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Winsome Wood

Winsome Wood Single Drawer Kitchen Cabinet Storage Cart, Great addition to my small kitchen.

This cart is solid, sturdy, and stable. The joins are true, and it’s level; the pilot holes are placed with good care and measure, without error. The drawer bottom is the same fancy masonite material as the side and back panels; no big deal and its functional. It’s not that bad for an economical cart. It’s good quality masonite too ( if there is such a thing ). The drawer bottom is easily replaced with something thats about 3/8 inch thick if desired, or 1/4 or 1/2 inch thick. I measured the interior of the drawer at 19 3/16 x 13 3/4 x 3/8 for flush fit bottom, in inches. I wouldn’t trust the drawer with exceptionally heavy items like a lot of cast iron or baking stones, or gold bricks or your cache of diamonds and jewels, unless its replaced with something more substantial. One could replace the side and back panels too, if desired, in similar fashion.

Nice looking piece and very sturdy. The wood is pale and natural and is all really nice, until you get to the side panels, then they went with cheap imitation wood. That was a little disappointing. The other thing is the slotted wood shelves instead of a solid panel, that is a little odd. It took some time to put together and the screws were difficult. The instructions were fine and all the hardware and wood pieces were in the package. The allen wrench tool was a challenge and the regular phillips head screw holes needed to be drilled out.

If this cart cost twice as much, i’d give it four stars but for the price, it deserves five. It’s a nice size, i like the color, and assembly wasn’t that bad. My only mix-up was on parts h and f, you need to put them at the right angle to get the back of the cabinet to slide in. Please take note of this so you don’t have to re-do it like i did. It took me about an hour to assemble this singlehandedly, even with having to redo two parts. It is great because it will get my microwave off my small counter and give me more pantry room. I had stuff stacked high on my kitchen table and it all fit into the cabinet. Potholders and towels and chopsticks and such will easily fit in the drawer. If i had one complaint it is this, the sides and back of the cart are not the same color as the wood, they are more beige-y. This is not a big deal to me, but if you want the whole cart to be the same color, and are fussy about this, you won’t be happy with it.

Key specs for Winsome Wood Single Drawer Kitchen Cabinet Storage Cart, Natural:

  • Compact rolling storage cart offers multi-use workspace for kitchens
  • Solid beechwood body and handles in natural finish; black lockable casters
  • Includes side towel rail, wide utensil drawer, and large 2-door cabinet with shelf
  • Assembly required
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 26.9 in x 18.2 in x 34.3 in

Comments from buyers

“Very Good Quality-Exceeded My Expectations, I JUST ORDERED ANOTHER!, Bathroom Cabinet Replacement”

After much research into size, color, shape, capability, and material used, i chose the winsome roll-around. I received the unit two days earlier than expected, and the shipping box was in excellent condition. After carefully opening, removing and inventorying the contents, i found that i only needed a phillips head screwdriver as an allen wrench was included. Then came the instructions which admittedly left a lot to be desired but the rendering drawings were more helpful. (note: if you buy this unit and decide to follow the drawings for assembly, look at each stage of the drawings carefully before you start each assembly stage. The drawings are very good and accurate so follow them accordingly). The most impressive aspect of this package was the material. Pieces were wrapped in thin styrofoam sheeting and taped to keep from unraveling. Admittedly i have not seen this depth of packaging in some time which told me that this company takes steps to ensure a protected product to the customer. Attachment of all the parts was made thru the use of screw-bolts which had the star shaped head and were screwed in using a star headed allen wrench. In nearly all the instances, the screws went in relatively quick while a few took some time because of their location in the unit. This was not a problem however. By looking at each of the assembly drawings at least 3-5 times, each and every piece of wood was placed in their correct location without any incident. Note: as you assemble each segment, do not tighten the bolts completely down. Tighten to a gentle one-finger pull on the wrench. This will allow some leeway as you get to the next step of assembly and fitting. Once i got all the pieces together, i went back and tightened each screw-bolt using a two-finger pull on the allen wrench.

Winsome wood single drawer kitchen cabinet storage cart, naturalone of the best purchases i have made in some time. As in the other reviews, this is made from solid wood. Every part of the directions do not need to be read. The pictures are more than sufficient. The only thing you have to do is identify all the parts before you start. I’m pretty sure my grand-kids will call this an antique one day.

A solid and well built cabinet. It took over an hour to assemble. The included allen wrench works good, but a ratchet tool would make things easier. Also, a screwdriver is required and not included. The handles are kind of funky, but they seem to be solidly attached and hopefully will remain that way. The most difficult thing to put together on this was the drawer. – 1 star because the height stated for distance between the top shelf and bottom of the draw did not reference the fact that there is a brace in the way that holds the magnets that keep the doors shut. Therefore, some items will need to be tilted to get under the brace before standing them up.

I really like the body of the cabinet as it was easy and fun to put together and the instruction were clear. The best way to put to gather the cabinet is with either a power screwdriver or a ratchet t handle screwdriver. The reason i am only going to give a three is the drawer. The drawer front has two long pin on either side holding the part where front goes on to the drawer body. The pin where loose to start with and pop out when i tried to tighten the front to the body. It’s simple fix as it just need to be glue and some screws into the drawer front. The wood is clean with no dents or scratches and wheel roll along smoothly even on a carpet. When they fix that flaw it going to be a great cart as mine is for my second computer monitor. The cabinet when to gather surprising well with no real special tools, the problem that i had run into was two missing screws.

We used this to replace a small table on which we kept the microwave so as to get additional storage space. Dimensional quality and finish was very good for a product at this price level it went together easily thanks, in part, to the dimensional quality. It would have been a nice touch to include a couple more screw hole covers to conceal holes left when the towel bar is not used. In our case, the other side of the cabinet was not visible so that i ‘stole’ a couple of wooden plugs from there, enlarged the screw holes for the towel bar and finished with a much neater installation. The only minus was that the door handles were of different wood tones making for an unbalanced appearance which i may or may not stain to match.

Got this to replace press board bathroom cabinet/sink. All wood, except for the backpanel and that’s not important. Went together well and easily.

I found this cabinet to be great. I only gave it 4 stars because of some miner problems. As some people have stated the right door is stiff. Left door springs freely but not the right door. Drawer rails are a problem you must push in straight to close easily. There was slight damaged on the back. The cabinet is well worth the money. Arthritis in both hands and i had a stroke. I put it top down on a table and did not tighten the screws tight until it was together. Once it was done i just went around and slowing finishing tightening the screws. Upside down on a table gave you perfect view of job. I also use an old carpenters’ trick by lubricating the screw threads with a bar of soap. Also turn screws in to hard resistance than back out half a turn and then go back in. For me the soap did the trick. I also use the soap on the drawer rails and that work good also.

We like just about everything regarding this kitchen cabinet. However, putting it together requires two people. The engineer who designed this cabinet should be required to assemble one. There are places to where it takes forever to tighten the alan screws because you can’t make a complete turn of the alan wrench without resetting the wrench over and over. Also, the pilot holes are tight and not drilled deep enough to easily tighten things firmly. The alan wrench almost broke and the alan screws are rather soft and easily strip making it impossible to tighten things securely or remove the screw itself.

Okay, so i’ll start out by saying that i like this product. It’s sturdy (made of real wood, no particle board) and looks nice. The casters have a locking mechanism for when you’re not rolling it around, and can be easily locked/unlocked with your foot if you don’t want to bend over. The drawer is the perfect size for a silverware set, cutting boards, or casserole dishes. The towel rack is nice and doubles as a handle to pull/push the cart around. That being said, there were some serious flaws with my unit. I was able to correct them, but i can easily see these being a deal-breaker for someone who isn’t handy with tools. 1) when assembled, one of the doors would swing open by itself. Upon closer inspection, the holes for the hinges were not drilled in the right place, so the bottom hinge was out-of-plane with the top one. The hinges are attached with two screws each, and i had to remove one screw from the bottom hinge of this door.

Looks good and was easy to assemble. After reading the pictorial instructions thoroughly, identifying and setting out all the wooden/hardware parts i was able to finish in 1 1/2 hours. I was dreading putting this together after my experience with the beautiful but assembly nightmare of convenience concepts designs2go contemporary big sur highboy tv stand. There was one tip that i kept in mind from the start: ‘if you get the correct top and bottom rails connected to the first side, you have the project well in hand. So pay close attention to items f, g. The key to assembly of this cart, for me, was my b/d drill and a multi – bit screwdriver with a hex bit.

Just finished putting this together with a friend (she did most of the work, i supervised :)) very impressed at the quality of the cabinet and how well all the pieces fit. Made a couple logistical errors but nothing that we didn’t catch early and change. The drawer fits perfectly and we actually had one piece left over. . A dowel about 3 inches long. Checked the instructions, found the picture and fixed that easily. The dowel goes into the top from inside the drawer to act as a stop. All done and happy as can be. Nicely packaged and wrapped so that all pieces are protected during shipping.

