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Ameriwood Home Parsons Desk – This is a great little desk

I bought this desk to use as a vanity it is the perfect size and very sturdy. The instructions were easy to follow and it went together quickly and easily.

Nice and sturdy for a cute vanity.

This is a great little desk. I use mine as a vanity to do my hair and make up in the morning and it is perfect. It was easy to put together and looks more expensive than it is. I am really glad i purchased it.Has a small drawer where i keep my hair brushes and some other small goodies.

  • This is a great little desk
  • Desk turned Vanity
  • Great little desk! Exactly what I needed

Pros: dual 24′ monitor lcd arm clamp fits perfectly and securely: http://www. Com/gp/product/b002r9hqli/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=utf8&psc=1fits keyboard, mouse well. Can also fit decent sized speakers if you use one monitor or dual lcd clamp. Cons: i can see a leg breaking if trying to drag across carpet while there is weight on desk. Move it carefully and the wood should not break. Worth the $50 (as of 5/12/2015).

I received this altra parsons table in about a week, i read a lot of bad reviews so i was very skeptical. But once i opened the box, saw how easy the instructions were and put the table together i wondered why there was so many bad reviews. I’m using it as a vanity and it’s perfect. It is rather small so it’s perfect for a small room. It reminds me of the ikea malm table somewhat. The drawer has enough space for all of my makeup palettes and room to grow. The drawer doesn’t pull out all the way however (similar to the ikea malm dressing table) i really love this table for the price you can’t beat it (i bought a used one for $40 instead of paying the original price) people were also complaining that it came with wood glue, the glue is to secure wooden dowels into the leg post. Don’t listen to the bad reviews this is a decent table especially for the cost it looks more expensive than it actually is. My table doesn’t shake or anything like others have complained.

Features of Ameriwood Home Parsons Desk with Drawer, Espresso

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    by entering your model number.
  • The simple Ameriwood Home Parsons Desk with Drawer will be your perfect home office accessory
  • The single drawer will hold all of your small office supplies while the spacious desk top is perfect for your laptop and paperwork
  • Care Instructions: Dust and wipe with a dry cloth and if needed, a damp cloth may be used sparingly
  • The beautiful espresso woodgrain finish gives this desk a high end look for an affordable price
  • This Parsons Desk is constructed of laminated particleboard and MDF for a long lasting build

Worked perfectly for what we wanted.

As seen below i am using mine as a vanity, and have since added storage on top of the desk as well. It’s a great value for the price, though it’s not the most sturdy piece of furniture. It comes with everything you need aside from a screwdriver, and only took about half an hour to put together.A friend of mine and my little sister saw this desk and immediately wanted the link to get one of their own. Perfect for small spaces, great for everyday use.

I ordered this as a study desk and i love it already. It came in perfect shape and putting it together took 10 minutes. Great desk for the price i highly recommend it.

I am honestly in love with this desk. My dad put it together for me, and it took him only around 10 minutes. It’s is super sturdy, and the paint job looks great. The drawer on one side sticks a little bit out but it’s only noticeable if you inspect like i did. It’s comes with the four legs separate and the top all put together already. I am using it for my vanity area, just waiting on my chair? i would definitely get this if you’re needing a cute desk for a semi small area.

The desk is undeniably beautiful and very simple to assemble. And trust me, coming from me is saying a lot. All you have to do is turn the desk over to assemble the legs. Then you apply the included wood glue in each of the four corners. Each leg will be marked either b or c and you will input each of them as directed by their directory booklet. Then you insert two screws in each leg and tighten them with the included allen wrench. I would also like to add that i appreciate the easy to follow directory, it makes a huge difference when assembly directions are easy to follow. However, the allen wrench i received was inefficient on the short side, while the long side fit into the screws like a glove. Thus making the final tightening of the screws a bit frustrating.

