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Serta Works Ergonomic Executive Office Chair – Many options to adjust your seat and change positions often. Good quality

A very nice comfortable chair to work on the computer with. It wasn’t very hard to assemble it arrived on time and i’m still trying to really figure out the adjustment for the back of the chair. The extra lumbar cushion will never be used by me the one that’s fastened in the chair is not as comfortable as i would like for it to be. I haven’t figured out a way to adjust the chair where that cushion is in the sink in my back since i do have a behind. It never gets really into the sink of my back right it needs to be.

I was unsure like others when i first received this chair. I’ve never sat in a chair like it. I’ve had a non-stop back issue for 2-3 months from an injury that just never seemed to get better. I sit at least 6 plus hours a day working and usually more. After a few days my back is already feeling better to the point where i really haven’t noticed it. Which for me lately is a big deal. I’ll update after i break it in a bit. The quality of the chair is also very nice so it should last a long time.

It went together easily enough with no help, directions were adequate and i used the box to hold the chair upside down while i assembled it. However, this chair is just barely short enough for me at 5’3′. My feet touch the floor when sitting forward but not when leaning back. Additionally, its too tall for my work surface, but i can remedy this by raising the table surface with bed risers or something. I may need to find smaller casters if the height proves a problem. I like the extra lumbar cushion, since i work in a somewhat forward-leaning position assembling things, so it gives good support in my particular sitting position. The seat cushion feels a bit hard initially; i work in this chair for many hours a day, so we’ll see how it feels after a long work session. I will update this review a few months down the line.

  • frikkin’ amazing chair! I had surgery on L4/L5/S1 years ago
  • This chair is great! I am at my desk for 8 to
  • Good for lower back pain and posture

I started my search for a new chair and did about a month of research. I had already owned a ~$150, rather nice office max chair. It was a decent chair, but a chair’s comfortability is more important to me than most people, sans a few who may be in a similar boat as me. I suffer from rsd (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), and it is a degenerative, disabling disease that causes chronic pain in limbs; in my case, i suffer from nearly constant burning pain down my left leg, blow-torch burning. I’d rather be water-boarded than spend an hour in an average high-school metal chair. Now that i have stated that, you know how important a good chair is for me. I happen to spend several hours a day at my home office, sitting for more than half the day working, playing, et cetera. In the beginning of my research, i debated between those high end mesh chairs, high end gamer chairs like dxracer, and this serta chair. I was really torn between the three. I was afraid the mesh wouldn’t be comfortable enough, and feared the dxracer would be geared more toward young adult gamers than office workers (though i am a gamer as well).

Its a pretty good quality chair. I guess some people might not like the rotating action it has, but i do. It adds to back support when sitting up and i like to move around postions in the chair from leaning back to sitting straight up. I like how its got alot of options for that.

Features of Serta Works Ergonomic Executive Office Chair with Back in Motion Technology, Black Bonded Leather

  • Back in Motion Technology pivots the lower back forward to flex pelvis and keep your back in a positive neutral position
  • Thick, ergo layered body pillows, cushioned headrest and padded arms are comfortable and supportive
  • Ergonomic armrest, height and seat adjustment makes it easy to find – and lock – the most comfortable positions
  • Supple bonded leather or soft fabric upholstery give any workstation an instant upgrade
  • Some assembly required

I had surgery on l4/l5/s1 years ago and have trouble sitting anywhere for too long. The seat has a pivot, front to back. With the lumbar support attached to the seat and not the seatback, it moves with you as it pivots, allowing motion in the hip flexors, which keeps the blood flowing altogether. This chair is indispensable to me now.

Have had literal crippling pain for a decade. I could not sit in an office chair or do office tasks for more than 12 minutes without crying and having to stop. With this chair i can sit for 2 hours, ok i lost track of time and it was 4 hours and had zero pain. I now get up every 2 hours because my pt said too, but even after 4 hours i didn’t even have tingling in my feet. So comfortable my ex keeps stealing it when he visits the kids. Lol getting another one when i get cleared for a job.