I had a difficulty with doors for proper installation and adjustment, spent at least an hour to figure the problem out, i found that the door hinges are not %100 accurate of being 90 degree, so, took the hinges out from the frame and using bench vice and hammer to solve the angle inaccuracy, so far the doors are working ok, another problem with this cabinet is the drawer, no roller to ease the drawer operation, more important than that the drawer have no stop mechanism to prevent falling down with its content when you trying to pull it out, so far it didn’t, but i’m sure will happen sooner or later, so, i have to solve this problem too later when i had a chance to do. Overall this cabinet have ‘so, so’ and the cost is little high for such a quality product.

This was quick and easy to put together. Some people might have a problem because each individual piece isnot identified by a sticker listing such as part ‘a’ or ‘h’, but it does have a drawing that identifies each piece priorto assembly and it gets easier and pretty much self explanatory as you put more pieces together, following the illustratedinstructions. It appears to be very stable and strong, with doweling and large screws on the major locations of stress. Some type of hardwood with only the back and sides of the lower section made of some type of plywood with a simulatedlight wood grain that looks good and not cheap. It will definitely hold a large microwave or be used as a handy kitchencart with a drawer and two shelves enclosed. A good buy i expect will last quite a while and i expect other items from winsomeare of similar good quality. The packaging was well done and all pieces protected while fitted into a smaller box than you’d expectwhich made the trip from thailand without damage.

When i saw the beat up box i almost wanted to send it back. But i hauled it in and got started. I took a while to get it out of the box and all the parts out and labeled but they were all perfect. I am a little 67 year old lady so it took me about 2 1/2 hours to put it together alone but it was so well worth it. It is really wood and none of that pressed board cheap material. Instructions say it takes 2 people but it can be done with the power of one. Definitely decent picture directions-easy to follow. Best part is that the hinges are already on the doors and slide right in place. I am so pleased with this product and got more than i expected which is awesome.

This was the only cart on amazon that would fit the space i needed it to and fit my gigantic 24x18in microwave on top. My husband and i assembled it very easily in about 45 minutes. The instructions don’t take you step by step, but i don’t think they really need to. If you look carefully at the pictures, it’s pretty easy to figure out. The only dificult part were the screws could be a bit tough to get in, but i’d rather have that and know the cart is stable. I couldn’t be happier with this kitchen cart. I’m very excited to make it a part of my home.

This is a solid and sturdy cart. The photos in the product listing are accurate. Once it was assembled i was pleased with the product. I wanted to order a replacement piece, but there is no phone # listed. To get replacement parts you have to fill out a form and fax it to winsome, and allow 7-14 days for delivery. Fortunately the broken part faces the rear of the cart and did not affect it’s stability, so i just proceeded with the assembly. The assembly instructions are poorly written. In fact they aren’t really written; there are just diagrams. In the entire package only one of the parts that i received had an identifying letter on it.

This cart is heavy, sturdy and pretty. The finish is smooth and will not rub off or chip. Most of it is solid wood except the inside of the side panels, the back and the drawer bottom. It went together perfectly and i was able to assemble myself without extra hands no problem. All the joints are solid and all the angles square and even. The reason this gets a 4 and not a 5 is that you may have to be a slightly experienced handy person to get it together with as much ease as i did. First, get yourself an allen wrench because the one that comes with this kit is soft and will make you want to cry if that is the only tool you have. I had better quality ones on hand and it made the project much more enjoyable. Better yet if you have a powerful cordless drill and a hex bit it could save you a lot of time. Most of the hex screws take a lot of torque to get them in all the way so that is why i say powerful drill or else a good allen wrench and some muscle :)second, one of the supports under the top piece that the side panels connect to was slightly off so that when i tried to put the second side panel on it was in the way by 1/8′.

I put this together in about an hour. Arrived carefully packaged, with each piece individually wrapped. I would have given 5 stars, but the sides and back are very flimsy. Although the description calls it “composite wood”, it actually has the same feel as thick cardboard. Very easy to bend, scratch, puncture, cut, etc. This is inconsistent with the sturdiness of the solid wood components (the solid wood is used for the top and the framework of the back and sides). For over $100, and based on the item description, i expected more solid wood. No one will know by looking that the sides are not solid wood, but any bumps will easily show if there is damage from the inside from storing heavy items, which is why i purchased this “solid wood” item. Disappointing to see so much care go into the design and shipment for most of the product components and then completely disregarded when it comes to the back and especially the sides, which will get banged and bumped often from daily, typical usage.

This cart is exactly how it looks in the photos. Real wood, and fairly easy to assemble. We had to redo some of the legs, but only because we didn’t look at the tutorial pictures close enough and put them backwards, total operator error. It’s not anything fancy, but it doesn’t look cheap or tacky and it holds my pots and pans and some other small appliances inside, and my silverware and utensils in the drawer. When you have a really small kitchen every piece of furniture needs have maximum impact. This cart gives me storage and counter space.

I do like this cart and believe that it uses quality materials for the most part. I found it easy to assemble and would buy it again. Reasons for a three star rating:while the instruction sheets are easy to follow and all of the pieces are clearly labeled on the sheets, the pieces them selves are not labeled. If you are like me and hate that little hex screw thing that comes with kits, you’ll need a drill and a hex set up. Also two screws for the top are quite tight, so you might want to switch a right-angle drill. After i got it all together, the left door wouldn’t shut. So i played around with it and found out that if i just lifted it about 1/8 of an inch, it would catch on the magnet. I wasn’t about to disassemble the whole cart but i also knew that lifted the door would eventually become bothersome. So off to the experts at the local big-fix-it store to speak with the experts. I was told there was a hinge screw i could adjust.

The cart came very well packaged with no damage despite the box having a crunched corner. It was very easy for my husband and i to put together. The side, back, and drawer bottom panels are quite thin plywood, but the rest is solid wood – i guess that’s the best you can hope for in furniture these days for this price. Everything fit together very nice and tidy. This is going to stay in a space between my fridge and counter, so the sides and back won’t be seen, although they do look okay. This is a very nice looking and quite sturdy little cart that i do like a lot.

Winsome Wood Toby Coffee Table, Well made and attractive

Took me 15 minutes to put together. Beautiful heavy all wood table. I have found furniture made in malaysia or thailand is usually always wood and made very well. Price was great for the quality.

Perfect, just what i needed, good quality for the price too.

Easy even for me to put together about 30 minutes but im not good at assembling things. For the average person should only take 10 minutes or so.

Key specs for Winsome Wood Toby Coffee Table:

  • Round Wood Coffee Table
  • 30-Inch Surface, Beveled top adds to rich look
  • Sturdy construction
  • Dark Espresso finish
  • Easy to assemble with parts and tools included

Comments from buyers

“A little smaller than anticipated but great overall., Nice table, please use coasters, Very sturdy! It’s gone through a lot with my 3 “

Extremely easy to put together. Very nice and looks even better in person. The only issue was that it did not come with the 8 philips screws listed so i had to use my own. Other than that, great product.

I waxed it before use just to protect it. Right off the bat i had company sit a glass/cup on it and it without using the multitude of coasters in the room, and it left a ring. Good place to set a decorative bowl. ): although a water ring is not the fault of the table, i have rescued glasses off other tables and inserted a coaster, and not ended up with damage. This was quickly damaged and i don’t know why. It is overall a very nice table, it has been sturdy. If i have to refinish it someday, so be it.

This table is really nice for a small place. I have a small apartment and an l shaped couch so it works perfectly. It arrived quick and has no damage. Set up was easy except one leg did not fit in the knotch so i had to screw on a diagonal because i do not feel like returning this. Overall, its a cute table that does not wobble and does its job. The misaligned knotch is the only thing keeping me from giving it five stars.

Very sturdy, and easy to put together. The wood is strong and sleek looking, and the color is spot on. The hardware is easy to install, and they include extra l-bracket supports (which we did not even use) to hold the table together. This will definitely stand up to rough boys in the house.

I purchased this table because of the price and it’s simple design. It’s sturdy and large enough to act impromptu dining table. My only issue is that finish has peeled in a few places and there are scratches.

Everything about the table is great, besides the fact that it came damaged in few places. One of the legs was damaged due to which the table wobbles a little. The top also has few scratches here and there. It still looks good in my living room. However, i expected a new table to look and feel new as well.

Flat-pack furniture for less than $100 is always a gamble. It’s either pretty good, or starts to break after a while. Or sometimes during assembly. Wow was i surprised to find that these tables are made of real wood (i mean it might be veneer) with pretty hefty craftsmanship (i can stand on it no problems) and a pretty durable finish. This is in our ‘man cave’ and has had everything from bourbon to hot sauce spilled on it. After over a year, the stain and varnish are still in great shape and clean up like new. As others have said, this is pretty red for an ‘espresso’ finish, but i really didn’t mind.

The table itself is beautiful. Not small or huge just the right size but one of the pieces was not packaged properly and came broken in two. I reached out to customer service and they responded very quickly; however, i just received the tracking information for the broken piece today when i submitted the request for replacement a week ago. That would not be an issue if delivery date was not until next week. So i will have an incomplete table in my newly decorated living room for another week. The table is great quality i just wished that all the pieces were packaged properly.

It’s gone through a lot with my 3 year old. He plays his toys on it, runs his cars over it, climbs and jumps from it, spills his juice over it, leaves his play doh on it. And it looks just as good as the day i got it.The color is still in tact and smooth. The legs hold up pretty well and has not wobbled even after constant pulling of the table for relocation.

