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Winsome Trading – Better than expected

I noticed all the reviews are old so, i thought i’d put a more recent opinion out there. The cubes themselves are exactly what i was looking for, they are pretty sturdy and it was a cinch to put them together. I took me about 10 minutes for each cube for assembly. The down side is that neither box had the hardware enclosed for assembly. It took two calls and two weeks for the manufacturer to ship me the hardware for assembly. Other than that, good purchase.

I live in an over-55 condominium in maryland. In winter we have a 5-gallon pail of ice melter inside the front door of our 10-apartment building. Com to find something to hide the pail, and found this. It is rta (ready to assemble) furniture with eight screws, but the tool is provided. In 15 minutes it was together, but without the bottom installed, so the pail sat on the tile floor instead of the fiberboard bottom. It is perfect for our needs. Everyone in the building is quite happy with it.

In reading the older reviews i was a bit sad because i’d been shopping for ‘the perfect’ end tables for a couple years. I even thought i was going to have to build them myself (i’m not a wood worker). I wanted them to look like the legs of my living room furniture and didn’t want to settle. ‘it does exist’i immediately ordered three and signed up for amazon prime because i didn’t want to wait a moment longer that i had to. I received two in one day and the third one within the two-day promised delivery time. They turned out to be even more than i could have expected. I would agree with the current reviews but would add one additional thought. The amount of storage these provide is very deceiving (in a good way). I am storing old photo albums, frames and packs of old photos in two and extra fleece couch blakets in the other. Here are the specifications for the Winsome Trading:

  • Contemporary-style storage cube with removable lid
  • Walnut finish showcases tapered geometric shape
  • Perfect for stowing toys, knitting supplies, or an extra blanket
  • Also works as an accent table
  • Measures 19 inches wide by 19 inches deep by 18 inches high

Personally have 5 winsome tables throughout the house. This was a great new addition, though not new(?). It was discounted possibly due to some damage. Turned that site toward wall and it doesn’t show. The damage didn’t compromise the table. Goes with the mid-century look in the room. Perfect to store a throw blanket and magazines/books in as well.

Nice table with slight modification. Excellent little table my only negative is in regards to the removable top of the table. Once you place the top in place it moves around slightly which is not a big deal but is a little annoying. To fix this, i simply added some extra rug padding to the inside edges of the top with some superglue. Now the top fits nice and snug and doesn’t move around like before. Added photospaid 53+free amazon shipping at the time. Updatemy 2nd cube arrived (from the same order)both boxes are identical, same color is listed on the box , same upc however, they do not even come close to matching in color. . And that one matched 1 of the other ones perfectly. Now i am stuck with 1 extra one. But not big deal as i still like the product and can use it as a night stand in another room.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Attractive but distinctly smelly inside.
  • Exactly what I’ve been looking for
  • Nice little table with a little modification

Super easy to put together, the quality seems great considering the price, and it holds things that have no reason to sit out. I had none of the problems the other reviewers seem to have. It took me about 15 minutes to put together 2 of them for end tables. I wish they has a matching coffee table; like a longer version of this (it might look like a pig trough, though). My boyfriend and i love the color and style and we need a new one, we’d like to get something that matches this.

It’s a 5 star for a $54 storage cuge (i see it’s $67 today, guess i bought just in time before price went it)i took a chance since most of the 2013 reviews said it was fine. Went to together perfectly (holes and grooves are prefect) and took me 10 minutes – and i’m kind of a clutzy woman. Nice rich color – the color and wood grain is true to the pictures. It’s roomy (hold my two small blankets, neck pillow, small back pillow, and still room for more). Nice height – just right for end table next to my recliner. Nice and heavy piece, so it’s won’t move or tip over if bumped. The finish is good all over, but not perfectly smooth like higher quality furniture. But what the heck – if i want a perfect hand done glassy smooth finish i can go to my local modern furniture store and pay $300. So i think it’s a great piece for the price. The whole point was to save money, so i am very happy with it.

I had really low expectations for this cube, given the price and the past poor reviews. I’ve also had poor luck ordering furniture pieces via mail — it seems like there are frequently defects either from the factory or from shipping. When the package arrived, there were no issues at all. I was surprised to find that most pieces are solid wood and that it was so easy to assemble. I’ve been using the cube for several months as a living room end table and also to store extra blankets. It’s still flawless despite having been bumped around and having had numerous drinks spilled on top of it. Seems like it should last a couple of years, which is as much as i can ask at this price.

