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Flash Furniture

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Leather Swivel Task Chair : Good value for money

All i can is this chair is excellent it is so comfortable and at the same time you can slide all over the room with ease very comfortable i would give it a 10 star.

I just put it together, just 12 screws, so very simple assembly. The one tool needed is provided in the box. This is a super nice chair for the price. Looking it over, i only see 1 issue. I don’t like the zipper on the cover on the back. I wish it was just stitched. I hope that zipper holds up. If not, i guess i’ll be stitching it myself. It’s headed to my daughters room for her desk.

Have been through a lot of desk chairs over the years, but i like the quality of this one. Important to note, there are 5 base arms and they are metal, not the cheap plastic i have had break down on me many times. Very easy to assemble, had it put together in about 15 mins. I bought this through the amazon warehouse deals section and it was labelled as good which means possible blemish. There was not one problem with this chair, judging by the packaging and the fact that the hardware was all over the place in the box, it was probably a return. Their loss, my gain, i highly recommend this chair. Its comfortable and thankfully for once, the bolts that attach the seat to the pedestal base don’t come through the cushion (a common problem i have always experienced). The seat cushion is pretty nice, not too fluffy but also not thin. I am very pleased with this purchase.

I’m a 5’5″, 26 year old, kinda-adult female whose kinda chubby (like if i could just get my life together and just lose 30lbs i would be good) and my fat ass fits in this chair just fine. I like to sit indian style in it and draw or work on boring adult stuff. If you or your child can “barely” fit in this chair that is a personal problem, don’t take it out on the chair. It’s not ergonomic but i got it for $50 so i wasn’t expecting it to feel like i was sitting on a cloud, this is not jesus’ office chair it’s an inexpensive one off amazon. Look where you are and low your standards accordingly. It was easy to assemble, it has wheels and arm rests, it leans back, it’s nicer then the one at walmart that is the same price and has no arm rests. Office chairs are expensive but if you want one that lasts forever, can hold up you and your fat ass kid together, and feels like your butt cheeks are being cuddled by two clouds then be prepared to spend at least $200. Otherwise this is a great chair for the price, i use it daily and have had no problems.

  • Looks good, but not practical for long sitting sessions.
  • This means that there is a good length of sitting area that is reduced
  • A nice comfy chair to use at home at the computer

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Leather Swivel Task Chair with Arms

  • Contemporary Task Chair
  • Mid-Back Design
  • Tilt Lock Mechanism
  • Tilt Tension Adjustment Knob. Nylon Arms
  • Swivel Seat Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment
  • Black LeatherSoft Upholstery
  • LeatherSoft is leather and polyurethane for added Softness and Durability

I received this chair two days ago because i needed something for my desk since i work from home. It was also super easy to put together. Took me less than thirty minutes. Used it that first day and everything was great. Well the next day i work a 11. 5 hour day and by the end of the day my butt is hurting. The padding has already been smooshed down, there is absolutely not comfort there. No, its not an expensive chair and i shouldn’t be surprised. But i would have thought the padding would be atleast last a bit longer than one day.

Pretty good considering the price you pay. It feels like it’s quality built and it was very easy to put together. I wouldn’t recommend this chair for larger people though. The space between the non adjustable arms is quite narrow. This also isn’t an all-day sitting chair. It’s good for about 4-5 hours in my experience. You’ll have to spend more to get a chair with all-day comfort and support. But for the price, i recommend it.

For the cost of the chair its great and comfortable, but as some have mentioned, its smaller than one would assume. I’m 5’9″ and about 150lbs, and this comes up to the middle of my shoulder blades when sitting erect. The claims about not being able to lean back are in my experience so far, not true, it has a lean back feature, and i’m slouching as i type this. I have added photos of it at my desk that depict it next to me to demonstrate scale. This is not a chair for a big person, in terms of height or weight. I would definitely recommend this product to a friend.

I accidentally purchased this chair using the one-click feature on my phone and when i got it, was thinking of sending it back, but my husband wanted it, so we kept it. It was fairly easy to put together; took about 20 minutes. Goes up and down nicely, swivels well too, but the arms are not very far apart, so if you have wider hips, it’s not super comfortable. Also, the way it sits on the top of the base (no screws), it doesn’t always feel like it is very secure. If i were really in the market for an office chair, i would rather have tried something out at a local retailer and then considered purchasing online depending on sale price.

This chair is very good for the price. The seat is firm, but very comfortable & the back is just the right size (i’m about 5’3″ so finding a chair can be tough). The wheels roll smoothly & i don’t feel like i’m going to fall when i lean back a bit. I would be surprised if it is actually leather as the description states, but it doesn’t have that sticky feel that some vinyls do, so it’s fine for my purposes. The seat itself is kind of small (plenty wide, but not very deep). I didn’t realize it until this chair came, but i like to sit “criss-cross-applesauce” in my desk chair & this seat doesn’t allow this. All in all, this fills my needs & was a great value.

I bought this chair because it was quite a bit cheaper than all of the ones i saw in local stores by at least 40 bucks or more. So far it is a sturdy chair, easy to put together and fits under my short desk and accommodates my short legs so they can touch the ground. The chair is lacking some quality cushion but that is to be expected for such a low price. My main problem is that this chair is so narrow. I would really like some extra but space, but thats what you get when buy online. Keeping the chair because it essentially does the job and is moderately comfortable.

This chair could possibly survive a nuclear attack. I haven’t seen a metal office chair with padding and arm rests since the days when pin-up posters were common place in american shops and businesses. As i was assembling it i found myself humming the fallout 3 theme and the tune to the closing credits of dr. Strangelove, vera lynn’s “we’ll meet again”it really seems to be a tough and durable chair. I gave this chair a low review at first because they forgot to put screws in the shipment but i called up the number on the side of the shipping box and they responded quickly with the parts to put it together.

Nice chair, easy to put together, simple instructions, don’t really need them. Neat that it tilts back and forth for the price of the chair, all the chairs i’ve had were cheap, didnt tilt. If i only i could remove side arm bars, sometimes i don’t like them, if i do remove them, it removes the back support pad; the arm bars are screwed with the seat and back padding with 2+2 each bar 8 total. Has a black fat knob on the bottom of chair, don’t whats its for, maybe adjustment of some type i didnt bother to see whats it for. Seems like your everyday generic office chair, wouldnt say office cause offices i’ve seen rely on those 300$ plus chairs in which i can’t find on amazon sadly 🙁 more like just home office. Does scare me sometimes when i tilt back all the way, feels like i’m going to fall backwards, isnt the first time hehe. See how long before the leather type fabric starts to crack on me perhaps or tear.

The chair is also comfortable, i just wish it would go up a little higher as it sinks a little when you sit. But for the price point it’s great and comfortable. Just watch out, food crumbs do tend to get stuck on the lining at the edge of the seat. Also for taller people, it may not cover your entire back (if you care about that sort of thing). For reference, i am 5’9 and it cuts of about an inch before hitting my shoulders. This may be bothersome for taller people who like to lean back. Chair is wide enough for me, but i can see this being an issue for heavier set people. For reference, i’m 175lbs and can comfortably sit with my legs apart. But if i were 50lbs heavier it would start to get uncomfortable.

Okay, i just got my chair today, and after building and using it, there are 2 big gripes i have with the chair. The back of the chair was designed to sit on top of the seat, rather than behind it. This means that there is a good length of sitting area that is reduced. Essentially, unless your under 5’6″ (i’m 6’2″), a great majority if your legs is going to not be on the chair. I think this may be a manufacturing error, but the leaning mechanism on my chair was backwards, meaning that chair leaned forwards and locked forwards. At first, i thought that i had put it on backwards, until i realized something. For one, the front of the seat was matching the front of the lift mechanism, and also, it can’t be put on the other way while using all 4 screws on the bottom. For whatever reason, the distance between the 2 screw holes on the top are closer than the 2 on the bottom, which means for me to be able to lean back, i could only use 2 screws to attach the chair to the lift mechanism.

I saw post about this being a small chair. I agree but needed a smaller new chair for my elderly father who is slim and 5′ 6”. I purchased expensive chairs for him and he didn’t like them. He had an old chair that was worn out then thrown out just like this chair. He likes this chair after i purchased 2 $150-$250 chairs. Now i am 6′ 2″ medium build at 210 lbs. I sat in it and it was too small even with the height adjustment. So if you are a man or women or young adult who is slim and under 185 lbs it will work. There also isn’t a ton of padding but it is adequate. I would say its a good chair for the money for the right sized person.

Now that i have this chair assembled i am in love with it. When i bought this chair it only had three reviews and i was hesitant to buy it because there were comparable chairs with many more reviews, but i decided to give this chair a chance because i loved the way it looked in the picture. At its price point the chair looks and feels about as good as it gets. The leather is soft and feels good on your skin. I am writing this review because i don’t think anyone has accurately described the level of difficulty putting this chair together. The package comes with an inventory list and picture instructions(no words). The instructions are very easy to follow and simple in procedure, however, i found every screw to be a real chore to tighten down all the way with the included hex wrench. I am a pretty strong guy and it required just about every bit of torque that my wrist could produce to tighten each screw down all the way. I was worried on several occasions that i may have been stripping the screws. I started putting this chair together myself but this job really requires help to hold things in place while you screw things in. I strongly recommend rotating, tightening each screw a little bit at a time. In the end, once all the screws were all the way in, the chair has come together to be rock solid and i am very happy with my purchase as i have never had such a nice chair at my home computer.

I was quite excited to get this, as my old chair was extremely broken and causing me a lot of pain. And while i’m not grossly displeased with this chair, neither am i gushing with praise here. First, assembly was simple and straightforward. The only issue i had was a little difficulty with the arm by the height adjustment lever, as the lever is a little in the way. Nothing major, just required a little more work. Second, the leather is nice and soft, and i really like how it feels. However, it is also thin, so you will want to be careful not to bang it around. My desk is an old office writing desk, not designed for computers, so the entry is a little narrow and this chair bumps into it a lot. This resulted in me damaging the leather a bit where it bumped.

So i bought this chair because it was cheap. Figured it was full size and just made out of pleather so they can keep it cheat. I didnt realize it was a kids size. Im sitting in it atm and im pretty sure im gonna go back to my full size chair and give this to my little sister.

For it’s price point, it’s better than what you think, however, it is what it is; a cheap office chair. Overall it’s solid quality, however if your a frequent pc user/gamer the padding will wear out very quickly. Also to note mine started falling apart, literally, last night. So if you can afford it, spend the money, get a higher quality chair. If your on a budget, this is a good pick, it’ll get you motivated to working towards a higher end chair.

I spent much time online looking at computer chairs and reading reviews in the 100$ price range. Many chairs that i found looked nice had many reviewers complaining about the quality. I found this one here on amazon but with 1-2 reviews i browsed on other sites for some more feedback. The reviews seemed all positive so i gave it a go. I received the chair this morning and first thing i noticed was the box. The box was smashed beat up and abused (which scared me) all the contents seemed unharmed and everything was all there (well except one thing) a ‘screw’. The assembly took me only about 15-30 minutes by myself. The instructions used pictures instead of words but it was very straight forward. The overall quality of this chair is excellent for the cost. It doesn’t feel cheap or look cheap like most chairs under 100$.

I suppose i reserve 5 stars for the platonic chair in the mind of god. I have to say that i do not understand the 1 star reviews, which must be the product of material failures and/or some sort of packaging errors. I had a luxurious executive chair from costco, but the leather pealed after 5 years, and i spent most of my time cleaning up bits of black leather from the carpet. I bought this chair to replace it. Assembly took 20 minutes and can be done alone, but having a friend to help would be good when holding the pieces together to be screwed in. Follow the pictorial instructions; they are excellent. The chair is sturdy, essentially heavy metal and is by no means too small. The chair does not encourage long long periods in front of the computer, which is good. That is, it’s not so luxurious that you can sink into it for hours. But it is very comfortable for whatever academic work you might be doing at a desk or on the computer. Backrest moves back comfortably; hydraulic system works well. All this is based on day one, hour one of ownership and use.

I really like this chair a lot. I purchased it for several reasons, one being the seat height. I have a very tall desk with the computer high on a platform. This chair can lift me to the height i needed though my feet rest on the legs. It doesn’t not lean back very much and the knob to adjust the tilt is kind of difficult to twist thats why i am giving it only 4 stars. The first chair i received had a broken hydraulic. However, the company sent me a new chair in less than a week. It was not at all a hassle so i am happy about that. I am a petite girl of 5’1” and 115 lbs. I think the chair fits me just perfectly.

Flash Furniture Contemporary Hot Pink Vinyl Kids Recliner – Won’t regret purchasing this chair!

My youngest of 3 yrs is what i call a roughien. She is so rough with every thing. Pleasingly, the chairs have withheld her abuse. These chairs definitely obtain the 3 big factors mom’s look for; looks great and adds to the room decor , doesn’t stain which makes them easy to clean & the kiddo’s love it.

Very cute and my daughter loves it, however, i really wish the chair would stay reclined. There is no locking mechanism so that when she climbs in and out it doesn’t fall right back into the regular position. Overall was worth it but really wish that wasn’t an issue. She gets so upset when it doesn’t stay reclined.

I ordered two of these chairs. The colors are beautiful and vibrant. Putting them together was a piece of cake. One for my 4 year old and the other for my 1 year old. It was a little tall and hard for my 1yo to climb into (hence the little blue stool) but with the stool he climbs in and out just fine. And my 4 year old loves it and has no difficulty getting in and out. Only thing that seems to be a little issue is the fact that when the chairs are in “recliner” mode it doesn’t quite stay. When my 4 year old tries to recline in it and puts his legs out the chair doesn’t hold. It’s almost as if his legs are too heavy?.And the chair closes on him.

