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Winsome Halifax Cabinet, For the love of god label your parts!!!

I searched and searched for a drawer unit with shallow drawers that are reasonably wide to store my jewelry in. I have a floor model tall, narrow jewelry chest, but the drawers are so small. With this unit, i can place my jewelry where it can all be seen easily when i open the drawers. I ordered two of these, and they work perfectly for me. Since i had an elevated space in my bathroom, i sat them side by side without the casters, and they look like they were made for this space. The white color looks great with my color scheme, and the drawers slide very smoothly. I was also able to use the casters from one of these on the bottom of my artist easel which now moves about with ease. I may order more of these at some point to use in my studio to store some of my paints and supplies in.

I only give it a three for the fact that they didn’t number the parts whatsoever. I had to flip the pages and look at the pics to piece this thing together. At first when i opens the box i though the were no intructions at all. As it turns out they were stuffed in the tiny box that the screws come in but at least i had them. Once i figured out what parts were what it was smooth sailing. Some of the parts look extremely similar and i had to try set the steps together beforehand re i screwed anything in. You will need a phillips head screwdriver for this because they don’t provide one, that’s no big to me though. If you haven’t put together your fair share of furniture then i suggest you get someone to help you who has. And your favorite energy booster lol. But once the pain staking putting it together was over it looked really good.

Ordered this for under my husband’s desk. It arrived quickly, box was a little damaged but the product inside was fine. I was shocked at first to pull out white pieces to assemble, because i had ordered black. But as i continued to pull the pieces out it all made sense. The majority of the drawer is white, only the front piece is black. Which doesn’t matter too much, you can’t see the white when the drawer is closed. The product is all manufactured pressed board, i believe it does say that in the description. It looks great under his desk which is a dark brown, almost black, so it blends well. Also it glides easily and smoothly on the caster wheels, sometime they are cheap and don’t actually roll. Overall i am pleased with this product.

Key specs for Winsome Halifax Cabinet for Closet/Office, 5 Drawers, White:

  • 5 drawers cabinet use as a dresser or just storage cabinet
  • Removable casters for stationary or mobility
  • Assembly required

Comments from buyers

“Received this yesterday and took me a good 30-40 minutes to build, Overall good experience., Okay, but not the quality I was expecting”

Putting this together was not very hard, but you absolutely need an electric screwdriver and a bit of muscle. Without that, i would have gone nuts trying to hand-screw all those little parts. 5 hours by myself to do the whole thing, and i love the results. Once i got everything screwed correctly (having to undo a couple of mistakes, because the directions are less than amazing), the drawers sit very well and move smoothly, the unit looks beautiful and it very functional. I am using it as a stand in my therapy office for clients to set their drinks, and to get water from a pitcher.

‘disappointed’ is the best word i can say for this cabinet. It took me close to two hours to put the thing together. On a scale of 1 to 10 in difficulty, i’d rate this as a 7 and i’m fairly good at putting furniture together. What really disappointed me though was the quality of the materials. The pictures make the cabinet look like it is made out of plywood, but it is all pressed fiberboard, and not a good fiberboard. Instead when assembled, the unit is somewhat wobbly and the drawers don’t align exactly right. Unfortunately, it is too difficult to send back, otherwise i would consider it. If i’d seen the unit in a store for the same price, i would not have bought it. Also, a couple of the screws were mangled, so i had to find a couple of my own. Overall, i wouldn’t rate this as a quality product.

Received this yesterday and took me a good 30-40 minutes to build. It was a little intimidating seeing all the screws but it was pretty straightforward and easy after your build the first shelf. I’m not sure why there are complaints about the instructions. Although the hand-screwing gets tiresome, this is probably the easiest furniture i’ve built from amazon. No need for labels or written instructions. Now, although it was easy to build – it’s certainly not the sturdiest either especially at this price-point. If this was maybe 20-30% cheaper in price, it would be great. The shelves are weak and are easy to split if you over tighten the screws so be careful and note that the bottom of the shelf (as well as the back of the cabinet) is a cardboard sleeve. For my purposes of storing cables and computer accessories, it works just fine but if you were storing heavier/sharper objects it would eventually destroy them in time. Again, i like it and it works for my purposes but for the price and quality, it’s expensive.

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Winsome Halifax Cabinet for Closet/Office, 5 Drawers, White
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