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Whalen Furniture AVCEC65-TC Table Top Entertainment Stand – The instructions are very good. Just don’t scan them and move forward

As with many things purchased you have to assemble, the instructions are not always the clearest. After mismatching a few of the screw sizes, the entertainment center came together. The packaging was very good to ensure nothing was broken. The manufacturer supplied extra screws and bolts to ensure there was enough. Very sturdy for my new 65′ lg. I would purchase other whalen products in the future. Add some of those slider, silicone tabs on the feet and it scoots around easily.

The worst part of this table was the packaging — extremely brittle and thin styrofoam that is quite the mess. The reality is i cannot detract from this tv stand in any way shape or form due to that. Despite this ridiculous packaging, one of the rings for the cable management was randomly at the top of the packaging and broken. I can only believe that magic was involved in it being broken in transit. Once again– not worth a deduction. I am sure they would have replaced it. Assembly was quite easy, despite dealing with rather large sheets of glass the instructions are impeccable. I do not enjoy assembling furniture, but i was able to put this together using the provided tools in under 2 hours. The cleanup took 2 weeks, but the end result was a beautiful stand.

Great product and even greater customer service. For me, even the greatest product is not that desirable if it is not accompanied by a similar customer service. It is stylish and durable i have a 55′ tv that fits nicely on the stand. There is no assembly required (no tools that is). A few months after purchasing it, while moving the stand to another room, i managed to drop one of the glasses and cracked it. I contacted customer service and they sent me a new one and i just paid $12 for shipping. I strongly recommend this product.

  • Perfect Fit for Entertainment Center.
  • Beautiful and Sturdy Table
  • Nice Stand, but Messy Unboxing

Stand looks great assembled and plenty sturdy for even my 70 inch and av hardware which is fairly heavy. The underside of the tempered glass is coated with a cheap black film to give the glass a black look. It scratches easily, as i found out when trying to vacuum the insane amounts of styrofoam that sticks to them. In an effort to correct this issue they know about they give you a permanent marker to fill scratches. Like they couldn’t have used any type of reasonable paint or tint?.Some attachment points and welds were off but assembled anyway without too much fuss.

Looks amazing and you get more then what you paid for in quality hands down. I put a 65′ samsung curve tv on it. Supports it better then expected. Overall very very happy with the purchace of this stand and matching towers. The matching towers are just as great as the stand, as they are the same quality and look.

Features of Whalen Furniture AVCEC65-TC Table Top Entertainment Stand, 65-Inch

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  • Accommodates flat panel TVs up to 65 Inch and 135 lbs.
  • Modern bent plywood legs with Tuscany finish
  • Sturdy steel construction with gloss black powder coated finish
  • Tempered glass shelves
  • Cable management, Floor levelers

First i would like to start with saying that this is exactly what i needed for my entertainment center. The piece holds everything i need it to as can be seen in the photo, it is a lot. It is very simple to assemble and comes with the tools necessary to do the job. That being said i did have one issue when ordering this item. The first time it was shipped it was lost in transit and took amazon and ups approximately 4 days to resolve this. Then they did overnight the next one free of charge. However i am using this review to rate the product not the service so i will say that the product is exactly what i needed and is a perfect fit.

Took couple hours to put it together. I was planning to buy something fancy 4 times the price of this one. If you are really in a rental place or a place you are eventually going to move away from this would be a good investment and don’t have to spend on those fancy high end entertainment centers. I have a 65 inches curved tv on it and works perfect.

I received this unit in good condition in the time frame i was promised. The components were well packaged, although the flimsy styrofoam was hard to remove, as others have mentioned. The instructions were very easy to follow and took roughly two hours to assemble. My wife suggested removing the foam pellets from the glass by wiping the glass down top to bottom with a wet towel (not cloth) , and it worked well. If you recycle (hope you do), cut the cardboard outside so you don’t have the pesky pellets all over your house there was a tiny area on one panel with no paint, but the marker must have been dried out. No problem, as it was in an obscure area. A very good experience with this product.