  • Perfect for my 3 and 5 year with plenty of room for growth!
  • Good purchase. Easy to use, even for young ones.
  • Adorable for 2 year old

Set up was supper easy one person can do it. Cup holder is perfect for his chocolate milk. Fabric is easy to clean in case of a spill. He finds it hard to push back and recline but nothing we can help him with. My mother in law sat in it she’s about 150lbs and it did not brake luckily lol my son just really wanted her to sit in it. I like it, he likes it and enjoys it very much.

Very sophisticated and sturdy chair. My almost 2 year old seems to like it. The recliner part is not easy for a kid to do. It requires pushing back on the chair with some strength. When we first got it, yesterday, my son would sit in it and then i would lift the foot extension part up for him which kind of freaked him out. Today he has already found his own solution. He lifts up the foot part and then climbs into the chair from the side. The seat itself is a little stiff/poofy but i believe that he will break it in over time. While it is only day two, i have no regrets about buying this chair.

Features of Flash Furniture Contemporary Hot Pink Vinyl Kids Recliner with Cup Holder and Headrest

  • Child Sized Recliner
  • Plush Padding for Extra Comfort
  • Oversized Headrest with Additional Headrest Cover Included
  • Durable Hot Pink Vinyl Upholstery
  • Easy to Clean Upholstery with Damp Cloth
  • Cup Holder in armrest
  • Solid Hardwood Frame
  • Raised Black Plastic Feet
  • 90 lb. Weight Limit
  • CA117 Fire Retardant Foam

Our 2 year old son love his chair and will sit in it when he watches his favorite shows or movies. It’s made of good material and is easy to clean. The cup holder is large enough to hold any of his cup or snacks. It reclines and is easy to maneuver. The chair is not very heavy either.

I bought this little cute couch to match my parents new couch they had just recently purchased for their living room. This couch was specifically for my son who is turning 2 really soon and loves to sit on small couches for some odd reason. Upon receiving it, i didn’t think it would be any good based on the price and wow, was i mistaken. This little cute couch came packaged well and was extremely easy to assemble. Only need to screw on the bottom pegs and click the back of the couch to the seat. The material obviously isn’t real leather but its still made with pretty darn good materials. I’ve had it for about 2 months now and my son just cannot get over it. He likes to sit with his grandpa and watch a movie.

We bought two, one for my 6year old, and the other for a 3 year old. Perfect for the little guy with some room to grow. For the 6 year old it may be a bit too small. Her head stick above the top. Still usable, but not for long. Quality of the build is pretty good. Fabric seems pretty durable, kids haven’t ripped it in the first week just yet. Overall we really like this as an addition to our living room.

Bought this little chair for my 1 year old gradson. I spent a hour looking at all the different kid recliner chairs on amazon, and was worried that it wouldn’t be good quality with such a good price. My son just texted me a picture of my grandson in the chair. My son says the leather is better quality than his recliner. I’m a happy grandma with my decision to purchase this chair.

The color looks more coral in the picture and in person it is a soft baby pink but i am still giving it 5 stars because it is the cutest chair and very sturdy. I am sitting in it now as i am typing and it is very soft and sturdy. My 1 year old daughter is going to love this so much, she’s obsessed with chairs and now she has one of her very own.

Excellent for the price we paid which was around the vicinity of 89. We also had a gift card which made it cheaper for us personally. It’s a really great chair and looks rather luxurious for a toddler chair. I would be a little disappointed if i purchased the chair for my son if her were older than maybe 3?.I can’t imagine this chair being comfortable for a 5year old or older. The back could be a little taller as well.

Perfect for my 1 and 3 year old. I think they are good for ages 1 to 5 for the size of the recliner. Honestly, i probably wouldn’t have even bought one for my bigger 3 year old. She really is almost getting too big for it. I didn’t want them fighting over it. One came a day earlier than the other. They were fighting like hell to both sit on it. I’m glad we only had one day of fighting the other came the very next day.

I did have difficulty with shipping and delivery. The first time i attempted to buy two of them one of my orders got cancelled and i had to rebuy my second one. You can imagine how devastated it was for a two year old who had to wait four more days to get her own. Otherwise the product is good and now thing is wrong with it. I have a 6 year old who is on the shorter side and she is to big for these chairs. Was hoping they were bigger but they will work for my young kiddos.

We now have 3 of these as each princess ‘needs’ one. They match perfect with our couch which is why we originally got the first one. Love the cup holder feature and that it reclines. I would definitely recommend.

Bought these as gifts for two youngest grandchildren. Thought hard between fabric or leather. After first day of the youngest one drooling all over it – i was definitely glad we got the leather. The other one is in the process of ‘potty training’. No accidents in chair – yet. Looks nice with other furniture in their living room. Was very easy to assemble back onto the chair. Everything else is assembled. I did it myself, even though it does say two people.

I ordered them for my 1 year old and (tall) 3 year old. I was so sick of scrubbing down the cheaper character themed chairs because they got so dirty so easily. They are certainly large enough for both my kids and they enjoy them so much. I ordered purple because at the time they were $30 cheaper than the other colors.

I have a 10 mos and 5yrs boys and they love these chairs. My 5 year old is 4ft 2in and sits comfortable in this chair. The bay can climb in but not out so i am glad i got two so they can have their own recliners. Because i have tall children i was skeptical from some of the reviews but i decided to choose for myself and i am so excited i did. I now have an area for my boys to sit and enjoy snacks at the little table i got them without any issues.

This turned out to be a really adorable sturdy little chair that was easy to assemble (feet and the backrest) in about 5 minutes. Got it for a average size two year old, and he will definitely be able to use for several years. It reclines smoothly, and the material seems fairly hard to puncture, even with my kid and a cat climbing all over it. We have had it for a month now and no tears or marks, food and drink wipe off easily. Cupholder is a little small for standard sippy cups. Find that it is safer to back it up to a wall or other furniture because when climbed on it can tip over but that might just be my kid.

Well made, sturdy , perfect for our two year old son. It is easy to clean and light enough to move if need be. If you are debating which chair to get for your child, this is it. The color is great and it has held up our rambunctious two year old.It reclines very easily and our son absolutely loves it.

The chair came in this past saturday. My grand daughter was very excited. I unpacked carefully and followed the directions. I started putting the chair legs twisting it into the screw mounts under the chair. The first 3 went in no problem but the last one was stripped. It took me over 1 hour to do a fix for the plastic screw in leg would hold. So far the chair is holding up well but didn’t like the additional time to fix something that should not have been broken in the first place.

Had it about 2 weeks now and could not even be happier about this chair. Got it for our little girl for christmas after going back and forth for days over the different kinds. The quality of this is amazing. The leather is a beautiful matte finish and well made and put together. The cup holder is great i know i read a review about that somewhere. It reclines not easy but not hard either. Just the right amount of pressure bu my little one is only 18 months. Can’t do it on her own yet but i count that as a good thing. She has even stood in it and the chair’s weight prevents tipping but she and i can move it about pretty easily.

This chair is absolutely adorable. Right when my husband opened the box to put it together (2 piece assembly, simple) my son was all over it. He knew exactly where to put his juice cup. It may take him a while to figure out how to recline it (being he’s only 15 months old), but with the quality of the cushioned seat, this should last quite a while.

Bought two for great-grandsons. Assembly extremely simple (screw on four legs, chair-back has guides that lock onto mechanism. Jtwo and a half year-old boy has no trouble reclining. Even uses foot rest to hide his thomas trains from his eight-month old brother. Little brother thinks he’s a hot shot when he sits in his chair. Older boy now lets dad sit in the big chair.

Flash Furniture Vibrant and Chrome Drafting Stool – in front of my standing desk when I feel like sitting down for a while

So, when folks complain about the seat being slippy. The seat is ‘slippy’ because the back rest does sit back enough and/or cant be adjusted for proper bun placement. Also, this seat can’t be lowered for standard table height. 21′ is the height of seat–which makes it difficult to place feet on floor. Making it necessary to use foot rest—leading to knees rising above the seat level. Meaning you will need to use this chair at a high table that will give you at least enough room for your knees.

I have bought 4 of these stools. The first was lime green on wheels, no back. I love it, bought 2 years ago, still in fabulous condition, despite kids thinking it’s an indoor xtension of the outdoor playset. I use it at my kitchen desk, but can also use it as an extra stool at my island, should i need to. Because i love it so much, and because i was a bit bored with my kitchen, i purchased 3 more to replace the cheap, falling apart kitchen island stools i’d been dealing with. It may have been add, it may have been wine, it may have been a complete misplaced sense of style, but i decided to buy three different colors. Red, blue, and yellow-orange. Now, to be fair, i thought the yellow-orange would be more orangy than yellow, but it’s bright yellow. Like, kindergarten classroom, primary colors yellow. If you like yellow, you will be thrilled.

Just received the chair today. It came in a small box and went together with a few pieces and an allen wrench (included). My husband noted that it was hand-packaged – it’s made in china – the quality is superb. The tractor seat pieces are super glossy and feel sturdy. It easily adjusts from a regular-height chair to a drafting stool – well tall enough for my 40′ tall desk. The first thing i noticed was how large the seat actually is – and it is very slick. So if you like sitting indian-style on your chair, you can do it if you’re small enough (i can easily), but you will need to stick yourself into a position that works, and stay there, lest ye slide out of your half-lotus. I do like that you can literally slide in and out of it, which makes it a pretty fun chair. And, it swivels like a champ, so a +1 on fun. *and another+1 on fun if you have small children, who will sit in the chair at its low setting and then pull the lever, rocketing them up to space.

  • Was OK ’till it broke – UPDATE: fixed – UPDATE PART 2: Broke again, same place – UPDATE 3: fixed again
  • Exactly what it is advertised to be. I find it a good product for the price.
  • I seldom give five-star reviiews

Easy to put together and fairly sturdy. You’ll need to add felt pads on the bottom as the were scratching the wood floors. I love the bright color that pops in my room. They do chip quite easily though. So i took the top in and matched it to some nail polish. They are super cheap and super comfortable. There’s a reason that that tractor seat design is so long lasting. Great item for the price just make sure that you get some paint to match.

This is based off me being a larger than average person. The stool was super easy to assemble. The stool is a little more flimsy than i would have liked. It wobbles back and forth, but for the price i wasn’t expecting much. The screws had fallen out of their bag and were loose when i opened the box and i was missing one screw. (that might be where some of the wobble is coming from. ) the description and color online were spot on. Hopefully it holds up to a couple hours a day at the standing desk to give my back and legs a break.

Features of Flash Furniture Vibrant Red and Chrome Drafting Stool with Tractor Seat

  • Contemporary Draft Stool
  • Red Finish
  • Comfort Molded ”Tractor” Seat
  • High Density Polymer Construction
  • Swivel Seat
  • Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment
  • 8.5” Height Range Adjustment
  • Chrome Foot Ring
  • Heavy Duty Chrome Base
  • Black Plastic Floor Glides

This is a fabulous chair for the price. It is not as industrial-grade, heavy-duty as it might look in the pictures, but it seems solid. It’s easy to put together, it elevates and descends smoothly and easily, the plastic seat and back rest look great – though they are plastic. I am recovering from an injury/ surgery and can’t put weight on my leg for about 3 months, so i needed something in the shower to sit/ perch on. This isn’t made to be getting wet, so i’ll see how it holds up. Most stools that are made for showers are so low, i don’t understand why they’re made that way, unless you’re getting onto them from a wheelchair or something. With this, i can adjust the height, and i can be almost standing. It feels a lot safer than having to lower myself down to some really short stool, and it’s easier to bathe, and i don’t have to get the water blasted in my face the whole time i’m in the shower. The base is solid and doesn’t slip.

The good: very easy to assemble. With the included tool it can be assembled in just a few minutes. Better than what i anticipated. It’s very stylish and makes a nice accent piece. The bad: if you have short legs and a long torso, this is probably not the chair for you. I’m 5’10’ and just shy of 200lbs. The bad: the plastic is very slippery and one can easily slide off of it if you don’t sit on it carefully. People who are elderly, disabled, or heavyset should be very careful sitting in the chair. Now that i realize how much of a hassle returning this will be (more on that shortly), i think the best thing to do would be to modify the chair with some non-slip strips or tabs or a non-slip cushion.

As someone of average-to-low-height and weight (150lbs, 5′ 8′) for an adult male i find this chair to be more than adequate for the price. I think some of the complaints that are not to do with being an abnormally large person, but rather with materials and processes, have been addressed. The threads that the bolts engage on the seat are no longer directly in the plastic, for instance. They are in brass bolts molded into the plastic of the seat. Once you have sat in the thing for a few minutes it becomes impossible to separate the base from the stem, and the stem from the seat, so it quite easy to move the chair once assembled and sat in for a minute. The plastic on the bottom of the feet makes the chair slide pretty easily on hard flooring and carpet alike, so there is that as well. The only complaint i have is that the finish of the seat makes to too easy to slide off of. I have modified it with a little velcro tape and a memory foam chair cushion i got from kmart and it’s now very comfortable to sit in all day long.

This is a good chair if you have a standing desk and want to sit occasionally throughout the day but would not be good for a full day of sitting. The back rest only sits on the connecting rods and is prone to pop off. The chair is a bit wobbly at the base because the only things that are bolted down is the seat to the top of the center bar. The seat is also very slippery so you can lose you footing while adjusting or moving around in the chair. Still this chair works for my needs as i will lonely be sitting in it 1-2 hours a day spaced throughout the day.