Thus chair us very supportive. It is not perfect but, because the extra cushion can move up and down, fairly customizable. I think the extra pad is too much, unless i put it up enough to be able to slide my bum all the way back still. It’s the perfect lumbar support for me. That’s the most important part to me, so i gave the 4 starsit is a bit high. You’ll most likely need a foot rest of some kind. I’m 5’7′ and when i sit my toes can touch, but i can put my heels on the groundgreat task/work chair for tall people, as it goes much higher as well. I’m very happy the armrests have good padding. I do wish they could adjust more than up and down.

My office provides only basic task chairs with no support so i splurged with christmas gift money. Assembly was easy, though i’d recommend having a 10 mm socket wrench on hand rather than using the dinky allen wrench. The lumbar part stays with the seat, not the back, so as i move around it keeps the support against my back. I found the extra cushion to be too much, but i’m holding onto it in case i later change my mind. Armrests are at the right height. The seat sloping downward is the best part for me, i can keep my feet flat on the floor and not feel pressure on the backs of my thighs. I got the dark grey fabric because i hate the slippery feel of leather; i want to stay in place when i sit down. It reclines just a little bit when i need to lean back and think or be comfortable on a conference call.

If you’re looking for a non-fake-leather chair that’s doomed to peel then you know that you’re fabric options are limited these days. Crappy bonded leather has taken over the market. This grey fabric chair is nice in that i don’t have to worry about it peeling. But you’ll either love this chair or despise it. But what you’ll either love or hate is the fact that the mid back part of the chair is connected to the bottom cushion, that portion of the back moves with your butt. Sometimes it’s great, sometime it annoys the crap out of me. But i could see how some people would hate it.

For someone who has had a bad lower back, and very recently had a back fusion, this chair is amazing. After researching and reading reviews, i decided to go for this serta back in motion chair, rather than a more costly chair. And am so glad with this decisionthankfully, my mechanically-inclined cousin and her daughter visited and assembled it for me, although the directions did seem pretty straight forward. She sat in it, and didn’t care for the extra padded lumbar support (which is removable). However, i absolutely love it. I can finally sit back in my chair while working, now an then, and have my lower back fully supported. Plus, and perhaps more importantly, since i tend to sit forward while on the computer working, the way the seat moves does help my back. When i got up from my old office chair, i was very stiff, and walking as such. Now, i get up and feel fine. Thank you, serta for making this fantastic, and affordable chair.

This chair is very nice, love the extra back support. Very plush in the butt area. The chair is a bit heavy, rolls a little tough on carpet. Everything about the chair is great i only have one complaint. The arms are shaky and loose. They have buttons on the outside for adjusting the height for the arms but by adding this feature, it comes at the cost of having loose. The arms are stable and strong and can hold all my weight (200 lbs) but they are not solid in structure, they wobble and rattle if you shake them. If you have a dog that likes to push against you for attention, the dog could push his/her body up against the outside of the arm which pushes the button in and causes the arm to drop in adjustment. Unless the arm is already adjusted to its lowest level.

I’ve had a few back injuries, one in my low back that constantly causes me pain/discomfort. So far, i am loving this chair. My back has been hurting for the past month and i have noticed an immediate improvement after getting the chair. My old chair would cause pain to build up in 10 minutes of sitting. I have been able to sit in this chair for up to 4 hours without getting up and when i do stand, i am a bit stiff but feel no pain in my low back. The seat back only comes up to my shoulders so i can’t rest my head when leaning back (i thought it might be comfy enough to nap in once in a while. But it was not meant to be, i’m only 5’11” so i’m not tall for the chair). Assembly was pretty easy which was a good thing as the instructions were missing from my box. Personally, i recommend this chair for people with low back injuries or anyone who sits behind a desk all day and wants to prevent back problems caused by sitting.

I bought this chair for my wife. It is a very well built chair. Since i am 6’4′, i would have to use the extra lumbar support. I want to use this chair for a couple of hours to see if it would be ok for me. I have arthritis in my lower back and i can’t stay in one position for very long. It does take a little longer to put together because of the extra lumbar support and the cables, but it isn’t hard at all.

