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Household Essentials 4516 MightyStor Hanging Garment Vacuum Storage Bag : Not a perfect fit

Having used name brand ‘space bags’ in the past, this item was underwhelming. Easy enough to use, large enough to fit many garments. Unfortunately the next morning my bag clearly had air and was no longer sealed like it had been when i put it away the day before. I tried again, made sure the seal was solid and call tightened. Low and behold i had the same issues. Hopefully it will keep our dressy clothes nice and prevent the ‘stale’ smell i am trying to avoid – only time will tell.

Bought these to store blankets and other winter stuff in the closet. I love the shape these make when vacuum sealed, since it’s easy to store on the floor of the closet. I did accidently rip one while storing, so it’s important to be careful, since they’re very easy to poke a hole in, and not very durable. I had to hide the remaining other cube in a suitcase to protect it from being damaged. Had that first bag not ripped as easily, i would probably give this more stars, but the one working bag has been sealed for many months now (in my luggage) without any issues. I would recommend these bags over others because of the shape that it turns into once sealed up. Other bags become long and flat, which is clunky to store, but with those other bags, i haven’t had a problem with them ripping.

Household Essentials 4516 MightyStor Hanging Garment Vacuum Storage Bag for Dresses – X-Large

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Vacuum sealed storage bag for storing away dresses and coats right in your closet
  • Save space in your closet by storing up to 10 seasonal garments in this clear vacuum bag
  • Air-tight; water-tight; and reusable!
  • Double sure lock closure protects against mildew, moisture, insects, and dirt
  • 59.1″H x 27.6″W x 1″D

I had trouble keeping the air in these bags at the first 2 tries and thought they were useless. However, on the third try, i was able to keep the air out and bag remains airless. Apparently, i was not closing the seal properly. I will say i like the ziplock jumbo bags better. They fill easier, are cheaper, and one does not have to turn the seal to open and close.

I bought two space saver storage totes because i know how much space they save. I live in a tiny apartment and space is a precious commodity. Having my winter clothes and blankets all stowed away makes life much less stressful. I have been very pleased with this provider and this product. I do use an old sheet as a dust cover in storage, however, because i learned that the outside tote material will deteriorate pretty quickly if left exposed to light and dust.

While they work well the large is not very large and the extra large is to large. I crochet afghans and wanted something to shrink them down when i ship them (queen and king sized). I can not get the ‘zipper’ to close on the large with only one afghan and the extra large i had to fold to get it to vacuum seal correctly. Since i am using it for a specific purpose i am only giving them 4 stars. Now i wish i could find boxes to put them in to wrap, wish sears or jc penney’s still had bathrobe boxes.

Household Essentials 4516 MightyStor Hanging Garment Vacuum Storage Bag for Dresses – X-Large : Your product saved the day during a recent home construction project. It was a messy time in our home; we had floor tile removed throughout our home and ran out of airtight containers. The promised delivery date worked out great with our schedule as well.

I use this without vacuuming the air out just to keep moths away from a wool and linen costume, zip it up and moths can’t get in, just be sure your clothing is free of moths/eggs before you seal it up, zipper is a little stiff and difficult to use – may have to slide back and forth a few times to make sure it is sealed.

I wish i had read more of the reviews before ordering these. Seemed like a great buy but when i received them and tried to get the air out it was very tedious to do. As stated in a previous review, if your vacuum hose is set to use other attachments and not perfectly round, it will be difficult to fit over the hole and get the air out. It took way too much time and effort. I gave up and just kept it with the remaining air. I’ll order a different set later.

Unlike spacebags, these actually hold their seal. I’ve had two in use for a few months now with no-to-negligible leaking. Avoid using drycleaner hangers and opt for plastic to be sure to avoid any unwanted breaks or hole once you vacuum them tight. I worried i overloaded one of the hangers, but these are surprisingly strong. Still, be careful how many garments you hang off the hanger inside. It’s so nice when something works as advertised.

I buy often online but seldom take the time to write a review. I made an exception here because i was so thrilled with these storage cubes. It’s time to put away the patio furniture here in new england. I have six dining chairs for a total of twelve cushions. And a six foot long glider with six cushions. That’s eighteen in all to store. I had bought extra large ziploc bags at walmart but could only get two cushions in a bag. I was able to put all eighteen in four of these cubes.