Reasonably priced and looks more expensive.

I love this coffee table for function and looks. Nice weight and can fit into a smaller space for a sectional.

This compact sized cocktail fits perfectly in my living room. It arrived promptly and went together very easily in about fifteen minutes. I will be ordering the matching round end table as well.

Great material, wood, nice color, easy to assemble.

We purchased this coffee table for our living room. We have three young children so we did not want anything very expensive because our kids destroy things very fast. Despite the low price, it is attractive and stylish, but smaller than i expected. Keep in mind when you assemble this that there are some sharp edges around the woods seams on the inner edge of the table. I cut my finger pretty good while putting it together. Besides that it’s a great piece for the price.

Very easy to assemble and surpassed all my expectations. Looks like a much more expensive piece of furniture.

This table is sturdy, looks great, and is exactly what we needed. Our usual coffee table was too large for our little one learning to walk. We needed an inexpensive option to use until she is steadier and less likely to tumble and bump her head.

Exactly what we were looking for. Perfect table for the price. Nice and sturdy plus the rounded edges are great for our 10 month old who is just learning to pull up.

This is a very nice table for a small space. Wish it came in 36′ size, but the 30′ works. The woodgrain shows and the color is rich. Minus one star for a damaged table that had to be replaced. The packaging is barely sufficient and it was annoying to have to return the first table and wait for the replacement. Amazon took care of everything for me as always, but since the reviews indicate previously damaged tables, it’s surprising they don’t improve the packaging. I love the table now that it’s here, however, so all is well.

Great table, solid construction. This is a heavy little table that went together easy and is great looking. I thought it would be made of composite material. To my surprise it was solid wood.

Put a 5′ christmas tree on this table. It is nice enough to replace our current coffee table when the season is over. There is tension between the legs and the underside bars. I did split the wood on one of the underside bars where the two bars join in the center. Hairline crack, easily fixed with wood glue and clamps. The table is very stable and will not wobble.

Winsome Wood Rochester Console Table : Great desk, easy assembly!

I am very happy with my purchase, i ordered this item 11/12/12 and it arrived 11/14/12. I was surprised at the quality, it isn’t cheaply made as some of the review suggest and or to each its own. I also noticed how it was pretty much assembled upon arrival, all i had to do was attach the legs (whew whoo). The package arrived in one box and was a little bit heavy but then again, thats a good thing?.It took me about 5-10 mins to put togather, which gave me time for other things, last but least, this was a great purchase. Good job winsome, for putting the table togather already with little work for me.

I have taken over a relatively small bedroom for an office, so space is at a premium. My main desk doesn’t give me all the surface room i need, so i wanted to find something that fit well in front of the window, but didn’t come out too far. This piece is slightly taller than i wish, but, as you can see in the pictures, does well. Now, that’s not why i gave this five stars. If it didn’t fit it would be my fault, not the product’s. :-)the reason for the five star rating is that this is a high quality table that is incredibly easy to put together. If it isn’t mostly real wood, they fake it amazingly well. And all you have to do is screw on the four legs (8 screws with washers), attach the handle for the drawer, and put in a small wooden dowel (that keeps the drawer from falling out). It comes with the allen wrench for the legs, but you will need a phillips screwdriver for the handle. Finally, it’s just plain beautiful.

I bought this to use as a computer desk. It has more than enough room for my 24″ lcd, large keyboard, mouse and speakers. It was very easy to assemble (only had to attach the legs to the top and screw in the drawer’s knob) and is a very solid piece of furniture with a beautiful finish. If you live in a small apartment like me and want a stylish computer desk that is comfortable to work on but doesn’t take up much space, this is a great choice.

I actually got this table for another use but found that it was the ideal height and size ( 29 h x 44 w x 16 d) to hold a 32 inch tv. The table has a simple easy to dust shaker design that blends into any decor. This winsome wood one drawer table was very easy to assemble and i found no flaws in the finish. This is such a versatile and unobtrusive table that i am considering buying another.

  • Awesome product!!
  • Perfect as a computer desk
  • An attractive solid wood console table

Winsome Wood Rochester Console Table with one Drawer Shaker

  • Wood Console Table ; Color Finish: Antique Walnut
  • Drawer with pull for storage ; Material: Solid / Composite Wood ; Assembly Required: Yes
  • Traditional Styling compliments most decor ; Drawer provides storage and features brushed-nickel hardware
  • Antique walnut finish ; Sturdy square legs which taper downward
  • Sleek design ; Easy to assemble with parts and tools included

I bought 5 at differing times from amazon with my prime membership. I use them as a work desk for my small home office. Although they aren’t quite deep enough to truly function as an office desk (limited depth for writing and having gadgets scattered), arranging in l configuration, or side by side, helps give more space. They are in fact wood, deeply stained and varnished. If you use them in an l config, you’ll have to allow enough room for the drawers to open. The drawers aren’t big, but hold office supplies easily. Very sturdy, easy to assemble. I have a five gallon fish tank on one, very stable. One arrived with a ding that broke thru the box, the styrofoam insert, and into the table top.

This is a great little table. I use this as a computer table in the corner of my living room. It is a good-looking table and made of real wood, not the cheap particle pressed board. It tool me about 20 minutes to unpack and assemble. The only reason i subtracted a star from the rating is that one of the threaded holes in one of the legs was about 3/8″ of an inch off. I wasn’t able to get the screw to thread in that hole. I put that leg on the back in order to minimize the risk of bumping in to it.

Super cute desk and so easy to put together, i did it myself in about 10 minutes.

My package arrived one day early and was in great condition. I saw that some people had damage to parts and pieces inside the box, but this was not the case for me. It was very easy to put together–5 to ten minutes at most. This desk fits perfectly where i wanted it. It’s sturdy and very good looking. The drawer is small, but it’s perfect for pens, pencils and such; the top of the desk fits my 17. 3″ laptop perfectly with room to spare for books, photo frames, lamp and a mug of coffee. The desk was actually nicer than i expected for the price i paid. I’ve seen lesser desks for more at supposed discount stores like walmart and target.

Luv this piece of furniture. We are using it for a desk in my dad’s room so he can have a place to prepare paper work and pay bills. He is absolutely satisfied with the price and workmanship.

I picked this up as a small desk for my wife in our office at home, but after seeing how nice the console table is it seems like a waste to hide it away. If we had more room in the dining area we might move it out there since the stain is very similar to our dining table. It really is a very attractive table, a nice finish and solid construction. Assembly is quick and easy, 2 hex screws for each leg and one phillips for the drawer hardware. Made in malaysia stamp on the bottom. Cleaning instructions are a damp cloth, easy on the soap. This had been in my wish list for a while, even with all the good reviews i was uncertain, but i needed to get her something and when i saw the price drop $10 i went for it. I’d buy it again in a heartbeat.

Winsome Wood Round End Table : For the price I think these are terrific. Very easy to assemble and they look very

It’s so hard to purchase furniture without seeing it in person. After reading reviews and comparing measurements, we were hopeful that these would work. Turns out they are completely true to size and color, look great and will function perfectly in our smaller living room. They look quite elegant and were a reasonable investment. Bonus – they assemble quite easily.

I received this table a week ago. It is adorable, but two of the cams were defective. I immediately called amazon and they gave me the customer service number for winsome trading. I placed the call and was connected to a lovely customer service representative immediately. She was very apologetic and said that i would receive the two replacement cams within a week. This weekend i will finish putting this table together. A lovely little table at a good price. So happy i did not have to return this little gem. Love amazon customer service and am pretty impressed with winsome trading too.

Winsome Wood Round End Table with Drawer and Shelf, Antique Walnut

  • Round End Table sits on sturdy legs and feature a small drawer plus shelf.
  • This table will add warmth and charm your living room.
  • Solid Beachwood in Antique Walnut Finish
  • Assembly Required

The table is very heavy and nice wood. There were a few rough spots on the legs but nothing really bad. Instructions could be better — there is a wooden dowel with no instruction of what it was for. My neighbor took a look and told me it was to be used to stop the drawer from falling out when pulled open. My bad for not realizing this. Also, there were a lot of holes on the under side if the top __ why i don’t know. They were not needed and there were no plugs to place in these holes. It’s a nice little table though.

I purchased this product based on price as well as product type. I was very pleasantly surprised to find the pieces were well wrapped with no scratches or dents in the packaging. The wood is solid, the stain applied expertly and the pieces easily fit together. Tips for construction, use the directions by not attaching the legs to the top first as the shelf pieces requires the screws to be inserted first so shelf can be attached. You will end up loosening all of the legs and removing at least two of them to get the shelve attached. Another suggestion would be to use something to keep the screws in place when attaching the top so they will not work themselves out. A small amount of wood glue on the screws or a drop of lock-tite should do it. I am very pleased with the casual elegance of the piece.

This is a really nice table for the money. We traveled out of state to move my grandma into a smaller house after my grandpa died. We looked at 5 stores for bedside tables to match her antique walnut bedroom set. I saw these and ordered 2 of them. They arrived very well packed and are beautiful. They look way better than other tables we saw for over double the price. They are solid wood and very sturdy. It only took about 20 minutes to build both tables. We are very impressed with the quality.