Ameriwood Home Crane Glass Top C Table – but looks quite nice. Some of the screws wouldn’t go in straight

I initially bought this table to go over my computer tower to protect it from the cat jumping on it. It is the perfect height and not too wide to do just this task. It also doesn’t have a back support bar on the bottom so it didn’t need to be as long as my tower, just as wide and tall. I ordered this nov 21 and received it nov 27th, so not a great turn around time. I had read the reviews and saw a few people had assembly issues and others were fine. I personally had assembly issues. The bolt holes for the supports were drilled in at a slight angle, making it impossible to get the bolts in. I managed to get 2 supports in (1 top and 1 bottom support) and put the glass on top and said screw the last support. This process was the most frustrating piece of furniture i’ve ever put together, with that being said, i wanted to return it. I didn’t trust it with a missing support, so i contacted amazon’s return center.

I got this table a few days ago, i was a bit skeptical that it would look nice, but it was packaged very well, good instructions and it went together in about 10 minutes. Finished product upon assembly looks really nice, it’s not designed to hold a lot of weight, just something for drinks or remote controls, which is what i’m using it for. I will have to say that the product is nice for the money, looks like it cost more than that, mainly i believe because of the way the top is made with the black on silver hardware, very classy looking, don’t overload it though.

Work perfectly for our sectional. We bought 4 of them to use because they are tall enough to move close/over our couch for drinks. I purchased felt pads that i put under the bottom legs to minor crookedness. We usually have to do this because we have textured tile. They are a great price and very classy. Here are the specifications for the Ameriwood Home Crane Glass Top C Table:

  • Take a seat on the couch while you work, study or enjoy a snack at the Ameriwood Home Crane Glass Top C Table
  • Able to hold up to 10 lbs., the square glass top is large enough for a laptop, book or food
  • Simple assembly required. Dimensions: 23.625″h x 15.75″w x 15.75″d. Shipping weight is approximately 13.2 lbs
  • The black finish and modern design look great in virtually any space
  • Made from black powder-coated metal and glass

I have a small living room and didn’t want bulky side tables, but needed something. These blend in nicely, look great and are easy to eat in front of the tv too.

After shopping at many box stores as well as furniture stores we discovered this c table on amazon. After receiving and extremely and quick assembly the table went to use. It is extremely sturdy to use your lap top on and work as well as everyday beverage/magazine table. The glass top has nickel fasteners between the glass and the stand and is very high end looking. Their are for legs at the bottom that are adjustable should you have an uneven floor or need to raise the table if you are a taller person. Great deal, sturdy as well as highly recommended for a table that fits with a l shape couch and or goes great with a chair.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice Table – You get what you pay for.
  • Great little table – easy to assemble.
  • Nice tables except

Tempered glass looks tonight. I would say it’s on the larger end of the size of these sort of tables. Slides under my new sectional perfectly.

I spent months looking in stores for a table that could sit against the wall and hang out over our chaise lounge and hold a drink, but didn’t find anything for less than a hundred dollars until i came across this on amazon. It is well made and looks nice but most importantly allows our couch to still sit against the wall.

Just got this and put it together without any assistance from my husband in about 20 minutes start to finish. I should have measured the height of the arms of our couch i envisioned the table coming over the arm of the couch from the side but it is not high enough for that so we use it it just on the couch itself which is actually perfect because you can get it in right next to where you’re sitting and it’s a good height. I’m using it also for my laptop when i sit on the couch and it’s great. Assembly is pretty easy – once you figure out that the nicer sides of the two ‘c’ sections are to face out (my mistake the first time around), it’s intuitive but there are decent instructions. It came in 6 pieces, the two ‘c’ parts, three identical bars that go exactly where you’d think they would based on the product pic (two on top under the glass and one on the bottom and the glass top. The bars are screwed in easily with the allen wrench provided. Then there are plastic floor guards that screw into the bottom part of the c sections, and then the glass top is screwed in from underneath. You can kind of see it in the product pic but the glass sits slightly atop the c sections and there are four visible nice silver nickel-width discs that sit between the glass and the table. We put a square placemat on top of it to protect the glass when we use it and it looks good.