Seems to be a pattern among the reviews, there is a design flaw with this chair causing it to break where the back connects to the seat. That said, for the money it’s a great chair and the company does stand behind the product. I too had mine break and after emailing the company, they honored their warranty and shipped out a replacement seat right away. While they might need to adjust the design a little, i would still recommend this to anyone looking for a stool. Just don’t lean against the back too hard or it will snap.

I purchased this for my son’s room, we are re-doing it with industrial look and this fits in perfectly. The chair was easy to put together and seems sturdy. The only drawback is that he isn’t heavy enough (at 70 lb) to make it go down, he has to get me or my husband to help him. I would definitely recommend and buy again.

Listen folks, it’s a very cheap shop chair. This isn’t going to be super sturdy, rugged or heavy duty. It’s meant for a very casual use chair. Understanding that, and reviewing it for what it is, it’s exactly what it claims to be. I didn’t pay $100 for this, so i shouldn’t be expecting a $100 chair. I wish people would review this as the cheapest possible way to get a shop chair in their garage. Shock works well, it cushions when you sit on itnice travel and seat height options. Pretty comfortable and contoured about right. Cons:i wish the back bars were stronger but again. I wish they’d threaded some lock-tite but again, price?. Throw a bit on and keep the bolts tight.

It’s a nice chair that came very easy to assemble. The only issue that i have with it, is that it is extremely hard to get the chair to lower again after raising the seat with the lever underneath, at least it is for my son, whom i purchased the chair for. I bought this chair for my son bc it looked much cooler in his room with his desk than the one that his desk came with, that was not adjustable and is still currently too low for him. -but when my son lifts the lever to raise the seat on this chair, it automatically lifts him all the way to the top and he can not get it to go back down even a little bit. He is constantly having to have someone much bigger/heavier than he is, adjust the seat for him. (for an idea of what i am talking about, he is 8 years old & even on the taller/bigger side, yet the seat still goes flying up with him in it & as i said, when he pulls the lever and will not budge even a millimeter downwards) other than all of that, once the seat is adjusted and left alone, it is very nice & looks just like the picture.

It’s not the greatest quality as was expected. I saw all of the reviews about the chair breaking in the same spot. The chair is in a bind on the back screw so i added a washer to fill the gap between the bracket and the plastic seat and it seems to have fixed the issue.

For the price it is hard to beat. I have a standing desk that i normally use while working, but there are times when i don’t want to be standing. I keep this chair in the background and pull it up occasionally to the desk (which in case you are wondering is the safco muv stand-up adjustable height workstation). This chair is tall enough that i can still comfortably do my typing at the standing desk, although as another reviewer stated, it would be ideal if it could be raised a wee bit higher. For a plastic chair it is reasonably comfortable, but my caveat is that i have not used it for long periods (hours). It was easy to assemble, with only 5 bolts to screw in (an allen key is included). I found that the blue model was cheaper than the others (at the time of my purchase). Overall recommended unless you want something very sturdy that will be where you park your butt all day long, in which case i might recommend spending more $$.

The only reason this doesn’t get 5 stars is that some parts are held in place by gravity only. The seat and foot rest are not secured in any way so when you need to lift and move the chair you have to do it by the feet. I wish it had wheels and will see if i can’t make that happen. It was easy to assemble and very comfortable. It is rich and reminds me of a really good paint job on a car.

I seldom give five-star reviews that don’t have the caveat ‘for the price. ‘ i think people need to get used to the idea that you don’t get to expect five-star quality for a two-star price, that being said, i like this chair. It was well packaged in multiple layers of paper, bubble wrap, foam and cardboard. The hardest part of the assembly was removing the packaging, it took less than ten minutes. It is very comfortable — a major consideration for me, being two weeks post prostate surgery. I bought it to be my shop workbench chair and it is great. The seat is made of plastic and the backrest doesn’t adjust front to back at all — even so, it works very well for me. If it continues to work well, i may buy another shorter with casters for my office. This could be a nice bar stool if your decor is techno-industrial.

The base is sturdy and solid metal. The plastic for the seat back and bottom do feel a little flimsy. I wish they had an option made of wood or metal. I use this chair at my standing desk which is 43 inches tall (i am 6ft) and it is just tall enough. I’m pretty thin and the chair only goes down about 1 inch when i sit at it. Others mentioned it going much further down so i imagine it depends on your weight. I have the white version and i noticed the small metal buttons on my jeans (sewn into the corners of my hip pockets for some reason?) have scratched the paint already. This chair is crazy cheap for what it is, so i would still recommend it. I would happily 2-3x as much for a version with metal or wood instead of plastic though.

The stool is decent quality, especially for the price, and would be fine for kitchen/bar use, but not the height of a standing desk which needs to be 34-36′ +/-. However, i bought this because it says that it extends up to 34’+. The lowest part of the seat (the cup of tractor seat) is where your butt will sit on the stool, and on my stool that maximum height measures as: 30′. I bought this for a standing desk, and it is not tall enough for my needs.

I’m sitting in it right now. It goes up and down and has a place for my feet and just enough support for my back. The plastic is thick and durable and the color vibrant. It went together in 5 seconds (not counting removing packaging). I’m really happy with this chair. I’m using it in my art studio for my sit/stand digital painting, my drawing board and easel. I’m a small woman and the chair feels like it has plenty of space and i have to push on it a bit to go down so it will support a larger person too.

The plastic seat broke where the backrest supports connect to the seat. Photos show where break is located. This one was sold by amazon and shipped by amazon, not one of the other sellers. Update: emailed flash furniture and they emailed me back within 24 hrs; replacement seat was shipped out promptly and i just installed it. Parts are warranted for 2 years of purchase date evidently. Update on the update: yep, the replacement seat broke in pretty much the same place. I’m getting the impression the mold used to make these seats was intended to cast aluminum, not plastic, because the gussets that break around the rear center screw do nothing to add strength. Photos 1&2 are of the first break, #3 is of the replacement update, #4-7 are of the break in the replacement. Update #3: new replacement seat arrived promptly from [email protected]

This is a pretty nice chair, especially for the price. Some reviewers have commented that you tend to slide around on the chair a little because it is smooth plastic, which can be true. I find that as long as you have something to put your feet on it works well. Assembly was easy and i probably had it put together in 15 minutes or so. I really like the color (green) and the overall look of it. It is pretty comfortable, but i only sit in it for maybe 15 or 20 minutes at a time so i can’t really speak for sitting in it for hours. Overall i am happy with the purchase.

Bought this for my husband to use at his standing height workstation. He has severe back pain and needed a sturdy chair that forced him to sit up. Purchased this and he loves it. It has helped his back pain during the day and he has been able to get more of his project accomplished. It was very easy to assemble and a great price. We will be purchasing 2 more in the near future.

Flash Furniture Folding Card Table – Great table great price

Just what i needed when i’m doing jigsaw puzzles or playing cards with some friends. Nice padded top — i was very pleased with the quality of this item for the price.

I bought 2 of these tables for bunco. They are good tables and the dice roll very good on them. The problem with them is the vinyl had tears in both tables. So i returned the tables and amazon sent replacements. The two replacements both had tears in them as well. Very disappointed because i don’t want the hassle of sending them back again to get more that have tears in the corners. If it weren’t for the small tears in the vinyl i would’ve given 5 stars because i really like the tables.

I ordered this table for my rescue group. They do pet adoption events and they were in need of an extra table not too big or too small. This was just the right size for all the paper work that they do.It’s super easy to open and close it . That’s exactly what they needed . Something that they can open and something that they can close and store since they have no space.

  • Good serviceable table
  • So far this table is as good if not better than the one I discarded
  • This Is Simply Perfect

The table arrived with two small tears in the vinyl covering on the corner, which is not a big deal. The table was easy to set up and is sturdy. However, the table has a strong chemical smell that is hard to get rid of. I kept the table mostly because it’s large and bulky and would be a challenge to get to the post office.

Great table, perfect puzzle table which is why i bought it. It did come with a tiny tear in one corner just as several people posted in their reviews, but it was not worth the trouble to send back and i just put a tiny drop of glue on it to keep it from getting bigger and you can’t even notice unless you are looking for it.

Features of Flash Furniture Black Folding Card Table

  • Multipurpose Folding Table
  • 130 lb. Distributed Weight Capacity
  • Seats up to 4 Adults
  • .1875” Thick Black Table Top
  • Easy to Clean Vinyl Padded Table
  • CA117 Sponge Foam Padding
  • Black Powder Coated Legs
  • Plastic Floor Glides

Sturdy, well made and the top is padded. Multi functional, to use as for your crafts, to dine on when you have extra company, play cards on, or to use for events.

Use this as my computer desk. The soft top is great, seems breathable as my arm doesnt sweat while on it. Isnt the most sturdy thing in the world but its taller than other desks and the legs lock in place firmly. If you’re taller and need leg room i recommend this.

This arrived in perfect condition. We just needed a small table to play games and do puzzles with company over the summer. This is a good size to leave open (with an unfinished puzzle on it) in our family room. We just tuck it into a corner when we’re not using it. I’d be careful about putting any hot mugs or plates on the top because of the vinyl top, but coasters or heavy place mats should help with that. For the price, we feel like we got a good deal.

This table came with a small cut in the fabric of the tabletop cover, which was a little annoying. But it was off to the edge and for the price it didn’t seem worth it to return it and get a new one. It works as an extra table top. My only real complaint is that the top is very squishy, which makes it hard to use for anything like crafts, since you need a hard table top and this is definitely not that. I know most folding card tables have a somewhat soft top, but this was softer and squishier than any others i’ve ever seen.

One arrived damaged and was too much of a hassle to return so i’m just dealing with it. The other one i ordered arrived undamaged and i’m happy with it.

A little expensive but a nice table, mine came thru with some small damage on the covering but wasn’t anything tocause a return or any complaint.

I bought it to make jigsaw puzzles on. Its the perfect size and light enough to turn to get to the other sides. Its easy to set up and take down. The only negative quality is the top is padded with vinyl top, so it holds air, which makes it hard to set the puzzle pieces in place.

Caution: be careful folding down table. The metal bends if you apply too much pressure or weight to close. Use this for a picnic station in the park with no complaints. Light weight to carry but solid when setup.

However there is a piece missing on top. (just smaller than a quarter) there was a number to call, however, i was not about to wrap it up to send back. I will put a piece of duct tape on it and it has a table cloth over it.

Very sturdy and well finished. It’s a snap to set up as you just unfold the legs and it’s rock-steady, and the padded vinyl top is a nice touch. Update: the vinyl is quite thin and tears easily from sharp objects like cat claws. I’ve ordered an elasticized cover for mine.

It was a great table, but came with a cut in the corner. After setting it up, 2 more cuts showed up. It was very sturdy and good quality.

Bought this for my son to use in his college house for the summer. Was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. Exactly what we were looking for.

This table is nice looking and definitely holds up to it’s name. Great for card games and board games. However, if you’re looking for a table to work with stuff, or you want to play games like jenga, avoid this table. The soft foam on top is nice to touch, but anything with weight sinks lightly into the table. A laptop is at risk of overheating on this thing, for example. And it’s a little shaky if you’re building any kind of project. Not impossible mind you, but there are better choices. Setting drinks on it isn’t a problem. If you just want something to play poker, magic the gathering, or monopoly, then this table will do just fine.

2 nicks on the edge of the table where the packing bands cut through the box i used puzzle glue on it so they wouldn’t tear anymore just wasn’t worth the hassle of trying to send it back.

I paid about 38 bucks for it and no shipping since i have the prime amazon offers. Oh, i cannot say enough about how strong this table is and how perfect for just about anything you’d need it for. It doesn’t have to be screwed together (the legs just pull out and lock) the top is butter soft but it is easily punctured or melted. This flash furniture is the way to go nowadays since we are always having to run from storms and disasters and things.

Table is easy to move and set up. The legs lock in place tightly and it stores anywhere. I planned to use it for puzzles but i had to put a piece of wood down to make it a harder surface. Overall good product for the cost.

I had to discard my old card table as the legs kept collapsing. So far this table is as good if not better than the one i discarded. It seems very sturdy and is very handsome.

Replacement table after i borrowed one from a neighbor and accidentally tore the top. Super fast shipping arrived the day before it was scheduled to arrive. Great sturdy table and nice padded top. I would recommend using a table cloth to protect the vinyl cover over the padding. This was a better table than what they had for sale at my local walmart. Ordered on a sunday and it arrived wednesday.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh Multifunction Executive Swivel Chair, Comfortable, high-quality, good features for the price

I was leery about buying this chair. 8 – 10 hour days are my norm and i eat at my desk a lot. This is by far the best chair i have ever owned – and i can tell it’s helping my back after only a few weeks of owning it. 1) it’s super easy to assemble2) it’s very comfortable and very adjustable. 3) i’m 6’4′ and it sits at the perfect height for me. 4) really nice for the price – i’d buy one againedit – i did buy one again.

My husband bought this chair for himself for christmas. I made fun of him for buying a chair without being able to sit in it and feel it out. I thought he would be so disappointed in it. Then it arrived and he put it together and sat, gloriously, in this computer desk throne. It is so adjustable, you can change the angle of the seat, and the angle of the back of the chair as well. You can lean back when you want to, or sit up so straight you think you’re about to fall forward, too. I was so jealous of his amazing new chair that i ordered one for myself and have been using it for about 6 hours a day while i work. Even though it was quite uncomfortable at first, having the chair all the way straight has just about eliminated my ‘i just sat in the same chair for three hours and now my back is stiff’ feeling. I made fun of him for ordering a chair on the internet. Seating is one of the few things i swore i’d never ever buy online or order from a catalog because you can’t really tell if it’s comfortable.

