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Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa : it is so wonderful to know that people who make things here to

This couch was a temporary fix until i could buy a real couch. I put blankets over it because i knew with for cats that would be the possibility of punctures. For about a month it was perfect and nobody really bugged it but then one day my baby cat started to scratch at it. I would recommend do not get this if you have cats, even though a lot of heavy blankets over it will not stop them from inadvertently puncturing it. All in all it’s a sweet couch it would hold up without cats. It would have received 5 stars had it been made a little stronger.

Great temporary couch for my new condo while waiting for an ordered couch. Took about 10 min to blow up with electric pump and has held air for 4 weeks now with moderate use. My wife and sister in law laughed at me but they won’t stay off. Obviously it is firm but it has a microsuede coating and deep seats that make it suprisingly comfortable. An easliy fit 6ft person laying down. People are taking dibs on it when my permanent couch comes in.

I got this to get me off the floor while i saved money for a reach couch. This held up as a good substitute. A lot of people didn’t even realize it was inflatable just by looking at it till i told them. I plan to keep this for as long as possible. Also, i have 2 little dogs with nails (haven’t had nail cuts in months although they need it lol), and their nails weren’t able to put a hole in it, so it’s pretty tough material. My dogs were all over this couch too. The portion you sit on and would basically come in touch with your skin has a velvety touch while the other parts like the bottom were plasticy feeling – like an inflatable bed plasticy.

Exactly what we were looking for. Different compartments for inflation and cushions separate. Even with small dogs jumping around on it, it’s not shown any sign of issues. We use in our playroom and it’s perfect. Easy to put away or move when extra space is needed. Now if we could find a recliner type chair of the same quality. My mom was so impressed, she couldn’t believe it was inflatable.

  • I’m so glad I bought this sofa
  • Good option for a temporary situation
  • I love it, even with the Cons.

Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa, 101″ X 80″ X 30″

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  • Designed with a waterproof-flocked top surface and a vinyl bottom, this sofa provides an incredibly comfortable sitting surface for any occasion
  • A 2-in-1 valve with extra-wide openings ensures fast inflating and deflating
  • Upon deflating, the corner sofa folds compactly for storage or travel
  • Approximate inflated size 101″ x 80″ x 30″
  • Weight capacity 880 lbs

The seam split and the back off the couch deflated. I have had it for about one week. Other than that, it is comfortable and it meets our temporary needs.

My fiance and i were looking for temporary furniture, so our apartment wouldn’t be completely empty and we could have a place to sit and watch tv. This has been a great blow up couch. Very comfortable i usually fall asleep on it. It looks very nice a lot of my guest can’t notice its blow up until they sit on it. I haven’t had to put more air in the couch since the 2nd day that we bought it and the couch was stretching. I would highly recommend, it has worked great for us.

My neighbors had this couch at coachella and it was dope. I’m for sure getting one next year.

It isnt as easy to inflate as other intex products, but it does the job once you get the hang of how to use the portable pump.

We bought this for our casita. We have had it for 3 months, and have not needed to add air as of yet. Comfortable and a very nice color. I was worried that it would mark easily, since kids use it, and it is a light color. Seems to hold up to the kids.

Nice size couch that holds a lot of weight. Minus stars because the main air valve is underneath so not very convenient. Also minus cuz all 3 cushions have popped or loose air quickly the first happened within the first month.

My boyfriend and i purchased a brand new couch when we moved in to our new apartment. Of course we received a delivery estimate of 8000 years from now, so decided to search for a temporary couch while we waited. We looked at cort and other furniture rental places but they charge at least 500+ per month and usually have a 3-6 month minimum (our real delivery estimate was about 8 weeks from when we moved in). After nearly settling on buying a cheap piece of junk couch from craigslist, we stumbled upon this inflatable couch on amazon. It started as a joke, but as we went through the benefits of purchasing this couch rather than the alternatives, we realized how brilliant of an idea it was. Getting any other couch in to the building and elevators is a nightmare in itself. Using someones old disgusting furniture was outputting. And any other expensive rental option was nauseating after thinking about how much we had already paid for the new couch. We are now about 5 weeks into full time use of this couch. We have only had to re-inflate it once.