I purchased this (extra large dress size) in the hopes of reducing the storage space required for my wife’s wedding dress. Her dress previously took up nearly half of a closet. I folded it and placed it in the vacuum seal bag, sucked the air out with my household vacuum, and immediately the dress and bag were less than 2 inches thickthis is a quality product.The main bag is thick and doesn’t seem like it will tear or rip easily. The seals seem great (both the zipper lock side seal which runs he entire length and main vacuum seal). The main vacuum seal has a locking mechanism which is a nice feature. I would purchase these again in a second. I’m already looking at additional sizes for other storage needs.

This fit around my daughter’s infant carrier so we can store up in the garage without having to worry about critters or mold getting into the seat. I’m so happy i found this big enough for what i wanted.

There are some products that i never heard of until recently and wonder how did i live without?. I have blankets stored in these, allowing me to store enough in my closet for the hordes of relatives who visit at holidays. Easy to use – attach your vacuum and in a few seconds the package has shrunk to half or less its original size.

I had a very elaborate wedding dress that took up a lot of room in my closet. This space saving bag worked like magic. The quality is great and it was very easy to use. I would recommend to anyone wanting to store a long item, like a wedding dress.

Just used one of these to pack up my insulated camo bib and parka hunting outer wear. More than enough room for the two items in the one bag, left space between them in the middle that allowed me to fold over for putting on storage shelf. Threw a couple of pieces of aromatic cedar in prior to sealing and all safe and soundused small shop vac to evacuate which went very quickly. Sealing was very easy with plastic slider.

This does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It was easy to use, and the materials seem fairly sturdy. The xl size was perfect for storing multiple bulky winter coats, or several heavy blankets. So far no rips, tears or punctures, and it’s holding its seal well.Only complaint is that sometimes zipping it was a little tricky as the slider liked to come off – but, that’s not that big of a deal for me.

Fold up your thick queen sized comforter in threes. Stuff it in the bag and apply vacuum. Bag is a little over one inch in thickness as a result.

Perfect for packing all your stuff into a suit case. I was a bit skeptical when i saw that it didn’t require a vacuum hose, but the bags really shrink down to size. Removing the air from the bags does take a bit of effort and maneuvering, however isn’t too difficult. I wouldn’t get this for someone who has frail hands or could possibly have a difficult time removing the air from the bag.

I am extremely happy with my purchase of this storage bag. I have used it to store my wedding gown for the past two years and i have had no problems with leaks.

I used one of the large household essentials 4-piece mightystor vacuum storage travel bags, 2 medium/2 large on a camping trip and it saved my life. Ok maybe it didn’t save my life, but it kept my clothes dry through a torrential downpour and compressed them, allowing me to fit more stuff in my pack. (i wasn’t concerned about pack weight for this trip. )i did not receive any discount or perks from the manufacturer/dealer for this review.

I read the reviews and stopped myself from buying these twice, i have ordered 4 boxes now. All i have to say is read the instructions and don’t over stuff the bags and you will also be writing a positive review. I feel the reason why the bags would inflate is because the consumer uses general knowledge and commonsense thinking they know how the bag works, like i did in the begging.

These are great bags for king sized blankets or extra pillows, however- they are not high quality. I’ve ordered 4 so far, 2 have leaked straight from the box and they can only handle being filled 2x’s without the value leaking or getting a seam tear. They are the only ones i’ve found in this size at this price. If you don’t mind replacing them each season, these are a good buy.

Household Essentials Hand-Woven Paper Rope 3-Drawer Chest – I would definitely recommend placing the heaviest items in the bottom drawer

I needed a small storage unit for my bathroom and it had to fit under a window. It was the exact height that it said it was to be and works perfectly. Loved the price and now am getting a 2nd one for the guest bathroom as well. People who wrote bad reviews must not have read the dimensions.

I was worried about the size. I didn’t have a yard stick to measure how big it would be. It is the perfect size for many purposes. I am going to use this one in my bedroom as a night stand and the top shelf will keep my meds from falling off so i am excited about that. I am very seriously considering buying 3 more for end tables although i am not sure with the top surface whether putting drinks and things on it is a great idea.

It works well for what i’m using it for: an extra bathroom vanity. It looks nice and fits well for an extra bathroom vanity. My only complaint is it’s a little flimsy and for $50 i would think it would be a little better quality. Overall though, i’m fine with it and don’t have any buyer’s remorse.

  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Works well in bathroom
  • It’s a little pricey for what it is and the quality

Not dark brown as described, and not cherry.

I’m a fan of this and so is my sister. She’s like dying to have this instead of the night stand i bought and assembled for her. I store all of my beauty products in this (i have a lot apparently). Most importantly i like how this thing is light weight.

