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South Shore Axess Collection 5-Shelf Narrow Bookcase : Spruce your space without breaking the bank

I had one small area for a bookcase to go. My apartment was decorated and beautiful and i love it, but the problem was i needed a bookcase. My original bookcase broke and i needed somewhere to put all my books though i only had one tiny spot for them to go and this bookcase had to fit. It fit beautifully, but then there was another problem. I have too many books because i love to read. So i had to double up on the shelves and amazingly the shelves are still holding up great. I don’t feel like it will topple over and now i get to see all my books. Now i have to organize my books, yea.

Love the bookshelf was so easy to put together it almost did it. Took no more than 20 minutes to put together. Hardest part of the assembly was opening the box.Very securely packaged and shipped. Works perfectly in my office.

South Shore Axess Collection 5-Shelf Narrow Bookcase, Pure White

  • Narrow configuration means it can be placed in tight spaces
  • Features 5 open, practical and accessible storage spaces, separated by 1 fixed shelf that can support up to 25 lb and 3 adjustable shelves that can support up to 15 lb
  • Features 5 open, practical and accessible storage spaces, separated by 1 fixed shelf and 3 adjustable shelves
  • Made in North America with non-toxic laminated particleboard
  • Accessories not included, 5-year quality guarantee

Easy to put together and sturdy. I purchased this as a nursery bookshelf and glued fabric to the back to match nursery decor. When hammering in the tiny nails to the back be careful because one nail was put in a little off and chipped the inside of the bookshelf. I feel like it’s a little pricy for such a plain bookshelf with no detailing.

We ordered this and it actually came in pretty much shattered in the box. We called them and they were really cool about it. They immediately got replacement pieces in the mail and it came in a few days later. Everything went together really easy and we liked the end product which we used between two storage cabinets.

I’ve built numerous shelving units bought from places like target, ikea, home depot, etc. This one was the ideal size (the ikea billy is its closest rival) for my needs. First off, i like that the piece numbers (letters) are stamped on the naked edge of the particle boards. Makes assembly pretty straightforward. As far as manufacturing, most of the pre-drilled screw- and dowel-holes are spot on. Not so much the case when you buy stuff made in china (are you listening, ikea?), where drill holes are frequently off by a millimeter or two. The only issue i had with this product (made in mexico) is that a couple of the dowel holes were bored out too wide, making the plastic dowels jiggle inside them and the seam not flush until the screws were tightened to a point probably beyond the recommended torque. The other thumbs-down i give to this is the packaging. For shipping purposes, the entire unit is shrink wrapped with a kind of adhesive plastic, and that plastic stuck to the side of c1 (the side that is most visible in my setup, unfortunately). To avoid damaging the ‘finish,’ you’re not supposed to clean these with any abrasives or chemicals, only a damp cloth, and the sticky glue/stain resulting from the over wrapped plastic, running almost the entire length of one side, was virtually impossible to eliminate.

South Shore Axess Collection 5-Shelf Narrow Bookcase, Pure White : I ordered two of these to hold towels/linens for a new guest bedroom/bathroom we’ve constructed. The items are a good basic value, but were a bit more flimsy than i expected and both were damaged slightly (chips in side panels) during shipment. This wasn’t noticed until after they were unpacked and assembled, so i simply repaired them as best i could by myself. Overall, they are a good value for the price, but check for shipping damage before assembly.

Everyone)when i purchased this, i went on a limb and got https://www. Com/gp/aw/d/b072k548nf?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd_title too – 2 orders, since there are 3 storage bins per order. I hoped and prayed these bins would fit. These bins are perfect for this shelving unit. Seriously, they are snug but not squeezed in. I haven’t put the rope handles on yet, but there is room in the shelf for them to fit comfortably. Yes, the bins hang over the front by about 1/4 an inch, but i’ll take iti may adjust the shelf spacing later so they are “even”, but it’s been a long day and i’m tired.