I didn’t like many of the options i saw for tv stands–they either seemed like they would be small for the room, or they had lots of closing doors or small shelves, which didn’t make sense for something that needs to hold large electronics. So, i took a chance and ordered this. It holds a 55′ lg led tv, yamaha 5. 1 receiver, polk center speaker, roku 3, and cable box. There is definitely room for expansion. I’m sure it would easily support a 65′ or larger tv and i could add additional components if i wanted to. It also happens to very closely match the cherry finish on my polk monitor 70 speakers. It arrived in good shape and assembly wasn’t difficult. A hex bit on a drill will save you lots of time. Toughest part was getting the suction cups in place to hold the glass shelves.

On sale this was amazing for the price. Went together smoothly solo, despite its size. Black glass attracts dust like crazy so be ready to wipe it down every few days if you want it to stay looking nice. Other reviews have mentioned that the lower shelves are somewhat unsupported in the middle and i agree. But with a small center speaker on the middle shelf there doesn’t seem to be any issues. I placed my heavier things, like home theater receiver, off to the sides. I like the modifications another reviewer made, so if you have a lot of equipment, or things that are heavy definitely check out that review.

Didn’t take long to put together, and 60 inch tv looks great on it.

It was very easy to put together and i was very impressed with the quality of the assembly instructions, and the supplied fittings. I am extremely impressed with this product. It looks very classy and all of the materials seem to be of a very high quality. All of the components seem very well made and the assembled table is extremely sturdy. The tempered glass shelves look lovely, and the website pictures do not do justice to how beautiful the table looks. Make sure you properly align the glass shelves before you place them on the supplied suckers. These babies really grip the glass and it was difficult to move the glass when i was trying to align it. The suckers are great once the glass is in its final position, as they ensure the glass shelves will not easily move.

Besides having styrofoam everywhere and the box being very heavy, all else was perfect. It looks sleek and is large enough to hold a 65 inch no problem.

I have my 65in tv on it, and my tv weights a few lbs over 100. . Plus i have 3 gaming systems in it and a dish network box. The thing is a beast in size, and it stands up to the test of time. Ive had mine going on 4 years now.

Didn’t realize it until it was completed. Not worth the hassle of returning but it wobbles unless you figure out a fix.

Seems sturdy enough instuctions are clear. If you read them and doubt them you are wrong just follow them and you will be fine. Stand is large and seems to be good quality. Only minus on this purchase is the styrofoam gets everywhere not matter what you do to contain it.

This was exactly was i was hoping for. I think other reviews cover the pros and cons of the furniture itself well. I will leave you with one small complaint that i have to knock a star off for. The foam packing got everywhere.I don’t know if this just happens to be the only type of foam that will work, but it flaked off and got all over my condo. Its very light and clingy, so cleaning it was an unpleasant experience.

We are very picky about our furniture, and prefer natural wood whenever possible. This piece surprised us by being aesthetically pleasing and well made. Just be careful to read the directions before starting and reread as needed, especially about placement of the glass shelves.

The two legs came with visual deficiencies but called the company and they sent us replacement parts right away. Very friendly customer service. Easy assembly with well detailed instructions. A beautiful design and great proportions for a 55-inch screen. The top shelf is a little higher off the ground than we originally wanted, but it doesn’t seem to hinder the experience and you don’t feel like you are looking up.

Very easy to put together, my girl friend did it herself. Nice and solid, looks great.

The best part about this tv stand is the ‘black glass’. Everything else about this is just ok. I had the plastic piece that protects the wall break on me because its made of cheap plastic and was probably cracked before i even opened the box. The wooden part does look nice, but when you install this whole thing it’s a big wobbly and you have to adjust it according to your floor. I was also missing a few screw inserts which is just poor qa on the companies part. I feel like this thing was a paint to put together with some really cheap quality parts and very nice quality parts mixed together.

Beautiful stand and well-made. Lots and lots and lots of shelf space. Anybody that comes over always seems to look at my stand and say where the heck did you get that. I tell them and then i find out they’re buying one the next day.

Assembly was a little awkward for my working solo and not being great with tools, but the instructions are well written, the parts clearly labeled, and they give you an extra one of all the little pieces of hardware. Seriously, the packaging is ingenious – except for the thin slabs of styrofoam that separate the glass shelves in the box. They crumple easily and the little pieces static-cling all over everything; it takes a few dustings and vacuumings before everything is straight. Once it’s all together and cleaned up, the stand looks fantastic and has a lot of room. Solid enough that i have my center speaker on the top shelf and there’s no trouble with vibration. Will force me to dust more often than i’m used to, but that’s not the product’s fault.

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