All of the parts of this chair are heavy duty, and are not likely to break easily, except for the wheels, which are the generic plastic and steel wheels that you find on most office chairs. The mess back give very good lumbar support. The seat is covered with a synthetic mesh material, has adequate padding, and is shaped to fit your body, so it is comfortable enough to sit in for a few hours. The arm rests are adjustable, up and down. I am 5’6′, which is not too tall, so the arm rests in the lowest position works for me. The seat, up and down adjustment goes low enough for my feet to be flat on the floor. It has three paddles to adjust the seat. One paddle adjusts the seat height. Another paddle adjusts the seat angle. The third paddle adjusts the back angle, which can be adjusted to about a 45-degree angle.

Key specs for Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Multifunction Executive Swivel Chair with Adjustable Arms:

  • Contemporary Office Chair. Infinite-Locking Back Angle Adjustment
  • Mid-Back Design. Back Adjusts 2” up and down. Multi-Tilt Lock Mechanism
  • Flexible Mesh Back Material. Back Height Adjustment. Built-In Lumbar Support
  • Seat size is 19 inches wide x 17 inches deep. Arm height from seat is 7.75 to 10.25 inch height
  • Triple Paddle Control Mechanism. Tilt Tension Adjustment Knob

Comments from buyers

“Very ergonomic, highly adjustable, but rather difficult to assemble, Live at your office? Buy it!, 2 MONTHS LATER – added to the bottom of my original review”

It is built with a nice comfortable thick seat. Most of the lower price chairs skimp on the seat cushion which i find is a big mistake. I purchased two of these chairs. One of the chairs did have a construction issue where the seat holes for the shell were not properly aligned seat bottom. Also the bottom shell was missing a chunk out of it. I had to drop a star for that. However, no one will probably ever know that issue except me since i was the one who assembled it. It is a quality chair with the number of adjustments you would expect from chairs built by higher end manufacturers at 3 or 4 times the price. It has enough cushion to allow you to sit for long periods of time without the need for adding an extra cushion.

I have this chair for 2 years, i am heavy around 250 lbs and i use it a lot i. Good:mesh still holds up pretty well. No complainsavailable adjustment options are very good for this price range. Bad:it makes a lot of noise. You move a little bit and it just squeaks. I am 5′ 6′ and i preferred it could go 1 inch lower.

Chair arrived today, 1 day ahead of schedule. As my other office chair had promptly lost 2 wheels, rendering it unusable, i needed a replacement rather quickly, so this is appreciated greatly. The box arrived with a nice hole in it, was dented and showed significant abuse. This might be due to ups, and not the packaging facility, but it is worth noting. It’s a rather heavy package. I’m honestly surprised nothing was damaged during the transit, because the lift mechanism’s packaging was horrible, the base of the chair was on the outside of the box with no padding or protective sleeve, and the back of the chair was on the section with the hole poked through the box. I guess it’s a good thing the back is made of mesh. Second, multiple parts arrived rather scuffed and beat up.

Very sturdy, exceptionally easy to assemble, and every adjustment you could want. Goes at least a few inches higher than i need (i’m 5′ 11′). Here’s a list of the possible adjustments:1. ) seat height – paddle control. ) seat angle – paddle control, sets the angle of the seat bottom and back together (see #4 below). Can be locked in place, or pull the lever all the way up to allow the seat to rock freely. ) ease of rocking – adjustment knob located under the front of the seat bottom. Adjusts how easily the seat rocks if the above paddle control is in the ‘up’ position. ) angle of seat back – paddle control. Allows for independent adjustment of the seat back. Can be locked in place, or pull the lever all the way up to let the seat back move freely. (seat back is spring-loaded to move forward; the spring is a bit heavy and applies more pressure on my back than i like, so i lock this one in place with the paddle control.

Want a really stiff chair with a shallow seat and no reclining at all?. You’re in lucki don’t know if this chair was a mistake or what. The whole thing went together very easily but it was then that i realized that the chair inclines forward, and doesn’t recline at all. If you want to lean forward so you can slip out of your chair, then this is the chair for you. Basically i have to sit straight up, or lean forward. There’s a lot of other adjustments you can make, like the height of the chair and the arm rests, the height of the back so you get proper support. But it’s just not comfortable. It’ll also hold a lot of weight. This thing is not having a problem holding me at all. I just wish i could actually kick back in it.

There are many great features of this chair. The chair has a mesh back, much like the much more pricey and highly acclaimed aeron miller office chairs. The height of the chair back provides adequate lumbar support. Note that this is a ‘mid-back’ chair rather than a ‘high-back chair,’ meaning the back of the chair does not extend as far as others do, such as this chair’s rival, the lorell executive high-back chair. Despite this small limitation, the mesh back still contours nicely with the dip in the users’ upper and lower spine, encouraging healthy posture. The seat pan is contoured to support one’s legs and is comfortable enough for long-term use, but it is made of cloth rather than mesh in more high-end, but pricier chairs. The arm rests are height-adjustable by depressing small buttons on the side that allow them to move up and down freely. By positioning the arm rests at a height that matches the level of the desk’s keyboard and mouse, one can protect against developing carpal tunnel syndrome. The horizontal extent of the arm rests is also adjustable, albeit at the time of assembly only, by positioning the arm rests before tightening the bolts and washers with the included allen wrench. If only one person is the primary user of this chair, then this lack of flexibility is a non-issue.

First off, there were broken pieces of plastic in my packaging (which had a hole in it) and the chair back height control doesn’t work. So, it may not be the quality of the chair as much as a damaged height/tilt/backrest controller. Maybe my replacement from amazon will be better. As for the rest of the chair, the height is great and the chair itself is very sturdy, the control levers are nice and tight (not loose and cheap-feeling) and the chair offer very nice sitting options. I’m a little wary of the mesh back; i just hope it doesn’t stretch and become un-supportive. The tilt-back torque wheel is also turned all the way and only offers a modicum of resistance to leaning back. If my replacement resolves my issues i’d give it 5 stars.

I’ll keep this review in a concise, list format. Likes:reasonably comfortablemesh back prevents what i like to call ‘sweaty back syndrome’full range of articulation: back reclines, seat bottom leans back, vertical adjustment in the seat height, armrest height, and back heighti have found the wheels work quite well on carpetpadded seatprovided you sit up straight from time to time, it is reasonably ergonomic dislikes:after 5 months, the padding on the seat is noticeably degraded and thinner compared to a new one (which my mother recently bought after testing out this chair and liking it)the choice of a mesh material for the seat bottom is questionable at best. If you have animals, you will find relatively quickly that hairs can get under the mesh, and at that point you have absolutely no hope of removing said hair. This mesh material also makes it difficult to clean small particles off of it, such as food crumbs. The seat angle adjustment mechanism will occasionally not quite engage all the way, which results in the rotation on that axis becoming very sticky at times. This is especially noticeable for me, as i very frequently change the reclining angles of my chair back and forth.

When i first unpacked it, i was disappointed to find that the plastic grip on one of the paddles was broken, but i called flash furniture and their customer service agent went out of her way to find my order and get the replacement part, which amounted to the entire under-seat mechanism, sent out to me immediately without making me feel as if she was putting herself our or doing me a favor (which she was) -it’s well made and attractive – if you’re really short, the seat may not adjust low enough for you, but i’m 5′ 3′ and the lowest position works fine for me – the only thing that i’m less than thrilled with is that the fabric on the seat is a little rougher than i like and if i’m going to be sitting on it for an extended period of time in shorts, i throw a piece of fabric over the seat – on the other hand, i use the chair in the room where i sew, so there’s no shortage of fabric around to use -all-in-all, i’m very pleased with this purchase and, honestly, i would recommend anything from flash furniture based on the quality of this chair and the outstanding service that i received when i needed it – c.

Purchased this chair about a year ago to replace an ikea one that was getting old. I work from home about 2 days a week and spend a lot of time at the computer for college too. I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone that needs to spend that much time at the computer. It has minimal adjustment for your back and tends to allow fatigue to set it pretty quickly. We use high end chairs at work and this doesn’t hold a candle. The fabric on the seat tends to catch crumbs and keep them as well (it’s mesh) so don’t eat at your desk with this thing. Nice and bright and very durable.

Yes, the people saying the chair it too tall are correct. Unless you are tallmy wife is tall and this chair is perfect. As for complaint of the arms breaking, they are arm rests not haul-your-butt-out-of-the-chair props. Using the arm rests on a rolling chair to lift yourself is a bad idea as the rolling chair could roll and leave you sitting on your butt. Anyway, this is a great chair. Fully adjustable and very comfortable. One suggestion would be to add tall to the product description. Had they done that, i would have bought two additional chairs from them earlier in the year.

I really like the design of this chair and the options that the three levers provide. Unfortunately i can’t sit in this chair for any length of time due to the cushion. It simply isn’t good for long term use. You get what you pay for and unfortunately i was a little disappointed. I’m a relatively large man, and for someone smaller that doesn’t need as good of a cushion, it would probably be fine. Everything else about this chair was excellent. When it arrived, the part of the bracket that the back goes into had been damaged. I was having trouble working with it, so i called the company and explained the situation to them. They sent me out a replacement piece that arrived quickly and at no charge. I love good customer service.

Just received and unpacked my new chair. The first thing i noticed was that this was not new. The box was barely holding together. The parts that were in a plastic bag (seat, back legs) were loosely tied, other parts free floating. All styrofoam pieces were broken and i couldn’t tell what they were intended to protect. The biggest problem was that there were no screws or washers included. The directions were so badly copied that i couldn’t tell if there was piece missing from the base too. So, i’ve been on hold for customer service for 42 mins now. When i first called there was one caller before me, but after 15 mins. There are ‘zero’ callers ahead of me so either the person before me has taken up the one customer service rep’s time or he/she has gone out for a while.

It’s exactly what i have been looking for. I am so glad i got it on a lightning sale. First, it’s stylish and sleek looking. It goes great in our contemporary styled office. Second, it’s a sturdy mesh material which i really needed. I got rid of a leather chair for this one. We live in az and it gets so hot in the office running two computers with the monitors and other machines in there. This chair helps me stay cool. I sit for 8 hours a day at work, 1. 5 hours in the car and then use this chair at home. It’s more comfortable than my office chair and my car seat. The paddles let you adjust back angle, tilt, and height. You don’t normally get all of those options with a chair in this price range.

So, i’ve had three other desk chairs. Not a large amount of chairs, but i feel as though my opinion is a valid one, so read on keeping those things in mind. First of all, let me say that i’m loving this chair, although this should be taken lightly, as today is my first day using it. To keep things simple, i’ll just list out the pros and cons of this chair, according to myself. Pros:sturdy build(vertically) adjustable armrestsgreat lumbar supportmakes you sit up straight, but very effortlesslythe mesh allows for complete ‘breathability’ of the backthe rollers are very quiet, even on hardwood floorsvery easy assembly (only requiring a total of 10 screws and washers (included)clear instructionsan vertically adjustable backa tilting seat (forward and backward)very comfortable (cushy yet firm) seatcomfortable and cupping armrestsheight adjustment of the entire chair is very smoothoverall, this chair is very adjustable to a very large amount of individualsthis chair is sold at a good price, and is, in my opinion, a bargaincons:the only con i can think of, is that the armrests sometimes make a bit of noise due to them being a little more loose because they are adjustable in height. This sound can sometimes be heard when adjusting your arms or moving the chair in certain ways. I would like to point out that this is not annoying, and is negligible. I hope this review helps you decide whether or not this is the chair for you.

When i first got this chair i was fairly happy with it. My only complaints were that it didn’t recline and the arm rests rattle. It has an adjustable back but does not recline. I have had the chair for 21 months now and have 2 more glaring complaints. First, the pads on the arms are a little tough. If you spend any time in the chair and use the arm rests, you may feel it in your elbows. Second, and this is what caused me to shop for another chair, the mesh back has stretched to the point where the plastic in the mid back support is cutting into my back with only slight pressure leaning back. Given i had my previous chair for probably 5-10 years, 2 years seems a little early to stretch to the point of being painful. Other mesh-back chairs seem to have more room between the mesh and any support behind it. I don’t know if it’s that or this mesh doesn’t hold its shape as long before stretching.

I have owned this chair for about 4 months now. First, the adjustments that can be made are incredibly helpful for comfort. I was starting to experience back pain from my desk job and decided to purchase a new chair. My main complaint is that as someone who is only 5 feet tall, the arm adjustments do not raise high enough for that perfect fit. While this chair is far better than any other i have used, it would be nice if there was just that extra inch or two for the armrest height. Also, if the chair leans back too far i find that my feet cannot touch the ground and the cut off on the chair can sometimes make my legs go to sleep. Other than that, this chair is great.

For the price you cannot beat this chair. I’ve had the same office chair that i bought from wal-mart over 6 years ago, and it got so flat it really hurt to sit in for more than an hour. After upgrading my personal pc and getting into some longer gaming sessions, i knew i needed something that a) wasn’t fake leather and b) had all of the support and adjustments i needed to personalize my sitting posture. This chair delivered on all accounts. The breathable mesh on the seat is thick, retains its shape, and the back is comfy yet durable. It was simple to put together, the rollers are high quality, and the adjustments are all strong and hold well. I can game for hours in comfort without having any pain in my legs or rear. The only gripe, and it’s a small one, is the armrests are very hard. They work great for mouse/keyboard, but extended typing or using a gamepad and resting our arms against them at an agle really hurts your elbows after a while. I don’t expect soft, padded armrests but that’s just something to be aware of if you’re buying it to game or you type a lot.