Winsome Wood Round End Table with Drawer and Shelf, Antique Walnut : Put it together in about 20 minutes. It’s real wood; not pressed sawdust. The color is great; it blends perfectly with my entertainment wall. Reasonably priced and well worth every penny.

This is a good value for the money. Table is made of solid wood and has a nice brown warm finish on it with just a hint of cherry. Easy to assemble, finish is good quality and drawer goes in and out smoothly. One assembly tip i have is too leave the eight screws attaching the legs to the base loose until all four legs are on and then go around and tighten each a little at a time. This will make the legs fit better and prevent gaps where the legs meet the rounded base.

For the price i think these are terrific. Very easy to assemble and they look very nice. My only complaint is that they do wobble a little bit but nothing some felt on the bottom of the legs can’t fix.

After looking in many, many furniture stores for a small wood table i decided to take a chance and buy this, sight unseen, from amazon and i’m so happy i did. It looks exactly like the picture and the wood top makes it look far more expensive than it is. I didn’t watch my husband assemble it but it didn’t take him very long and he said it was pretty easy.

This is by far the best piece of furniture i have ever bought online, anywhere. Ups delivered it – earlier than expected – yesterday in a snow storm. I had it put together in about five minutes. Incredibly solid, looks beautiful, great price.

I needed a small side table for my small family room. Did not want to spend a lot of money because i knew it would be scratched and pop cans put on top. Went to various websites and finally found this one. Cannot believe how well it blends in with my entertainment center. It is the perfect size for a lamp, room enough to put your coffee cup on. Insrtuctions were at first hard to follow but finally was able to put it all together.

Finish is not great, some bare areas that i tried to cover with brown shoe polish, some worked better than others. Cams on legs are iffy, one keeps falling out. Screws to attach legs worked great on 3 legs, 4th leg a bit unsteady. Bought these and the console table for a guest bedroom, and they’re lightly used so will be ok, but wouldn’t get them for a heavy traffic room.

This thing came out of the packaging and i immediately had mixed feelings on it when i saw it disassembled, and an allen wrench included. I’m one of those guys that really hates the cheap ‘build it yourself’ kind of furniture. But the good feelings came that a: i didn’t have to build the top/drawer assembly piece. Its just attaching the legs and shelf. And b: its a pretty good quality wood. Its together now and looks fantastic, i use it as a side table and it sits perfect height up next to my recliner.

The table was easy to assemble but the instructions are hard to follow because it only gives a composite drawings of how the pieces fit together and not which pieces need to be installed in what order. You have to install one leg to the table top, insert the bottom shelf into the retaining bolt on the leg, and then install the remaining legs. The table feels very solid, no wobbles, and the finish looks good.

These tables are awesome for the price. I was worried because of some negative things said in the reviews (very few). But these (i bought 2) tables arrived in record time and they are exactly what i hoped for. They went together easily and we had no problems with any of the fits. The coloring throughout was great. The drawer is just big enough to toss your remote in or some other small items. I would not hesitate to purchase these tables again. I looked at similar tables locally and they were $50 – $75 more than i purchased these for. Again my hats off to them for the record time they arrived in.

I bought two to put on each side of our bed and they’re beautiful. I couldn’t be happier with these and for the price i paid i can’t get over how well these are built and put together. Not flimsy at all like you would think because of the price.

Matched the coffee table we bought. Does seem to tilt a bit though.

Love this table is of good quality and looks great than expected.

We bought two of these recently (aug 08). We were able to search the web to compare prices, so we found a good price. They were fairly easy to assemble, but we broke several of the metal screw inserts by twisting them too hard (they aren’t completely necessary, anyway), and we had to drill 2 holes because the existing holes didn’t line up properly. Overall, we’re happy with the look, finish, sturdiness & price of these small tables. They fit perfectly in the small space between our couch and chair.

I bought these for bedside tables in our guest room. They are easy to assemble except the bolt included for the drawer knob is too short. I had to go to the hardware store for different bolts. Other than that these are sturdy, nice and certainly look and feel much more expensive than they are.

We’ve had them for almost a year and got them to replace our overly large rectangular ones so our daughter, who was learning to walk at the time, wouldn’t have a hard corner waiting for her tipsy little noggin. They have held up very, very well. They look great and we get compliments on them regularly. The storage drawer is small, but we don’t use it for anything because, well, toddler. But they’re big enough to hold a couple of remotes. We did have an issue with a stripped screw but amazon refunded us the cost of the screw and we just went and bought one at the local hardware store.

I purchased two end tables and i love them. They were in perfect condition when they arrived and they match the coffee table. I would definitely recommend them.

Winsome Wood Round Coffee Table, The Perfect Sized Coffee Table

If you need something temporary in your living room, this coffee table looks ok. I also ordered the matching end tables and all of them are poorly crafted and finished. Craftsmanship like this can be done in anyone’s backyard a lot better. The hardware to assemble the table is also of poor quality. Be careful not too screw the brackets too fast or too far as it will become loose instantly. The glass also looks like little consideration was taken with its handling, as it appears to be visibly scratched. The glass sits loose on top of the table with too much space around it, causing it to make noises as we walk by. I purchased this item for a new apartment rented, and it is likely not moving with me to a new home. So, for what it is, it will work for the time being.

Wanted round table w glass top. A bit rough on the edges very slightly, but that’s what i like about it anyway, informal and simple.

I love the style,of this table but the quality of the wood itself is very poor. Some patches of wood are rough where others are smooth. If you can live with that, then go for it. I purchased the matching end table a few years ago and it is perfect in every way. I expected this table to be of the same quality, but it is not. I kept it because i was able to fix a lot of the dings with a magic marker and the room where it’s being used is on the dark side so you really don’t notice the poor quality. When purchasing this table, i also purchased the matching sofa table. On the good side, they are well built and easy to assemble. Just wish the finish was a little nicer.

Key specs for Winsome Wood Round Coffee Table, Espresso:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Contemporary Modern Style with function and value.
  • Great Coffee Table with Glass inset for any living room.
  • Matching End table and Tall Side Table is available.
  • Espresso Finish
  • Dual paddle control

Comments from buyers

“Great for small space!, Looks OK. Poor finish and poor quality overall., Wonderful table for a perfect price”

I bought this table i think 4 years ago and still using it after 3 moves. Only complaint i have is that dirt collects on the overlay rim where the glass top sits and that part isn’t finished very well (wasn’t sanded and smoothened properly). Especially if there’s a spill and if you remove the glass to clean your paper-towel will tear and little bits will get stuck which then you have to pick out by hand. Other then that it’s exactly how the posting described it. I knew i was going to move a year later so i had held on to just the glass packaging which came in handy.

Once assembled, this is a pretty nice table. I think the picture accurately reflects the size and look of the table. Assembly was easy and only took about 15 minutes. However, the furniture itself has cosmetic issues. The first table i received had to be shipped back due to a large scratch (almost a crack) down the table top. The second one didn’t have any issues nearly that bad, but there were several dings and smaller scratches on the table. If you are not willing to pay this type of money for a table with imperfections, i would highly suggest you look elsewhere. If i had the option to do it again, i would probably avoid purchasing this table unless i could confirm all of the pieces would be in good shape first.

I purchased this along with the matching end tables. I did not expect these to be so heavy for the price but they definitely feel solid. They actually hold up well too. I have a puppy (a lab with the sharpest of nails) who jumps on it.

I bought this as a gift for someone with a small living room. I wish i’d bought it for myself because it’s the perfect size regardless of lr size. And i like the fishbowl inspired glass top. Something decorative can be placed on the bottom while using the top for entertaining.

Very nice table; just a little smaller than i expected. I would recommend this table if you need a smaller-sized coffee table.

This round coffee table is very sturdy and looks great in our family room. It is easy to install (take me about 15 minutes) and looks high quality. My only complain is that after you install, it would not be easy to take down and reinstall because the legs has not metal screw holder. Instead, it only use screw direct into wood.

Stylish, fairly priced and perfectly sized. It’s very elegant and not to big and imposing and not too small. Looks like i received it from a furniture showroom. People are amazed when i tell them i got it off amazon. Not your typical ikea coffee table. Also, we are not handy and this was extremely straightforward and simple to put together.

Item did not match the other table amazon matched with it that we also purchased at the same time. So we had to alter our design plan. Easy to install and seems sturdy. Not big enough for a coffee table but it will serve its purpose as an end table in between our two sofas.

The coffee table is very cute and fits nicely where i am using it. It also was not difficult to assemble however there is a large scratch on the glass. I did not notice this until after assembling the entire table so i was not about to dis-assemble and return it. Also, i would recommend gluing the dowels that hold the shelf and the legs together. There are brackets that screw into the shelf and legs underneath of the shelf but i felt it would be sturdier with the glue.

It’s not the most well-made piece of furniture, but it’s very functional and fits perfectly with my pit group. I’ve noticed a few minor discolorations but no one else would probably key in on them. It was very easy to assemble and seems to be pretty sturdy. When i need to clean the glass, i just pop it out and put it back in. I would recommend this table.

I purchased the coffee table and 2 side tables. They did not take long to put together, fairly easy. It was safely packaged so nothing was damaged. I get tons of compliments like i bought it at a department store.