I assembled this during my lunch break with plenty of time to spare. The only issue i have is assembly steps 5 & 7 should be reversed. I caught it, which prevented me from anchoring the cabinet to the wall, and then undoing it to pull the cabinet away from the wall to install the screw caps. This is a beautiful piece of furniture for my office, easily assembled, and strong enough for my manuals and binders.

I started to put it together at night but couldn’t complete out of consideration for my neighbors since you need to hammer in the nails. The box came slightly damaged (corners crumpled, rip in one of the sides) and when i took the pieces out i got a bent shelf corner and the top piece broken and bent, pictures provided. Fortunately i was still able to put it together, but take note: ordering this item is like a crap shoot on whether your item will return without damage. I consider myself slightly lucky since i am still able to have a working bookshelf. It’s a decent bookshelf, the attached shelves should hold up 30 pounds easily even thought it’s a composite material, but nothing to rave about. They did a decent job protecting the edges within the packaging, but don’t plan on having a bookcase without damage.

I usually stay away from ‘fake’ furniture. But, this was on sale for $54. , i ordered two, as bookends of a wall unit with rods i was building for a room sized closet. Then realized, i’d rather just build the units myself with real wood. It was too late to cancel my order, so they came a few days later. They were in great condition considering how heavy the boxes are. Easy to put together, very heavy duty, look good, nice color. Often the compressed wood can feel cheap and like it would break easily, these are not like that. As the product they are, they are excellent- admittedly, i don’t love laminated particle panels so i would not order again, but if i did, i would definitely but this brand.

I ordered two (2) of these bookshelves and they are ok, about what i expected. I did not expect them to be made from particle board though since the description on the amazon page stated they were made from wood. But they will serve their purpose. Upon delivery one of the boxes had lots of damage and when i opened it one of the smaller pieces was cracked, but luckily with a few clamps and wood glue i was able to fix it. I believe these boxes are just too heavy and awkward for one person from ups to deliver them, but after putting them together and trimming them out with some wood molding sprayed with black semi-gloss paint i think they turned out rather good looking and for the price are well worth it.

This was exactly what i was looking for. Something narrow and tall to fit in my small master bedroom in order to put various things. It is sturdy and i think the best option considering price point (very reasonable). I knocked off a star because we did not receive all of the correct parts. Some of the shelves were supposed to come pre-drilled, but none of them were. Instead of offering replacement parts, which i was hoping for, i was offered a partial refund and we made do. Not ideal but it still worked.

I ordered this bookcase to hold my comic books and stuffed animals. The parts arrived quickly in perfect condition, but it was a nightmare putting them together. The back panel arrived folded, and when my dad tried to apply it, it split down the middle very easily. It caved inward, pushing the topmost shelf out by half an inch. My dad also found that a piece of the instructions was incorrect, and one of the holes was not deep enough for the screw. Assembling this takes some improvising. We sealed the rip with white tape, but luckily for me, my items are tall enough to hide it. The bookcase is very sturdy, as i didn’t need to use a wall anchor. I just placed a small ceramic tile underneath the front edge to keep it from tilting forward. Upon shaking it lightly, it doesn’t move.

The morgan cherry color matched exactly with my other middle-brown furniture and it slide perfectly into the space that i staked out for it. It was easy to put together and move around even for my 5’3′ frame. Two issues with assembly:- nailing the backing to the frame – i wasn’t quite sure how much space i had to hammer the nail in. – attaching the upper decorative overhang. The phillips i had was too small to catch the corners of the square head screw, however i just have it hanging there since the whole bookcase is fitted together tightly enough to just wedge it in. I assume that as long as i don’t hit it, it’ll be fine. After assembling, i immediately moved the bookcase to its corner and proceeded to fill it with books. I put my heaviest books on the middle support shelf and spread the rest out on the remaining shelves. I kept the heavy ones to the sides, but even still, i see no evidence of sagging.

Very heavy, had to take it out piece by piece. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. No missing pieces, in fact a few extra. This is your basic bookcase, good bargain. Yes, it is pressed wood but does look nice. The walnut color went with my other pieces that were made of wood. The only thing i did different was to take the top piece used as decor, cut it in half and screwed each half to the back for support. This way it would survive a california earthquake.

