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SoftTouch 80 Piece Pack in Walnut Brown – Perfect Protection for Floors

I had the family over for christmas and have 22 folding chairs that without these felt pads would have wrecked my hardwood floors. In trying to attach these to the rounded feet of the chairs, it became quickly obvious they would not stay on for long. Using a hot glue gun, i placed each chair on my work bench unfolded, put a glob of hot glue on a pad and put each foot of the chair down on the top of a glued felt pad. This worked perfectly and every pad stayed attached. For chairs or tables with flat bottom legs, the hot glue treatment would probably not be needed.

Meh, i first bought a walmart version, and they kept coming off our counter stools and sticking to the floor. So i decided to try these, only to realize that they were made by the same company as the walmart ones. They have lasted a little bit longer, but at least one has come off already, so we are going to try the nail in kind next.

We purchased these about a month ago for our heavy wood table and chairs, on our hardwood floors. Installation with the sticky pads was a breeze and they’ve continued to ‘stick’ well to the table and chairs. I’ll update again in a few months.

  • Very sticky, and stays on.
  • Number of pads per package
  • Great product so far

It worksadhesive sticker or glue is strong and reliable. We placed them under the legs of a large couch, a really heavy wooden tv set, a coffee table, and a recliner. In addition, the furniture glides on the hardwood surface (most important). No more scratches on our hardwood floor.

We bought these felt pads after we re-did our flooring. I was pleased with how many felt pads are included. They are thick and seem to be well-made. We have had them on our furniture for the past 5. 5 months and for the most part, they have stayed on. A few have had to be replaced but that could be from my two toddlers. 😉 the one thing that i don’t love about them is how dust and dog fur sticks to these pads. I know it’s going to happen because they are felt but it’s a pain to pull dust and fur off the sides. Overall, though, i am very happy with these pads and would buy them again.

Features of SoftTouch 80 Piece Pack in Walnut Brown, Self-Stick Heavy Duty Furniture Felt Pads in Two Sizes for Tables and Chairs. Protect your Hardwood Floors & Tile from Scratches

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  • PROTECT YOUR HARD SURFACES – Everyday use and movement of furniture can be damaging your hard floor surfaces. These SoftTouch Felt Pads to protect your beautiful floors from scratches
  • REDUCE SCRATCHING AND NOISE – Use these round felt pads to reduce friction and noise while moving furniture and protect your hardwood, ceramic, tile, linoleum floors and all other hard surfaces from unsightly scratches and damage
  • ELIMINATE NOISE FROM EVERYDAY USE – Never again hear the annoying scraping sound of a chair being pushed against a hard surface – round felt pads help reduce noise from everyday use
  • HEAVY DUTY, PERFECT FOR ALL FURNITURE – The long-lasting, heavy-duty furniture round felt pads are super durable with a self-stick adhesive and can be used on tables, cedar chests, chairs, curio cabinets, desks and much more
  • VALUE PACK WITH 80 PIECES – Each value pack includes 80 pieces of a variety of brown furniture felt pieces

These pads make a world of difference on our dining room chairs. We have wooden ikea chairs in our dining room. Our floor is stained concrete. They used to make a loud sliding sound in the past. Now that they have the felt feet on them they slide much better and much quieter. I was a little reluctant to buy 48 of them because i only needed 16 of them but every year or so a couple of them wear down to nothing so it is nice to have a lot of replacements to replace the worn out ones. I also started finding other furniture to put them on like sofa tables. It makes it much easier to move the furniture when you need to sweep or mop. They have very strong adhesive. We have never had a pad fall off and we have had them on for three years.

I love these things, can’t believe i waited so long. I have hardwood floors and a lot of wood furniture, and i put them on everything: the legs to the couch, storage boxes–anything that gets moved around sometimes and can scratch what’s underneath. They tend to last 2-3 years or more, and then sometimes get torn off (especially heavy items like the couch), but that’s reasonable. They’re very cheap and come in a huge package and take a few seconds to apply. I thought i needed the bigger size to cover the casters on my couch, but was out of those and tried the smaller size. You don’t need to cover the whole surface, since the pads create a small distance.

