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Winsome Wood 5-Piece TV Table Set : I was a bit disappointed when I got them

I have a set of these in the light wood color, and i love them even more than i expected to. My husband and i live alone, and we usually don’t bother eating supper at the table anymore. These trays are sturdy (they feel secure even when using a knife to cut meat), they have a nice finish that wipes clean easily, and the whole set tucks neatly into a small corner. I just bought another set in black for my stepdaughter; she works from home and has to have a desk/work area instead of a dining table, so she and her bf have to eat at the coffee table. These trays will be perfect for them.

I was excited to find these for 40 dollars and the reviews were overall positive. I was a bit disappointed when i got them. They work fine it’s just not as nice as i was expecting. They aren’t so bad that i’d send them back but if i had it to do over again i probably wouldn’t have spent the extra 20 bucks (there’s another nice looking set for 60 on amazon) for something a little better quality.

I had read some of the one star reviews and wanted to advise my experience. First, the set arrived in a box that was solidly packed. Everything was individually wrapped, well done. The tables themselves came ready to go. The stand requires assembly. Everything went together easily. All you need is the allen wrench they supply. I will make a recommendation on the stand assembly. I tightened the screws to about 95% and then put the stand up on the counter and manuvered the cross and bottom horizontal bars so that they were nice and level.

I’ll start off by saying that the product is acceptable for the price. The pictures are a bit deceptive and show a better quality top than you end up with, using finger-jointed small pieces. If you’re not a wood fanatic, it may not even phase you, but it goes beyond wood quality and i thought these things were worth noting. I didn’t expect high-end furniture, but was still disappointed by the low quality control standards. Obviously it’s made overseas. Everything needed was included. The trays themselves are already assembled, you just have to assemble the stand.

  • Solid Trays, Exactly What I Was Expecting
  • Versatile and durable and solid wood
  • Solid, easy to put together Almost perfect

Winsome Wood 5-Piece TV Table Set, Black

  • Set of 4 folding TV tables and matching storage stand have sleek, modern look
  • Crafted of solid beechwood with rich black finish
  • Roomy rectangular tabletops with rounded edges; slender square legs; top handle on stand for easy transport
  • Assembly required
  • Each table measures 19-inch wide by 14.6-inch deep by 26-inch high

All right let’s start with the bad because that’s what people generally want to read about first. When i first received the product all of the hardware and the allen wrench necessary to assemble it was not included. The wood had two defects that were man-made and likely caused by the way it was manufactured, stored, or shipped(see pictures). Next, one set of the pre-drilled holes were out of alignment causing the bracket which holds the tv trays to be not leveled when assembled( see picture). This now causes one of the tv tables to always lean forward while in the stand no matter what (see picture). Now for the good things i have to say. First getting the missing hardware was very simple thanks to the form they provided with the product. They also emailed me shortly after i faxed them the form to get my missing parts to let me know that they were on the way and included a tracking number. That to me is huge in customer service because there was no guessing as to whether or not they received my fax and if they had processed my request to send me the missing hardware. Turnaround time was only about 4 to 5 business days.

There was some hardware missing and i had to write the manufacturer. They were very responsive and quickly supplied the missing screws, but not the needed dowels. Fortunately i had some in my workshop that i was able to cut to fit. With all that, this was still a good value.

Product exactly as expected. Item is very heavy duty wood , quality is excellent and the stand to store them in is convenient. The tables come fully assembled but the stand does not. It comes with an allen wrench so no additional tools are necessary.

I purchased this set as a complement to a pair of similar tv tables that i’ve had for years, left behind by a former roommate. These looked to be similar to what i had, so i got them. They did indeed match the size and the build was pretty close to the older pair. The stand requires a bit of assembly, but it’s nothing too complicated. I was able to assemble the stand in 15 minutes or so. I like this set because it’s made of solid wood, as opposed to a veneered particle board or mdf. A previous reviewer remarked at the ‘cheapness’ due to the wood being smaller pieces that are jointed together. I would disagree, based on having seen andersen window sashes constructed in the same manner, and those are not cheap windows. In any event, only one of the 4 trays in the package i purchased has the top constructed in this way. The trays seem reasonably stable and i haven’t noticed much in the way of wobble, but i’ve only had them for a couple of weeks so far.