Perfect table for smaller areas but still has lots of room to place drinking glasses, etc. The texture of the wood on the bottom section was a little rougher than expected. I covered it with a large rattan basket and it looks beautiful.For the price and quality, you can’t go wrong with this table.

I am giving this table a tentative 5 star rating because while i have no complaints, there are enough reviews that makes one question durability – cracks occurring after a short time. That said, there are no defects in the unit i received, is was very well packaged, the instructions were clear, and in my case all of the parts fit perfectly. The only minor thing i found were some fingerprints in the stain on the underside of the top piece – clearly not much of a problem. The color is as expected – ‘espresso’ pretty much describes is accurately. The table is stable and matches some new chairs we got for an office very well.

Bought this table for my sectional and it is perfect. The size is nice for my smaller living room and compliments the corner of the sectional nicely. Construction was easy and the wood is very solid, not like particle board at all. The glass inset is a nice touch although dust can get in the crack between the table and glass, it’s not a huge deal as lifting it out and doing a quick wipe takes all of 15 seconds. The color is a nice dark finish with a slight gloss. The wood is mostly very smooth, not like lacquered up smooth, but like a nice sanded and sealed finish, only a few edges have a grain that can be felt with your finger. I have coasters i use to keep the table looking nice and, luckily, the top of the glass is almost perfectly level with the top of the wood, so there’s no lip to worry about if setting down a plate or glass. Overall, great, sturdy, beautiful table that has already gotten tons of compliments and questions of ‘where did you get it?’.

I was looking for a complementary table for my living room. I wanted something circular and compact and this table fit the bill perfectly. It is well made and not too difficult to assemble. The only issue i have is with the plastic plugs that cover the screw holes on the bottom stand. They are cheap looking and pop out easily, so as long as you don’t have to move the table too often, you will be ok. As far as the rest of the product, i am very happy with it.

I purchased this table, as well as the rectangular end table, for a small alcove in our apartment that will do double duty as a seating area and extra bedroom. I couldn’t be happier with them. Beautiful, solid wood (not particle), classic design, lovely finish and easy assembly. Perfect size for a small space and easy to move to accommodate pull-out sofa bed.

There were some off color areas on the wood, but what irritated me the most were the scratches on the glass top. We used an oil based furniture polish and hope that will fix the wood. As for the scratches on the glass top, i disappointingly will have to cover with a plant or tray. However, the table matches and looks good with the rest of my furniture.

It is modern and good quality. It is exactly what i was looking for and looks as pictured.

After buying new living room furniture i was looking for a small, round expresso coffee table to complete the look. I couldn’t spend a lot of money so i shopped target, walmart, etc. Found this table in walmart and priced it. Then tried amazon – which is amazing.Found exactly the same table, read the reviews – some not so flattering – and some extremely happy reviews. I thought ‘what will i do if there’s something wrong’ at least with walmart i can return it easily. But, with savings on taxes and shipping fees with amazon, the price was almost $100 less. I’ve ordered with amazon many times over the years and have never had a problem so i decided to take a change on a piece of furniture. It only took a couple of days to arrive and it’s perfect. Only took about 45 minutes to put together – is sturdy, glass fit perfectly, color exactly what i wanted and looks amazing in my small space with the new furniture.

The color was spot on and fit perfectly in front of our sectional. It feels very durable and putting it together was very simple.

Winsome Wood Cassie Accent Table : Nice table for the price

Solid, looks like it’s made from oak, grain of the wood is bold. Seems solid and is a nice piece for the $$. The lower shelf on my was damaged , threaded shaft was pushing through the top of the lower shelf. At this time my rating is fair and will be revised based on how the manufacturer handles the replacement.

Great price, great product and it looks fantastic.

Winsome Wood Cassie Accent Table with Glass Top, Cappuccino Finish

  • Round wood and glass accent table
  • Sturdy construction with traditional styling
  • Cappuccino finish
  • 20-Inch diameter by 27-Inch height
  • Ready to assemble with parts, tools and instructions

A beautiful table assembly is very easy and a great price.

Bought one and went back and bought another.

I am very pleased and impressed with this accent table. Very study and very easy to assemble it took me about 45min.

Winsome Wood Cassie Accent Table with Glass Top, Cappuccino Finish : One of the better rta things i’ve bought. Nice touches to help with assembly like theaded metal inserts so the bolts go in nicely, clear bumpers to place under the glass, and pads to put on the bottom of the legs to protect your floors. The finish isn’t real durable; it will nick & chip easily.

This table is perfect for a small living room or an office. The table is a little lighter in color than the picture and has wood grain finishing – not a solid color like the image. I had it together in about 10 minutes. My recommendation in construction, put all the screws in loosely, then come back and tighten.

The table is a great size and looks and feels solid. I would say it is good value for the money. The reason for the markdown is the finish. The color is definitely more red than brown. I even looked at the described color and made sure the box also indicated the correct color. The color received, though it will work, was not what the pictures or descriptions seems to indicate.

Nice, match color and size great the only thing not sturdy that much.

Was the perfect size to go between two of my new chairs.

Not exactly what i expected, but worth the price. It’s not horrible, but it’s also not very high quality. Some of the wood seams show through and it’s a bit taller than i expected. It seems to to the job if it’s in a corner. I’m keeping it and not entirely dissatisfied.

We moved in to our new house and needed more furniture. Their not very big, but they add a air of class to the room. I need one more table and will be getting another one of these. The assembly was fast and easy.

Matches perfectly to my living room table set (which is same color but square shape with glass part in the middle), very nice and easy to assemble accent table. Only part i am not very happy about is that it came with little scratches on the legs. Didn’t even bother calling amazon becase it is on the inside part of the leg and if i turn the table with the scratched part towards the wall, no one can even notice it.

Very satisfied with this purchase.

Beautiful accent table, i placed it by the window holding small indoor plant.

I use it to sit lamp on by sofa, good height for that. Would of been helpful if box had included instructions. But was not hard to figure out.

We bought this table for our living room, to match our other espresso furniture (open floor plan with espresso dining table). Arrived quickly and packaged well, especially with the glass. It was easy to assemble with one person, although some of the holes didn’t match up 100%, so i had to put a bit of muscle into it when screwing the pieces together, and was a bit wobbly, so i had to add one felt bumper to the bottom of one leg (they provided in package) to make it level. Like another reviewer said, the color ended up being just a tad lighter than what the picture shows; almost a half shade lighter than your normal deep espresso furniture. However, since we didn’t have other espresso furniture right next to this piece, it works out ok. Overall, i am happy with the purchase, as it looks like an expensive product for half the price.

Was easy to put together (just assembled it today). The height was just perfect, we were looking for a tall end/corner table and this was just what we were looking for. And i have to say the wood finish is excellent. The glass center makes it look very sophisticated, and looks way more expensive than what we paid for. Overall, very happy with the purchase and would recommend it in a heartbeat.

Beautiful accent table, looks way more expensive than it is.

Did not match the unit amazon matched with it- completely different model name/design. Item arrived slightly damaged but still useful.

Table came in parts that was easy to assemble.

Tried to use as a side table but it was too tall for the sofa.

Winsome Wood Coffee Table – Perfect for my needs

My boyfriend and i got this for our apartment and it is perfect. Perfect size, very sturdy, and it looks great. Solid wood is a wonderful bonus. It was easy to put together, all you need is a screwdriver. I highly recommend this coffee table to anyone looking for a quality table for a great price.

Table isn’t high but it states the measurements. Two drawers are for paper or something small.

I like the way they look in the room – need to be careful, paint chips very easy.

  • Great Coffee Table!
  • Good looking table and sturdy
  • Good Little Table-But There Are Things You Need To Know!!!!

Easily assembled and sturdy. Matched my black leather furniture excellently. It was smaller than my current heavy glass top coffee table but, it made my small living room look less crowded, not to mention much easier to move when cleaning.

Said it needs two people to assemble. Completed by one 65 y o woman. Added corner guards to protect little ones. Liked the drawer stops to prevent kids from pulling them all the way out.

Features of Winsome Wood Black Coffee Table

  • Country-inspired coffee table offers rustic yet modern tailored style
  • Crafted of solid beechwood with rich black finish; brushed chrome door pulls
  • 2 storage drawers and open shelf; paneled sides and simple carved legs
  • Some assembly required; measures approximately 37-3/4-inch wide by 18-1/4-inch deep by 18-inch high
  • Matching hall and end tables available

Well packaged and easy to put together. Just follow the directions and have an extra pair of hands for a minute. Fits perfectly in mine living room and look great.

It looks and feels really nice and i like it a lot, would have liked it to be a little higher.

This is a great little coffee table, especially considering the price. The table looks great, has a nice black paint job. The two drawers slide in and out smoothly. The overall stance of the table is low and stout (check the measurements before purchasing — it’s not very tall so beware), the bottom shelf is stiff and can hold some weight. It’s exactly what i was looking for and i’m very glad that i made the purchase. I’ve seen complaints about both the paint and the process of putting it together in other reviews on amazon. The paint on the table i received was perfect, very nice actually. And i’m not quite sure how you would consider this difficult to put together unless you’ve never handled a screwdriver before in your life, that claim is completely laughable to me. The entire table is already assembled aside from the legs and the bottom shelf, it can’t possibly be any easier to assemble than it already is. Even then all it takes is eight bolts and a four cam lock screws.

