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Whitmor Supreme 5 Tier Cart – Rolling Utility Organizer – Chrome – The price is right and it is a Great Product

I love these shelving units and have two in my apartment. I use one for my ‘garage’ stuff i. Tool box, cans of paints, sports equip, paint supplies, a basket with gloves/hats/umbrellas, etc. The other one i have is used as my pantry so it is loaded down with big cans, case of beer, wine, canned goods, bottled waterthey are tough, they roll, the wheels lock, and very sturdy.

Only problem is there is no ledge to stop things from sliding off and i have loaded it with jars of home canned food. Other than that it is just what i needed.

Wheels bent/broke far too easily.

  • Once You Get It Together, Great Product
  • The shelves are turned the wrong way
  • Good kitchen unit as long as your careful.

My husband had trouble assembling the feet. Three work but one is stationery. We have it in a pantry where we do not have to roll in and out so we are keeping it.

It’s currently holding a ninja full kitchen machine and accessories and a microwave, and that’s just on the top two shelves. Have put multiple 12pks as well as various other things on bottom two shelves at different points in time.

Features of Whitmor Supreme 5 Tier Cart – Rolling Utility Organizer – Chrome

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • All-purpose adjustable shelving unit great for kitchen, office, laundry room, garage and basement
  • Shelves adjustable in 1 inch increments to accommodate different size items
  • Durable chromed steel with 300 pound shelf capacity
  • Assembled Dimensions: 14.25 x 30.125 x 60.375 inches
  • Easy assembly, no tools required
  • Wheels allow the cart to be moved around easily from room to room; 2 wheels lock for added stability
  • Multipurpose utility cart is great for pantries in place of permanent shelving
  • Whitmor’s Service Guarantee – we stand by our products, if you have any problems, contact us for help
  • SERVICE AND GUARANTEE: Whitmor stands by our products. If you have any problems, contact us for help
  • MORE STORAGE OPTIONS: To view more of our storage products visit our brand page

I wish it were a little sturdier. I’m not sure if it’s going to be able to hold a third cpu and ups but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

I have it in the kitchen, where it’s great for items that were cluttering up my counters, and also decorative items. Really love that it’s on wheels.

Little tricky putting together but, totally worth it.

Works great for our pantry cart.

Easy to assemble and sturdy. We move it on a hard tile floor and it rolls easily. Do keep the heavy objects lower on the shelf set if you’re going to move it. There are industrial grade units very similar to this – know what you need. This is great for easy storage within the weight specifications.

I used this to organize a bunch of outdoor gear for fishing and hunting i was tired of pulling out and stacking. This shelf is a relatively easy way to organize things for ease of access and better use of your limited time. I can also simply pull the entire thing out of the way when cleaning or permanently moving things around. The frame is relatively stable and solid, but i would not put hundreds of pounds of stuff on here. Putting it together by myself took around 40 minutes and the most time intensive part was removing all the stupid tape wrapped onto this thing. For the cost i doubt you will find a better solution.

I had massive trouble putting it together because i assumed the lip on the shelves went upright to hold items from sliding off. I wanted one with rollers so i can still access things behind it in my storeroom, but now i have to figure out how to attach some kind of backing so stuff doesn’t fly off the back. Otherwise it’s sturdy and looks nice. The never ending saga of me trying to organize things.

Customer service excellent to answer a question, have casters if needed. I even decided to use this as 2 separate shelf units as my new needs arose. One as microwave table, the other for my sewing machine. Versatile and strong, a great purchase.

Wished the shelves could hold more weigth.

Small gauge wire on the shelves themselves and ‘just enough’ engineering on the whole unit. More dolllar store than i expected.

This five-tier rolling rack holds sweaters and tops. The five shelves allows me the flexibility to segregate the contents by weight, kind and color. The wheels allow me to move the shelf at will. A great improvement from the previous stationary smaller rack i had. The quality and design of this rack is is similar to the whitmor double rack for clothes ordered at the same time. These racks serve different purposes, and are the perfect solution to my needs. I am very satisfied with them both.

Good enough product but read and follow directions exactly. Also, be prepared to purchase the the plastic pieces to place on the metal surfaces. Unfortunately, i think the price on those is ridiculous.

I thought it was going to be a little more heavy-duty and it’s a bit challenging to get the shelves exactly parallel but it will function fine for our need.

Worked great, but be careful of moving it when it is heavily laden. The wheels cannot handle too much weight.

The price was good and rolls well.

This unit works just fine in the kitchen as long as you treat it right. It’s not industrial grade so you have to be careful what you load on it and how you move it. Carefully is the first term that comes to mind. However, for the price it’s a great kitchen storage device. Made out of chrome plated steel so clean up is easy. If you need a more robust unit you’ll have to consider an industrial one. And, of course the price goes way up. $400 or $500 dollars is a good round industrial figure.

A little flex on this and instability when assembled, but overall, works well as a stationary metal rack. Wouldn’t recommend moving it around a lot though, doesn’t work nearly as well as a nice industrial grade rack with heavy-duty wheels.

Very well made, easy to assemble. This is a quality product that should last for many years. Looks good and with the casters, it is easily moved to clean behind it.

Whitmor Hanging Accessory Shelves Java : As sturdy as such a thing could ever get

I’ve owned similar products by different brands in the past, to see them lose shape and become both weird looking and dysfunctional over time. I stuff all compartments with clothes (and not just underwear socks etc either) with this thing and it still stays in very good shape, with no noticeable sagging, and thanks to the metal frame hanger at the top, no slanting to either side. Considering the price, this product is a real steal.

