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Collections Etc Micro Fleece Quilted Furniture Protector Cover : great product for the money

It’s soft and works well if you have a thinner armed chair. Most of the recliners i see do not have the thinner arms and will have the same problem we have with the pockets not hanging on the sides. The pockets not hanging on the sides almost defeats their convenience in the first place. We’ve had our chair cover for a couple of years now and it has held up decently aside from the pocket issue.

I liked mine so much i bought one for my husband’s chair. It has a cozy feel to the material.

Micro Fleece Quilted Furniture Protector Cover with Pockets, Burgundy, Sofa

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  • Protect your furniture from daily wear and tear, spills and stains! Ideal for homes with babies, kids, and shedding cats or dogs as a pet couch protector.
  • Features handy pockets on the arm, perfect for holding reading materials, glasses, remote controls and more
  • Micro fleece adds softness and warmth to your furniture
  • Arm Length is 21″ long. Size options for Chair (Seat: 23″W, Back: 39″H), Recliner (Seat: 23″W, Back: 47″H) Loveseat (Seat: 46″W, Back: 39″H) Sofa (Seat: 68″W, Back: 39″H)
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Not bulky at all, washes easily. Keeps stains off my light tan recliner.

This was exactly what i wanted, the only thing wrong with it is it moves around a lot. I’m always having to straighten it out. I rigged up some straps in the back to keeps the back from falling down in the seat. I do like the pockets on the armrests.

The pockets are plenty and deep. If anything happens to this one i will be buying a replacement immediately.

Micro Fleece Quilted Furniture Protector Cover with Pockets, Burgundy, Sofa : There are a number of products that appear to do the same thing. In my case i was looking to cover up an old worn recliner (not protect a new one) and a place to keep a plethora of remotes, phones and (of course) my kindle. I read a number of reviews and settled on this one to try and i’m very pleased that i did. Although i anticipated it slipping off the back as other protective towels or doilies have, the fleece material against the fabric chair seem to have formed if not a symbiotic relationship, certainly a close friendship and i haven’t even opened the pack of twist pins i bought in anticipation of the delivery. For the record, there are pockets on both arm flaps. When i originally order this, the supplier was out of them and although they duly wrote me via amazon’s message center, i did not “find” the message for a while. Not the supplier’s problem, but i do think amazon could better mark a route to the buyer/seller communication center.

Bought for the hubby and it fits his large recliner good. Only problem is, it does not stay on the recliner. The back falls down and the sides fall in. I’m gonna try to sew some elastic on it and see if that works.

I was actually surprised at how much i like these. They stay in place really well. We have two different types of recliners and this fits both of them wonderfully. That being said, we have a few cats and while they don’t claw at the furniture someone’s claw got caught on the seat and it made a little snag, i trimmed it and you would never know. A huge plus is the are washable, for the money, i couldn’t ask for more and yes, i would buy them again.

This looks good on my kitten beaten clawed leather covered swivel, cozy chair. I will be pairing it with a fancy pillow to enhance & modernize the look. I just wished this company had more colors to choose from.

It is a nice cover but not quite wide enough for my recliner. It is 20′ from seam to seam across the seat, so if yours is smaller then mine , then that might work for you. The fabric seem very light but feels nice, and the seams are well done. I will get back here for an update in a few months. Right now it gets an easy 4 stars, lets see what the future brings. It will need some wearing and some washing to show its true colors.

After a lot of searching, and even purchasing terrible furniture covers, i found collection’s collection. These are heavy, well made, wash well and they stay put on my fabric couch, loveseat and lounge chair.

Nice material and fits well on a standard size recliner but not on a big lazyboy recliner.

This furniture protector looks okay when first put on my recliner. However, as soon as i recline, the whole nice arrangement seems to ‘come down. ‘ what i mean; the arms shift from their positions, as well as the other parts. And then, when i sit back up, all parts of this product must be rearranged. Otherwise, it will look like just a mess of material on the recliner. Perhaps i misunderstood something about this product. Maybe it is not meant for a recliner. If your chair is not designed as a recliner, or if it is but you never or rarely recline in it, than this issue might not be as much of a problem for you.

I have a very tiny ‘ladies’ lazyboy, this fit it perfectly and it washes wonderful. The pockets are sloppy open because the material is not reinforced but i’m fine with that. One of the big pockets i took a top stitch to hold it closed for my candy pocket which i like to have loaded with fun treats to toss out to people when we’re chatting.

I am very happy with this recliner protector. I bought it because my bonded leather recliner is too cool in the winter. This cover is soft and comfortable. I love the pockets, i use them for my tv remote and other items i don’t want to reach for. I knew before i bought it that there were problems with it not staying put, but i planned a diy workaround for it. I have not gotten around to implementing the fix yet.