This table looks nice and was put together fairly easily. We had none of the problems that some people have had. However, it does have its drawbacks. It was not tall enough to fit over the side arms of the sofa (or matching chair) and the mechanism of the (new for us) sofa (and matching chair) with their recline abilities prevented the table from being capable of being pushed under anyway. I caution people to measure their furniture carefully before ordering the tables designed to go under the couch or chair it will be utilized with — and to make sure there is enough free space beneath the piece to slide the table ‘leg’ under. Our table ended up being placed beside the combination rocker/lounger and works beautifully there. As an aside, this table does fit nicely under the middle of the couch (no reclining mechanism there) if that placement is what you’re looking for.

Better than i thought it would be. Works nicely sliding over the couch and has enough weight where a glass of water won’t tip it over. Glass (tempered) is nice dark tint and again heavy enough to have to worry about it. If i could ask for anything it would for rounded corners on the glass. Packaging was proper as well, box was broken but glass was in tact.

I have no desk in my tiny living room but with this table i am able to sit comfortably on my couch while being on my laptop. I do admit there’s one screw under the table that won’t stay in but i will be using glue to keep it in place. It was rather easy to assemble as well.

I liked this so much that i bought another for guests. I don’t want to have to share.

We have a large u-shaped couch in the basement with no good table options. This one is the perfect height to slide up over the cushions and put a drink or snack near me while we are laying down and watching movies in the basement. It is exactly what i needed at a great price. I have seen some comments from other reviewer’s about damage to the table or things wrong with their’s. Everything is in perfect working condition for mine and went together very easily. I am happy with the purpose and may get an additional one**if you found this review helpful please select the appropriate button to help my amazon profile.

I ordered this to put by the couch for my new samsung tablet. The size is great, and it slide under the couch so i can bring it up close. The only downside is that it is a little hard to level (has adjustable screws on the bottom). I also stuck little felt pads on the bottom so that it didn’t scratch the hardwood floors. Keep in mind that the top is glass, so it does show fingerprints worse than a wood one. Overall, i’m very pleased with it.

I would have given it 5 stars, but it was shorter than i expected. I have one that i purchased at pier one for a much steeper price that sits taller and i thought it would be the same. I do like it’s style and was a great buy. No tools are needed, it comes with everything to assemble so ignore the instructions regarding tools. All you need is a allen key, and it’s included. I highly recommend this table.

Easy to assemble and it looks quite nice. People have mentioned it breaking easily. I don’t see how that happens unless you’re moving it and it drops or you attempt to pick it up by the glass but for me it seems sturdy. I have my 55 in flat screen sitting atop of it. It deffo helps make your space.

We fight over who gets to use this table. It’s perfect for sitting on the couch and eating, working crosswords or even playing cards. It’s just the right height to go over your legs and the base slides under the coach or chair. I haven’t had any problems with the glass separating from the frame. We are careful to only move it by grabbing onto the frame.

It was really easy to put together and had no issues with it. There’s not much room between the top of my couch, and the bottom of the table, (probably only about 2 inches), but that’s what i was looking for, i wasn’t expecting it to be over my lap on top of the couch. The table is very sturdy, and after reading several reviews about the glass popping off the circles, i made sure to only tighten it enough to make it stable and not loose, but not super tight either. Great table, and definitely worth the money.

I like this table a lot, finding lot’s of uses for it on the couch. For snacks, put the projector on it, a drink. I put the lap top underneath the top on the couch cushion when i’m not using it. I like putting furniture together that i purchase online so i didn’t mind putting this together, wasn’t hard at all. I like the glass top, it’s tempered, it’s sturdy.

Love this table, was exactly what i wanted. Very easy to assemble and durable. My only complaint is the height. I wish it was higher, especially for eating off of. I have a normal size couch and the table sita just 2′ above the cushion. If you’re just looking for a place to sit your phone and drink on, i’d definitely recommend it. If you’re trying to eat or use your laptop on it, i’d look for a taller option.

Easy to put together , few screws here and there. Sturdy, not heavy therefore easy to move around to where ever u need it. The surface is bigger than i thought like a square glass. I can use it as a side table for my coffee or pull it in front and eat dinner on it.

Ameriwood Home Galaxy TV Stand – Minimal. Small Footprint. Modern.

