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Timber Artbox

Timber Artbox Huge World Map Wall Decal, I absolutely love this! It took a bit of time and

I was a little worry that it was going to be so small since i didn’t measured the wall. The packaging was smaller than expected, but it was actually perfect size. It wasn’t so difficult to put together either since the pieces are numbered.

I love how this wall decal bought out the idea of my son’s travel theme bedroomnow a few suggestions on putting it up easily and stressless. I cut the area numbers out without removing the back of course. And laid the ‘puzzle’ on the floor, after set up on the floor i measured to determine the middle section and still without removing the back with regular tape began with the middle section by lightly taping it in the middle of the headboard. And repeated with all the pieces by taping them all to the wall. After this step i began by removing the back on the furthest right area, i removed only a bit on the backing, folded it back and sticking only a corner or so of the first piece, then i slid the back part that is folded behind and just slid it while smoothing the sticky part onto the wall. Make sure you keep on eye on the design to assure you remove any part that needs to be lifted while you are in this process. Then just follow the same step moving to the piece on the side. It took me less then an hour to complete the entire process. There are some different tones of grey, but doesn’t really bother me.

It’s well made and arrived in good shape, etc. As other people said, i recommend cutting out all the shapes first (make sure to cut around the edges of each shape) and then taping them up with masking tape. That way you can arrange and adjust until you have it right. When time to stick, i started with the top pieces and lined up the horizontal lines as i worked down. Then added the small/end pieces last. 5-2 hours to do everything (and i wanted it to be perfect).

Key specs for Timber Artbox Huge World Map Wall Decal with Quotes – Best for Adventurers and Travellers:

  • 5 sheets of 35″x13″ sticker. Easy to apply, decals better than wallpaper, painting & art murals.
  • 25 precut self adhesive peel and stick stickers. Come in scroll packing, perfect for gift and travellers.
  • Special PRIME deal! Buy any 2 Timber Artbox wall decals & get 20% off. Enter 36HQYZQZ.
  • Add colors without paint. Bring so much love, life, happiness, while getting many compliments.
  • Adhere well, removable and repositionable without damaging your wall. Great for rental property.

Comments from buyers

“Absolutely love it, Worked great to paint over to create a sharp world map on my wall!, the decal looks awesome! The problem that I have is that”

The quality of the material is totally 5 stars. The reason for the 4 stars is because some of the island and parts of countries were cut off when you peel away the sticker. Wish it was north and south america one whole piece, africa and euroasia one whole piece, australia and the small islands one whole piece, and the wordings, airplanes and hearts can be separate. It is difficult putting on a wall with 13 pieces to deal with.

I would have given 5 stars if it would have been easier to put up. Now that it is on the wall it looks awesome. Some of the continents are not in one piece and had to be matched up, which is almost impossible and even with two of us putting it up, we still got air bubbles. This is definitely a two or more person job, you could not put this up yourself. It would almost be easier if this came in one piece, except for the writing part, that can come separate. We chose to not use part of the text, but the map itself is amazing. Worth buying, but you’ll need patience.

These decals were a challenge to put up smoothly. They also seemed to shrink slightly after a day on the wall, so there’s small gaps in between the pieces. Also, the grey color varied slightly from piece to piece, so the map doesn’t look uniform. Overall, quite a few things that could be improved upon. However, the company has incredible customer service and worked hard to make me happy with my purchase. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on the decals since i’ve put them up, even with their imperfections. I would give them 5 stars if they had better quality control.

Both hubby and i love to travel and we are actually an international marriage,so this wall decal definately represents our family. The design is great and the team behind it is more than customer service oriented. They contacted me with instructions and are super friendly. The wall decal sits on wall surfice perfectly as long as u dont rush putting at on and u actually take some time assembling it.

It was easy to put up, high quality (no folding over on itself and getting stuck together) and looks exactly as the picture did.

This looks amazing i love it and i love the quote. If you have a textured wall i bought elrmers glue but now i’ve had it less than a year and it’s been peeling off and falling off. I have tried so may times to put it back on the wall that now is overstretched and it looks terrible. I did write to amazon to request a replacement or a refund. It’s beautiful but it’s cheaply made and keeps peeling off even with the spray glue.