Easy to assemble and it is the perfect size for what i needed. It is small so make sure you check the dimensions or you may be disappointed.

This table and the matching console and end table are wonderful. The quality is perfect for the price. I didn’t want anything expensive with having a baby who will be a toddler soon. I think they will survive just fine. With added bumpers for the corners, of course.

I bought this companion piece to the company’s end table, so the same comments applied to my review of that table. You’ll want to use a ratchet and extension, but assembly is easy. There is a slight imperfection on one drawer. I wanted a table with drawers and shelf, so this is just what i needed. It’s small, but so is our condo.

Very nice table and the two drawers are very handy. I put a oblong basket on bottom shelf to put magazines in. Was easy to put together all parts fit nicely.

Overall i am impressed however- directions were not 100% clear and my table top arrived cracked.

Mine had a couple of minor dings, but i don’t expect it to be a piece of family heirloom furniture, just something that looks decent to prop up my feet or put the remote control. Assembly was easy, if you follow the directions, but i suggest using a power screwdriver if you can, to speed up everything with installing the legs.

So perfect with my furniture. Easy to put together and impressed on the quality. Have the matching end tables too. Compare to the furniture stores very reasonably priced.

I like the way how the top of the table is ready to go for us, so when you open the package, you would think just 4 legs and the lower panel and its easy to do in 30 minutes or less. But, as i started putting together, i realized that, it would greatly help if there is step-by-step instructions along with the pictures. When i was doing it, i forgot to look carefully at the pictorial illustration, and screwed all the four legs without fitting the middle panel, and later i had to take two off and screw them again, in order to fit the middle panel. That is one thing you might want to look carefully while assembly. Overall, i am happy with the table and its good for the price. I should agree that the table is not too big, and if you have a large living room, you might want to check the dimensions.

I’m really happy with this table. Living in a city row-home means searching for items to work well in limited space. It seems the usual furniture retailers only carry massive coffee tables that don’t work in my 14’x20′ room. Even after some trial & error with a few ikea tables, i found this one to be just the perfect size. After reading all of the reviews on here, i was a little worried about this table’s quality – like, it showing up with missing paint and scratches, or made of cheap, flimsy material, but that wasn’t the case. Though there is a *very* tiny paint scuff on an edge of a leg, it’s very fixable with a small dab of black paint – i’m really critical & hate having to fix things that i’ve just bought, so i can’t stress enough how extremely minor this mark was. Also the table was heavier than i expected, and once assembled, is rather sturdy. Of course, time will tell how long this table will last, but with it just out of the box, i’m really rather pleased.

Looks great with my other pieces.

It was easy to assemble–you only have to attach the legs and the shelf–the top portion is all assembled already. If assembling by yourself, the shelf is a bit tricky. I attached 3 legs and left one very loose, then attached the shelf to the other 2 legs, then pushed on the third one. I just put it together, but it seems very sturdy. I put my printer on the bottom shelf with no sagging or fear of breakage, like some other reviews seemed to imply would be a problem. I kicked it a couple times and it didn’t budge. A lot of the negative reviews are because it is small. The dimensions are right in the product description.It’s perfect for my sectional; leaves enough room to walk around it and sit down.

I read the reviews where people kept saying ‘can assemble in 30 minutes’ so i ‘challenged’ my buddy to try and put it together in under 20. He assembled it in 13 minutes flat. And since i lost the bet, all it cost me was 12oz of budlight.

My son put this together for his ‘man cave’ of a living room.

The packaging on this item was very good; it was easy to open and easy to take out the pieces. I read a lot of the reviews on this before purchasing so i’m disappointed that it was not as easy to assemble as people claimed. I either have huge fingers or they have small fingers. I found it difficult to turn the bottom bolts (once the table is upside down). The bolts did not hand tighten even a little and it was hard to get good leverage because a wood piece was in the way on both sides. The upper bolts fastened easily enough with the tool or my wrench. I took one reviewer’s advice of leaving the legs loose to make it easier for securing the shelf. The legs are not labeled so use common sense when attaching to the top and look at the diagrams. It took me over an hour to assemble by myself, but only because of the problem with the bottom bolts. Ascetically i don’t like how silvery the handles are but otherwise it looks really good.

Winsome Wood 5-Piece TV Table Set : I was a bit disappointed when I got them

I have a set of these in the light wood color, and i love them even more than i expected to. My husband and i live alone, and we usually don’t bother eating supper at the table anymore. These trays are sturdy (they feel secure even when using a knife to cut meat), they have a nice finish that wipes clean easily, and the whole set tucks neatly into a small corner. I just bought another set in black for my stepdaughter; she works from home and has to have a desk/work area instead of a dining table, so she and her bf have to eat at the coffee table. These trays will be perfect for them.

I was excited to find these for 40 dollars and the reviews were overall positive. I was a bit disappointed when i got them. They work fine it’s just not as nice as i was expecting. They aren’t so bad that i’d send them back but if i had it to do over again i probably wouldn’t have spent the extra 20 bucks (there’s another nice looking set for 60 on amazon) for something a little better quality.

I had read some of the one star reviews and wanted to advise my experience. First, the set arrived in a box that was solidly packed. Everything was individually wrapped, well done. The tables themselves came ready to go. The stand requires assembly. Everything went together easily. All you need is the allen wrench they supply. I will make a recommendation on the stand assembly. I tightened the screws to about 95% and then put the stand up on the counter and manuvered the cross and bottom horizontal bars so that they were nice and level.

I’ll start off by saying that the product is acceptable for the price. The pictures are a bit deceptive and show a better quality top than you end up with, using finger-jointed small pieces. If you’re not a wood fanatic, it may not even phase you, but it goes beyond wood quality and i thought these things were worth noting. I didn’t expect high-end furniture, but was still disappointed by the low quality control standards. Obviously it’s made overseas. Everything needed was included. The trays themselves are already assembled, you just have to assemble the stand.

  • Solid Trays, Exactly What I Was Expecting
  • Versatile and durable and solid wood
  • Solid, easy to put together Almost perfect

Winsome Wood 5-Piece TV Table Set, Black

  • Set of 4 folding TV tables and matching storage stand have sleek, modern look
  • Crafted of solid beechwood with rich black finish
  • Roomy rectangular tabletops with rounded edges; slender square legs; top handle on stand for easy transport
  • Assembly required
  • Each table measures 19-inch wide by 14.6-inch deep by 26-inch high

All right let’s start with the bad because that’s what people generally want to read about first. When i first received the product all of the hardware and the allen wrench necessary to assemble it was not included. The wood had two defects that were man-made and likely caused by the way it was manufactured, stored, or shipped(see pictures). Next, one set of the pre-drilled holes were out of alignment causing the bracket which holds the tv trays to be not leveled when assembled( see picture). This now causes one of the tv tables to always lean forward while in the stand no matter what (see picture). Now for the good things i have to say. First getting the missing hardware was very simple thanks to the form they provided with the product. They also emailed me shortly after i faxed them the form to get my missing parts to let me know that they were on the way and included a tracking number. That to me is huge in customer service because there was no guessing as to whether or not they received my fax and if they had processed my request to send me the missing hardware. Turnaround time was only about 4 to 5 business days.

There was some hardware missing and i had to write the manufacturer. They were very responsive and quickly supplied the missing screws, but not the needed dowels. Fortunately i had some in my workshop that i was able to cut to fit. With all that, this was still a good value.

Product exactly as expected. Item is very heavy duty wood , quality is excellent and the stand to store them in is convenient. The tables come fully assembled but the stand does not. It comes with an allen wrench so no additional tools are necessary.

I purchased this set as a complement to a pair of similar tv tables that i’ve had for years, left behind by a former roommate. These looked to be similar to what i had, so i got them. They did indeed match the size and the build was pretty close to the older pair. The stand requires a bit of assembly, but it’s nothing too complicated. I was able to assemble the stand in 15 minutes or so. I like this set because it’s made of solid wood, as opposed to a veneered particle board or mdf. A previous reviewer remarked at the ‘cheapness’ due to the wood being smaller pieces that are jointed together. I would disagree, based on having seen andersen window sashes constructed in the same manner, and those are not cheap windows. In any event, only one of the 4 trays in the package i purchased has the top constructed in this way. The trays seem reasonably stable and i haven’t noticed much in the way of wobble, but i’ve only had them for a couple of weeks so far.

The tables were great, however the stand’s top handle piece itself was missing all of the bore holes for the screws and dowels so i couldn’t complete assembly of the stand. I’m going to ask the manufacturer for a replacement handle, so if all goes well with that then i’ll upgrade the rating because otherwise it’s nice but right now it’s got to have a functional stand to make it worth the expense. Update 02/11/14: still no replacement handle for the stand received from manufacturer, so at this point i’d have to say this set is not worth the price or problems with the manufacturer and the parts. Revised 05/13/14: updated for receipt of the replacement handle, which took longer than the expected 10 days to replace but i lived. Once the replacement handle was in place for the stand it’s an acceptable tv tray set. Tables still look good after months of use, though i have to retighten the stand’s screws often, but i am happier with it.