The tables were great, however the stand’s top handle piece itself was missing all of the bore holes for the screws and dowels so i couldn’t complete assembly of the stand. I’m going to ask the manufacturer for a replacement handle, so if all goes well with that then i’ll upgrade the rating because otherwise it’s nice but right now it’s got to have a functional stand to make it worth the expense. Update 02/11/14: still no replacement handle for the stand received from manufacturer, so at this point i’d have to say this set is not worth the price or problems with the manufacturer and the parts. Revised 05/13/14: updated for receipt of the replacement handle, which took longer than the expected 10 days to replace but i lived. Once the replacement handle was in place for the stand it’s an acceptable tv tray set. Tables still look good after months of use, though i have to retighten the stand’s screws often, but i am happier with it.

Overall, i am very happy with this set. It was easy to put together – 24 minutes, including taking pictures and finding the rubber mallet for pounding in the plugs. After i put it together, i set it on our carpet which is pretty thick. I put two of the tray tables on one side of the stand to see if it would list. The only reason i am not giving this item five stars is that there is a spot on one of the vertical supports where the veneer peeled away a little bit. I feel like the item description is a wee bit misleading. The table tops are solid wood but apparently the stand is at least partially veneer. As i said it was very easy to put together.

These snack trays are beautifully finished and exactly as pictured. Some assembly is required, but this did not take long. We received the tables within the delivery time frame given. Overall, we are pleased and would buy again.

We got them to give as a gift. We put them together because the box they come in is so heavy. It wasn’t too hard to put them together. My husband and i helped each other. One of the screw holes was stripped. I put a match stick down in it and that allowed the screw to tighten up. I think they look pretty good. I expected that and actually wanted the smaller set.

This was purchased to add to an existing set. It was exactly like the image and better yet, it was exactly the same as the set purchased over 10 years ago. All wood, excellent workmanship and am very very pleased.

I purchased a set of these trays five years ago in oak and loved them. I just purchased the latest version in black last week and was please to find that they made improvements and reinforced the trays. I liked the feel of tying on my laptop so much, i bought another order before posting this review. Buy with confidence and enjoy the portability and stability of this 5-piece tv table set before i purchase them all and i am totally serious.

For the most part they work but then the screws come off. If you are able to screw the screws back in and they stay the trays work otherwise you are at a loss. Maybe some wood glue with the screw might work but haven’t tried it. I guess the same goes for all brands.

This little set is perfect for kiddos who love dinner-and-a-movie nights. I love that we can put the tables away when they’re not in use, too. These tables are pretty sturdy and easy to set up and take down, and the stand only took about 5-10 minutes to put together. (the tool and screws you need come with the set).

However, after putting them together, there were a few pieces that arrived broken. For the price we paid we did not feel like dealing with the hassle of returning them so we fixed them ourselves with some wood glue and wooden dowels which we already had at home (big diyers). For the price they are okay. Sturdy enough and finish seems like it will hold up. Stand is slightly flimsy, yes we assembled it properly, but it sits in a corner and is not messed with until we use a tray so no real issue there. They do what they are intended to do.

We use these tables almost daily and they’ve held up pretty well. They do tend to wobble a bit, but some sanding can easily level them. The wood looks really nice, but it is soft. If you have an animal that likes to chew they can do some damage pretty quickly if you don’t catch them. The surface is nicely treated and makes cleaning easy, and the table holder was easy to assemble when it arrived. We’ve had the tables almost two years, and they are still serving their purpose.

These are very good value for the price. They are all solid wood —a blonde hardwood that i don’t recognize. They go together easily and stack well. Very handy for an extra table for any reason. Some reviews say that the rack is flimsy. It is well made and even has plugs for the screw holes to dress it up. Nicely designed and easy to manage. This would have been 5 stars except one tray has a 4” crack in it. Doesn’t hurt performance but should be fixed.

Got this as a christmas gift for my wife. Was easy to assemble (only real assembly is the stand). Wood seems to be good quality and they have held up nicely for the last three months. Each tray is fairly light weight to move but very sturdy. Color in picture is fairly accurate representation of color you get.

I looked extensively for a set of these tables from target, walmart, etc. And these had the best reviews and price. They come assembled, are great quality and the holding stand is easy to put together. The tables are extremely sturdy and look great- they do not look cheap and are well made.

It came on time and in perfect shape and i would recommend these tables. The tables are already assembled. I put two tables next to each other to make a bigger table and it looks like a darling little bistro set.

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