I ordered the wall decal of the world map and its stunningly beautiful. I ordered it for my workplace to boost morale. We are a small tech start up, and we have some worldwide sales going on, but we aren’t sure whether everyone is on par with the sales which were done. So the motive was to install this world map in the break room/common room, and pin the sales wins on the map. And for now, its been looking great. The installation itself was very easy, and i did it single handedly without errors. The best thing about it is it comes of and can be repasted on the wall in case of an error.

Easy to put up, huge and looks great in my daughter’s playroom. I had an issue with a promotion code and the company was fast to respond and resolve the issue. They also followed up to make sure i received their response and to see if the product worked well for me. I will definitely order from them again.

I was really excited to put this up in my son’s room because he has been really into maps and learning about countries lately. But it didn’t look as good as i envisioned. The continents were too split up and trying to line then up was a nightmare. And then you can see the lines where they meet and it bugs me so bad. Plus the colors are not very consistent. They also forgot some parts like hawaii and new zealand and antarctica. It looks okay and is fine for a kid’s room where no one will really go look at. But i wouldn’t put it up for major display. I wish they didn’t break it up so much and had bigger pieces of vinyl for the continents and i think that would’ve made a big difference.

Overall i like it, and its a great size. Russia is a different color than the rest of it so i notice that every time i look at it. Be patient putting it up and it looks pretty good. You can see the plastic around the islands in the light, so i’m going to cut those out from the preset cut. The company reaches out to you after you buy it to check in and give you tips, which i appreciated.

I walk towards my living room and a big grin on my face and smile upon my heart breaks out when my eyes rest on this decal. Living in an apt with off-white very tall walls, was about to unnerve me. I decided that wall decals would be the perfect solution to a no option to paint issue. I rated this a 4 because it should indicate in the description that really two people are needed to make it a stress-free job. I had to climb on a stool, try to peel decal parts from the paper and accurately place on the wall. I had no idea it was going to be in so many parts. I thought unfortunately it would be one massive peel off and had pre-thought how i could easily do that. Despite the struggle to apply, it is awesomely beautiful.

Such a great value for the money. Very well made, easy to understand installation and looks great. High quality materials that seem very sturdy for long term. I was really surprised at the good quality for this price point. One minor installation point, as others have said, be sure and not have to lift or reapply the decals. Depending on your surface you are applying to, the decal could get weak with too many movements.

It took a bit of time and patience and some extra help to get this wall art up, but totally love it. Lots of compliments alreadymy advice grab a couple of helpers for a job this big, but can be done in an evening totally worth it.

When i received it i was really concern about this puzzle. But actually it was really easy to settup.I didnt even used a ruler or anything just followed the numbers and the picture. I love it and i love is not small. Its beautifull in my living room.

Its effect for the wall behind our 8 ft couch. The pieces fit together nicely and it went on easy. I decided i wanted to keep this when we move so i put it on a canvas print and matte mod podged over it. I can’t give this enough stars.

All in all, i really like this. I do agree with some of the others that some of the pages have a slightly different shade but it’s not really all that noticeable on mine. I was able to do this by myself but it was challenging to get some of the bigger pieces to line up when working alone. I laid it out on the ground first so i could see how to put it up so that it would be centered with the wall. I did take another reviewers advice and cut out the bigger pieces for easy layout prior to putting up. For the price, you really can’t go wrong.

Really nice grey color and the detail looks great. (oh and the quote isn’t connected to anything so you don’t have to hang that if you don’t want to)two notes for caution:1) this comes in several pieces (9 or so) and is fairly easy to mess up if you try to peel and stick by yourself. Also you kind of have to guestimate the distances/ placement of the continents. Not a big deal to some but i thought i’d make a note. 2) i gave this a shot on my lightly textured walls and its already peeling several days after install. Just be forewarned when they say smooth surfaces it doesn’t just mean mostly flat. All in all not bad for 25-ish bucks.

Although it was a lot of work, and took me 5 hours to put up. I love this decal, and it makes a great focal point for my travel wall. I would recommend this to any avid traveleras a pointer. Something that helped me a lot, is that some of the pieces i actually separated into 2 pieces so that it was easier to apply.