The good:the ‘shelves’ are nice. They do the job and feel sturdy. The side pockets are a huge plus. I love the fact that this has the side pockets. Overall it’s an average closet organizer with a bit of extra side storage. The bad:the hangers (metal loops at top to hang it in the closet) are smaller than your conventional hanger. As a result, this can be very difficult to place. It barely fit onto the rod in my closet, and as a result is a pain if i need to move it (i have to shove it on the rod with enough force, which i shouldn’t have to do). This is really my only complaint. If they had done something about this, i would have easily given this product five stars.

Whitmor Hanging Accessory Shelves Java

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Easy assembly, installs easily with chromed hooks that hang from the closet rod or garment rack
  • Whitmor’s closet organizer has a sturdy metal frame that hangs from the closet rod
  • This hanging organizer has 5 easy access shelves to hold clothing, shoes, scarves or accessories
  • Whitmor hanging organizer provides storage for children’s small clothes, toys, towels & accessories
  • Whitmor’s accessory shelves offer ample space for storage of sweaters, towels, hats & more
  • Dimensions: 11.5″x12″x42″
  • Service & Guarantee: Whitmor stands by our products. If you have any problems, contact us for help.

So – the size is perfect and it will serve the purpose i wanted (storing some old blankets both under a bed and along the top of a closet, protected from dust) quite well. The only point i’d note is that i assumed it might have some kind of collapsible bracing (for lack of a better term) on the inside, but no – it’s simply held in place by the contents you put inside. Not an issue for my purposes, but worth noting that you shouldn’t expect/require rigidity.

I think back to the days before i owned the whitmor 6351-1253-java fashion color organizer collection over-the-door shoe organizer, and boy were those some dark days. I used to walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and without fail i would stumble over one of my sneakers. I’m lucky i didn’t die during those late night escapades. In other cases, i’d have the perfect outfit on for the evening, and knew exactly what sneaks were going to be the icing on that perfect outfit cake. And then, like some sick nightmare, i could only find one sneak, the other lost, even after extensive investigation, dog interrogation, girlfriend interrogation, self reflection. . Just totally lost, gone forever. Until the next day when i would find it under the bed, by the backdoor, or something stupid like that (i think it was the dog, but he still hasn’t confessed. I mean my dog is obviously my best friend, but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t steal my shoes and then look me in the eye and swear that he didn’t). Well folks, those times are long behind me now.

This is a nice shoe solution for your closet. One important thing to note is that the little cubbies will hold a pair of shoes if they are very collapsible. Heels (probably no higher than 2. 5′) and keds and flip flops all work. Your running shoes will not and you will need two cubbies, one for each shoe. I ordered two of these things so fortunately had enough space but don’t be caught by surprise.

Whitmor Hanging Accessory Shelves Java : I absolutely love how affordable, simple, and sturdy this is. I have filled it with many large sized men’s shoes of considerable weight. Dress shoes, overstuff skate shoes, thick soled sports shoes, et cetera. The only issue i encountered was the hanging hooks being a tiny bit obtuse upon arrival, so once the full weight was in place they started to bend so much so that i had to manually hold one flat against the top of my door in order to close it. This was very easily, quickly, & soundly resolved by simply bending the hooks into a slight acute angle. This tiny difference gives enough leverage to the hook so that it will not bend back out of shape, and sits flush with the door. I mean this thing is a dream come true at this price & for small living situations. If you have any questions in regards to my quickfix (which is really only for the heavy loads) then please feel free to ask. This is such a good product that i couldn’t even deduct a star for the minor inconvenience – especially since i pushed this thing well past what i’m sure is the recommended weight. Please let me know if this was helpful & informative, as this is my main goal in writing reviews – to aid any potential customers in their doubts or in reassurance.

I needed to hang this on a wall that had hooks. The wire hangers are centered at the middle however so i had to break the wires and re-position the hooks so that i could hang it against the wall. If you don’t want the wires to snap then don’t bend it at all. They will snap if you bend/fold at all. It is very well designed and built and looks of high quality so i’m happy with the price i paid. There are 5 slots and 3 mesh pockets on each side. I thought it would sag if i put in heavy articles of clothing but it doesn’ti stacked 10 mens t shirts in one slot, 3 heavy duty jeans in another slot, and 2 thick hooded jackets in another slot. The bases for each slot are pretty sturdy, harder than cardboard. So my organizer is keeping its shape on the wall. What’s also nice is it’s flexible, even though i’ve fit 10 t shirts in one slot, i can still squeeze in 2-3 more because the bases can be pushed up or down. I got this to store my boyfriend’s work clothes in. He always has a hard time finding his clothes in our closet and shelves.

I’ve been looking, for ages, for a good, solid product to store my wrapping paper. I have too much paper for those plastic totes, and i could never find one long enough to house my 40′ paper rolls. These under-bed bags are a wonderful solution to my problem. And although they are called ‘under-bed’, i store all my wrapping paper in the garage. These bags are moisture proof and seal tight with the zipper. There are two handles, one at each end of the bag, to carry and even out heavy loads. I have about 20 lbs of wrapping paper and the bag is holding up just fine. I couldn’t find anything suitable, nor economically friendly.