This review is for the up to 70′ tv stand with drawers. I originally started putting this together thinking it would only take an hour or two, but no. This took me a solid five hours to put together. The instructions recommend two people, but, honestly, i don’t think having a second person there would have made the construction a) easier or b) faster. The instructions themselves are also not the best in the world. Even if you have experience putting various stands, tables, ikea-like constructables, this project will probably give you a stumbling block somewhere. Personally, i had to change the drawer tracks four times before i finally got them in the correct orientation. As others have said, the instructions are not clear. The instructions also start you off with putting all the cam bolts into the various pieces of wood to aid construction later on, although, due to the poor images in the manual, it can be difficult to tell exactly what holes you’re using. I skipped past that and went right to assembling things, so i could see exactly where everything went in relation to each other.

One corner was slightly scuffed but not noticeable and i’ll probably be able to get it out. Some people said the instructions are unclear; they’re not. If you pay attention and organize everything prior to starting it won’t take long at all. You do have to be careful of the cam locks, as too much force will crack them. Even tho it’s partical board it feels sturdy and solid. I put my 50 pound 65 inch vizio in it and so far it hasn’t collapsed.

This tv stand looks great in the description on amazon’s web site. The actual item, when it finally arrived (10 days) via ups shipping, falls short. The box it was shipped in was ragged from handling and had been dropped on one corner which resulted in a slightly dented shelf. Upon opening, the parts to the stand were neatly stacked in the box. However, it became clear that there were no construction instructions included. I went online and downloaded the instructions from ameriwoods site. How does a company not include instructions, especially 21 pages?.Additionally, of the 16 locks for inserts, which are necessary for construction, 5 were bent to the point they and to be bent back into shape.

  • I was worried about putting my 65′ tv but it feels really sturdy, good purchase ??
  • 70″ TV Stand Review
  • Good TV Stand with Some Nice Features

This darn thing has some serious issues. First: the glass shelf was suppose to slide into a mounting bracket to keep the shelf securely in place. Unfortunately the predrilled hole, that you screw the mounting bracket into, was not drilled in the correct location, and the shelf was completely blocked from sliding into the space because the mounting bracket actually blocked it. We had to slide the shelf in without the mounting bracket. Seems a bit dangerous, especially if you whack your shin on it in the dark. The entire shelf might go flying right out of the grooves, and take a person’s leg off. Secondly: the top of the two side panels would not line up properly. There is a gap of about 1/4′, but the television blocks this from view once it is mounted on the brackets. Thirdly: when we installed the bottom stand shelf, the part that keeps the entire thing from falling over, the screws went right through the particle board. Looks horrible if you view it from the right angle.

Very sturdy for my 50′ tv, ps4 and speakers. I love this set up b/c it is uncluttered and fits perfectly in my limited tv space. Not the easiest piece i have ever put together but if you take your time and read the instructions carefully you can get it done. Would definitely recommend this tv stand.

Features of Ameriwood Home Galaxy TV Stand with Mount for TVs up to 50″, Black

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Take advantage of small spaces by adding the Ameriwood Home Galaxy TV Stand to your living room, family room or dorm
  • Two fixed shelves and 2 storage cubbies make electronic organization simple
  • Two people are required for proper assembly. Dimensions: 49.0625″h x 29.5″w x 23.625″d. Shipping weight is approximately 38.59 lbs
  • The smooth black finish is accentuated by the glass shelf
  • This unit was constructed from laminated MDF and particleboard with a metal mount and tempered glass shelf

I will start by saying that when all is said and done, it’s actually a very nice stand, seems solid, and looks really nice. However, if you are not a handy person, just forget about assembling yourself. If everything goes together perfect, and you follow the instructions closely, you can get it together, but the hardware that is provided(screws, bolts, nuts, etc. ) is really cheap, and the machining is not very good. So the likely-hood that you will get through it without stripping a screw or cross threading a nut or bolt is slim at best. I’m a very handy guy with plenty of experience putting this kind of stuff together, and this thing kicked my but, i kept running into thread problems with the nuts and bolts, and also with some of the anchors in the press board. I recommend being very meticulous and careful when assembling, and maybe with some luck with getting good hardware, you can get it done, and have a really nice tv stand when done.

