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The Lakeside Collection Geometric Side Table : Decent C-Table . . .

I received my table with no issues, no damage. After reading some of the comments i was afraid of damage but i took the chance. It looks like the picture but it is much lighter in weight than i thought it would be so you might want to be aware of that. You also have to assembled it yourself. The ’tiles’ are made of a thick cardboard, not real tile material but ok with me because the colors match my living room. It has been working for us so far with the living room sofa. I have put a stone coaster on it to prevent water stains and any other damage. This little table has been so useful for us because we do not have a coffee table but a cloth ottoman so this has really been in use, wish i would have bought this long ago.

It was easy to put together even for arthritic hands. It came in a very well packaged container. I actually used the cardboard from the container for another project, because it was so sturdy. Every part was in the box and the instructions were easy. I got this on sale and my only regret is that i only bought one. The table looks as good as it’s picture and was perfect for the sofa, however i use it as a side table for my recliner. I wanted to know if it would fit the sofa and this picture proves it.

Geometric Side Table

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  • Slate Trimmed Sofa Side Table
  • Slides under Couch for Drinks and Snacks
  • Decorate table at a Great Price!
  • Features solid wood tabletop
  • Does Require Assembly – assembly hardware included!

Could have been little better quality but you get what you pay for 20 bucks wasn’t expecting ashley table in the mail see photos attached. It works perfect would like to find one in this style that is made to last or at least strong enough that i don’t have to hide it or put it away when grand babies come visit. It looks as if we have had it for a year and only had it for couple of months, no tile decor and about as strong a photo frame.

I wasn’t sure if i wanted to buy this as many as the reviews were not great. First of all the green yellow color plates are not bad, they look exactly like the picture, nothing fancy but cute. The top is a redish/cranberry color. Mine had a little scratch on it, nothing major. The top looks as if it is made of contact paper, i might actually buy some contact paper and make it a little nicer and get rid of the scratch. There is also now a water spot that was left from a glass being on it at one time. (i have had it for several months now. ) but, it is sturdy and overall not bad for the price. My boyfriend loves it and has started to use it for eating small meals. So overall it is nice for a casual room.

Bought this for my camper–light weight and fits perfectly. However, the description says, ‘features solid wood tabletop’ and, if it is solid wood, they have chosen to finish it with contact paper.

Geometric Side Table : They are shorter than they appear. Each one was assembled very differently (despite being exactly the same product), which implies poor quality control. But in my case, it doesnt matter and does the job. Do not set too high expectations. On plus side, they are stable and hold drinks well.

For what it’s worth the quality is to be expected. They are stickers to give the look. As far as the alignment, use some muscle (doesn’t take much) the medal flexes, so it’s easy to move into place to hand screw into the medal. It works great for what i needed. Delivered very fast and was easy to put together (for me).

Nice little table but wish little taller.

I could not get the table top completely attached at the bend, because i could not get enough pressure with my small screwdriver. As a tiny female, i would suggest having someone with a lot of hand strength put it together. Otherwise its an ordinary table. The ‘slate’ is merely a photo but you cant tell unless you get really close.

I bought 2 of these end tables because i liked the design. It had all its pieces and clear instructions. It isn’t as big as i thought it would be. Would definitely brag on this to friends and neighbors.

You think it’s gonna be stone but it’s just paper on the metal. Most of my issues are because i didn’t read every detail. Like the picture looks like it would go over the side of a normal couch but nope.

I don’t care what others negatives reviews said about this product. I took the chance and didn’t disappoint, it met or even surpassed expectations because it works for what i bought it and for the price you pay has good value ratio of quality and price. I have the popular coaster one for controls which is a little larger and this one with my drinks to keek it separated. I even sometimes put snack in between drinks. Sometimes the snack fit perfect in between drinks sometimes i make room, that depend of snack size. But this one is a little smaller than the coaster one which i liked when having both in between sofas.

Exactly as i expected it to be — a very nice little table. I was looking for an inexpensive but nicely styled table for my small sitting room, and this table fit the description perfectly. The faux wood tabletop may not last, but the construction and materials allow for a real wood replacement later if i wish.

Fast shipping, took 5 min to assemble on my own. Not too sturdy but definitely does exactly what i need it to. I purchased 2 of these to hold potted flower and remotes, etc. They look fabulous and classy. For the price they are perfect.

These fit right over the couch. I’m a fan of open floor space instead of a big coffee table. These are a perfect alternative. Docking a star because i do believe they are way overpriced for the quality and size. I couldn’t find anything else like it though.

The table is made from five soft metal pieces and a cherry-finished hard wood top. The build quality is decent. Its a humblelittle c-table with chintzy particle board squares and rectangles along the side. The one major problem concerns the building process. For the most part, everything came together fine. Until you reach thetable top. First, the four tiny holes drilled along the sides of the top are too small. Second, even if you can get theequally tiny screws into those holes – good luck – they don’t fit the holes along the metal rods. I ended up gluing the top onto the frame.

Just like everyone else, the pre-drilled holes on the table top didn’t match up with the frame, however with a little elbow grease (even from a woman) you can coax the screws into the ‘wood’. I wanted to get rid of my obtrusive coffee table and these little tables are perfect for the job. Measure the height of your couch before you order, these tables are only a little shy of 21 inches tall. My couch is 18 inches high, so they work for me. Also, check the clearance space between the floor and the couch to make sure they can slide under. I was able to get rid of my coffee table and rearrange my furniture in such a way that i wasn’t able to before. I have to say these little tables also give my living room a more esthetically pleasing and unique look. . A+ for concept/idea, but c- for quality.

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Geometric Side Table
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