Can stand outdoor elements (i live in rainy area, not so much of the hot/cold extremes). It’s pretty cool and people are always impressed with it. Cons: the felt-like surface easily collects lint, hair, and other fine particulates. There are a total of 7 air ports that need to be filled, not all easily accessible. Air pump not included, all 3 air pump nozzles are needed. The back of the couch is not flush, the bottom layer sticks out so, you can’t rest the back again the wall.

Great purchase-i have been wanting furniture for my semi-finished basement but i really wanted something that was not fabric and that could be easily cleaned. I am very happy with the sectional-it has good support-its roomy-it looks good=perfect size-easy to move around. My friends can’t believe its inflatable. I have been using for about 2 weeks, still fully inflated, i’ve sat on it and even taken a nap. Only drawback is that its a little low and you need to push up-definitely not a deal breaker.

I was so excited about this couch when i ordered it. And when i first inflated it. But i have cats and i didn’t think it through. If you don’t have cats, or yours are declawed, this is probably going to be the best thing ever. If you have cats, don’t buy this. It does not come with an air pump. I bought a cheap one at walmart for $10 or $15. It inflated fairly quickly and it didn’t take long to figure out which cushion fit where. It was pretty comfortable, but will deflate with a lot of use.

Now let talk about this item. It is so wonderful to know that people who make things here to sale is a genius. This sofa looks like a real sofa and when you sat on it it is a dream to just ohh awwwwwwwwwww. Thank u again amazon your the best store there is.

Bought this couch for camping at a festival. It held up well, no holes despite being outdoors for 5 days. As other people have stated, and it clearly states on the box, you do need to be prepared to re-air it up several times when it’s new. We had 4-5 adults on it at a time and everyone loved it.

I am working in a foreign country, living in a 20 foot living container (containerized housing unit (chu) they call it). Man this thing makes my chu the most happening chu in country. 🙂 i wasn’t expecting it too be as durable and ‘cool’i’m going to get a couple for home when i get back. Great for additional seating for parties, etc. Great for a teen’s room, etc. Inflates and deflates in minutes, no hassel at all.

Bought this along with the empire inflatable chair. I used it to create a lounge area for a party i was decorating. It’s well made and looks really nice. I added a few pillows, a pianted tarp for an area rug and a lighted table. The client was blown away by how great it all looked and we stayed on budget.

I’m so glad i bought this sofa. I’m 6’1′, and can lay down perfectly on the long side, so this easily doubles as a bed. It’s pretty thick, so i don’t feel too nervous about putting a hole in it. The base of the couch has its own inflation chamber, each armrest has their own inflation chambers, the backrest has its own inflation chamber, and each of the couch cushions inflate. With that said, since i was trying to inflate it in the tight corner i had planned for it, it took a little effort. Even if i do pop a hole in something, it has so many air chambers, it’ll still be useful. I’ve enclosed a few pictures i took with my digital camera to better illustrate the size and nature of this sofa.

Purchased for extra sleeping area when my sister, husband and 10 kids visit. Plan on using it outside on the terrace for extra seating too. Did not take long to inflate.

You use a cover and this is as comfortable as any actual wood furniture. It’s sturdy, and keeps air well, no patch kit or pump so buy before, it is good looking in my living room. It’s just a temporary place so i have bought intex living room and intex bed.

My husband was relocated for a few months and needed an apartment so the kids and i could visit. His apartment is on the second floor with a narrow stair case, so inflatable furniture is a great temporary option. The first couch we ordered wouldn’t sit level, one end was off the floor. Other than that it was great. I contacted the seller and included photos, they graciously sent me a replacement. It’s not the most comfortable couch, but it looks good, accommodates multiple people well and the kids love to lounge on it. It’s sturdy and has held up to quite a bit of flopping around.

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