Features of Household Essentials Hand-Woven Paper Rope 3-Drawer Chest, Black Stain

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Designer styled 3 drawer chest for use in any room
  • Paper rope wicker
  • Sturdy wood frame
  • Black color
  • Measures 26.38-Inch high by 10.63-Inch deep by 16.93-Inch wide

I purchased this for my guest powder room. Napkin holder fits perfectly on the top. Love that i have storage for toliet paper and other bathroom items. The drawers are not the easiet to open and close but that’s not a deal breaker for the price.

Was missing the piece that covers the top of the top drawer. But it was nothing to really fuss about, wasn’t worth the hassle of sending it back.

I use this because there is no storage in my bathroom aside from the medicine cabinet. This little chest is excellent. It keeps the bathroom looking tidy & the things that i need within reach. It is slightly smaller than i would like, but still holds my hair dryer, flat iron, hand towels & washcloths, cotton balls, medicine, sunscreen, additional tubes of toothpaste, headbands, face creams, & tampons, etc. Recommended for anyone who lacks bathroom storage.

Very nice well made and very sturdy i bought this for a christmas gift for a bathroom and she really likes it. It is a perfect size for a small bathroom can be used for toilet paper , towels or anything you desire this is not cheaply made like i said it is really sturdy and the drawers slide in and out easily.

The drawers pull out very easily and hold quite a bit. Only con is i wish it were taller.

Perfect storage system for a small bathroom. I have a full bathroom that doesn’t have any cabinets or shelving for storage so i was on the hunt for some neutral shelving to put in that bathroom to hold toiletries and towels. It not only looks great in our small bathroom but is well constructed and holds all the bathroom items i needed it to. It’s such a great shelf that can work in so many areas of the home that i would most definitely buy a second one if i need something similar for another area.

I bought this for my closet to put underwear and bras in and it’s perfect. It’s shorter than i thought, but it does the hob. It has a slight redish tint to the brown, but that’s fine with me, it’s just for my closet. I am a prime member, and i chose 2 day shipping, but got it in 1 day.

I wanted to find a shelving unit to use in a small bathroom. There was not a huge selection that seemed to really fit my needs, and i was skeptical of this one. However, after getting it in, i love it. Now, when pushing the shelves in you do have to lift the back of it slightly, otherwise, it’s perfect.

The staining job looks rushed in many areas and not completely covered. It’s definitely much more of a reddish color than shown in the photo. The drawers are difficult to push back into place. I would definitely recommend placing the heaviest items in the bottom drawer, to prevent the entire thing from moving when you are trying to pull out or push in a drawer. I’m going to keep it for now, but am already on the lookout for something nicer.

I’m giving this 3 stars because it’s way more red than pictured. It’s not brown, but more of a mahogany. Although it’s still pretty, i had to return it because it was not the color i was expecting and didn’t match my furniture. The red tint is more pronounced in certain lighting.

I like it, it works well and fits in small spaces, but the brown option should really say, ‘red brown,’ or something to that affect, because what i got looked nothing like the brown one in the picture it was a very red brown.

This little chest was exactly what i was looking for. It looks great in our guest bathroom with the new decor. It is small, but i needed small for this space. The only knock on it is that it is more of a reddish brown color instead of a true chocolate brown, so if that matters to you, don’t buy this chest. I am very happy with my purchase.

Comes completely assembled and is super light. Fits with room to spare under ada grab bars in restroom, just in case you were wondering.

Much smaller than my mind could wrap around. Doesn’t work for what i wanted it for (classroom). Also the color is more red than brown.

Not as sturdy as i would have liked, but it fits perfectly in the small space i have. I bought small plastic boxes to protect the inside of the drawers.

The actual size is smaller and one of the drawers dont have a hole in the front for easy pull out. But, i will eventually take it out to replace it with something else, or use it as another toy box. This was not a happy purchase.

I already own one of these units and it’s a nice size for odds and ends.

This chest fits perfectly into my bathroom. I needed something small enough to fit under a towel rack, but large enough to actually hold something other than small knick-knacks. It also had to be toddler-friendly, as my 20 month old is constantly pulling doors and drawers open on everything. He immediately saw this chest and started pulling, and it is all holding up very well. The threaded straw weaving is a nice touch to the bathroom decor. I also really liked that this is already one piece, so there was nothing i had to assemble. Add to this amazon’s fast shipping and this purchase was unbeatable.