Beautiful look and fit in our space with a cheap price. However, along with other reviewers, i noticed the holes do not line up on one side of the cube when assembling. Still holds together well and keeps its shape. Recommend wood glue to give it some extra strength on that side. For that minor flaw and 50 bucks it still earns 4 starts in my opinion.

Great looking and practical storage cube/side table that matches our other living room furniture nicely. Gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it has chemical odor on interior that is evident every time the lid is taken off. Doesn’t smell when lid is closed, so it doesn’t bother us.

I am very happy with this table. It is a great height and has a really usable top surface. The amount of storage space is incredible. Fairly easy to set up and the table’s design really adds dimension to the room. The only downside was that the top doesn’t exactly match with the sides, but it really is close, and for the price, i cant really complain. I will probably get another to match.

Pros:-sturdy design: veneer over a less expensive wood, but it’s a hefty and solid piece-value: just try to find a storage/end table with a comparable design and size for this price. -well packed, easy to follow construction directions, takes about 10 minutes to build, the only tool you’ll need comes with the hardware included. Cons:-assembly line construction by hand. Not machine constructed and unfortunately that means that there’s a chance that your unit’s corners may not all line up completely straight and true. As some other posters have noted, if you do have a not-perfectly drilled unit a gap may be present at one junction. Since it may well be confined to just one corner. Some people simply point that side toward a wall. -color is lighter than shown in pictures. It is a true walnut color, which means it not as dark as shown in the picture. Much more a reddish brown than brown-black.

The hardest 8 screws you will ever assemble and it came scratched. I have assembled a lot of items but this was possibly harder to assemble then anything i have ever done. Once you got one screw in then the next would not fit the hole. I finally got it together and realized there was a large scratch. I am not returning it because i would never unassembled it. It is heavy, and really does fulfill its purpose but getting there is not easy.

Good looking table that provides storage. We had no trouble assembling as all holes lined up. (remember, when assembling anything do not fully tighten screws until the item is loosely fitted together. This will help with hole alignment) i’m very pleased with this item.

These are a pretty nice product for the money, sturdy and a good color. Easy to put together, took maybe 15 minutes for the two i ordered, just be sure to rotate as you tighten down the screws, so it all comes together evenly. Great amount of storage space inside for throw blankets and toys. A bit bigger than i imagined, but they work great for my purposes. Useful as extra seating too. Easy to clean, no weird smell except a bit on the inside, probably from the stain, but dissipates quickly. Overall i’m very happy with this purchase and would buy again.

Parts were cut a little off. Doesn’t fit together all that well. We decided to keep it just because it works for our needs. It smells like freshly stained wood. But it is not over powering or anything.

The wood storage cube is 100% awesome. A beautiful piece of furniture. I bought it for my sister-n-law for christmas. I am ordering 2 for me right now.

I would have given it 5 stars if the screw holes had been better aligned. It’s a heavy piece and good for the money. There was one screw that we couldn’t screw in because the holes did not line up, but it’s plenty sturdy without it.

I just bought 3 of these, and enjoy the design of it. Set up is fairly simple if you follow the instructions.

I had a middle-of-the-road kind of experience assembling this – one of the assembly holes was too large so i used some wood glue on that seam to give added support, and so far that’s working. The shape is distinctive and i wouldn’t have expected solid wood for the price (even full list price). Quality and thickness of veneer seems appropriate for the price. At the discounted price it’s an ok value. For the full list price i’d be disappointed, particularly with the assembly. My biggest complaint/observation based on my usage pattern is that a top-open for a storage box is a bad idea unless it has a cushion or something (i. Like a window seat) to keep me from piling stuff on top. Right now it’s a nice end table and will never be really useful (for me) as a storage solution. Something like a pivot open (where stuff on top wouldn’t have to move) would be a decent solution also.

Want to d’s to go along as an tables with my dark chocolate brown leather furniture when it arrived however it was a lighter reddish brown color but it looks much darker than the picture. I contemplated sending it back but couldn’t find anything comparable for price or style and function so i decided to lightly sand it and stained it an espresso color the color is now perfect so for couple of extra dollars you can get a darker finish and it works perfectly with many styles of furniture as well as in different areas of the home.

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