I bought these months ago, they have held up on the bottom of my dinning room set and living room furniture. I was afraid they would have to be replaced often as we have three kids and a dog so i am constantly moving furniture to sweep and mop. If i should need to replace them i will be buying this product again and would tell everyone to use them on their own furniture. I easily move our very heavy couch myself without any problems.

Most of the felt pads for chairs and table legs are tan colored and our chairs are all darker wood so you would see the tan ones at the bottom of the chair. These darker ones blend in and become invisible on the bottom of the chair. Great purchase and great pricethanks for reading my reviewbecky brooks*i paid full price for this item.

After having new flooring installed i stuck these on the bottom of chair legs. Don’t have to drive a nail up into the chair leg as with some types. They stay on reasonably well, so far. Cons: what was one of the ‘pros’ is also a ‘con’: they stay on reasonably well, so far. The key word here being ‘reasonably’, meaning they’ve come off on a couple of legs. They are not as durable as the ones you nail into the leg. One stool that has been pushed back and forth all the time all during the day and evening lost two of it’s pads.

I live in an apartment building where my neighbors don’t need to hear my table and chairs being moved around. So i needed to put something on all the feet. I chose these after reading some reviews, but i’d also noticed in almost all of the reviews that these tend to fall off rather quickly. So i also bought some gorilla glue. I affixed these to all the feet of the furniture i move around often with the glue and they are holding perfectly. And now, when i move chairs or a table, everything is quiet. So, while these are ‘self stick’, do yourself a favor and buy some glue along with them. You’ll be very happy for that.

These were exactly what i needed. They are the perfect size to go on the feet of my couch, coffee table, dog crate, etc. They keep my hardwood floors from getting scratched but they allow me to slide the couch, table, or crate around the room as needed easily and without concern. The good:-thick felt padding that feels durable and soft. -paperbacking pulls right off easily exposing adhesive side. -adhesize works very well and doesn’t allow the pad to slide sideways exposing adhesive like some cheap ones do. -perfect size for any applicate i have found thus far. -great price for how many you get. The bad:-typically this is where i put what i don’t like or even what i think could be better. As i’m exceedingly happy with the product i don’t have anything to go in this section this time.

These are inexpensive and unsturdy. These came off after few days of use, specially from light furniture, like chairs that gets dragged more often than the heavy furniture. It may be my fault as i did not clean my chair’s legs enough before pasting these. Pros:# inexpensive# protects floorcons:# will not stick for longtips:# do not use these as gliders. Just use these to protect the floor. # clean with cotton swab with just enough 90% isopropyl alcohol/isopropanol to wet it (beware of damage to furniture). Conclusion: perfect for floor protection. May need to repaste using a suitable adhesive.

I tiled a dining area with armstrong vct tile and these are perfect for the table & chair legs. The legs are wood and the adhesive seems to be holding fine… though there’s little movement on the chairs and none on the table. I went through 42 for a table and 4-chairs and will buy some more for a few other items in the room… but they are cheaper at the orange home center. I can’t see these falling off unless they catch on something… like a floor seam… but they are definitely best suited for a very smooth floor. No complaints and they’re much better than the metal ones that i had hammered into the legs and they’re quiet when sliding a chair. I paid a few pennies more than 5-bucks for these and now that they’ve been on for awhile i’ve had to glue some back on with clear silicon adhesive but still no complaints based primarily on the low cost.

We got a new place with hardwoods throughout and these are a must. Buy 3x the amount you think you need. Buy the small ones, the rectangular pads you can cut, buy them all and leave them in a drawer. We use these on all the furniture, bookshelves, kitchen table, speaker stands, couches. Here’s a good idea: stick them to the bottom of plastic under-bed storage bins and they will slide out silently without scratching the hardwoods a bit. Don’t get ones with wheels, just get these.

You definitely get a lot of these in the package, but unfortunately you’re going to need them. I use them for the legs of my dining room chairs to protect my hardwood floor. After average use they start to slide off of the chair legs and need to be replaced. They do protect the hardwood floor and for that i guess they do the job. But you have to keep your eye on them and replace before they slide completely off the leg and risk scratching your floor.