Overall, i am very happy with this set. It was easy to put together – 24 minutes, including taking pictures and finding the rubber mallet for pounding in the plugs. After i put it together, i set it on our carpet which is pretty thick. I put two of the tray tables on one side of the stand to see if it would list. The only reason i am not giving this item five stars is that there is a spot on one of the vertical supports where the veneer peeled away a little bit. I feel like the item description is a wee bit misleading. The table tops are solid wood but apparently the stand is at least partially veneer. As i said it was very easy to put together.

These snack trays are beautifully finished and exactly as pictured. Some assembly is required, but this did not take long. We received the tables within the delivery time frame given. Overall, we are pleased and would buy again.

We got them to give as a gift. We put them together because the box they come in is so heavy. It wasn’t too hard to put them together. My husband and i helped each other. One of the screw holes was stripped. I put a match stick down in it and that allowed the screw to tighten up. I think they look pretty good. I expected that and actually wanted the smaller set.

This was purchased to add to an existing set. It was exactly like the image and better yet, it was exactly the same as the set purchased over 10 years ago. All wood, excellent workmanship and am very very pleased.

I purchased a set of these trays five years ago in oak and loved them. I just purchased the latest version in black last week and was please to find that they made improvements and reinforced the trays. I liked the feel of tying on my laptop so much, i bought another order before posting this review. Buy with confidence and enjoy the portability and stability of this 5-piece tv table set before i purchase them all and i am totally serious.

For the most part they work but then the screws come off. If you are able to screw the screws back in and they stay the trays work otherwise you are at a loss. Maybe some wood glue with the screw might work but haven’t tried it. I guess the same goes for all brands.

This little set is perfect for kiddos who love dinner-and-a-movie nights. I love that we can put the tables away when they’re not in use, too. These tables are pretty sturdy and easy to set up and take down, and the stand only took about 5-10 minutes to put together. (the tool and screws you need come with the set).

However, after putting them together, there were a few pieces that arrived broken. For the price we paid we did not feel like dealing with the hassle of returning them so we fixed them ourselves with some wood glue and wooden dowels which we already had at home (big diyers). For the price they are okay. Sturdy enough and finish seems like it will hold up. Stand is slightly flimsy, yes we assembled it properly, but it sits in a corner and is not messed with until we use a tray so no real issue there. They do what they are intended to do.

We use these tables almost daily and they’ve held up pretty well. They do tend to wobble a bit, but some sanding can easily level them. The wood looks really nice, but it is soft. If you have an animal that likes to chew they can do some damage pretty quickly if you don’t catch them. The surface is nicely treated and makes cleaning easy, and the table holder was easy to assemble when it arrived. We’ve had the tables almost two years, and they are still serving their purpose.

These are very good value for the price. They are all solid wood —a blonde hardwood that i don’t recognize. They go together easily and stack well. Very handy for an extra table for any reason. Some reviews say that the rack is flimsy. It is well made and even has plugs for the screw holes to dress it up. Nicely designed and easy to manage. This would have been 5 stars except one tray has a 4” crack in it. Doesn’t hurt performance but should be fixed.

Got this as a christmas gift for my wife. Was easy to assemble (only real assembly is the stand). Wood seems to be good quality and they have held up nicely for the last three months. Each tray is fairly light weight to move but very sturdy. Color in picture is fairly accurate representation of color you get.

I looked extensively for a set of these tables from target, walmart, etc. And these had the best reviews and price. They come assembled, are great quality and the holding stand is easy to put together. The tables are extremely sturdy and look great- they do not look cheap and are well made.

It came on time and in perfect shape and i would recommend these tables. The tables are already assembled. I put two tables next to each other to make a bigger table and it looks like a darling little bistro set.

Winsome Wood Genoa End Table : Stylish and easy to assemble. Cheaply cam locks break very easily.

Winsome wood genoa end table. This is a beatiful little table. It was just the pc of furniture i needed for the end of the loveseat, but the table has flaw in construction whichcauses it wobble while sitting on the floor. I placed a large cup of coffee on the table which caused a shift motion at base. I found that one leg of table is fraction shorter which causes it move. Now that i have the table put together and being handicapped—in intend keeping the table, maybe my daughter can figure someway to fix it. It was great diappointment to find the flaw. Since it such a nice, well constructed table. I was going to purchase another one—but i don’t want a table that rocks.

Finish is really nice and consistent. Only thing i was not super impressed by was that the glass was a bit too small for the inset area, this doesn’t effect anything but a little “hmm” during assembly. Overall great product for the price.

Product great, customer service not so great. I love this side table, but when it arrived, the company had forgotten to place the hardware in the box. My husband called the company and after talking to two associates, they agreed to send out the parts. A week later, we still hadn’t received anything. I called again and they said they just shipped out the parts the day before. A few days later, the parts arrived, but not everything was in the packet. Luckily, my husband is pretty handy and was able to find the parts he needed at a local hardware store. I’ve ordered a lot of items from amazon, and will continue to do so. But i will not be buying anything more from winsome.

I ordered two of these, and will be ordering the matching coffee table. They were easy to assemble for the most part. I have kids and pets so i might be putting a coat or two of poly just to protect the wood ( just to be preventative) there is nothing wrong with the finish- i just want to protect it from matchbox cars and kitty claws. All in all very happy with the tables and will be getting the coffee table.

  • Quality varies greatly from item to item
  • Stylish and easy to assemble. Cheaply cam locks break very easily.
  • A little smaller than I expected but works well with

Winsome Wood Genoa End Table, Espresso

  • Round end table from Winsome Wood for living room or bedside use
  • Wood construction with dark espresso finish; clear glass tabletop
  • Stylish flared legs support table; lower shelf for storage or decorative display
  • Home assembly required; matching 2-shelf end table and coffee table available for separate purchase
  • Measures 18-1/2 inches wide by 18-1/2 inches deep by 22-1/2 inches high; 17 pounds upon shipping

They serve their purpose but are not the best quality ever. We have 3 of these for use in our family room. They serve their purpose but are not the best quality ever, however you really don’t notice it unless you look closely. I assembled them myself and it went together easily. I will buy them again if i needed to replace them down the road. They have survived 3 moves in 18 months so that says something. I’m moving again and giving them to a family member who asked for them. I do use coasters always to protect my furniture so i can provided feedback on how the finish holds up to cups on it.

A little smaller than i expected but works well with. A little smaller than i expected but works well with the 2 ikea posing chair.

Ordered two of these tables and one side table with three shelves. The end tables were just as described. Constructive criticisms would be that of the two tables, one of the glass tops did not fit snugly into the carved hole in the top tier. It actually sticks out above the table plane. Luckily the table is in a corner not often used. The other criticism i have is that the wood that is exposed through the top of the glass is not painted. Its completely unfinished wood so you can see bare wood just by looking through the top of the table. Ill keep these tables because they suffice for what i have paid for them.

Matches the color of my espresso entertainment center perfectly. Also is the perfect size between couch and recliner to put your drink on. Love the solid bottom part to put away remotes and t. Took 30 minutes to assemble.

Love my small but classy looking tables. Like the other review, i was wondering how these tables would look. But i figured i can return them, so why not try. They are just what i needed. Small, classy and simple design. Yes, if you are looking for a high end look, then don’t look to closely. And if so, why are you shopping for furniture on amazon. But, all my guests have raved about them and their style.

Stylish and easy to assemble. Cheaply cam locks break very easily. . I ordered two of these end tables. They look very good and stylish, and it was very easy to put together. The first one took me about 30 minutes, and it came out perfect in the end. The second one took me about 10 minutes. I found that the best way to start is to get two of the legs lightly screwed, opposite of each other. Then, you can get the shelf in and tighten the screws just a little more. Attache the remaining legs and screw all legs completely. Then, insert the cam locks and tighten them. Be very careful when tightening the cam locks. They look like they are made out of very cheap materials. When i tighten the last one, i went a bit too far and it broke in half. I made a trip to lowes and bought another cam lock; however, it did not work.

Purchased for my mom and she absolutely loves it.

This item looks in person as it does in the picture. It was a purchase for my daughter’s apartment and i must say years later, it has withstood the test of time. Easy to assemble and sturdy.

A little smaller than i expected but works well with. A little smaller than i expected but works well with the 2 ikea posing chair.

After reading some of the reviews, i almost changed my mind about buying this little end table. But, i like it so decided to give it a try. I was a bit dubious about even opening it because one side of the carton had a hold in it. I proceeded to open it carefully and was pleased with the way each part was wrapped separately so it wouldn’t get scratched. After carefully inspecting each part, i proceeded to put it together. It took me all of 10 minutes to do it and it went together flawlessly. The glass fit perfectly and the table was perfectly level. It did not “rock” as someone else had indicated nor was it wobbly.

Great quality, good price, great color. . I like the finish and quality of the table. I use it for my new baby room with a great monkey lamp. The cristal in the top is really nice. I have initially issues with the table because i need to import it into mexico and have customs issues due to bad paperwork from amazon global, but come on, amazon have the best service on earth, they ship it another one right away with express shipping and i get it in my mexico city home in about 4 days, with no issues.