So, from 8 or more feet away, the decal looks awesome. The problem that i have is that, the decals are cut in. If they were cut between continents, or in places that the seams would be difficult to see, i’d be giving a 5 star review right now. When we put the decal up, we had the seams lined up perfectly and it looked awesome. But, after only a day, the decal ‘settled’ and now there is a very slight gap between the pieces. From 6 feet away, you can’t even notice it. However, up close, it is very noticeable. To be fair, i disagree with most of the negative reviews on here. If applied correctly, it will not fall off of the wall.

Followed the directions accordingly. Sticker comes undone from time to time, have to press on it to get it to stick again. Could be the heat felt in the house(?). The stickers also did not line up correctly, no matter how i did it. Specifically the russia and africa sticker. I could not get it to line up with the other sides. One side lined up, but then looked really skewed on the others. Either way, you can tell where these stickers did not line up. Have had it up and it seems to be shrinking (again it gets hot in my house), so perhaps it does not fare well in warm environments. Have had it up for about 1 month now, and it does not look like the picture 100% (a 90% match to the picture), mainly because of the ill fitting continents. Really love the actual map and the color. The color is just like the in the picture.

This was a bit of a challenge to hang. But certainly for the result, worth it. I get so many compliments from this. I vacation rental this house and set it up for ‘travelers’. Everyone comments on how cute it is.

Timber Artbox Large Family Tree Photo Frames Wall Decal – The Sweetest Highlight of Your Home and Family – Awesome tree! Great Price!

It looks good, but i had trouble getting the ‘frame’ parts to stick. The frames aren’t quite true to size. I ended up using modge podge to make it stick, as they were literally falling off every day. So that makes them a little shiny around the edges, but they stick. I also had trouble getting the branch segments to touch, but overall, for the price it looks really nice. When we move, i will throw this away, as the adhesive isn’t fantastic, and it will be too cumbersome to reassemble. (it’s about 25 pieces, not including wording and leaves. ) when we’re homeowners, i’ll have a tree painted instead. Update: i have now had this on my wall (in a high traffic hallway) for 4 months. Unfortunately, i am now need to repurchase it or remove the entire tree and do something else.

It looks very nice in my living room and i can’t wait to fill it with pictures. The set up was a bit daunting with all the small pieces but once i mapped the size with the first few parts i was able to get it stuck up without any problem. My only complaint is with the photo frames. It is hard to get them on flat and straight. I will most likely put up actual frames over the sticker frame spaces.

I ordered this to go in our living room. It was fairly easy to put up as all the pieces are numbered, and you get a diagram to go by. I was a bit worried because the leaves looked to be such a bright, almost garish, green on the sheets, but they look perfect on our wall. I did not use the vinyl picture frames that came with the tree, but used my own wood frames, which i think add a little more dimension. I used four 5×7 frames and eight 4×6 frames and there is still room for a few more. We have 10ft ceilings, so i started the bottom of the tree about 36′ above the floor and put a table in front of it. If fills up our wall so nicely, and we have gotten so many compliments on it. It truly looks like it was hand painted on the wall. I am so very pleased with the quality, and the excellent price.

  • Love it! Was very easy to apply and looks
  • Looks Fantastic!
  • Super happy customer

We got this for our newly painted and remodeled family room. After filling all the holes in the wall from previous pictures, both my wife and i were hesitant to put more holes in the wall. She found this and we decided to give it a shot. We love it and think it looks great on our walls. Some people have even asked if we painted it until they get close enough to realize it’s peel and stick. We didn’t have good luck with the peel and stick frames holding the pictures, but double sided tape seems to work fine. We do have to fix them sometimes, but mostly because our boys are constantly throwing dog toys at the wall and knocking them down. It’s nice and easy to change the pictures out whenever we want. Totally worth the money and we really do enjoy this.

Easy to hang – i laid everything out on the floor and took pieces from there to get a better sense of where things should go. It’s been up for about 2 months now and so far nothing has started peeling off. My only complaints is the frame pieces. They were so flimsy as to be impossible to work with and so thin that you could see the outline of the frame underneath. I ended up going out and buying cheap plastic frames in the same sizes and hanging them on the branches instead. But even with that design flaw, i’d happily buy it again.