These work great to protect hardwood floors and allow for easier movement of chairs/stools. The adhesive is strong enough to keep the pads in place, yet easy to remove when the pads become worn down. Dirt/dust/pet & human hair does accumulate on the pads, so i clean them with a damp paper towel every few weeks. This mega pack is much cheaper than smaller packs that can be purchased from a brick and mortar stores like menards, target, or home depot.

My new chairs began to scratch my kitchen floor so i began to look for something to put on the bottom of the chairs to prevent scratching. I found this pack and it seemed like a great value. It’s a great price for 48 pieces. I put them on the legs of my dining room table chairs and i haven’t had any scratches since.Once i put the protectors on the floor, they even helped the chairs to slide across the floor. After a few months, the pads began to wear down, but theyre still doing the trick. The only downside or negative thing i have to say about them is that they really attract my dog’s hair.

I’ve read a lot of reviews about these not sticking but i haven’t had any issues with them. I used the product as-is and even had to cut some of them down to a third of the size to fit some chairs i have with very skinny feet – and even those have stayed on without falling off. Maybe they are more prone to fall off if you slide the chair around while sitting on it, which we haven’t been doing to our chairs. They feel like they will be too thick at first but once the weight of the furniture is on them, the thickness is good and unnoticeable. So far a great purchase for the price and now i don’t have to worry about sliding the coffee table around on our wood floors.

Average stores here sell a much smaller pack for a not-so-much-smaller price. They’re stickers of course, but they do have a good stick-um. We drag them around a lot for daily sweeps, and my kids still drag them over the lip into the carpet, so i’ll admit that probably affect their ‘stick’. Hence 5 stars – only ones that stay better that i’ve tried are nailed in, and then when then pad runs out (common with any brand), then you’re working the same weaking nail hole. Bottom line: best you’ll likely find, plus it comes in bulk.

I had about 2500sq ft of hardwod floors redone and in the kitchen area we have this large counter top where we can fit 6 high seating bar stools. We got some nice ones from sams club but issue was those came with the standard nylon feet pads. Now those wont scratch your hardwood, but the smallest bit of dust or say even a salt/sugar grain gets under it and you move the chair, it ends up scratching the floor. So i needed to put some felt ones on. So i got these and like other people mentioned, they will slide off over time. But i didnt have that issue here mainly cause i knew it was going to happen and when i put them on (as i was putting them on) i put super glue on the bottom of the nylon pad and some around the edges of the felt pad once it was put on the leg. Let it dry for about 20mins, then flipped the bar stool over and we were done. Its been 4months and no more scratches and not a single one has moved off the leg. My kids are always sliding and moving their chairs so it gets abused but these felt pads (with superglue) has held up.

This package has 40 circular felt pieces of 3/4 inch diameter, 32 pieces of 1 inch, and 8 pieces of 1-1/2 inches. Quality is typical for felt pads by waxman (softtouch) and i think other makers. The felt is hardy (doesn’t easily come apart), and the adhesive sticks about as you’d expect if you’ve used these before. If you put them on chair legs and routinely scoot the chair with weight on it, expect these eventually to come unstuck, leaving the floor unprotected and perhaps leaving some adhesive residue on the floor. This is not a deal breaker; it’s just in the nature of these adhesive felts, and you need to be prepared to live with it. As an alternative to adhesive felts for chairs or other things you scoot frequenty, consider nancyprotectz brand chair leg socks, also available on amazon. They’re more visually obvious, but they stay on pretty well, and are easy to put back on if they come off. For things that you don’t often scoot on the floor, these and other waxman felts have worked great for me. A tip: to remove the paper backing from the felt’s adhesive, do not first remove the felt from the sheet and then remove the paper. Rather, leave the felt in the sheet, and use the other felts (or their papers) as leverage to pull the paper off the felt you want to use.

Fits the bottom of most furniture legs. If you are putting these on something you slide around a lot, like a chair, find some expoxy to put down first because the adhesive on the backs of these pads are really not that strong. I just picked up this pc products pc-clear epoxy adhesive liquid, clear stuff and put a dollop on each chair leg before pushing the pad on.

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SoftTouch 80 Piece Pack in Walnut Brown, Self-Stick Heavy Duty Furniture Felt Pads in Two Sizes for Tables and Chairs. Protect your Hardwood Floors & Tile from Scratches
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