This tv mounung stand has really given our entertainment a clean polished look. We have a 40lb smart tv and have no concerns about the durability of the stand. This is great if you like the look of being mounted on the wall, without having to do the work of mounting and then having to install shelving for storage beneath the mount. I was not happy with the way the product was packaged. All boards were placed together with only a very thin, paper-like foam. This resulted in several scratches in the wood. Due to the heaviness and poor packaging, one of the o rings for cable management was also crushed upon delivery also. The directions are a little confusing, i recommend having two people put it together but doing it by yourself is possible. To clarify when you’re putting it together, there is only 1 ‘o’ board – the directions weren’t very clear on that.

The galaxy tv stand is a good piece of ‘assembly required’ home furniture. You will need some hand tools. Short handled screwdrivers are useful because the galaxy tv stand does assemble with a few tight areas. I would be very cautious with power tools because too much torque will easily ruin the press-board wood. That said, the assembly was overall pretty simple. I was able to assemble the unit in about two hours–note i am extremely ‘not handy’: if you are visual and good at projects, i imagine this may take you considerably less time. The finished product has some nice features that aren’t always found at this price point for furniture. The central stand (the neck between the base and you tv) assembles as a box and is great for hiding a lot of cords and wires. The tempered glass shelf is really sharp looking. And i like that the stand has little feet that i can put felt pads on to protect my new wood floors.

Be careful to install exactly as the instructions say and make sure everything is tight. A narrow stand like this could cause problems if you don’t install correctly. But if you do, it’s a great stand. Hold my 50′ panasonic perfectly. Takes up way less space than other stands. I would definitely recommenddefinitely don’t try anything above 50′. As you can see in my pic, my 50 is almost too big, but still looks great.

Not the fanciest stand on the planet but overall i’m very satisfied because the shelves are large and it’s a very practical piece of furniture if nothing else. Pay very close attention to the instructions when assembling it because i messed up with a minor thing and had to rebuild it all over again. Too bad i can’t remember what step it was anymore, sorry lol.

The stand is kinda low to the ground for my taste, which isnt a dealbreaker for me its a little bit smaller than i anticipated but it holds up my 65 inch t. Will update with pictures later. Picture of this stand supporting my 65′.

Looks just like in the picture. It took my husband and i about an hour to put it together. I liked how all the pieces came numbered in the little bags with how many each had inside, that was very helpful.

I put a couple of pieces together backwards and i’m afraid to take it apart so i just ordered some more black screw cover stickers so i can cover the screws. It’s short but i knew that when i ordered it. I just didn’t realize how short. My 50” is very secure though. I purchased a “like new” stand from amazon warehouse. For the price, i’m satisfied.

At first i was worried because the box it came in looked pretty beat up on one corner. But everything was in good condition and no damage after all. Putting it together took awhile even with 2 people. At the end it looks awesome.

I like this stand a lot and really hope to be able to use it. However, the last page of the directions states that it must be placed against a permanent wall. I had bought this for my very strangely shaped family room and hope to be able to put it in a corner. At the moment, it’s together and seems sturdy, but i will need to refigure all the furniture to use it and i am not sure that will be possible with the cables. It would have been nice if the specifics had said it needed to be placed against a wall. Perhaps i should have assumed that?my son helped me put this together and there were times the directions–which are all pictures–confused us a bit. It was hard to tell from some of the pictures just where some of the hardware went. Also, if i had not know already how to use the cam screws, we would have been lost.

Was getting tired of my very old and impractical tv stand. I wanted a cleaner and fresher look. Family member recently ordered the 70 inch stand (the model up from this with a drawer) i was impressed on how heavy the box was. There was no way i was going to a furniture store and paying 300 to 700 dollars for a stand like this. 00 for this with tax and free shipping thanks to amazon prime. It arrived in about a week, i didn’t really need it fast so i chose the slow delivery option. Have seen numerous complaints about boxes being damaged during shipping. Mine had a slight tear in the box, but all parts remained intact and didn’t get damaged. This can be a time consuming project. The instructions suggested 2 people for proper assembly. I was able, however to get it together all by myself. The instructions leave a lot to be desired, but if your good with visuals, and take your time you shouldn’t run into too many snags i would like to point out what issues i ran into. When mounting the bottom piece to the stand, you have to first put in 4 barrel nuts.