Features of Timber Artbox Large Family Tree Photo Frames Wall Decal – The Sweetest Highlight of Your Home and Family

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 4 sheets of 35″x13″ sticker. Easy to apply, decals better than wallpaper, painting & art murals.
  • 85 precut self adhesive, total 4x 6R & 5x 5R photo frame stickers. Come in scroll packing.
  • Special PRIME deal! Buy any 2 Timber Artbox wall decals & get 20% off. Enter 36HQYZQZ.
  • Add colors without paint. Bring so much love, life, memory and happiness, get many compliments.
  • Adhere well, removable and repositionable without damaging your wall. Great for rental property.

I used this in my sunday school class and placed each of the kids pictures on the tree. I felt a little intimidated when i first started putting it up, but i love it.

My mother lives in a senior apartment building so we wanted some wall art that was removable and wall-friendly. I ordered this thinking ‘gee, i wish it had more leaves on the tree and looked fuller. ‘ that is still my only complaint and the only reason this review is missing a star. As a result, i’m thinking of it as a tree in early spring where all the leaves haven’t grown in yet. The stickers came in a tube that we unrolled. It came with a sample arrangement guide that was on one of the pages. I cut that out and stuck it on the wall in an unused corner and went to work. It was a cinch assembling the puzzle with all the pieces numbered.

The color is natural and moderate. The surface of the materials is not the shiny type that i have had at home which has vivid and catchy color. Instead, these materials feel soft and perfectly blend into the wall, so the tree appears to be painted on the wall rather than being a sticker to it. The instruction comes with the package is easy to understand and follow. I started putting up the stickers from the bottom trunk to the sides and to the top. Don’t forget to leave enough space for your picture frames if you’re going to use yours. There is only one con, which didn’t show until a few months later. These stickers are stretchable and seem to shrink over time. Therefore, if you want to avoid tiny gaps between those connected branches, you should overlap two branches for at least 1/16 inch instead of just matching the ends together.

And i decided to install ours without the picture frames and we are happy with the results. It took a little bit of trimming on the branches that were supposed to lead into frames but overall it wan’t a difficult install. My favorite thing is the adhesive. It’s plenty strong to keep the tree on the wall but not so sticky that it gets stuck to your hands when you are trying to install it. Everything is pre-cut and layed out nicely.

After seeing another purchaser’s photo i picked up some frames from the dollar store to use with this instead of the frame decals which i think really enhances the look. I was a little worried at first because i have a slight texturing to my walls and some reviews seemed to indicate possible peeling on textured walls, but thus far i’ve had no peeling. If nothing else should it start to peel in the future it can act as a stencil and i can just trace the shape onto my wall and paint by hand directly to the wall thus keeping the look. I would recommend an extra set of hands to apply the larger sections.

By far my favorite wall decal. I couldn’t believe how amazing it turned out. It wasn’t too difficult to put up. I did it by myself with no problem. My one and only complaint is that i could not get the ‘picture frame’ stickers to work. I actually ruined a few pictures because the sticker would get stuck and rip the ink off of the picture. Luckily i have a photo printer so it wasn’t a big deal but i imagine this would be a problem if you’re having your pictures printed elsewhere. My recommendation would be to just buy the picture frames and if you don’t want to spend too much, they usually sell them at the dollar store. I bought some from target and for this reason alone, i had to give it 4 stars but it truly is an excellent product.

They stuck on the wall pretty easily but were also easy to remove and restick if i made a mistake. The instruction guide was very helpful. I just pasted it on the wall and used it to place each piece. I love it and it makes the room complete. I just need to add photos now. My only complaint was that when i used a credit card to smooth out pieces, the color would rub off or scrape but i solved that by using the rubber end of my scissors to smooth most of it.

The tree decal stuck well to my hallway wall. I cleaned the wall really good the day before i hung the tree decal. I would have given this a higher rating if the instructions were better. The limbs of the tree were numbered but i did not see a picture of the tree done with precise numbers as to where to put each decal. I bought 10 4×6 brown picture frames from the dollar store which worked out well.