When we first received these tables i was a little disappointed because they were so much smaller then my tables i had before. But i was wanting a change in my living room because we bought new funitture and i was tired of big bulking tables because they take up so much room. After we rec’d the new furniture and we put these tables on each end of the couch and one next to each recliner. Instead of putting lamps on these tables i bought very attractive pole/floor lamps to sit behind them. The quality of the tables is great. The only draw back is that these tables show dust easily. But all it takes is one swipe a day. I would recommend these tables to anyone looking for a small, rich, elegant little table.

Great little table, inner ring is unstained. . After a few hiccups, that is. When we received the first one, the glass simply did not fit right. After contacting amazon, they gave us a free replacement, and shipped out a whole new table, from which we took the glass, sending the second table and the defective glass top back. Another reviewer mentioned that the inside if the table was left unstained and they were right. However, for the price, i figured i could paint/ stain this and still not pay what i would for a more expensive version that was fully stained. I think the best feature to this table is how small it is. It sits at or right below average armrest height, and is perfect for compact spaces since there is no need to accommodate awkward corners. With the exception of the unstained inner ring, this table is ‘win’.

For the price this is a ‘so-so’ piece of furniture. The reason i say that is the finish of the wood is average. The stain that was used is not all that great and has more of a reddish mahogany finish to it versus the mocha brown they describe. You have to put together the table and it’s not easy getting all four of the legs to balance at an equal angle; seems one is always slightly angled. This is a nice piece for a spare bedroom and downstairs living room but is not near good enough quality for a living room. I would not purchase any additional pieces in this line.

This table looks lovely from afar, but up close appears to be the ‘designer imposter’ of winsome wood genoa tables. Three weeks ago i had purchased two other of these tables from winsome wood directly, and there are quite a few differences besides just the vastly lower price. The finish on this table is much smoother and doesn’t show the wood grain. The finish isn’t actually ‘finished,’ either – the bottoms of the legs and the bottom of the lower shelf don’t have any finish on them, unlike the tables i bought directly from the manufacturer, which were completely finished. The table has different mechanisms for locking the legs in place, and there were no little wooden pegs included to cover the screws like i received with my original tables. Also, this table appears to be made out of some other type of wood that isn’t a very high quality. One more thing – the table arrived with a chunk of wood missing from the top edge. It isn’t super noticeable, but it appears as if it was covered up with a furniture touch up marker. I wondered when i bought this table for thirty eight dollars if i would actually be the same as the ones i bought directly from the manufacturer, and it definitely has differences.

Exactly what i was looking for. I was concerned about the size of these tables shortly after i ordered them, as they were going to be used as nightstands in my master bedroom. They arrived quickly, well packaged (completely undamaged), and were very easy to put together. The end product is perfect in size and the table does look more expensive than what your paying for. My only complaint (if i have one), is the color. It does look like more of a black than brown, however, this worked out just fine in my room. This is an excellent buy, and definitely one that i would do again.

For the price this is a ‘so-so’ piece of furniture. The reason i say that is the finish of the wood is average. The stain that was used is not all that great and has more of a reddish mahogany finish to it versus the mocha brown they describe. You have to put together the table and it’s not easy getting all four of the legs to balance at an equal angle; seems one is always slightly angled. This is a nice piece for a spare bedroom and downstairs living room but is not near good enough quality for a living room. I would not purchase any additional pieces in this line.

Easy to assemble if you follow the directions and remain patient. I bought the matching coffee table too.

Winsome Wood End Table – The packaging tape is too tight and causes indents into

Very nice compliment to the room. I put this together rather quickly, and there were no issues. The table looks great in our living room, and is very sturdy.

Super simple to assemble and great table for the price. Just received and put together last night. Probably the easiest furniture assembly i have ever done. The drawer and drawer guides are already dissembled and part of the table top. Way easier than ikea tables. Shipped fast, packed well, no defects and looks great.

Definitely recommend for price. I would definitely recommend. Here are the specifications for the Winsome Wood End Table:

  • Country-inspired end table offers rustic yet modern tailored style
  • Crafted of solid beechwood with rich black finish; brushed chrome door pull
  • Storage drawer and open shelf; paneled sides and simple carved legs
  • Some assembly required; measures 22-inch in diameter by 22-inch high
  • Matching hall and coffee tables available

Good quality and relatively easy to put together. In fact, i was able to put the table together all by myself with only two hands. Looks great and serves the purpose i purchased it for.

I’m new to buying online but i am definitely loving it. We have needed end tables for years (and i mean years). I didn’t want to get them at a superstore and i didn’t have the money for a big furniture place. Also, the time it takes to go pick them out and then get them home-just too much. So as a result we’ve been without a lot of things for a long time. But now with amazon and the peace of mind i get from the seller ratings and customer feedback system, i have been going crazy getting all the little things i’ve needed for so long. And this little gem is one of many. I love the wood, i love the solid construction. I could say ‘for the price’, but it really is well-made, despite the price.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good looking table for good price but quality is lacking.
  • Sturdry lil table.
  • Great Lego compact table!

2 of these and the matching tv stand and love. These are gorgeous and the same quality as. I got 2 of these and the matching tv stand and love. These are gorgeous and the same quality as our local furniture stores at a fraction of the cost.

Good quality and relatively easy to put together. In fact, i was able to put the table together all by myself with only two hands. Looks great and serves the purpose i purchased it for.

Pressed for time so it was perfect for easy assembly, however, there is a long scratch completely across the top of the table. The piece shouldn’t have ever been packaged that way. It is obvious that it happend before the packaging process. No damage to the box and packed very well. I’m sure they would have replaced it given the opportunity, but as stated before, i was pressed for time and a plant and a touch up marker, helps hide it. Overall it could have been a great product at a reasonable price.

It fits perfectly in the space i had. I ended up buying a second one. It took about 10 minutes to put together.

I think that for the price it is a great table. I think that for the price it is a great table. I did not have any of the paint issues that others described. One of the consistent comments is ease of assembly and i will agree with that although i do think the instructions could have been clearer. Very happy with this purchase.

Attractive end table/nightstand for the money. . We bought two of these, and were very happy with the quality, and ease of assembly. This is not high end furniture with dove-tailed drawers and such. But the simple beauty of the design is exceptional in this price range. I will be looking to purchase a couple of more pieces in this winsome wood ‘timber’ line. As usual, purchasing from amazon was a professional, and well run transaction.

Good looking table for good price but quality is lacking. . After reading others reviews, i took the chance and purchased this unit. Table was tightly packaged, however two legs still had 1 inch cracks on the corners same problems others have had. The bottom shelf piece also had a crack where the dowel is inserted into. I was tempted to return the item and ask for a replacement but another reviewer said they had success with getting replacement parts from the manufacturer so i will attempt that. Also i had quite a difficult time trying to fit all the pieces back into the original packaging so i figured i might as well try to assemble it. The table itself is decently made. The top piece on mine however is poorly painted. There are small bubbles that looks like water may have been on the paint before it dried. The other pieces look good except for the cracks.

Bought the sofa / hall table for use behind my sectional, bought the coffee table to replace an older one and get the match with my sofa table, so figured i might as well get one of these two just to complete the set. Fits perfectly with my living room set / decor.

Very nice compliment to the room. I put this together rather quickly, and there were no issues. The table looks great in our living room, and is very sturdy.

Decent build quality, but packing and shipping damaged both tables. These are not going to last 100 years. These don’t have dovetailing on the drawers, or chippendale drawer-pulls. They are, however, inexpensive, and sturdy, and look nice, and the free shipping makes them a no-brainer. Both of my tables had slightly damaged tops, one was damaged in the manufacturing process, one was scratched because something pierced the box it came in. No big deal in either case, but, if you’re going to use these as daily coffee tables instead of decorative tables, best get a glass or plexiglass top for them.

Decent build quality, but packing and shipping damaged both tables. These are not going to last 100 years. These don’t have dovetailing on the drawers, or chippendale drawer-pulls. They are, however, inexpensive, and sturdy, and look nice, and the free shipping makes them a no-brainer. Both of my tables had slightly damaged tops, one was damaged in the manufacturing process, one was scratched because something pierced the box it came in. No big deal in either case, but, if you’re going to use these as daily coffee tables instead of decorative tables, best get a glass or plexiglass top for them.

It is an inexpensive end table made of particle board. I ordered 2 and 1 was damaged on top from a 1/2 inch plastic used to hold the protective package inside made a nice indentation smack in the middle of the table top. It is not ‘quality’ furniture but should do the job for a rental.

It is an inexpensive end table made of particle board. I ordered 2 and 1 was damaged on top from a 1/2 inch plastic used to hold the protective package inside made a nice indentation smack in the middle of the table top. It is not ‘quality’ furniture but should do the job for a rental.

I really like the item, but company has poor quality control. When i removed the table top from the box i noticed a piece of wood laying inside. The cross piece under the corner was split in half because the screws holding it in place were over tightened. This caused the side of the top to be split. The item looked like it was returned too: some wear & fingerprints on it. I would never have let that table leave the factory in that condition, especially after breaking it.

Fabulous end table with a small storage draw.

Attractive end table/nightstand for the money. . We bought two of these, and were very happy with the quality, and ease of assembly. This is not high end furniture with dove-tailed drawers and such. But the simple beauty of the design is exceptional in this price range. I will be looking to purchase a couple of more pieces in this winsome wood ‘timber’ line. As usual, purchasing from amazon was a professional, and well run transaction.