This is a review of the flash furniture mid-back mesh chair with triple paddle control. It took me 35 minutes to get my tools, unpack and assemble the chair. That is, without the arm rests because i don’t like armrests. The images on the directions are acceptable but the only two sentences in the directions are poorly written. Tips:install the wheels before installing the gas cylinder. I suggest using a rubber mallet and the edge of small 3/4 inch thick board (if you have one handy) to pound in the wheels. I placed the edge of the board in the middle of the caster slot which made a great strike point. When attaching the 3 handle mechanism to the seat, use the 4 short screws and 4 washers. Keep all screws loose and start them by hand because you might need to shift the mechanism to get all the screws in. Tighten them only after all 4 are in loose. Note: the gas cylinder does not screw into the wheel base. You just set it into the base with the small silver tip facing up.

If it weren’t for the adjustments on the underside working well, i would have given this product two stars. Two issues:one, the right arm. At first, it developed the problem of falling down under pressure, so that it would only stay at the lowest adjustment. After two or three hours and taking apart the arm and then the other arm to see how they worked, i couldn’t figure out what exactly caused the problem, though i could figure out what must be happening. I switched the two plastic components of each arm for the other arm, and for some reason have had less of a problem with the right arm now, and no problems at all with the left. But the right arm sometimes still drops. I think it must be a design defect, somehow connected with the fact that the two metal pieces are exactly the same, so that the left arm has the slots facing forward and the right arm has the slots facing back toward the back of the chair. Kinda odd, really, but i guess somebody wanted to make the parts completely interchangeable for ease of production. I think it makes the product bad though. Two, the entire seat is slanted down to the left.

I generally like it – it looks nice (just like pictured). It’s nothing like the $900 steelcase chairs they have in my office, but for $100, that’s to be expected. The foam seat is firm and supportive. The tilt function is nice, and the adjustable stiffness of tilt is a nice added feature. My chief complaint – i’m 5’2′ (only a little shorter than the average woman), and when this chair is at its lowest, it’s still about 1-2in too tall for my feet to properly rest flat on the ground. What does a girl have to do to find a small office chair that isn’t either a piece of s***, or built for kids?. Also, the arm rests are a bit higher than i would have liked (they won’t go under the keyboard tray, so i can’t push the chair in, and they’re high enough that i have to cock my elbows out a bit to rest my hand on them). Finally, i do love the feature on my fancy, expensive chair that allows you to move the arm rests in and out (since i’m small, i don’t rest my arms as wide as, say, a 6ft man). Obviously, given the pricepoint, this chair does not have that adjustment.

Flash Furniture Mobile Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Chair in Fabric, Great for aligning the back

I have wanted a kneeler chair since i first became aware of them in the1980s but was always put off by the price. This one seemed to offer affordable value. I was concerned about the assembly based on some of the reviews i read. It went together easier than i expected, perhaps because i was forewarned. The directions weren’t great, but my husband helped me and he never reads directions anyway. Between my insistence that we use the guide and lay out all of the parts according to the diagram and his knack for figuring things out, we put it together in about a half an hour. The chair is not as comfortable as the original swedish design, but it offers a nice change and back relief from my standard desk chair, plusi feel like i am more alert in this position as well. I am 5”7′ and it works well for me, but i was surprised that my 6’4′ son likes it and has appropriated it for his own use while he is home on break.

Great idea for keeping my back straight when i sit. It did hurt my knee the first day because i kept them in an incorrect position. Once you get to the correct posture this is a great chair and your knees will not hurt one bit. The best part about this chair is that i can easily stretch my legs after a few minutes and even get up and walk about easily. Since there is no back support it kind of becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, in that i want to walk about every half hour because i feel i am doing something for my healthy back and walking should be part of it. Now i keep thinking ‘why didn’t i get this before?’**update mar 8, 2018 **wood tore off and rendered it useless. Wish it had lasted more than 18 months. Taking away 2 stars due to poor durability.

I’m on my second herniated disc and can’t sit in a normal chair (i can only kneel, stand or lay flat). This chair is a huge blessing. I almost didn’t get it based on some of the 1-star comments though. So, instead of citing all of the positive points that have already been made, i wanted to use my review to give a rebuttal to some of the most common of 1-star complaints:1) rough fabricresponse: this is ridiculous to me. The fabric on this chair is exactly the same as any other fabric you would see on a fabric office chair. If you absolutely can’t stand the fabric, why not throw a silk pillow case on top of it?2) results in sore bottom or more back problems & 3) it leans too much, feels awkward to sit on, etc. Responses: i think the people with these issues aren’t using the chair correctly. This isn’t meant to be used like a regular chair, it’s a kneeling chair. That means that the bulk of your weight should be held up by the knee cushion. The butt/bottom cushion is only to meant to tilt your hips to an ergonomic position.

Key specs for Flash Furniture Mobile Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Chair in Black Fabric:

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Black Fabric Upholstery
  • Padded Seat and Knee Rest
  • Knee Rest Pad: 17.75”W x 9.75”D x 2.75” Thick
  • Height Adjustment Frame
  • Natural Wood Frame Finish
  • Dual Wheel Casters
  • CA117 Fire Retardant Foam
  • Made In Taiwan
  • TAA Compliant

Comments from buyers

“Love, Love, LOVE This Chair for Computer Work–BUT a Caveat Update at End of Review, What they don’t tell you, Not Sure if I’m Keeping It–Some Food for Thought”

This chair’s best characteristics are its solid oak frame and sturdy construction. Most furniture isn’t made of real wood anymore, so that is one thing which differentiates this kneeling chair from most of the others on amazon. Additionally, the casters and other hardware seem like they would hold up to years of regular use. These facts saved it from 2-star purgatory. My biggest problem with this chair is that it did not seem to alleviate my back pain in the slightest. In fact, i felt worse after sitting on it no matter how i positioned myself. Perhaps there is an adjustment period that i was too impatient/sore to labor through, but i think it is more related to my size (6’2′ 190lbs). I also found that the chair elevated me too much at my desk, so i had to hunch in order to comfortably reach my keyboard. The chair adjusts and folds down easily, but there are a limited number of pre-set positions (3, realistically) and even when folded down the chair has at least 8′ to 10′ of vertical height off the floor. My plans to occasionally store the chair under my bed were foiled.

Update:when i received no response from the seller via amazon, i googled the company name ‘flash furniture’ and contacted them via their website. They were quick to respond and sent me replacement parts immediately. I am now using the chair again and enjoying it. I can’t give it more than 3 stars because of the difficulty i had reaching the seller via amazon. However, i do believe that the part i received initially was defective (knot in the wood at the base) and now that it’s been replaced, i anticipate the chair working fine. **********************previous review:put this together about 10 days after i received it. Was easy to put together, loved the looks and the feel of the chair. However, after using the chair for less than 2 weeks, one day the bottom slat of the chair cracked, i fell backwards hitting the back of my head on the filing cabinet. Nothing major, just a surprise.(btw i’m 5’5′, 140 lbs so within recommended weight limits).

Sturdy construction, comfortable chair. Only downside is that with the way it adjusts, it’s hard to get it exactly the right height while still keeping the angles the way i want them. It almost feels like it should be able to adjust in two directions. Not sure how other similar chairs adjust, but it’s something to consider. It’s still working well for me overall though, much better than a normal sit-down chair. I’m able to work at my desk for hours on end without getting a sore back, so i consider it a success. Edit: after using this chair for 2 months, my cat insisted i include his perspective:’i hate this chair. When my human sits in it, she has no lap. This forces me to extend my claws so i don’t slip when i jump up for a cuddle, and that makes her yelp and swat me off. Not only that, but she stays in it for way longer than she ever stayed in her old chair.

I almost gave it only 3 stars. But, i decided that because it did the job i had hoped it would, i would give it 4 stars. I would have given it 5 stars, except that after a couple of weeks, the foam padding on the kneeling board is showing signs of breaking down. It will not last much longer. I’ll have to figure out a way to replace the padding with a good memory foam. Then, it’ll be a good kneeling chair. With that said, i love the chair, or what ever you want to call it. I’ve had it for about 3 weeks now. My lower back, leg and foot problems are dissipating nicely. I was worried that i might be turning diabetic.

 first, i think it is important to inform you all that the black and the grey versions of the chair have different ways to adjust the chair. The black chair, has a bolt that you twist either left or right, while the grey has notches as seen it the picture. Anyway, i originally decided to purchase the chair when it was recommended to me by my guitar instructor, because i experience lower back pain when sitting. My back pain is now much less and i am able to sit for long periods at a time at my workstation, or when playing my guitar. It was very easy to assemble, the instructions are all on one easy to understand page. The finish is pretty nice, but there a a couple rough spots on the chair i received. The cushions are nice and firm, and the ergonomics makes the chair very comfortable. You can adjust the black chair by turning the adjuster bolt left or right. One issue i have with the chair, is that it sits a little higher than what i’m used to. And since i’m a tall guy i tend to slouch a little when using my laptop.

This is a really good chair for the price. I am not handy, but was able to put it together on my own in about 10 minutes, which was nice. I chose to not put the wheels on because the package did not include one of the tools that was supposed to come with it, but ultimately worked out for the best because i think the extra height wouldn’t have worked for me. The downside is that the foam in the cushions is not a good quality. And when i sit it squishes down to the wood on both my butt and shins, which can be uncomfortable. Usually every hour i swap the extra cushion i brought from home from the shin pad to the seat pad. Overall, it’s a great chair. Because of the foam though, i have started to spend about four hours in this chair and four hours in my traditional office chair. I would definitely purchase. The downsides don’t outweigh the positives.

I’ve had a kneeling chair for many years, but it was metal and falling apart. I’d looked for a replacement for it, but all the choices were ridiculously expensive. Fortunately in the case of this chair, low price does not equal low quality. It is well made, simple to put together, and it looks good. Another reason i like it is that it does not take up much space – it simply rolls under my desk. I suspect this will last me the rest of my life.

Grey and black are not the samethere is more than a color difference between the grey and the black version of this chair. I have the black version which has fully adjustable height. The grey version has only three height positions. ) i will upload a link to show the adjustment in the black version. Very comfortable on legs and back. The seat could use more cushion. I find it hard on my butt to sit in it for more than two hours because of the seat. I really wish there was an ‘upgrade’ available for the seat cushion like i have upgraded the set on my bicycle.

I was looking for a non-office appearing chair for a counter desk in my kitchen. A kitchen chair was uncomfortable after awhile. A standard office chair seemed excessive for the area. I came across this style and purchased it. I assembled this chair in about 10 minutes. All the screw holes were pre-drilled and the instructions were easy to follow. The wood is solid and has a finish on it. However, the piece of wood supporting the seat is not finished, nor is it visible, for some reason. I like that the seat is adjustable.

The cushions are 2 1/2′ thick and are filled with a stiff pad that is perfect for a kneeling chair. The wood frame is 1 1/2′ oak that is finished very well. The frame ‘legs’ are 1 3/4′ rounded oak and come attached to the frame. The casters are plastic with a bolt end that you screw into metal inserts in the legs. The center brace, that goes from the bottom knee support frame to the top seat frame, is actually the height adjustment mechanism which is made out of thick metal and is covered with a 2 piece hollowed out oak dowel. It’s basically a very large bolt with a threaded cap on both ends. One cap is attached to the top frame and the other is attached to the bottom frame. If you want the chair higher, turn the metal ring (which is the center of the bolt) counter clockwise. As you make the seat higher, the frame pivots at at the center point. Which means not only will the seat get higher, but it will also draw the cushions closer together and at a greater pitch.

Update: 4 years laterwow, have i really had this for 4 years?. I have used this chair everyday for 8 hours a day. We recently moved into a new house and i’m setting up a home office. And so i need to buy a 4th chair. All i can say is that this chair has held up great – better than some of the other traditional chairs we paid much more for. I no longer even think about it being different, i’m just used to it. The casters still work great, and i roll between my computer and my hardware desks often. I’ve included a picture of my chair in it’s current state. Great chairoriginal: i’m 5’10’ and 185. Our previous office chairs not only left my back sore, but were also causing little boils on my butt.

Use at my computer 99% of time. May take some people some getting use to. Had couple other try it and they were sure if they would or could use it all the time. I ride a bike a lot so my legs are more limber than my two friends so i have no problem as far as my legs curling back. I forces me to keep my back straight. I do think some people may not get use to it if they are to stiff to be able to bend legs and sit straight up but on other hand some might get use to doing that. Had comments of what is that. . I like it and use everyday.

I have several of these, the first of which i ordered in 2011, and i just bought a couple for my son’s girlfriend, who tried them at my house and loved them. I didn’t put the wheels on mine, just a strip of stick-on felt, and they slide fine on both my linoleum and my hardwood floors without damaging them. Since i’m very short, i love that they are adjustable, and that it is so easy to raise and lower them. My very tall sons like them, too. I have only gotten the gray ones; i think the black ones look a little different and perhaps are harder to put together. The seat and knee pads on the gray ones are pretty thick and durable–i’ve never had the upholstery fray, and the padding hasn’t worn down the way some cheaper back chairs that i bought previously have. The fabric has not stained either. You do have to re-tighten the screws every so often as they work their way out. I don’t know if they’d be good for sitting all day. I usually pop up and down a lot during the day and do not work at a desk, but over the years i have sat for hours on them several days of the week at times. I have mine at my kitchen table. When i have a lot of people over, many want to use the back chair rather than a regular chair, so i’ll probably order more for my own table soon. Caution: they cannot scoot in around a table leg very easily. I have a pedestal table, and still need to avoid placing these chairs where the feet of the pedestal flair out.