I am surprised how huge it is and how pretty it is. It was a breeze to put together. The person, whose bright idea it was to number each piece and include an image that details where each number piece should go, deserves a metal. The material is nice and sturdy and even survived one of the longer pieces getting tangled badly (after i dropped it). If there is any downside, it is that it’s not wise to use the included frames to hold the pictures. I used one of the frames to check the placement of one picture and unwisely placed the picture using the frame to hold it up.That adhesive is so strong i thought i had destroyed the picture.

I had purchased a family wall decal a few years ago from a local store and loved it. We recently moved and i needed to purchase another one for our new home. I ordered this one online and when it arrived i immediately placed it on the floor with some books on it to straighten it out – it was in a roll when it arrived. The next day i cut all pieces out and started to assemble it on the floor. It took some time to put everything together, but then i started putting it on the wall. I thought it was fairly easy to put up, but the key is to assemble it on the floor just the way you want it to look, prior to putting on the wall. I absolutely love the result. This one is brown and all of the green leaves just make it stunning. I certainly would recommend this wall decal to anyone.

I placed the tree in our hallway near the front door. I made sure to measure the wall than tape the pieces to see how it would look before removing the decal and applying it to the wall. It took time, however, i did miss a step and had to remove a branch to place it in the correct spot. By my surprise it is still sticking to the wall after constant rubbing of nothing but my fingers. I only had an issue with one cut out of a photo frame. I used double sided tape to attach the frame and all the pictures. Some of the pictures are not matching the frames exactly but it’s only slightly off. It bothered me at the beginning but after i began receiving more compliments from family and friends i let it go.

I am a 66 year old grandmother with a two-year old grandson and another on the way. My daughter’s old room has become the room my grandson sleeps in when he is staying overnight. He is out of a crib now and i wanted to redo the room from an adult guest room to a child-friendly room. I took out the queen bed and replaced it with twin beds and used some antique quilts on the beds. The tree looks lovely between the beds. I haven’t added all the photos yet as i’m still sorting through them. The room was painted last fall and i simply dusted it off before applying the tree. It went up easily and i could reposition some of the limbs with no trouble and everything is staying attached to the wall very well. There is also an angle in the wall where the roof joins it, so the top of the tree is angled over the beds (see photo). This was not a problem for me.

I went with this tree based off of reviews. Although this tree cost more then the others i researched, you get quality and convince. The tree comes in segments and is on a number system to assemble together. I cut my pieces on day one and pre taped the tree on day 2. On day 3 i peeled off the stickers and assembled it. My walls are textured so i went with another review and bought modge podge which is craft glue and painted it on top of the tree. I’m 3 months in writing this review and so far no problems. People think it’s painted from a professional.

I bought this exact one like 2 years ago, and it’s lasted all this time; but my dogs ripped the bottom of the tree. Our walls are not smooth, so once it started lifting; i had to pull it off. I am only replacing the bottom branch.

It was easy to apply once you get everything lined up. Just put up today so can’t attest to the sticking factor. May have to go back and apply some hodge podge to help stick. Someone recommended using credit card to smooth out bubbles. I found that a small sponge paint roller worked best for me. I agree that i don’t like the peel and stick picture frames that come with, so i will purchase picture matted frames and use. For the price, it was fun to put up.Plan for 2 hrs for the project, and wash walls first to help stick.

It applies to the wall very good. Artwork and construction are excellent.

Love, love, love itthe decals came rolled in a plastic tube and in perfect condition. It is time consuming to cut all of the pieces out and lay it out prior to applying, but worth it. I recommended leaving the pieces on the paper and taping to the wall (which they recommend) to make sure everything fits the way you want it. I used real picture frames and added more than their diagram showed, so i had to make adjustments to fit. But the results are even better than i imagined.

Updatea few pieces on one side started to loose their stick and peel off within a few days. I’m not sure why these pieces and not others. I did some googling, brought some wallpaper paste and used that to restick them. Applied with one of the kids small paintbrushes. Worked great, and won’t mark the wall if i want to remove. I’m leaving this at five stars, because it could be our textured walls or it could have been that i handled or repositioned those pieces too much. Have used many wall decals and these are the best so far. Very impressed by the quality. Our walls were more textured than i realized, and i did more editing and moving of the pieces than i would have liked, so not sure how long they’ll stick for, but for now it looks fantastic. The price is such a steal, if it stops sticking i’ll just order another one to replace it.