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Butterfly Craze

Butterfly Craze Flower Area Rug : Warped from moisture?

Small, but great for my 2 year old daughter’s room – she loves it and uses it as a bed for her dolls and stuffed animals.

Purchased as a gift, but the recipient loves it.

These are cute, but more of a sitting mat than a rug. They were also too small for our space so i needed to return them. But if you’re looking for mats for a reading nook or circle, these would be perfect.

Absolutely adorable,looks just like the picture.

Really nice quality, however, slides on the floor – non skid doesn’t work.

Flower Area Rug for Kids Girls Room, Girls Area Rugs, Girls Room & Baby Nursery Floor Rugs, Kids Room Decorative 25″ Daisy Flower Pink Rug Mat (Purple) : I ordered it to go in the princess tent i ordered for my granddaughter and i can’t wait to give it to her on her birthday.

It’s beautiful but also has a chemical odor. I purchased it along with a castle tent with the intention of putting the rug inside the tent, however since the rug is not machine washable it was inappropriate to place in the tent because of the odor.

I expected this rug to be non-slippery on the bottom. However, it’s the perfect size for what i had in mind. I organized a little reading nook in my daughter’s room, complete with toddler-sized armchair. I put this rug in front of her chair. It’s cute and colorful, but very slippery on our wood floors.

I was disappointed upon receiving my rug. I guess i didn’t really understand the dimensions, i realize it is a child’s rug but even so it is really tiny. I this no i would like it if it were about twice the size it is. It appears to be well made and i like the colors. I have the large pillows in green which are perfect for the room, i was expecting something equally attractive hence my disappointment. Oh well i guess i’ll have to find a different rug, at least it wasn’t too expensive.

We initially liked this rug a lot. It’s a really cute addition to a kid’s bedroom, and i was considering getting more. However, after about a month, the foam inside ours warped a bit, so that a couple of the petals are lifting up off the ground. We fiddled with it several times and tried to adjust the foam inside the fabric to lay flat, but after a day or so it would warp back up again. My best guess is that the problem stems from my kid standing or lying on the mat after a bath while she was still damp. We don’t let her do that anymore, but of course the damage is done and the rug hasn’t returned to lying flat. I’m not sure i have enough faith in the mat’s construction to buy a replacement at the current price.

Would order a larger one next time.

Got item in a timely manner. Smaller than i expected for the price. Rug is very soft and pretty, i think it would look beautiful in a room with wood colored floors. Would be nicer to use it as a reading rug. My granddaughter loves it and that’s all that matter.

Very soft,my daughter loves them.

It’s small and about an inch thick.

Smaller than what i was expecting but soft and my 3 yr old loves it.

Very nice, color is perfect for little girls i would have given it a higher rating but was disapointed by the size.

It is so soft and beautiful.

I bought these rugs for my granddaughters and they love them. I’m a very satisfied customer.

Beautiful my dougther love it.

Best bargain i’ve found that is durable, soft, with just enough cushion for a little one, it’s cute, and down right adorable. I bought this for my grand baby to put in her princess tent. My girls, who are adlults now, are in love with this flower rug. They wished they had something like this for their princess castle, as a child.

. Perfect in my daughters room.

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Flower Area Rug for Kids Girls Room, Girls Area Rugs, Girls Room & Baby Nursery Floor Rugs, Kids Room Decorative 25" Daisy Flower Pink Rug Mat (Purple)
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