawer system. Very high quality looking dresser for a fraction of the cost. I now plan to purchase the matching night stands this month and my set will be complete.

  • GREAT product, terrible packaging!
  • 120 pounds, 4 hours to assemble, and 5 shots of tequila
  • Don’t let the bad review sway your decision

Sauder Shoal Creek 4-Drawer Chest, Jamocha Wood

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  • Drawers with metal runners and safety stops feature patented T-lock assembly system.
  • Jamocha Wood finish.
  • Three lower drawers are extra deep

The first thing i need to say is that when purchasing anything online you’re going to have to take something of a leap of faith, because there’s always the possibility that the product won’t be exactly what you expected, that it might not align properly with what you’ve already got in your house, and because there are going to be so many contrary reviews over it. I spent over an hour reading various reviews on this site and contemplating whether or not i wanted to take the time to purchase the product knowing that i might not be happy with it because someone else wasn’t. At the end of the day i went ahead and did it and i’m glad i did. Personally, i think some of the complaints people have over the product are silly. For example, if any of the pieces in the product are missing, chipped, or even broken (something that can happen, with the latter two often being an unfortunate part of the shipping process) the company allows you to call them directly and have replacement or missing parts sent directly to you. Sure, take a star or two off for the inconvenience, but don’t let that impact your view of the final product itself. I didn’t have any missing products. Nothing came chipped or broken. The directions were included and were very clear to understand. I want to take some time to emphasize that last part, because another product i purchased on amazon around the same time (a bookcase) came with terrible instructions, with little writing that actually explained how the pieces were supposed to be setup and placed together.

I was a bit skeptical on this dresser due to the very low price but i had bought a set of nightstands several months ago and was pleasantly surprised (especially on the second one after learning to put the first one together). It’s sturdy and it looks great. It is just composition wood but the look when it’s put together is very nice. Now putting it together is another story. The directions are vague and i found them hard to follow. I actually gave up on it until i found a guy to help out. You just need to take the time and have the patience to put it together. I didn’t even get it together “exactly” as the directions stated and it’s still sound and very attractive.

We really liked this dresser. It was a good size and a perfect addition to our daughters nursery. The drawers are a little tight to pull in and out but we are hoping they loosen up with time. This dresser is definitely heavy duty.

I’ve had this item since march 2017, almost a year and a half. I purchased this, the armoire, and 2 night stands. I feel like this is definitely a step up from ikea furniture. The drawers hold a lot of clothes, and they glide smoothly on the tracks – even when heavy. The whole set looks nice in my bedroom, and i’m planning on buying the larger dresser as well. The material is a magnet for fingerprints. Not a huge deal, but something to know. Also, we moved last month, and due to the design, the front right leg came off in transit. This also happened with one of the night stands.

I’m amazed at how every hole lined up perfectly after putting this dresser together. Sauder has come a long way with quality. I really like the appearance and size. It easily supports my 50″ lcd tv. The shipping box was heavy and corner protectors were taped on and i’m sure it helped prevent damage to the dresser. I’m pleased with the end result and i normally avoid pressboard furniture altogether instead choosing real wood craftmanship. My only advice is to pay attention when installing the drawer slides because the tiny screw that holds in the slide can easily strip out the drawer material which i believe is mdf and doesn’t go in very deep. This may be an area that sauder could improve on. Also, if you’re like me and are bothered by heavy off-gassing from the glues used to produce pressboard products then i suggest you give it a few days next to an open window. For an apartment dweller this dresser fits the bill.

This is a very heavy functional dresser with a nice beach cottage look – but definitely on the cheap side. The drawers open and close smoothly and are deep enough to hold plenty of t-shirts, shorts, etc. While heavy, the all-particle board construction is not particularly sturdy (i split one of panels mid-assembly and had to repair it with lots of glue). The backing panel is very important for adding strength. I decided to use a 1/8″ wood luan panel instead of the cheap cardboard. I also dressed up the top with white ceramic tiles and molding. The white finish is starting to wear through on the edges, so a paint job might be the next step. The delivery packaging was barely enough to protect and contain the parts. Assembly was pretty smooth and took a couple afternoons, as expected. At under $150, it is not bad for a spare bedroom or starter apartment, but i would recommend spending more for something with real wood.

Took a while to put together (woman alone doing it) but looks great. Drawers line up just perfectly with a small amount of adjustment which was easy to do. Had a small issue with the top (my fault) and i went on the sauder website as instructed in the manual and they replaced it, no questions asked and it had it in 3 days. Have ordered sauder products in the past and am replacing a sauder set that i bought 12 years ago and that set is still in good condition. Will be ordering the rest of the pieces to make a complete bedroom set.

It’s a lot of pieces, i just don’t have the stomach for putting together stuff anymore. But since i bought, it was delivered, i decided to go ahead and put it together. I was about 30% of the way though, someone came in to talk to me and i leaned against it and broke 3 of the clamshell connectors off from the wood. It wasn’t fixable, so slowly i have been breaking it up piece by piece and throwing it in the trash.