We wanted a bookcase to hold our printer and various office supplies. We had a very specific spot in mind for and the bookcase was about the only one narrow enough to fit the space that i liked. Also we did not want to spend a ton of money, and we knew that we were going to get something we would have to assemble, and that it would not be solid wood. One of the pieces arrived damaged (it was cracked through the middle, and i am sure it got damaged during shipping) but i had to call the company twice to get a replacement. The first time i called about the damage i was sent the wrong piece and had to call them again. Each time they were very nice and apologetic and the replacement piece arrived quickly. But it did mean we had to wait over a week before we could assemble the bookshelf. The bookshelf was easy enough to assemble (my husband did it by himself in like 20 minutes) and it fits in the designated space perfectly. I like that 2 of the shelves are fixed and the others adjustable. I placed the heaviest items on the fixed shelves (printer, notebooks) and the adjustable shelves got the lighter weight items such as pens, tape, etc.

This book case fits the file boxes and many books; it is attractive and fits into a small space. My son helped me lift it, but i fit all the shelves in. A few small parts, shelf holder pins and screw back covers, were missing. The company mailed them to me right away with no charge. I just emailed to them the part number from the instruction book. The instruction book has each part listed by number and the instructions are very easy to follow.

This is a perfectly serviceable product, which does what it does just fine. It does not purport to be high end furniture, but it fits well in confined spaces. My beef is not with the bookshelf, but with the terrible set of instructions that came with it. These instructions consist almost entirely of pictures — there is very little narrative. And the pictures are misleading. They illustrate some screw-like part which, as far as i could tell, did not exist, and if it did, it served no purpose. One of the earlier frames depicts pegs to be inserted into the side of some of the shelves for support, and then the picture showing the insertion of the shelves into the sideboards does not show the pegs. And of course the narrative does not mention why the pegs are there, or what to do with them. It took me about an hour and a half to assemble the bookshelf, and it should have been possible to assemble in about twenty minutes. If as much care had been lavished on the assembly instructions as on the bookshelf itself, i would have given this product a five.

This is four and a half stars. Some dents, minor chips at edges and very very strong smell: might take a month for that to go away. But, the package is covered with instructions to call them if any parts are missing or damaged so i think they are really backing the product. Fortunately for me all of the parts are included. I needed it for a small corner in my office and the height was perfect as was the depth. For reference, the chocolate matches a color called ‘black-brown’ in an ikea desk that sits beside it: it is very dark but that is what i wanted. Overall, it is a decent product at a good price. Some assembly notes: the top panel ‘a’ has two small holes to connect the front piece. I didn’t notice them during assembly so they ended up on top of the bookcase. Also, the back panel tears easily.

It’s tall enough, has the minimum number of shelves that i needed, and is a nice bright white. I truly wish it had been 3 or 4 inches wider to fit in the space. Unfortunately, no one had one that specified width, so i went with this. A bit difficult to put together. Something just wasn’t working well and there were 2 of us and once i had a third person helping to hold the sides even just to get the bottom and top on correctly. Not sure why it wasn’t going together smoothly as we are all used to putting together these types of things. It looks nice when put together and seems to be substantial enough for my books (which are many).

First, it took 10 days to receive this product, so don’t let the “usually ships in 3 days, etc” fool you. After it’s way late and you call, you will be told “that was just an estimate”. I ordered these shelved because they are delivered, and i don’t have a means to haul shelves to my house from a store. These shelved are super cheap, both financially and from a quality standpoint. The back panel is literally a folded piece of printed cardboard. Not some super-pressed ultra-structured piece of cardboard either. It’s exactly the same kind of cardboard that would box a large toy. I almost threw it away until i noticed i was missing the back panel. This must be tack-nailed onto the back of the unit. The shelves are pressed particle board.

Its decent for the price i actually put the back in wrong but by the time i put it together i was too lazy to turn it around lol other than that the thing is perfect.

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South Shore Axess Collection 5-Shelf Narrow Bookcase, Pure White
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