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Slipstick CB605 Furniture Wheel Caster Cups / Floor Protectors : Perfect for the caster wheels on my dresser.

I put these under my piano and it made it easy to slide it across the floor when we wanted it on a different wall. The piano took 4 men to move it in the first place. One just to slide it across the floor.

My furniture stays exactly where it should. My furniture used to be all out wack, throw off my vibe and relaxation. I’d be like “ where do you think you’re going?” and it would be like “ anywhere i want. ” then i got these, and they help me lock my furniture where i want it. Now i’m all like “stay put, bench” and it’s like “. ” because furniture that’s locked in place doesn’t speak.

Slipstick CB605 Furniture Wheel Caster Cups / Floor Protectors with Non Skid Rubber Grip (Set of 4 Grippers) 1-3/4 Inch – Chocolate Brown

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    by entering your model number.
  • Holds wheels or legs in place while protecting floors from indentation and damage
  • For use with beds, pianos, furniture, pool tables, appliances and more
  • Caster cup design cradles wheels and legs securely rubber bottom stops movement
  • Ideal for furniture wheels or legs up to 1-3/4″ inches (4.4 cm)
  • Supports up to 500 lbs per caster cup (227 kg) 4 cups per pack

Use them under my shredded to keep it in place.

Although the rubber part compresses, if you need to adjust your item (baby grand piano, in my case), you can tweak around the placement. That is, these things are not stuck to the floor like limpets. They do keep the piano from moving when i play loud, athletic stuff.

Works great for my heavy couch.

Slipstick CB605 Furniture Wheel Caster Cups / Floor Protectors with Non Skid Rubber Grip (Set of 4 Grippers) 1-3/4 Inch – Chocolate Brown : Put these under bed wheels, no more sliding.

I have an antique kitchen table on castors which used to slide all over the room and destroy the wood floor.

My dresser’s caster wheels no longer slide around gouging my wood floor when i open the drawers. Who would think caster wheels on a dresser are a good idea?. Don’t know but these cups fixed the problem.

These are just fantastic i bought two sets and put them under our craftmatic beds. We have wooden floors and the bed always moved over the place. No we bought these and they’re perfect the bed doesn’t move around when you try to get in it. I bought them for both beds. The wheels are kind of oblong so there pretty snug. They could have been a little lighter this type of bed. But they’re great and we love them.

Exactly what i was looking for. I bought these gorgeous chesterfield sofas with those tradional wheels, but they would slide back on the stone floor in my house when we would sit down on them. These are the perfect size and good quality.

Seems to work perfectly for my intended use.

I bought these to keep my sofa from sliding back on our marble tile floor every time someone sat on it. I kept finding sliders, which are meant to help furniture slide. After living in our new house for a year, i was tired of constantly pushing the sofa back to were it belonged. This was practically a daily task. They are just the right size and quite unobtrusive. When i put them on, i noticed that the sofa has 5 legs. So, i’ll be ordering another package. But, even with just the 4, my sofa is not moving around anymore.

Used under the legs of our piano after getting wood floors. Very thick and sturdy and the rubber on the bottom is very good at preventing slipping.

We got these for our 4 year old’s bed that has wheels. We could have just removed the wheels but then the bed skirt would be too long and drag the floor. With the castors, we were able to leave the wheels on and not worry about our son’s bed moving all over the room.

I bought these to put under the non-locking castors on my chairs and couch. We have hardwood floors and every time someone sits on one of the chairs (or couch) it moves. Generally speaking, guests are expecting the furniture to roll away from when when they’re trying to sit on it. I had bought a different set of castor cups, but the castors just roller out of the cups when people went to sit on the furniture (particularly the chairs)- so not only was the furniture rolling away, but it was doing so in a jarring fashion when the cups tipper over. The slipstick cups actually stay put and i haven’t had a single castor roll out of the cups. I’m pretty happy with this purchase.

I have an antique bed with 1 inch wheels that moved around on the hardwood floor when sitting, making the bed. These did the trick perfectly, they contain the wheels and also are high enough to prevent stubbed toes.

Wow, these things are awesome. My couch legs fit into the grippers perfectly. I have hard wood floors, and my couch doesn’t move an inch with these grippers. Best grippers i’ve bought, hands down. The contoured shape of the grippers couldn’t be a better fit for my casters.

We put in saltillo tile (soft ceramic from another era). The upright piano has tiny steel casters. These would be death to the saltillo. These little casters (size small) turned out to be perfect. An almost hemispheric cup on top with very sturdy sides is deep enough for no escape. The underside has a ring of more yielding plastic that grips the floor without yielding too much to the bulk of the piano.

I used them for an antique dinning room table than has small little wheels. The only thing that was missing in the description was the measurement of how much it will increase the height of the table, it is only about a 1/4 inch.

We’ve had such success using the larger slipstick cb840 caster cups — the word ‘castor’ means something else entirely. — to keep our lightweight hans wegner chair in place that we decided to purchase this smaller size cup for a small bench seat. The bench no long skids out of place when you sit down or get up, and our lovely hardwood flooring is protected from the scratches and scuffs that would otherwise result from every use. For excellent gription on smooth floor surfaces, we recommend these very highly.

Bed stays put on wood floor. Highly recommend for bed frame with small wheels.

These are perfect for protecting our new floors from being scratched by the old casters on our antique china cabinet. Since our floors are brown tones, they are not obvious and do not detract from the appearance of the furniture.

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Slipstick CB605 Furniture Wheel Caster Cups / Floor Protectors with Non Skid Rubber Grip (Set of 4 Grippers) 1-3/4 Inch - Chocolate Brown
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