I just wanted to cover an old leather recliner since it had some rips in it. The cover looks really good and is super soft but doesn’t stay on the back of the chair.

I like the function of the side pockets and the material was very soft. My issue is that it was constantly moving since there’s nothing non-skid on the back or a way to keep it in place.

I really like the way this cover looks and it is very comfortable to sit on. However it is not wide enough for my couch which is standard size. Also it doesn’t have a strap or anything to keep it on the couch and since my dogs get up and down often, i’m constantly having to readjust.

Should have thought about the fact that we have 2 big man lazy boys so these really are not big emough for the chairs. We are trying to find a way t make them work because they are very nice looking and feel great.

This was a gift and a often not easy to please person really likes this cover. It stays in place, was easy to fit to the chair, and the side pockets are very convenient. The color was slightly darker thank expected, but the construction pretty good. It’s a little bit thin, but for the money, i am pleased with my purchase and she is pleased with the gift.

Wish it was longer and actually covered the footstool part of my recliner. Instead it is a very short flap which often ends up folded into the open spot when the footstool portion is closed.

The cover is a bit narrow for my chairs. They appear to be made for smaller recliners, the photo is a dead give away. They don’t cover overstuffed recliners completely. I read the reviews and seen one that said they stayed in place on their own. I tried both the fleece and cotton sides down, they crawl off the chair no matter how i place them. Otherwise, they are nice, well made, and worth the money, but you will need secure pins to keep them put.

Reversible Quilted Furniture Cover : easy to wash material

Nice for my couch – see pic. I’m using these on my couch with dual recliners so i can lower the table in the middle and don’t have to take off the cover.

Fits wonderfully and looks nice in the chocolate brown recliner everyone in our home used to avoid because of disliking the “stickiness” of leather – problem solved and elegance maintained. Very easy to vacuum and wipe off if needed as well.

Love this and washes really well if needed.

These are great for animal lovers. I have always hated the “stretch over the sofa” furniture covers. I have a dog who lays on the sofa beside me and have been using various things to cover it. But this cover is a perfect design to cover what you need to, and look a little tailored, too. I would, however, make a couple of improvements if i was making them. I would put velcro on the back and arms to keep the fabric from moving around. I don’t need for it to be reversible. I would also improve the quality of fabric a little. I suspect they won’t last very long, but for the price, i like it.

  • Found this not big enough for my recliner.
  • Nice for my couch – see pic!
  • If you have animals these covers are great!! Easy to clean in washer

Reversible Quilted Furniture Cover, Burgundy/Taupe, Recliner, Quilted

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  • Protect your upholstered furniture from spills, stains and shedding cats, dogs or other pets
  • Great solution for baby or child proofing your home
  • Easily clean up all the messes of daily life in no time
  • Machine washable
  • Available in multiple sizes: Chair, Recliner, Loveseat, Sofa

What more could one ask for.

Blends in with my 4 sofas, 2 darker green and 2 lighter green. Stays in place considering my 63 pound dog uses the sofas sometime as a springboard. Very easy to reposition on sofa putting the seat flap under the cushion keeps it place. Couldn’t be happier with these covers. Beats mismatched blankets that won’t stay in place. Protects the sofas very well.

It”s nice, but would have liked it 4-6 incheslonger as chair is little bigger than most.

Nice for my couch – see pic. I’m using these on my couch with dual recliners so i can lower the table in the middle and don’t have to take off the cover.

Fits really well and looks great for the price. Nice color(s) and fits okay. I am using those little screw pins used on bedskirts to hold it to the sides and back of our catnapper recliner. I would have liked for the front piece to be longer to fit on the entire foot rest, but that is its only drawback. Quality workmanship and washes quite well. I recommend it and will probably get another one.

Is constantly slipping off chair.

If you have animals these covers are great. If you have animals these covers are great .Dry them in dryer or hang out on line they are great. Easy to roller brush if a quick fix is needed too.

What more could one ask for.

Provides protection from my shedding cats.

Love this and washes really well if needed.

It”s nice, but would have liked it 4-6 incheslonger as chair is little bigger than most.

The color is good and we are pleased. The chair cover was as advertised and fits perfectly. The color is good and we are pleased.

Fits good, but does move around a bit. For the price it is tolerable.

If you have animals these covers are great. If you have animals these covers are great .Dry them in dryer or hang out on line they are great. Easy to roller brush if a quick fix is needed too.

I like the reversible part but the top part i needed. I like the reversible part but the top part i needed to put elastic on to hold it in place as it kept falling down.

Not very high quality and won’t last very long.

Washes really good just what i need to keep the chair clean.

Not a secure fit around the back of my recliner. . The straps are not shown on the picture. They are not stretchy enough to go around the back of my recliner.