For years, i have enjoyed putting furniture together in all of my transient living locations, but this chest was by far the most difficult piece of furniture i’ve ever tried to assemble. I’ve spent hours/days putting together complicated ikea furniture, but this chest was just unbearable. Everything went relatively well until all of the drawers were assembled and the rails would not easily align with the rails that had pre-set holes in the frame of the chest. Pain points:1) i had to purchase wd-40 and douse the rails on the frame so that the drawer rails would easily roll on. 2) at the very end of the instructions, there is a small note about rotating some of the screws to either sit “high” or “low. ” i had to adjust each screw on either side of each drawer over and over to get the four drawers to sit evenly on the rails without hitting the adjacent drawer. The drawers now function after i’ve put clothing in them and let the wd-40 ease the rails in, but i would not purchase this again or wish construction of this on anyone.

The side posts are made from particleboard and easily pull out the anchor bolts. Not for moving around, if you don’t like the position it is in. I had to drill additional pilot holes and used long drywall / wood screws to secure the side posts, since one came right out of the anchor bolts. It matches nicely the computer table i also purchased, that has the same problems as this one. Other than that and if you have some tools and skills to repair the things that can break when moving it around, it is nice to look at, has enough storage for my purpose. The top drawer is a single drawer and not three little ones.

I ordered one for my daughter and when i received it the box was in shambles, torn on one side, loosely packed in a plastic. I didn’t bother opening it because i could see a broken piece of wood through the torn box. I called amazon and they were terrific, they had it picked up by ups and a replacement sent. When i received the replacement it looked terrible once again but i could see no broken pieces. My husband put it together and it looks real good. It was time consuming but i’m happy with it.

Easy to put together,,would recommend using hand tools only,,lay it out in parts ,,then put it together,,but,,this thing is heavy,,even the delivery man complained,,,about 150 lbs give or take,,,your not going to kick this thing around,,be very careful if you use a drill,,remember this thing is particle board,it will strip out like right now if your drill is set to high.

This dresser is very impressive for the price. It is a very heavy piece of furniture. I was a bit taken aback when i saw the two bags of hardware (about ten difference kinds of screws or nails, et cet). However, there were no nicks or scratches on the furniture. I am a woman who enjoys putting things together but i will have to say this was very time-consuming. If you don’t enjoy assembling things, this dresser is not for you. However, instructions and diagrams are spot-on and everything that was supposed to be there (plus a few extras) was there. Very frustrating to find that pieces are missing when you go to put something together. However, it took me four hours to do, mostly going back and forth between the hardware pieces and furniture pieces to make sure i was doing it right.

This is no lie 120 pounds at time of delivery and it really does take four hours to assemble. I usually take amazon reviews with a grain of salt, but four hours of work and 5 shots of tequila later, let me say, this thing is work. The laminate was cracked in a few places at time of delivery, but after hauling it upstairs before finding this out, i was fine with it. It looks sharp, but i wanted something cheap, something that’d arrive in two days, and something i wouldn’t mind tossing in two/three years. And the verdict: it’s cheap, came in two days, and i’m ready to toss it in two years.

Good quality, woul dlike to point out the fact that the top drawer is not 3 seperate draws but instead just a single draw (same as the drawers below it) just the outside design is different.

It looks beautiful in our room. We are able to set our 32′ flat screen on top with no problem. Many of the dressers sold at this price have a cheap backing that makes the entire set-up flimsy. But to me, that is a good thing. The drawers are roomy and slide easily. The handles are nice and sturdy. I love that only one drawer can be opened at a time. I also love that the dresser flows with my modern/shabby chic style of decor. It’s not annoyingly bright or too dull.

Seems like a solid piece of diy furniture but with a huge however. . If you aren’t good at doing this sort of assembly, do not try this. The instructions are great in some parts, but leave out major important information, such as that the ‘cam lock’ inserts should face inward instead of outward. I now have 6 more cam locks i have to go buy. The cam locks are essential to hold the legs on and if you put them in wrong at first, they are ruined. There is a diagram of how to do the cam locks on page 10, but the first use/insert of them is on page 7. Also, i don’t understand why the entire back isn’t particle board. They divide the back into 1/2 particle board (bottom half) and cardboard for the top. Bottoms of drawers are thin board-wouldn’t put anything heavy in them. But i think it will work just fine for clothing in a guest room. I’m good at assembly item, and this silly thing took me 3 hours just to get the chest basic assembled. Once i get the new cam locks, i can do the drawers. If you get this, it does look nice, but buyer beware the assembly issues and the cheapness of having half a back.

Very pleased with this purchase. It is a typical, build it yourself chest of drawers, but surprisingly sturdy for the price. The instructions were fairly good and easy to follow. No problems there, though it took me awhile to get it all together. The back of the chest if half thick fiberboard, half cardboard. Not sure why it couldn’t all be the heavier fiberboard. The box that it came in was very heavy. I needed to wait for my husband to come home to help me get it in the house. Perhaps the backing is half cardboard so that the unit isn’t any heavier. That said, i think the construction and styling are well done and would recommend it for a guest room or any room that won’t have constant use.

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