Opted for the 70′ for a 65′ lg oled tv, and it works perfectly. Ameriwood home galaxy tv stand with mount and drawers for tvs up to 70′ wide, blacksome tips (as mentioned by others here):1. Don’t overtighten, you will end up shattering the particle wood and never get it tight again. When putting the two drawers together, note that they are particular about how the side rails go on, and if you get it wrong, you will only find out after the whole stand is put together and you go to slide the drawers in. You will notice that one sits below the other :)take your time and review the instructions carefully. I was able to find an online version of the manual via the ameriwood website before purchase, so i was prepared and checked to make sure all parts were included before starting. All the parts have letters marked on them to indicate how they go together, which helps immensely. If you ever have to ship the whole thing back for whatever reason, it won’t be easy. Knocked one star off because one of the two plastic circle fittings that goes over the two holes on the back arrived shattered in the pack.

I am so thankful for my little drill. My regular elbow grease wasn’t enough. The instructions say don’t tighten too much but i had to take the entire column apart because it wasn’t tightened enough and the shelf to hold the glass wasn’t close enough together to get the screws in. There’s a bajillion pieces and it took me longer than it has ever taken me to out anything together. But it is together and holding my 49 inch roku tv it feels sturdy. Just wish assembly wasn’t so intense. For the same price or a couple more dollars i’m sure i could have gotten something that didn’t feel like chinese arithmetic.

Have had it for about 2 months exactly what i expected, i was worried about putting my 65′ tv but it feels really sturdy, good purchase ??.

Took awhile for it to become because of the shipping company. Amazon tried their best but the shipper wasn’t good. I love this product but two things i must say is that the glass piece doesn’t seem completely stable. I feel like the design could of been better. If you’re trusting your devices to sit on it or below it, you want to feel safe. But it doesn’t give you that security. Which is really upsetting because the picture advertise that it’s clear. But even after all that i got a great price for it.

First want to note that i have only had this for a week. Looks good and functions like it should. There was some scuffing/scratches on the ventral surface of the base piece, but one has to be super close to notice it. I considered giving this only 3 stars after going through the hellish nightmare that was the assembly. Instructions need more pictures and more text. For something that looks so simple and relatively uniform in design, the assembly of this product was very involved and frustrating. I have put beds and dressers together faster. It took me about 3 hours to assemble this product, and that was after 15 minutes of fighting to get through the packaging (great if deterring theft). The negative aside, the product is as i wanted — a wall mount like feature for my television that takes up little space and looks modern. If you have more than a single dvd player or cable box that you want to plug with your television, you will have to do some decision making as to where and how to organize the boxes on the limited shelf space.

Since i’d just shelled out a bunch of money for a new tv, speakers, and new graphics adapter for my pc i wanted to go cheap on the stand. I was definitely worried about the qualify of this product, but so far it’s worked well. Setting it up was almost a breeze even without anyone to help me. For one or two of the first few pieces it wasn’t entirely clear which way the boards should face, but after that the instructions were perfectly clear and assembly easy. Having two people to put it together would definitely have been easier at times. All the boards felt sturdy enough and when assembled the stand as a whole felt sturdy. Mounting the tv was easy and so far i don’t see any risk of tipping. None of the exterior coating on the wood is peeling, and the solid black looks reasonably good for being a low-end product. The two shelves provide plenty of space for my speakers, xbox, etc.

First order had 3 parts missing,called mfg. For parts and was told to send back as parts were not available. Amazon sent return shipping and shipped another quickly. All the parts were included with 2nd package but 2 parts were not pre drilled and had to do so myself. Instructions were pretty straight forward and took about 40 minutes to complete once i drilled holes. I did have my 11 year old daughter help as a 2nd set of hands are helpful for a few steps. Not a bad stand but wasn’t very happy about sending first package back and getting another not completely ready to assemble.