The padding is not so plush for skinny butts. I feel the plywood base under the foam padding. I had to drill out 4 of the supposed ‘pre drilled’ holes for the controls. Both of the plastic cable retainers for controls were broken. It does not effect the usage. The extra lumbar support pillow is hard to add after the fact. I just tuck it behind me when i want to use it rather than slipping it on with it slip guide. It’s a reasonable price i suppose. I set it up alone but two people would be much better.

Serta 44186 back in motion health and wellness mid-back office chair, black very very comfortable, i’m 235lbs and it supports me perfectly, plenty of room and love that you can adjust that tilt until it’s almost like a rocking chair. Arms adjust to a good range up and down and a few inches side to side. Comes with an extra lumbar support pillow that i don’t need but if you are smaller it will help keep you forward in the chair.

I have had this chair for a few weeks now and find it to be comfortable, supportive and good for preventing lower back pain. If you are a desk jockey like me, you probably have back pain from leaning forward at your desk and computer. This medium-height chair provides firm, upright support between the natural waist and tailbone, alleviating my lower back ache. ) all the chair parts (seat, headrest, sides, armrests) are plush. The padded lumbar support moves with me as i lean forward and backward, and it always presses a little into my lower back but in a comfortable way. This chair naturally promotes sitting up straight with good posture and does not allow much slouching. If you prefer a super cushy chair that you can sink into and lean back or rock, this is probably not the one for you. The wheelbase glides nicely on the floor with smooth, quiet motion. The seat adjustment controls work well and have nice levers that are well-marked and easy to operate.

This is a great chair and very comfortable. I wouldn’t recommend it to a large frame person as it does have a small seating area but for me being petite at 5’3′ it is perfect. The only drawback and the only reason i am giving it a 4 star vs a 5 is that the back is not adjustable so i cannot bring it to a more upright position where i like, it leans a little too far back but i am still able to use the chair as the lumbar support keeps my lower back in place.

I’m torn on how to rank this chair. I needed a chair with exceptional lumbar support, and this chair has it. Love this ‘back in motion’ feature. However, the box clearly states this is a task chair, not an executive chair and the title implies. It is a mid back height chair only, much shorter than i was expecting. Also the chair seat is shorter than i’d prefer. When you use the additional lumbar pillow over the base support, it makes me feel like i can’t sit far enough back into the chair. Like i’m about to slide out of it. I may get used to that feeling, as i have never actually slid off the chair. Note: i’m 5’11’ so if you are shorter, maybe the seat length will not be an issue for you.

I am at my desk for 8 to 10 hours per day, and my previous chair was not very comfortable. This chair gives me the right amount of support and comfort throughout the day. When i bought it i was a little skeptical about the back support tilting as i sat up, but now that i have tried it, i think it works wonderfully. When i need to sit straight up the lower support is there. This is a great buy for those who are at their desks for prolonged periods of time. The only thing that i am disappointed about this, is the fact that i didn’t buy it sooner.

I have occasional back problems, and when i started working from home two days a week, i quickly learned that my existing chair was not designed for people with these issues to sit in for 8 hours a day. So – i embarked on a lot of research on the web, mostly reading customer reviews, to find the best-reviewed chair by people with occasional (or chronic) back pain. The serta back in motion chair won, so i took a chance and ordered it. Thanks to amazon prime, i had it in two days, and it took my husband no more than 30 minutes to assemble it. I am so happy with this chair. I wish i had purchased one years ago. When i sat in it the first time and felt the lumbar support from the (removable) additional back cushion. I immediately wanted to take a nap in the chair. I have now had it for well over a month and have spent a dozen or so 8-hour days in it with no issues whatsoever.

Easy to assemble and very comfortable. With the removable cushion in place the seat will be a little short for a person 5’7′ and up. It is a ladies chair in my opinion. Tilt mechanism is very stiff. I am the stated height and wish the seat was a little wider, because i use the extra cushion. The seat padding is rather thin and will not hold up for the long haul. It is a good deal for the price and the quality is really nice.

This chair is very comfortable. I’ve had it for a couple of months and am pleased so far with it. The extra lumbar support works great, but takes a little getting used to. I wish the back of the chair went up a bit farther. I’m 5’10’ and the back comes up to my shoulders. The chair is made well and seems solid. All in all, i’m pleased with it and believe it to be a great buy.

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