I’m impressed by the overall quality of this kneeling chair, which tells me taiwan has high production values. The packing was neat with each part separately wrapped, nothing missing. The wooden supports were already attached, so the only customer assembly needed was inserting eight screws to secure the seat and knee pads. Adjustment is a simple matter of moving the seat up and down via the dowel and pegs. I’m 5ft 1in with short legs and am comfortable at the two bottom levels, but even the top rung could be a tight fit for 6-ft people. I have a slippery carpet protector and a low desk so am not using the casters. I guessed correctly that the design would not put pressure on my knees, but it did make my shins hurt at first because i’m old. I put an extra foam cushion on the knee pad and am training my shins to get used to it and not hinder circulation. Meanwhile i can vary my position by using the chair as a stool with my legs stretched out. My reason for trying this kneeling chair is to vary the position of my knees and hips, which were feeling stressed from sitting in a regular chair, even with an orthopedic cushion.

I like the look and sturdiness of this chair. What i do not like is the lack of thick cushioning. This is a chair that should probably only be used for short periods of time. I cannot see anyone not having discomfort in their knees and behind if they’re on it for too long. Also, it’s important to note that as you raise the seat, the whole angle of the chair changes, so by changing the height to suit your needs, you may also be changing the angle to one that is uncomfortable for you. If your body happens to fit one of the three pre-sets, you’ll be fine. Otherwise, prepare to be a bit uncomfortable.

I bought this to provide a place to sit next to my convalescing wife and to watch tv with her. This chair is well made and i love the fact that it is adjustable. It was pretty easy to put together and looks fine. However, i am overweight and short (5’4′) and have found that this combination is not great for using this chair. Even with the adjustable angle, i always feel like the chair is a bit of a stretch, not much, but still noticeable. What really hurts, though, is that neither the padding on the seat nor on the knee pad is cushioned enough for my liking. My knees and my butt both hurt after about 20 minutes on the chair. So, bottom line: well-made, nice looking, adjustable but not properly proportioned for short people and not enough padding for the amount of pressure i put on the seat and the knees.

This was simple enough to set-up and is relatively comfortable for a kneeling chair. It definitely has helped my posture and alignment, as my chiropractor noticed a difference within just a week of using it. Sitting for long periods of time can sometimes cause my legs to tingle, so it’s best to get up and walk around every hour or so. I’m 5’4′ and even with the adjusting mechanism, it’s still a far distance for my knees to hit the cushion while sitting comfortably so i utilize a pillow to add height and cushion at the knee. Overall, it’s a good item for the price point and for the back alignment benefits.

It took me about 15 minutes to assemble this chair. The instructions are very easy to follow and all tools are included to put the chair together. I purchased this chair for fly tying. I had been using a standard kitchen style chair and after about an hour, both my upper and lower back would hurt. I have only used this chair for about one continuous hour so far, but my back felt great at the end of that session. There is a very simple adjustment for height. The seat and knee cushions are adequate and the material feels very durable. My wife has also used the chair for various projects and was totally amazed at how well her back feels after words. I have a similar style stool for work, which i totally love, which is what made me decide to try this chair.

I purchased this chair seven months ago, and have used it daily since. Pros- very easy to assemble, to sit on, and to adjust. – has made significant improvement in my hip pain and given me back some mobility i’d lost. – much more natural posture for typing and sitting long periods. – solid wood frame, well-constructed–no issues at all with parts of the chair breaking. Chair arrived in mint condition. Cons- seven months in, foam is losing its density. – fabric takes stains very easily. – screws securing the seat will loosen (this happens with any piece of furniture, i know.

I’m a freelance writer and spend a lot of time on my laptop. I wanted to find a chair for ‘active sitting’ so i could take some pressure off my lower back. I don’t have back problems, but i periodically spend so much time sitting that i’d get uncomfortable after the first 4 hours or so of a long editing project. I really like sitting/working on an exercise ball (seriously), but hubby over-ruled that idea for my kitchen workstation, simply because it was not quite politically correct and clashed with the furnishings : ) plus, the cat likes to punch and chase the giant ball. This kneeling chair ended up being the perfect answer for me. I had been using a very nice, expensive office secretarial chair, but always found myself sitting on the front edge of it, with my feet wrapped around its leg stand so i could keep my posture comfortably erect. When i saw photos of the kneeling chairs, i knew this was my answer. The only question was whether to go with wood or metal, rolling or not, which type of adjustment, etc. I’m an admittedly obsessive ‘pre-reader’ of amazon reviews before making any purchase (this is getting to be a real problem at the grocery store, btw), so i spent my obligatory hour or two of research before going with this model and i’m glad i did; it’s the perfect fit for me. I like being able to sit upright and the knee support makes this very easy. I can even fold my legs under and behind me, which, for whatever reason, i find incredibly comfortable and relaxing. Looks great with our kitchen furniture (oak table, rolling grey chromecraft chairs with oak). Although this is a slightly lighter shade of wood, it blends well. Metal would have been a mistake for this reason. Seat and kneepad is comfortably cushiony.

I’ve been out of my retail job and into a desk job for six months now. 9 hours slouched low rider in a desk chair at work, to come home and do the same thing for another 2-5 hours just wasn’t working any more. I bough this chair and one of the yoga ball chairs as well (that one should come in tonight). This took about a half hour to build, probably would have gone quicker had i known out the gate that when threading the the rod through the seat brace and extender it needed to go through the wood and the metal (twist it until you line up both sets of wholes. An hour into using it and i like. It’s almost impossible to slouch. (though now i’m going to need a monitor riser. ) the fabric is a little rough on bare legs. It’s easy to get in and out of and it adjusts pretty easy. I’m currently situated on carpet so the casters only make tucking it under the desk a bit easier.

Flash Furniture High Back Ribbed Leather Executive Swivel Chair – Sophisticated Comfort

I shoped for a chair for over 2 months. Wanted to get one at crate and barrel , but it was very uncomfortable. Went to a few stores and saw this model in letherette material. Felt compfy so i pulled a trigger on this one. Everything exactly what i expected at @ under $180. Good quality, everything heavy duty metal except wheels, which i dont care since it rolls on the hardwood floors. It does not roll from side to side when you sit in it -on the hardwood, which i am happy about (some type of plastic wheels can’t stay in place on hardwood floors). One complain is the smell, took over a month to get rid of it. Get ready for a smelly apartment with this chair-or open it and let it stay in garage for some time) everything else is great.

I replaced my big bulky ergonomic chair with this one. It’s comfortable, sleek, and fits into a small office space beautifully. It looks great and gives a sophisticated dash of style to your workspace.

This chair was packaged well, delivered ahead of schedule, and was simple to assemble. Although i’ve only had it two days – so i can’t be entirely sure of it’s durability – it seems to be constructed very well and is sturdy. The shape of the back lumbar support is perfect for me (5’10’) but seemed a bit too high for my wife (5’4′). It’s comfortable and keeps my posture good which is very important since i can spend anywhere from 3 to 8 hours per day in this chair behind a desk. While function and support are probably the most important factors for long hours in the chair, the look is also very elegant. The only knock on this chair is that i must apply significant pressure from my feet on the ground to tilt the chair back at all, and must maintain that pressure throughout the duration of the tilt. There is a tilt paddle under the seat but after trying to figure out how it works for several attempts, i’ve given up to avoid potentially damaging the chair. For me this is no biggie though. With that being said, this chair, in my opinion, is a great price and i researched the purchase and compared numerous other chairs before pulling the trigger on this model. I would recommend this chair to anyone who wants to add a beautiful piece to their modern office furniture.

  • I just received my chair today and it looks amazing in my office space
  • Nice looking and comfortable chair, functional and esthetic
  • Very fast assembly, very easy directions.

We bought these chairs to give our office conference room a high end look. And the chairs did not disappoint. We are very pleased with the quality and the materials used. They were very easy to put together and each took less than 3 minutes to assemble.

I bought this chair almost a year ago and i am still sitting in it. In fact, i am sitting in the chair while typing this review. I read that some reviewers had issues with this chair not lasting but i use this everyday and i have no problems so far. It does sit high so if you have a low desk i would take the measurements and see if this suits your area. As far as comfort is concerned, it’s not a la-z boy, it sits stiff and you can recline. The chair is easy to assemble.

Features of Flash Furniture High Back Black Ribbed Leather Executive Swivel Chair with Knee-Tilt Control and Arms

  • Contemporary Office Chair
  • High Back Design
  • Coat Hanger Bar on Back
  • Built-In Lumbar Support
  • Foam Molded Seat and Back
  • Dual Paddle Control
  • Locking Knee-Tilt Control Mechanism
  • Tilt Tension Adjustment Knob
  • Swivel Seat
  • Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment

There are two different bases in the photos, the one i received had the more pointed base, which is unfortunate as i was hoping it would match the chairs i already have in my conference room. Otherwise the quality is fine and it matches close enough.

Looks as good in person, and feels sturdy, with good base and wheels. Was concerned it might clash with my white ikea desk, but relieved when it looked great together. Only downside is that if i spend more than a few hours at my home desk, the thin profile design with minimal padding means it is not as comfortable for long desk sessions as other bulkier office chairs.

Beautiful looking, modern, and stylish. Fits well in any modern-looking office. I had to have one this style, so i went with this one. It seemed a little expensive but i’m glad i went for it. It has held up very well for the past year, the only complaint i have so far is that the metal arms scratch very easily. It is surprisingly more comfortable than you would expect. Packaging was interesting, it came seemingly half assembled, the back is one large piece (the back curved to the seat = one piece), it came in a very large box because of this so be prepared for that. It was then very easy to put together, only took about 5-10 minutes.

It looks good to me, how ever the finish isn’t very smooth on the crome part and the spring to tilt back is stiff, maybe i just need to brake it in ?. How ever it does fit nicely the box arrived broken with a hole in it so i thought it might of been damaged, it was not, it assembled very easily i would choose a chair with more padding next time.

The look and comfort of this chair is excellent. However, the assembly was a nightmare. What initially appeared to be a simple job of connecting 2-3 parts together ended up actually requiring my husband to take apart the pieces that had already come pre-assembled by the manufacturer. The chair came with critical pieces joined together backwards. Putting it all back together was physically extremely difficult as it required stretching the seat out to get pre-drilled holes to match up correctly. Luckily, my husband and teenage son were able to get it all fixed and now we have a comfortable, functioning, stylish chair. I am hoping this was a one time mistake by manufacturer and the rest are rolling off their line correctly as i would not wish this trouble on any other customers.

This chair is great (i’m sitting in it as i type this). The contour of the back is extremely comfortable, the leather seems to be of high quality, it was easy to assemble with the provided instructions, and looks great. My only complaint is the minimum height adjustment seems a bit high. I’m 5’11 with fairly long legs for my height, and my feet just barely brush the ground when i sit upright at the minimum height. Probably wouldn’t be good for anyone much shorter than me.

A handsome replica of the ‘eames aluminum group’ chair for those who don’t want to spend $1800. The tilt / lean has a lock, but the spring is far too tight to use the function even when loosened to the maximum. The height is also pneumatically adjustable. All of the reviews saying that the tilt is too stiff are 100% correct, but i didn’t buy the chair to relax in. It’s my office / desk chair. It serves utility in that sense perfectly. If the chair tilted at all, i’d give it 5 stars.

I don’t remember how much i paid for this chair but if it was over $50 i would not buy it again. Its flimsy and cheaply made but it does the job. It reminds me of an ikea chair. I noticed that my apartment office has the same chair and they only buy modern cheap items.

I have back problems and i’m able to sit in this chair all day for work and it’s much better than any other chair i’ve had. If your looking for a chair that has tons of padding for your bottom, this isn’t it. I’m also able to use my heating pad with this chair very well, bonus.

I just received my chair today and it looks amazing in my office space. I would of gave this chair 5 stars, however the item was delivered with a few small scratches on the arm handles of the chair. I am a little disappointed because the marks are a little obvious and peeling slightly. Besides that the chair itself is beautiful.

I feel like miranda priestly from the devil wears prada. I know this isn’t the ‘legit’ chair but who cares?. Who’s going to ask you if thats a gucci or louis vuitton chair as long as your ass is happy to sit on it. It is functioning very well after 4-5 months now without a single problem. It doesn’t go back like a lazy boy chair like you would expect or like any other fluffy office chair. But it does recline back a little to the point where you’re like, ‘should i just end my life?’. But overall its superior than anything else that you would find. Thats allask me anything you desire.

It’s a beautiful chair and the quality is great. However is not really a comfortable chair. It may be great for a meeting room where you don’t have to be sitting on it for hours at a time. Don’t get it as your working desk chair, it’s definitely not comfortable enough for long sitting hours. There’s a small lumbar support, but not enough for most people. The seat itself has very small cushion and you’ll feel tired real soon. Again, if you buy it for the looks and for short periods of use, it’s great. If you’re buying it for long hours of use.

Comfortable, looks great and moves smoothly. My husband works from home and says it has helped his back much better than our previous chair. The only drawback was it was slightly difficult to assemble bc one of the screws did not line up with the holes on the bottom of the seat.

Updated – 16 july 2014: the last thing i mention is if the chair can survive my cats (i have a lot of cats). There is one ‘claw hole’ near the top of the chair, and some ‘scratch pull’ type marks on the chair as well. I had picked up one of these as a test to see how it held up against our use – and the cats. It appears as though the cats are going to win. I can work in this chair all day long without a problem, but i am going to have to seek another alternative that can survive my cats – who are relentless. If they only made this thing in 100% plastic. First things first – the chair arrived in excellent condition. There is a slight smudge on the top, back, center of the chair around where my shoulders are, but some light washing with dish soap, and most of that came right off. It could have happened anywhere, even while taking it out of the box it came in.

We already had one in our office from a couple of years back and this new one matches it. Super easy to assemble and the chair that we’ve had for 3 years is just as good as the day we got it.

Firstly, one of the previous reviews (and q&a) mentions that this chair is made of leather and given the price i was a bit skeptical of that. As i expected, it is not leather but a leatherette material – although the quality is pretty good. The chair was easy to assemble, and went together in less than 10 minutes. It is comfortable and all of the mechanisms work pretty well. What concerned me was that the packing of the product was terrible. While this didn’t appear to be a returned item, the plastic and bubble wrap was filthy and dusty, and being a white chair, it too was dusty and dirty with fingerprints all over it. I spent approximately 45 minutes cleaning the chair once i got it out of the box and assembled. There is a cloth sling material that attaches the leatherette to the metal base and a couple of those fingerprints got ‘lighter’ but could not be removed. There was also an oily film on the chrome parts, but that wiped off pretty easily with some window cleaner and a soft cloth. Overall, the chair is a good value for the money – you might want to consider the black one because it would not show the dirt that the white one did.

This chair allows me to sit up right in a comfortable position and my back is supported. I am 5′ 6′ when i sit all the way to the back of the chair my feet heels don’t touch the floor by about an inch and a half. I am giving this review 4 stars because of the misadvertisment. The chair is not leather it is man made material and the label on the bottom confirms the material is not leather. I hope that the material doesn’t peel as others have stated in their review.

Stylish chair is not as good as i would have hoped. It’s firm and the lower part of the arm rests bump up against my thighs. This chair is most comfortable when sitting very upright. If you like to slouch or relax, this is not the chair. It’s a working-man’s chair that encourages upright seating. The instructions were easy to follow and i had the thing together in under 30 minutes. When i think executive chair, i think of those big tilting chairs with the boss putting his feet up. Although this chair claims to ‘reclines’, it does barely go back, more of a slight lean.

Flash Furniture GO-ST-6-NVY-GG Mid-Back Fabric Task and Computer Chair – Good for college kid

The seat could have more padding to suit me, but so does nearly every other office chair. My wife is 5’2′ and i am 5’9′, and the chair fits us both very well. . It may not meet your needs.

Its so comfortable, bought it for my office. I don’t complain of bottom hurting anymore. It was super easy to assemble. I have purchased 2 from 2 different stores and spent more than $300 and the cushion was horrible and just got flat. Have been using my beauty black chair for 8 months and still no complaints.

For a list price of $279, this is absolutely, unbelievably ridiculous. But, i got it for $66 which is a phenomenal deal. So for that price, i would say this is indeed a very nice chair. It gives really good lower back support (which i did not expect) and the fabric feel is very sturdy and strong. The chair is fairly easy to assemble; no problems with that. However, the chair is not ‘fixed’ to the base (legs + pneumatic up/down pump) in any way. If you were to lift the chair by the hands, it would come right off. However, this is not perceptible when you sit in the chair. It is sturdy enough and does not bobble around like some of the other chairs i have seen. Here are the specifications for the Flash Furniture GO-ST-6-NVY-GG Mid-Back Fabric Task and Computer Chair:

  • Mid-back swivel computer chair, 26-1/2-inch width by 27-1/4-inch depth by 36-1/4 40-1/2-inch height
  • Navy fabric upholstery
  • Spring tilt control mechanism
  • Tilt Lock Mechanism
  • Upright tilt lock

Good for first-time office chair. Ordered this chair not to long ago and got the blue one instead of burgundy. For the price of $60 this chair isn’t bad but it’s pretty much a standard chair in terms of features. The only feature this chair has is the polyester seats and the raise function as well as the rolling/armrest. Assembly: chair is not difficult to put together and did not require any other tools except for the ones supplied in the box. Depending on your speed it can take up to 30 minutes to put this chair together. Comes with a single sheet with no words on it, just picture illustrations and arrows. Pro’s:navy blue color polyster seats (no ‘mesh’ hard backings)fairly easy to assemble(1 person)has armrest for the price of chairs without arm-restscons:the chair has no other features except the raise levi at the bottom. Back part of the chair is designed in a ‘lean’ fashion. Which may prove irritating to those who like sitting up straight.

Most comfortable chair ever. This is the most comfortable chair i have ever owned, and i am very picky about my chairs. The material breathes, so no buildup of heat. The cushion could be a little thicker and softer, but it does the job, and one could always supplement it with blankets/pillows. The full armrests allow for comfort and support at any angle, and the design in general makes sitting comfortable from any position. I sometimes sit in it facing left from the chair’s perspective, with a knee through the hole in the armrest. Even in this seemingly awkward position, i am supremely comfortable. The back supports my weight with my arm rested on it, and the armrest behind me even supports what little weight that falls on it as i lean, leaving me feeling rather safe as i do so, confident in the fact that i will not fall backwards out of the chair. No matter what you will use it for, and no matter how weird you are in your sitting habits, this is the chair for you.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Comfortable, well made and economical!
  • Good, but not great
  • Good Deal for Us

It does not have the ‘bells and whistles’. For the price and my needs, this chair is fantastic. It does not have the ‘bells and whistles’ of the higher brands but for less than $100 (price when i purchased it december 2015) you cannot ask for more. It is comfortable and sturdy. I am currently a full time student while working 50+hours a week. Basically i come home and do homework for 3-4 hours a weeknight. The back positioning is perfect for someone like me who has had lower back surgery and the foam is holding up great. It comes in many piece parts, so it took a bit to put it together upon delivery but the instructions are very clear. Being delivered in pieces allows the package to be slim and easily brought upstairs to the office.

Pretty decent rolling chair. I like the play in the chair when leaning back and how far back it goes when not in the locked position. I also like how far back it does goes when it is in the locked position. I also like the height adjustment. I’m 5’7′ and the chair goes pretty low which allows my feet to sit comfortably while also allowing me to reach everything on my desk. My only gripe would be the cushioning isn’t very thick. I’ve had to get a couple of pillows and later a memory foam cushion. Otherwise, i like this chair and i have recently retired it to my wife.

Nice chair for the cost, easy to build and comfortable. I purchased this chair when it was on sale over the holidays for under $40 dollars, i feel like i got a decent deal on it. Our previous chair was in horrible condition, it was a cheap walmart fake leather chair. So going from that to this one is a huge difference. While it is a little firm, i like it and find it comfortable. I had it put together in about 10 minutes, it is not difficult at all. The instructions are just pictures and numbers, but it was easy to follow and understand. We have not been using this chair all that long, but considering there is usually someone sitting on it, it is holding up well and still comfortable. I will update if any issues arise within a reasonable amount of time in owning it. I do not expect the padding in the seat to last forever the amount of time we use the computer this chair is at but would hope to get at least 2 years out of it.

I got this chair on sale, but even at full price, it’s a good buy. It’s strong, comfortable, fully adjustable and full sized. It’s not the miniaturized crap you get at box-marts. My butt had to get used to the low level of cushion. However, it’s pretty comfortable, in general. It has only decent lumbar support, but i added a lumbar support from the dollar store, which helped. It has a knob on the bottom for locking/unlocking the chair to disallow/allow reclining and light rocking. The arm rests are full sized and comfortable. If you’re a wider person, i suppose the front of the arm rests may dig into your legs a bit, as they come to a point near your knees.

I got this for my computer desk to replace my. I got this for my computer desk to replace my uncomfortable wooden one. So that when i play games on it for long periods of time my back doesn’t hurt. I am loving the feel of this chair so far.

Great chair for a low price. After searching for a decent chair to use for studying i got into this. I am loving the design and comfort. By the time i bought this, the chair didnt have any reviews. It is very easy to assemble and very comfortable.

Serves its function as a chair – but watch that surprise. Whatever you do, don’t lean back. If you do, you’re in for a surprise. There’s nothing to stop this chair from ‘catching’ and not flipping you over. If there is, i haven’t found it yet 🙂 so, sit up straight. Not only for your back but your entire well-being. (although i am serious about that crazy chair back. Took me a little while to assemble; the holes for the arms don’t exactly line up perfectly, but i had expected that when purchasing the chairs.

It’s comfortable enough, but no where near the comfort level. Just your basic, entry level office chair. It’s comfortable enough, but no where near the comfort level of some of these reviews. You can feel the thinner wood inside bend if you lean back and the padding is rather thin. If you buy this on a sale, it’s a good buy for a child or student. If you need to sit in this multiple hours every day, spend some more money and get a decent chair.

The construction of the chair itself was pretty easy and straightfoward. I bought this chair based on the hundreds of other amazon reviews and it basically almost getting 5 stars at the time of this review. The construction of the chair itself was pretty easy and straightfoward; the arm rests gave me some trouble with the screw holes not aligning but i managed it. The reason why i took out 2 stars is two-fold: firstly, the chair reclining seems very loose — when i first sat and reclined, i felt like it was going to fall backwards. It could use some more tension in the reclination. Secondly, although it’s only happened a handful of times, the chair pneumatic adjustment level has messed up a few times. Meaning, i would sit in the chair at a certain height, then leave, then come back later and sit down when suddenly the chair would lose its height position and go down.

Great chair for a low price. After searching for a decent chair to use for studying i got into this. I am loving the design and comfort. By the time i bought this, the chair didnt have any reviews. It is very easy to assemble and very comfortable.

I agree with almost all that is said in claran’s review. I’ve had a few other chairs, of this type, and this chair is at least as good or better quality. I particularly want non-padded arms because they just don’t last for me. My current chair is some type of naugahide which is just is flaking off. I think that i bought it on sale at office depot for $135. Both my wife and got our new chairs on amazon’s deal of the day for $59 each. So, for the price, we are both satisfied overall. I have back problems and this chair does give me back support. Ymmvhere’s are a few assembly tips:1.

I agree with almost all that is said in claran’s review. I’ve had a few other chairs, of this type, and this chair is at least as good or better quality. I particularly want non-padded arms because they just don’t last for me. My current chair is some type of naugahide which is just is flaking off. I think that i bought it on sale at office depot for $135. Both my wife and got our new chairs on amazon’s deal of the day for $59 each. So, for the price, we are both satisfied overall. I have back problems and this chair does give me back support. Ymmvhere’s are a few assembly tips:1.

Decent chair if you need something cheap but not from walmart. Pros:-low price-seat cushion is comfortablecons:-the seat and base are not connected by screws or anything-the seat rocking lock is useless. I feel like i’m leaning back all the way whether it is engaged or not-the fabric is a magnet for pet hair. I would not recommend this if your pet sheds a decent amount-this could be an issue with just my chair but it leans to the right very noticeably. I believe that it is an issue that stems from the chair not being attached by a plate w/ screws at the basei plan on returning this chair as soon as i find a better replacement from amazon or another retailer.

Cheap, simple, comfy, and looks nice. The instructions weren’t exactly laid out step by step. It was more like: ‘attach this to that and then attach that to this random piece that was in the bag and then screw it together’. Though, after all is said and done, the up/down hydraulic works perfectly (albeit, you can’t do it while sitting in the chair, hardly a gripe. ) and the chair leans back to a comfortable position if you have the mechanism unlocked. Wheels roll smoothly as well, even in my room with a carpet in terrible condition that makes it hard to traverse. Only downside i can report is that sometimes when leaving the chair and then returning, the mechanism keeping the chair locked into an upright position tends to unlock itself and i sit back in the chair expecting it to be locked and have a mini heart-attack when i sit back. No real danger, but for a moment feels like i’m falling backwards off a cliff. Maybe i set the chair up wrong and didn’t handle that part correctly, wouldn’t be surprising given the instructions.

It’s comfortable enough, but no where near the comfort level. Just your basic, entry level office chair. It’s comfortable enough, but no where near the comfort level of some of these reviews. You can feel the thinner wood inside bend if you lean back and the padding is rather thin. If you buy this on a sale, it’s a good buy for a child or student. If you need to sit in this multiple hours every day, spend some more money and get a decent chair.

Kind of itchy fabric so i put a towel over it and sit on that. I live in florida so shorts are a must year round. So hence noticing the itchy fabric. No additional tools needed, but it was a total pain putting the arms on by myself. The arms hold the back and seat together so until they’re on, you’re squishing the back and seat together just to hold them until you can get a couple bolts on for the arms. Took about 20 min to put together.

Ghost Chair : Love it! Rarely rate items.

This is a beautiful, sturdy chair. My oldest son is 6’7″ and fits in it just fine. I love its lines and the fact that it doesn’t take up much visual space in our little room.

Beautiful chair, amazing value. I ordered this chair on august 18th and received it august 19th with standard shipping. Obviously, i couldn’t be pleased with the shipping but the overall look/comfort of this chair is amazing as well. Even though i did order a pillow for this chair, i’m pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it is by itself.

Arrived quickly with no issues. I love the chair, i have been looking for one for years but did not want to spend more than $150.

Surprisingly comfortable and stylish.

  • In LOVE with this chair!!!
  • Love it! Rarely rate items.
  • Nicely made, sturdy and comfortable

Ghost Chair with Arms in Transparent Crystal

  • Classic Louis Inspired Chair
  • Transparent Crystal Finish
  • Contoured Seat
  • Fluid Design
  • Polycarbonate Molded Structure

Quality chair for the price. Looks like the expensive version and holds up good.Has a very classy, sleek appearance. Looks nice w/ mirrored desk.

This is sturdy, high quality. This is sturdy, high quality, fast ship, awesome. Ive seen others in store for $150. Got mine on sale for $53 here. I also love that is transparent black; looks so much nicer and high end compared to others that have the blue tint in them like plain plastics. The pic of this item makes it look much for gray than it actually does in person. It is definitely a “ghost” chair, transparent chair.

Very nice sturdy an sophistication.

It came exactly as described. It is perfectly clear and very sturdy. Adds a delicate touch to my room. It’s as comfortable as the chair can be for what it’s made of. I’ve sat in it for hours doing homework and was fine. Although i did purchase a throw to lay on the arm of it and it kind of adds cushion to the seat of the chair. Even without it though it’s fine.

Everybody wants to sit on it when. This chair is exactly what i expected. I read a lot of the reviews on it before purchasing and it lived up to all the positive reviews. I have quite a small living room and it adds that little bit of extra seating without “cluttering up” the small space; a perfect touch. Everybody wants to sit on it when they first come into the room. I am so happy with this chairp. The chair is indeed clear and the recycle emblem on it is small and does not take away from this unique piece of furniture.

Looks good but not so comfortable as expected.

Beautiful crystal chairs draw compliments. I already had one of these ghost chairs which i loved and decided to replace my dining room chairs with these to give the appearance of more room in my very limited space. I was so pleased to learn that i could afford them because the price is very reasonable and they really are beautiful. The seat wouldn’t be ample for a large person but i haven’t had that problem yet. I plan to buy two more soon,.

Surprisingly comfortable and stylish.

Looks great with the ikea rug.

The first time i saw the “ghost” chair on a fashion blogger’s site i was infatuated and knew i must have one. Little did i know how expensive they were. Until i stumbled upon this chairthe cutest chair i’ve ever seen and loving the price.I was concerned that it might get uncomfortable to sit in after a while (since i’m using it at my study desk) but that wasn’t going to be a deal breaker. So i ordered the chair and it arrived in perfect shape. Perfect condition, no scratches, nicely packaged and so cuteto my surprise it was so comfortable. You wouldn’t expect it but your body just molds to the chair. It’s very relaxing and the armrests are the perfect height (in my opinion).

Did a lot of research before i purchased this chair and it did not disappoint. Definitely made for smaller people the seat is not very wide, could also be a great decor piece if you are looking for something to just sit with a cute throw or pillow.

The first time i saw the “ghost” chair on a fashion blogger’s site i was infatuated and knew i must have one. Little did i know how expensive they were. Until i stumbled upon this chairthe cutest chair i’ve ever seen and loving the price.I was concerned that it might get uncomfortable to sit in after a while (since i’m using it at my study desk) but that wasn’t going to be a deal breaker. So i ordered the chair and it arrived in perfect shape. Perfect condition, no scratches, nicely packaged and so cuteto my surprise it was so comfortable. You wouldn’t expect it but your body just molds to the chair. It’s very relaxing and the armrests are the perfect height (in my opinion).

Absolutely beautiful in the space. Very comfortable and elegant. Clear, and came without any scratches.

It’s perfect i needed a chair for my bedroom desk that didn’t look to bulky because it’s a tight space. I looks amazing and i forget that it’s there.

Amazing chair that came as one solid piece. Amazing chair that came as one solid piece.I had 2 scratches on it that go unnoticed so i dont mind at all. The sheer compliments i get on this chair make up for it 10 fold.

Love it ????????.

No seriously, i loooove this chair. I purchased it for my daughter’s desk in a room that is a bit small. Her previous computer chair made the room look cluttered, however this chair gives the illusion of tons of space. It arrived quickly (during a snowstorm- thank u kind ups man for carrying it all the way down my dead end block) and packaged very well. Looking at the chair i was a bit nervous thinking it wouldn’t hold up to my daughter’s inability to sit with ease (she just slams herself down). I was also concerned with comfort. Although the chair creaks when sat in, it’s sturdy.

Yes i ordered two for my sitting area in my bedroom. They hold my husband who is well over 200 lbs. They are easy to clean, just wipe with a cloth.

Flash Furniture FD-CH0221-4-GV-005-GG Hercules Series 21-Inch Extra Wide Plum Stacking Church Chair – Seat Cushions are Not Holding Up after 6 Months of Light Weight on Them

Amazingly light now lets see if it can hold me for years . Amazingly light, but still strong to hold 400+ pounds without moving i mainly got this chair because the computer desk chairs metal support could not handle it when i move in the chair so i look for a different type of chair and this is what i found. It saids on the tracking that it weights 90 pounds but when i pick it up it feels like 15 pound total weight so i am not sure if fedex counts the box size as 90 pounds or if someone made a mistake as this chair does not feel like 90 pounds and i lifted 40 pounds before . Overall i recommended this chair for the price if you are heavy set but i am not sure how long it will hold up years from now.

So pleased with these chairs – we ordered four to accommodate guests at thanksgiving. I wanted something more comfortable than regular folding chairs, and because these are stackable they don’t take up much space. The best part is that they are so much more comfortable than our regular chairs, which definitely cost quite a bit more. I think these are possibly an inch or two lower than a standard dining chair but they still fit well at the table and they’re cushy enough to use as extra seating just for hanging out. They were very easy to assemble although i did find it necessary to use a power screwdriver and enlist my husband’s help. With one person bracing the back in place while the other drives in the screws, this is a quick and easy two-person job.

Hey now, this is one great chair. The seat & back are nice, firm, attractive, upholstered fabric cushions. The seat itself has 4′ thick foam to support me comfortably while working on my computer. Judging by the other review, i wasn’t going to buy one of these chairs. Then i saw one in a store of the same brand & color for a little over twice the price i paid & i was able to see the quality. I was also able to see how easy the assembly was & decided to get one. Oh yeah, i didn’t mention this, but i bought it to replace the traditional swivel, rocker, office chair. For me it has much more support & my back doesn’t ache after 1/2 an hour or so.

  • Great product at a great price – If you’re comfortable using a drill
  • Sturdy but not comfortable.

Strong, comfy, mostly easy to assemble. . Comfortable, sturdy, mostly pre-assembled. Only part that needs to be attached is the back with four solid screws. One downside is the back doesn’t have any holes for them and really is sturdy so you have to hand screw them in without help. Because of this, it might be tough for anyone without the strength or healthy joints to do it. Keep this in mind, but i definitely advise buying this chair if you want a superb and resilient one.

These chairs may be life changing. We love to entertain, to have friends over for meals and board games that can last into the wee hours. Alas, i have a bad back and a big butt (about which, i cannot lie. ) our wooden chairs, therefore, are a no-go for a 5 hour long dinner-and-(insert boardgame of choice) night. We’ve only had them for about 10 days at this point, (and i will update after a couple months of heavy use) but they are amazing. Sturdy, the burgundy looks great in our dining room, and so comfortable i didn’t realize we’d been up chatting until after midnight. If these continue to hold up, we will be ordering more, they go together super easy (line up the bottom first, it’ll save you many headaches) they stack, if you like things like that, and they are comfortable.

Features of Flash Furniture FD-CH0221-4-GV-005-GG Hercules Series 21-Inch Extra Wide Plum Stacking Church Chair with Gold Vein Frame

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 800-pound. capacity stacking church chair, 21-inch width by 24-3/4-inch depth by 33-inch height
  • Plum fabric upholstery
  • Waterfall seat reduces leg strain
  • 3-1/2-inch Thick Cushion Graduating to 5-inch Thick
  • Book pouch on back

Not your average office chair. Comfortable and stacks well. We needed 40 of these for a training classroom at our facility. The new hires were going to sit through a weeklong ‘blah-blah’ and we certainly didn’t want them wearing out their bum-bums. All of them arrived in good shape and the folks in training were very happy. (equally as important, finance department was pleased since these were the best overall value).

Hey now, this is one great chair. The seat & back are nice, firm, attractive, upholstered fabric cushions. The seat itself has 4′ thick foam to support me comfortably while working on my computer. Judging by the other review, i wasn’t going to buy one of these chairs. Then i saw one in a store of the same brand & color for a little over twice the price i paid & i was able to see the quality. I was also able to see how easy the assembly was & decided to get one. Oh yeah, i didn’t mention this, but i bought it to replace the traditional swivel, rocker, office chair. For me it has much more support & my back doesn’t ache after 1/2 an hour or so.

Well made comfortable and sturdy. I bought this chair because i have back problems and can’t use a regular computer chair to sit at my desk. I primarily bought it because of the cushioning which in the picture looked very thick. When it arrived i was so pleased to see that indeed the chair cushion is thick and comfortable. I can sit now for hours if i choose to, and my back is fine. I love the dark brown color, goes with everything. A bit larger than i expected but now i can sit with my grand kids in my lap or they can both share the chair to watch videos online. Very pleased with this purchase and will buy more of these chairs in the future. So much cheaper than a good computer chair, but just as comfortable if not more so.

I don’t love the chair all that much, but my huge rear end does. Just for fun, i bought the green with polka dots to use with a home computer desk (wanted a chair without wheels). I find the seat cushion cushion-y enough and comfortable for the time i’ll be sitting in it which is maybe 1/2 hour at a time. Easy assembly: my husband screwed the seat back into the frame in about 5 minutes, without the need for a drill. Downsides: upon arrival, the metal chair legs where sticking out of the box carton – no product damage noted. The included hardware baggie inside was also damaged and open, and one small screw was completely missing. For this reason, we used only the four long screws to secure the seat back. More care could be taken to ensure safer travel. Greetings from asbury park, nj.

I rent a small room and it’s perfect. I rent a small room and it’s perfect for my tv/music/internet/reading and chilling out time. I often snooz out at times too. It’s a great comfy chair and i highly recommend √.

The wife said i needed a chair made out of bedrock but that wouldn’t be very comfortable. This chair is strong and durable enough to withstand this big-guy’s weight. When it was delivered i was concerned initially cause it was in 2 parts, but when you line up the back of frame to 2nd piece their chalk marks to guide the way, i used a little cordless screw driver it was done pretty quick.

These chairs are very comfortable even if you sit in the for hours at. These chairs are very comfortable even if you sit in the for hours at a time. They were not that difficult to put the cushion on each one. We ordered 6 chairs and they sent us only screws for 5 of the chairs. But the last set of screws wasn’t that expensive. My sister was visiting when the chairs arrived. She loved them so much, when she got back home she ordered 4 chairs. None of her chairs had screws. But she loves her chairs too.

Well made comfortable and sturdy. I bought this chair because i have back problems and can’t use a regular computer chair to sit at my desk. I primarily bought it because of the cushioning which in the picture looked very thick. When it arrived i was so pleased to see that indeed the chair cushion is thick and comfortable. I can sit now for hours if i choose to, and my back is fine. I love the dark brown color, goes with everything. A bit larger than i expected but now i can sit with my grand kids in my lap or they can both share the chair to watch videos online. Very pleased with this purchase and will buy more of these chairs in the future. So much cheaper than a good computer chair, but just as comfortable if not more so.

I’m currently sitting on one as i type. Nice and wide with thick cushioning. I bought a couple before new years for some of my larger friends. Assembly does require you to mount the back. Take it slow and easy and you can still knock out the assembly in 10 minutes.

Nice quality chair and fabric. Large box with two chairs flew out of the back of my truck went 10 feet in the air on the highway tumble through the ditch and these things look brand-new. I bet they will hold 800 pounds.

Sturdy but not comfortable. . The chair is very sturdy but the padding is awful. The other review who mentioned it’s firm and a different kind of ‘foam’ was right. Honestly, the padding feels like cardboard. I can sit for not quite 1/2 hour before it’s bothering me and i have to move. I was really happy to find a chair with deeper dimensions for the seat. I find it funny that most big and tall chairs, rated for 400+ lbs have small seats that your bum doesn’t fit on. This causes me to put more pressure on my legs (mainly knees) and feet. This does have a deeper seat so you don’t feel like you are halfway sitting on it. Thankfully the chair is probably the cheapest in price that you will ever find with a 400+lbs weight limit (800 lbs for this chair).

Great chair ,solid, comfy, good price. Unlike crying about having to put acouple screws in the back of the chair to finish putting it together like another reviewer did, i unboxed the chair, the screws were taped to a leg of the chair, i lined up the back, ran the screws in. The back section even had marks to line it up. So its super easy to put together. This is a very well built chair and i was very surprised that this chair does have the 4 inch bottom seat pad made out of very good hi-density foam. I am a bigger guy, this chair fits me great, padding feels great, the seat is nice and wide and the 4 inch padding needs to be feeled to be believed. Also, the back of the chair is at a comfortable angle. And is nicely padded as well. The legs have nice thick plastic inserts at the bottom.

Most comfortable stacking chair i have ever sat. Wide seat and back are terrific. You put in 8 screws–2 small ones on the bottom and 3 larger ones on each side. Took me less than 5 minutes to assemble and i am not very handy. Very solid feel when you sit in it and all the legs are even. Actual item is very true to the picture. Everyone who has sat in the chair has felt the same way i do. The chair arrived a week before the original amazon estimate and in perfect condition.

Lovely pattern and very durable materials.

Nice quality chair and fabric. Large box with two chairs flew out of the back of my truck went 10 feet in the air on the highway tumble through the ditch and these things look brand-new. I bet they will hold 800 pounds.

It’s lightweight so i can move it easily. . Ashlea is loving it for het occupational therapy with her therabands that she does at home. Needed a stable chair with no arms. Not something that would wiggle around because she has chorea and does enough of that without the chair wiggling too. It’s lightweight so i can move it easily.

Amazingly light now lets see if it can hold me for years . Amazingly light, but still strong to hold 400+ pounds without moving i mainly got this chair because the computer desk chairs metal support could not handle it when i move in the chair so i look for a different type of chair and this is what i found. It saids on the tracking that it weights 90 pounds but when i pick it up it feels like 15 pound total weight so i am not sure if fedex counts the box size as 90 pounds or if someone made a mistake as this chair does not feel like 90 pounds and i lifted 40 pounds before . Overall i recommended this chair for the price if you are heavy set but i am not sure how long it will hold up years from now.

Not your average office chair. Comfortable and stacks well. We needed 40 of these for a training classroom at our facility. The new hires were going to sit through a weeklong ‘blah-blah’ and we certainly didn’t want them wearing out their bum-bums. All of them arrived in good shape and the folks in training were very happy. (equally as important, finance department was pleased since these were the best overall value).